ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s B-O-R-I-N-G BravoBlog… Why Bother???



In this episode Yolanda invites us to her house for a dinner party and Lisa  and I meet for the first time since the reunion.

There was definitely a lot of tension in the room; but it was not the appropriate time, nor the place for us to get into a discussion. David and Yolanda have a beautiful home, the musicians were very talented and overall I thought the night went as well as it could have given the situation.

Lisa is still making it clear that she is not ready to move past our disagreement. We didn’t exchange two words at the party. I have no problem with small talk and being cordial, but clearly we aren’t there yet. As Kyle said, she is waiting for me to apologize.

In the past we have had disagreements that have stemmed from Lisa saying hurtful things about me, and I have yet to receive an apology. But I am also capable of moving on without one.

Since that is clearly not the case with Lisa, I finally decided to put an end to the situation and invited her to dinner to talk it over. I really want to put the drama behind us; life is too short to hold on to bad feelings and it isn’t healthy to hold a grudge!

Stay tuned for next week’s episode to find out what we talked about.


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25 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s B-O-R-I-N-G BravoBlog… Why Bother???

  1. Adrienne, please stop with all the Lisa babble, jesus, you can tell it’s the first time anyone has ever not cared about you, since you’re so used to people kissing the Maloof ass.

  2. Adrienne should apologize for being STUPID enough to believe the Radar on line reporter who told her that Lisa routinely sold stories and then bringing it up at the reunion. Adrieene should be embarrassed.

    Other than that, I don’t care for Lisa at all, she is a mean b*tch backing up Kyle in the first two seasons. and then pretending to be evil Swine’s new BFF. Lisa is a user.

    • I was shocked that Adrianne would be so gullible, as to believe a tabloid reporter with his own agenda and then be inept enough, to bring up a slanderous allegation like that, on national television! It just proved to me that Adrienne is nowhere near as intelligent as she thinks she is and that she’ll believe almost anything, if it’s what she wants to hear. No wonder her businesses are hemorrhaging money. On top of that, she tries to pretend that she meant that “floral arrangement” as a peace offering! You can look at her face in the video and tell that she’s lying. She’s coldblooded and stupid, not a good combination. Yolanda is quickly becoming my new favorite.

  3. God give it a rest already! Lisa was not being malicious at all she was joking around! If anyone deserves an apology it’s Lisa for Adrienne maliciously attacking her at last season’s reunion.

  4. Blogs are meant to spill what happened on the show, so all the ladies say what they saw, along with us, on the show-I assume thats why Adrienne is still talking about the ordeal with Lisa. I dont understand why A thinks Lisa owes her an apology UNLESS its the things she’s heard Lisa has said about her & Im sure she definitely thinks she deserves 1 now with her seeing what all has been said since the season started. IMO, I believe A wants2put everything behind them&move on but 1st, She owes Lisa an apology for what she said about L’s stories to ROL. We wont know if she offered 1 til nxt wk but the way things are now, it doesnt appear they worked things out. Ik all the HW’s are required 2 write a blog but a few lines isnt acceptable…Im not just talking about Adrienne either!! Bravo should put stricter requirements on what they have 2 write about & make them write longer ones-atleast more details.

  5. Lisa and Yolanda are so far above the rest of the group. Brandi would fit in well with them. Maybe Kim, too.

    Adrienne, Kyle and SHAFT are stuck in a mean girl time warp from last season. They’re boring and need to GO!

    Why did Kyle make such a big deal out of the butler/caterer guy being the same one at Camille’s dinner party from hell? He had absolutely NOTHING to do with how those ‘ladies’ acted that night.

    • He was at Camille’s tennis party/luncheon after the dinner from hell. Serving tea sandwiches and desserts. I don’t get Kyle or Swine’s reaction to him at all. Why would Swine tell Lisa that she would have to taste her food for her before she ate it? I know it was for “poison” but why that comment was so out of left field and didn’t make a lick of sense.

  6. What does Lisa need to apologize for exactly? Adrienne, bullet point your issues with her so that your audience can comprehend and sympathize. Otherwise, what the heck are you talking about?

  7. that is sooooooooooooo funny..Macy’s Day parade float. Again that monstrocity was to make people say..”Who sent that?” and then Lisa would have to explain Adrienne sent it..then people would ask why she wasn’t there, and Lisa would have to explain. That was in no way an apology. It was a cry for attention and to make Lisa look badly. They were never friends! They lived across from each other, which is about 1/2 mile counting their old driveways. They went to a couple huge parties together, but they were never friends. I would be happy if they never spoke again. Adrienne tried to get Brandi and Camille to meet with her before the reunion to take Lisa down in force. Who forgives that kind of crap. That is not an English attempt at a funny joke, that is calculated and downright nasty on so many levels. Adrienne is not worth anyone’s time. She squandered her dad’s fortune with her brothers, and tried to act like a huge mogul.

  8. Adrienne was so pissed last year over a few jokes about her shoe line and her dog that not only she but also her beloved Chef were trashing Lisa all season long. She didn’t accept Lisa’s apology during reunion so why in HER opinion Lisa act childish while she was acting overly childish last season. If I were Lisa I would have cut her out of my life but I guess she can’t do that since they are in the show together. But Adrienne start to sound stupid to me with her stupid arguments. I expected more from her since she is such a successful business woman.

    • I would not be to quick to call Adrienne a successful business woman……DADDY was a good business man. The Maloof kids are a product of greed and now loss……

      • @SH fan: When I saw Adrienne’s at home salon last season, which included a 40 thousand facial machine, I thought, “What a vulgar display of wealth.” With some housewives I think their material stuff is cool, but Adrienne’s house and all it’s trappings just grosses me out for some reason.

  9. I dont know why everyone so hard on Adrienne,it hard to have your friendS(likeBrandie)turn their backs on you no matter how much money you have.

    • ha ha jo..brandi and adrienne were never even friends or aquaintances at all. That was just a stupid story to get Brandi introduced onto the show. Just like Lisa and Adrienne were never friends at all..they lived across from each other but did not hang out socially. Brandi saw through Adrienne from the get go and that is why they were never close on the show.

  10. I’m hard on her because she’s proved herself to be a humorless twit and has turned Paul into a sissy

  11. If anyone sold stories to ROL, it was skanky trailer trashy. She needs the money, and probably covered her tracks by blaming Lisa.

    • That is exactly what I thought. This isn’t the first time Lisa got blamed. When Russell asked Kyle if she thought Lisa sold a story of he and the “Mrs.”, Traylor-Park sat there wondering if Kyle could connect the dots. Luckily for SWINE, Kyle isn’t that smart.

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