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I am so bummed that I couldn’t make Yolanda’s dinner party this episode. But I was hosting a charity event at the Kentucky Derby called Ferdinand’s Ball to benefit the horses that had previously raced and were now retired and needed care. I adore all animals and just couldn’t say no to this great cause.   NOTE:  Brandi hosted Ferdinand’s Ball in April... 

Watching this episode was very visually stimulating because Yolanda and David’s house is just so pretty and almost everything and everyone looked amazing. . .

I am not sure why Taylor continues to talk about me to complete strangers with secondhand misinformation — but she does. Well clearly her misinformation wasn’t taken to heart because I did eventually have a date with the handsome Chris Botti and NO we didn’t sleep together but we did have a super sexy fun time. Sadly for me he is always traveling or working but we do keep in touch and are friends.

It is sad to watch Taylor at times and right when I start to feel sorry for her she does or says something really despicable. Once I lose respect for a person I pretty much cut them out of my life.

              “Where the hell did Chris Botti go?  Did you scare away ANOTHER guy, Shana?”

It was very awkward to watch Paul and Adrienne sitting across from Lisa and Ken. The air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. I’m not sure If I would have showed up to one of Lisa’s friend’s home for a dinner party if I were Adrienne, knowing full well Lisa would be there and there had been no resolution between the two of them.

Until next week

Preview of next week’s RHOBH…


Shana’s blotto call into Australian radio station…

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37 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… YO! Shana! Quit Yakkin’ About Brandi!!… Brandi Lost Respect For Shana (DUH!!)…

  1. MS. SH thanks for posting the link to the radio interview! :) I’ve been looking for it since it shows that she’s been constantly drunk since last season and what a load of BS it was for her to pretend to be “so sad” when David played Danny Boy at the party. What a load of crapola! Also, Paul was an idiot to say anything about it to David imo. These people behaved so badly at Yolanda’s party. I was embarrassed just watching it. Good for Yolanda for throwing their arses out! Loved it!!!

    Say what you will about Brandi but she is normally right on about people and tells it like it is. I like that about her. She needs some polishing but basically I think she’s a good judge of character. Maybe being friends with Lisa will help her develop better social skills. Yolanda seems to like Brandi too so hopefully they can help her learn to express herself without being so crude. lol

    I’m looking forward to Kim and Brandi’s conversation next epidode. Whether Kim knows it or not, Brandi did her a huge favor by calling her out on her drug abuse, something her own family was enabling her to do imo.

    • I don’t mind her crudeness, it’s her charm, and if we were all alike the world would be so boring. Her crudeness is never an attack, it’s amusing.

      • Kim will never appreciate the favor IMO. I like Brandi too and think the others at the dinner party acted like the fools we’ve come to know.

  2. SWINE is like that awkward 7th grade girl who has nothing to contribute to a get-together, so she blurts out what she thinks is “cool”. I wish someone would have stopped her by telling her that it wasn’t appropriate dinner conversation (+ it’s not nice to repeat gossip at a party). What a dope!

    And, Paul goes from being doubtful about SWINE’s alleged “abuse” (checking her face), to being her cheerleader and asking DAVID FOSTER to switch songs b/c that song was making her sad??????????? Yeesh. These people are uncouth!!

    • why would Shanna/SWINE/SHAFT be sad over Danny boy, its not like she grieved Russells death, His furneral was nothing but another photoshoot for her Pointy toes and all. after all she was dating before he died and while she was boohooing about her “abuse” to PeopLE Magazine. Shut up Swine when you ar ein a Multi Grammey winners house shut your trap about the Music he plays, when you get a Grammy you will get a say Until then keep you FISHLIPSTROUTPOUT SHUT.

      • Exactly. One has to have a soul to be capable of mourning a loss. She was just upset/embarrassed David put her in her place, which had it been my home, would have been out the door never to be seen again…

        • Bingo!

          Alos, I didn’t get the impression she was sad about the song – she was slapping her forehead like a bratty 14-year-old would when she isn’t getting her way.

      • Right on, Lisa! I would saw off my leg and sell it to be at that dinner party sans SWINE. The view, the home, the food, the hostess and that wonderful music. I’ve never had a dessert shaped like a chocolate pyramid!

        SWINE is trash, that looks like trash, smells like trash and lives a trashy lifestyle. I hope one day she ends up where she belongs: in a trash compactor.

  3. Listening to Shana’s voice is worse than nails on a chalkboard. Also, I was so wrong about her. I always thought she was delusional but clearly she is WAY passed that. Where is Kennedy? Someone decent, please take her away from this mess.

  4. Brandi has been very insightful in her initial assessments of these women. Kim obviously suffered from substance abuse. Traylor-trash is despicable. Lisa is great. etc. etc.

  5. I Love that Brandi does eventually have a date with Chris Botti. I see it as a big FU to the idoit traylor, because the guy saw your for what you were and went out with your arch enemy. HAHA The only guys traylor get are shady ones like the lawyer she’s with now. Decent people see right past her fakeness.

  6. I think Shana’s “love of her life” is using her, just like Big Poppa. When he finally decides he has had enough and runs back to his wife begging for forgiveness, Shana will again go into a tailspin and there’s no telling what she will do. I’m concerned for that child. My respect for Paul has bottomed out. I can’t believe he defended Shana. He better watch out now that he’s a free man. I’m sure Shana has him in her radar.

    • Agree about Paul. I always liked him, but…he seems to be playing into Shana’s “why isn’t everything about MEEEE??” behaviour

  7. What’s with Shana Ding Dong’s hair? Superficial question, I know, but I already know what a loser she is on the inside, it’s all I got left to ask about.

    • Have you noticed the way she crinkles up her nose when she smiles now?? She can’t smile like a normal person anymore because she’s so full of botox and bs. Or maybe she thinks it’s cute…

      • Yes. I have noticed the new face Shana makes. Her nose ends up looking weird and her lips look like two parallel stretched out pieces of Laffy Taffy….banana flavored. Not a good look. And she used to be pretty. And the voice…oh that voice! Everyone is always worried about what kind of substance Kim is on…this chick is worse IMO. She has no self control.

        • Can you imagine dropping some acid and watching all the expressions on her face over and over again? Wait, you don’t even need acid. Just put it on a loop, in slow motion

      • I noticed that her nose is looking especially long this season. Like Pinocchio, her lies are showing up on her face. Even though she had many procedures, she is very homely.

    • What was with her hair? It looks like she didn’t even bother to brush it. It takes less than a minute to run a brush through one’s hair. Was she passed out until 1 minute before getting into the limo?

  8. She was so totally drunk at the party. I was surprised that none of the other housewives tried to pull her aside to get her to calm down. When she was trying to cry, her mouth was so distorted. As ugly as her inside. I feel so sorry for her poor child.

  9. I like Brandi. I think she’s going to be an asset to the show as long as Lisa keeps her tamed down. I know she tells it like it is, however, sometimes you just have to watch what you say. She was right about Kim and I think they are going to go head to head again over it. Dam Kyle and Kathy can’t you see something is wrong with your sister or is this just an act she is putting on for the show. If it is, it’s not doing her any justice. As for trash face, come on people get her an intervention before she kills herself. That wouldn’t be very nice Bravo. JMO

    • I agree! She’s going to end up harming herself or someone (heaven forbid her daughter). I don’t care what happens to Shana but her poor daughter has been through too much already.

  10. Anybody else notice how awkward Shana was when she walked into the house. Her body was almost twitchy. If you recorded it, run it back and watch. She walked thru the door, thru the house all weird. And, when she was leaving..same thing. Kinda tippy toe, leaning forward, stiff. Just all weird. And, spacey.

    • I noticed that too. The expression on her plastic face was also telling. She looked like a party crasher who was afraid of getting caught.

  11. I feel so sorry for shana . She needs help. No one cares. She has a little girl who’s father committed suicide. She needs an intervention.

    • Nope SWINE gets no sympathy for me, and hasnt from the minute she told her first Lie about her abuse. No one cares because she ihas done this to herself and all the interventions inthe world wont help her since she is in denial about her actions.
      and as for Kenndy according to Swine Kennedy is sooooo much happier with her father dead.

      • Well about the only thing I can agree with swine doing is that she has kept Kennedy off the show. Very good move. Other than that, she is a mess.

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