TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs Responds to STAR Magazine… Such a LADY!

November 18, 2012

Ever the gracious adult lady that she is…

…the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, TamballsBarney, once again showing her true colors,  had this to say about a photo which StarMagazine ran:



“@star_news you are the reason woman feel horrible about themselves, low self esteem and have eating disorders. your recent article is juvenile and you make me sick! To take a three year old unflattering picture and post it in your current issue makes you look stupid (do your homework)! To make fun of the way a woman looks…… just makes you an asshole!  Ladies always remember……. STRONG is the new SKINNY!  No need to buy their latest issue here is a picture” (see below on left).

The REAL Tamballs:

NOTE:  THIS rude, crude person is an example of Bravo’s Housewives which everyone is supposed to emulate?    

There are quite a number of RHOC viewers/obvious “fans” of Tamballs character on Tamballs FB page

(Thanks to SH readers “PMG” “FLPhil” and “cybraxis”!!!!)

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34 comments on “TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs Responds to STAR Magazine… Such a LADY!

  1. Tamra is delusional, her line “To make fun of the way a woman looks…… just makes you an asshole!” is kind of ironic. She makes a living bullying people and drawing attention to their perceived flaws. Didn’t she make fun of the way Alexis looks? Or make fun of Jeana Koughs weight issues? Or talk about Gretchen before they made up? Didn’t ’t she point out Jim Bellino’s chin issues? Why would BRAVO keep her? Tamra and Gretchen have ruined the OC.

  2. Tamers,
    I see through ya girl. Pictures of you in a magazine do not cause eating disorders. Nice try though. Way to have such a high opinion of your effect on society. Especially a picture of you healthy. ?????????!!!!???? The after picture causes ED? really? Okie Doke. Everybody knows this was just your way to draw attention to your own pictures. So much more than just pictures of some OC bimbo “causes” eating disorders.


      • Powerful clip mp..thanks. Reminded me of a girl I knew growing up. We met in elementary school. She was a little too extroverted and a bit desperate (I thought-at the time) for me. Through junior high and high school I was always polite and made small chit chat, but always kept a distance from her. A couple years after high school I moved back to N.Y. after living in Dallas for year. I got a job as a bartender at a new restaurant opening up. I was taken back when I learned Beth was also hired as a waitress there. I cringed a bit at first.
        God works in mysterious ways though…I knew her most of my life, but only “then” did we finally become friends, actually ending up good friends. In our 2nd year working there her and I, and a few more girlfriends, decided to do spring break down in Florida. One night at an expensive restaurant (could only afford that one night) Beth went to the bathroom and was gone a long time. I went to check up on her. I was shocked to find her purging..on purpose! She, sadly, told me…she had been doing so for years. My heart broke for her. She was always a really pretty girl, but it kind of made sense because her need to be noticed was always so…off, I think people perceived her as trying to hard…and it turned people off. Part of me wanted to kick her ass..not really, but I was so pissed…couldn’t stand that she was hurting herself. Never let her go to the bathroom
        alone again…when I was with her anyway. She did stop…got her sh… totally together. I
        was so proud of her…still am!

        • Hi again made. I just watched the rest of your video clips. The Kyle, Emma and Katie story was moving beyond words. What a miracle to learn their Mom is pregnant with triplets. What a bitter sweet story. No doubt…a gift from her little angels. Thanks made.

          • Are you talking about the video suggestions at the end of the video? I didnt see that one. But after you mentioned it I did a search and that is an sad/amazing tale.

  3. I don’t get it either. Her legs had a *dot* of cellulite, but that’s it! She looked pretty healthy!! And the bottom pic……… I have the exact same outfit–it’s a Victoria’s Secret nightie set actually. Not meant to be worn outside. ;)

  4. I must have missed what Tamra found to be unflattering. I think she looks slim and reasonably happy. I wonder what her problem really is…

      • OK, I get it now. But, screaming at “Star” magazine is too ridiculous. (I haven’t seen it sold in my area anymore.) That paper is a rag. Who cares what it has to say? All Tamra proved is that she has impulse & anger control issues. She should just “turn the other cheek” -…

  5. The photo from Star Magazine isn’t shown above. The magazine picture is a rear shot of Tamra when she was a bit heavier with an arrow pointing to her thighs and the caption “cottage cheeks.”

  6. she’s THE WORST. nothing good ever comes out of “the honey-booboo of OC”s” mouth. she and heather are why i will not watch RHOC again.

  7. Tamara has the foulest and vile mouth I’ve ever heard on a woman. Being hateful seems to come easy to her! What a disgrace!!!!!!!!

  8. These ladies need to learn when to shut it. Sometimes responding to something negative only calls more attention to it, and makes you look wacko.

  9. Her and Caroline needs to join the “I Am A Delusional, Hypocritical Bitch Club”. Tamballs needs to shut up!

  10. There’s a Steve Martin movie called “all of me” , where he gets his body taken over by a rich woman who died played by lily Tomlin. She says , and I say this to you tam balls,”you’re rude, crude, and thoroughly unattractive!”.

  11. This is the same woman that makes fun of Jenna Keough by saying she has “Mad Cow disease”. True it”s a funny remark but if you can’t take insults based on looks- don’t start dishing them out.

  12. & what’s the pose with the car about? How many guys do you know that would agree to do such a stupid pose?? I’m starting to think the guesses that some had about who Eddie really likes , might be right.

  13. Tamballs is so insecure! So what if Star showed a pic of you with cellulite? She then has to post a “beautiful” pic of her and say “see, I don’t look like that. Look how hot I am. I am, I really really am hot.” pathetic

  14. Look, we all know that Star never ever tells the truth. Look what Sarah Michelle Gellar did, she took out a picture of herself showing her behind. Then she showed off her beautiful legs to everyone who would look. Tamra has said so many hateful things about so many people, I don’t feel sorry for her. I guess there is a Karma.

  15. On another HW, what is going on with KooKoo Kelly’s stomach? There’s lumps where there shouldn’t be (like just below her boobs in the center). I know she prides herself on being fit and muscular but she has a boys body, no feminine curves or waste. I’m sure men would prefer a chunkier woman than to be w/ her.

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