REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: What’s On Tonight’s Episode…

November 18, 2012   Bravo

Kenya gets  invited to a high-class fundraising event for a well-known charity in Atlanta, Hosea Feeds the Homeless.

The invitation is extended by the founder’s granddaughter, Porsha Stewart, a rich Atlanta socialite and newlywed of former NFL star Kordell Stewart.

Kenya and Porsha’s relationship starts off rocky.   NOTE:  That’s an understatement!

Elsewhere, Nene takes a trip to New York for some meetings, and she and Cynthia spend a day exploring the city.   NOTE:  WHAT!?  No stoppin’ by any of the NYMediaMafia?  No BravoClubhouse?  No Wendy?  No AndyCoop??

                                                          “What’s with these subways??  Get MissAndy on the phone… now!”

Meanwhile, Phaedra brainstorms her next big business idea: a workout video called “Donkey Booty.” On the domestic front, Kandi struggles with seeing her old house for the last time, and Kim considers moving back to her old home for the second time.

13 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: What’s On Tonight’s Episode…

  1. Is it bad of me to be amused that no one seems to know what Kenya’s title is? When she gets called Ms America, she always gets this pained expression. It’s pretty enjoyable.


    • Yes, and I could be wrong, but at the time she was named Miss USA (early 90s?), the Miss America title was a more prestigious title.


      • I guess she’s embarrassed and upset that she’s not important enough for people to remember her title, whatever it was.


  2. The bottom line is, she was invited to an event to help collect money for those that had none and the hosts did not know how to present her so that she(Kenya) could follow through.


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