LAUREN FOSTER: Who Is Lauren Foster of The Real Housewives of Miami?… More To Come!!

November 18, 2012

Did you notice the woman who came between MissElaine Lancaster and Marysol Patton at Lisa Pliner’s going away party?  If you didn’t know, Lisa “shoe designer” Pliner has sold her Fisher Island home and has relocated with her husband, David Pliner, also a shoe designer, to LA.

 Lauren Foster, CrimeMom Alexia Echevarria, Ana Quincoces, Marysol Patton, Amanda Lepore…

Back to the mystery woman!  That “mystery woman” is Lauren Foster… no relation to David or Yolanda Foster.

Laura Foster stated that her appearance on the Real Housewives of Miami was her “audition” tape…


                                                     Lauren Foster at the Black’s Gala… March 2012


Lauren is well known in the LBTG… or is it LBGT… community, as the first transgender model.

What stopped me in my tracks re Lauren Foster is Lauren’s age!   Lauren looks MUCH younger than her chronological age… which is 55.

Am simply stunned at how fabulous over-50 Lauren looks!   If there were a contest between over-50 Housewives, Lauren would win… hands down!   Sorry, Ramoaner!!

More on Lauren later…


21 comments on “LAUREN FOSTER: Who Is Lauren Foster of The Real Housewives of Miami?… More To Come!!

  1. Wow. Another tasteless hag from hell wearing a peter pan collar. Thomas Kramer and now this? Is Bravo trying to run their viewers off?


  2. Ha ha ha…I think it is LGBT community BTW. ;)

    It was interesting to see her tsk tsk Elaine/James and stand between him/her diva persona and put an end to the nonsense. :)

    Plus who acts that way at an event you are hired to direct? LuLu = Elaine.


      • Anyone who takes a stand against James/Elaine ROCKS in my book! James is a bully. The way he towered over Marysol and came at her in a physically aggressive manner was scary to watch!


  3. Well an upside of Lauren could be that she will never turn into a raging bitch thanks to menopause like Caroline did. Nor will we have to worry about an over the hill pregnancy story. Plus something tells me she wouldn’t play along with Andy’s clubhouse stupidity which would be refreshing.


  4. Ktgirl, I so agree. I love dragundas, but Elaine was totally the bully. I just wish they could help mama Elsa s face. Shes like the elephant man gone drag!


  5. They (Bravo) sort of showcased it as the ‘acceptable’ drag against Elaine who needs no words to explain what easily comes through on camera naturally. I don’t want to be too judgmental just yet but the jury’s still out for me. I can drive to MIA for overpriced shoes, not sure I need to know of another ‘start up’ marketable HW, I like watching the pre-established ones like Brandi, Adrienne, Camille, luann…love em or hate them
    I’d rather watch someone grow their brand than luck out and get the Bravo audience outlet to start the process from the get-go. JMO, first post here after reading and enjoying for quite some time so pls don’t crucify me just yet :)


    • Welcome! I lurked for awhile before posting. The peeps here are very respectful. No attacking other posters, which is very refreshing. Enjoy SH! :D


      • Thank you Chem, I have noticed that! For some reason I love reading more ab these shows than watching, although I’ll tune in to the highly advertised ones. Thanks for the welcome and I’m looking fw to posting more to come! :)


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