KENYA MOORE: Kenya As Miss USA!!… In Miss Universe Pageant 1993!… VIDEO

November 18, 2012  

If you were totally unaware, Kenya Moore from the Real Housewives of Atlanta WAS Miss USA… NOT Miss America!!

Let’s take a look back at Kenya competing in the Miss Universe Pageant held in Mexico City… 1993! There’s a whole lotta booin’ goin’ on..

Kenya in Evening Gown competition (go to 5:00)

Kenya’s Q&A (go to 1:35)

Kenya in Swimsuit Competition (go to 3:31)

(Thanks to SH readers “MB” and “PMG”!!!)

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59 comments on “KENYA MOORE: Kenya As Miss USA!!… In Miss Universe Pageant 1993!… VIDEO

  1. I couldn’t communicate with my grandmother, but now I can?! What does that mean?
    If only those judges could see what a ‘lady’ she has become! Not that they were scoring her well back then either. Lol

  2. Man, she is a big old drag queen, yuck, can anyone explain why her skin is so gross on the show? I can’t look at her, with that oilly and boilly skin that she has; for a model and actress its nasty! I guess that’s why we had no idea who she was. Who would hire that big old crazy lady? Glad to see it’s ok for her ass and breasts to hang out, love them ladies with double standards! Yuck! Have a great day!

    • I have a theory that inner ugly shows up on one’s skin. A local beauty institute can give a facial on the cheap. I never understand how women with so much $$$ have skin like this. Maybe it’s hormonal, being dehydrated and a downright volatile human being. Eastern medicine recognizes that anger shows up on the skin. Sometimes as people are “cleansing” emotions, the result is breakouts.

      I’m not a pageant queen and I know how to speak when in a professional setting. Take out the sailor vocab and be respectful of others and play nice. This is not rocket science.

      • ChemGeek, your theory doesn’t work for me. Some really nice people who have loads of inner beauty have horrible skin conditions that they cannot help. Psoriasis? Eczema? Hormonally induced acne? Rosacea? I’m not defending Kenya’s behavior, but her skin is not a reflection of her personality or anger, imo. It’s probably just hereditary.

        • I credited hormones and dehydration as a possible reason, if you check. I’m a biochemist so I’m not an idiot when it comes disease. I’m aware of skin conditions. Again, this is what I stated: “Eastern medicine recognizes that anger shows up on the skin. Sometimes as people are “cleansing” emotions, the result is breakouts.” i.e. inner ugly MAY show up on the skin. You may not agree with me–and that’s fine–but I do believe in eastern medicine and the philosophies. To each his/her own.

        • BTW, just so I’m clear (because clearly my communication is shotty as of late) I did not mean to be offensive to people who have skin conditions. I did not mean to imply that people with skin conditions are ugly on the inside. The eastern philosophy links emotions and states of diseases. That is all. Just a theory.

          • I get what you’re saying, ChemGeek, and I agree. It could be hormones or dehydration, etc., but it could also be stress, which often manifests in a variety of physical symptoms. She’s EXTREMELY high-strung, so it seems like a no-brainer that she’s stressed.

            • Yes, That’s what I was trying to get at. My brain has been all sorts of fuzzzzzzzzz the past few days. “Ugly” was a poor word choice. Stress, anger, any “negative” emotion can show on the face. Kenya is very high strung.

    • The other women probably wear tons for filming too. But my guess is, she uses the heavy makeup to cover the bad skin which was created from wearing too much for YEARS. Those pores are not created over night….

    • Yeah it seems that she has changed her story. NO mention of the grandmother on RHOA now its her aunt that raised her. I do wonder who sponsored her or supported her in pageant goals. Given the fact that the aunt made the comment she did about Kenya’s pictures all over the place I dont see her as one to embrace the pageants.

  3. The pageant was marred by booing from the crowd following the failure of the Mexican delegate, Angelina González, to advance to the top 10 of the national costume competition or the finals as one of the top 10 semifinalists.[4] This was particularly directed towards Miss USA Kenya Moore, the country that owns the Miss Universe organization.[1] During the judges’ introduction, booing increased especially after Mexican judges Jose Luis Cuevas and Miss Universe 1991 Lupita Jones were introduced to the audience who held them responsible for Miss Mexico’s non-placement.

  4. This seems to be a case where she grew up feeling different and has been on the defensive ever since. Her pageant and modeling days are over and she needs to find her place again. Unfortunately, she never learned graciousness or caring for others. She is a really unhappy person and very lonely. She is too caught up in herself to learn from others. This is one person to stay away from. Definitely needs herself a come to Jesus meeting.

    • It is unfortunate what has become of her or at least how the editing portrays her. It sounds like she may have a chemical imbalance from the previews and require medication? It would be unfortunate if she’s in the throws of the early stages of seeking treatment for a mental illness whilst being filmed by Bravo.

      Kenya giving her man the crazy eyeball about Kandi scared me.

      I always hope these women see themselves and vow to do better, but I don’t know if that is the case for most of them. I wish I could watch my life and learn from it that ways. What a gift!

    • Agreed. Unhappy and lonely. Also narcissistic (as her aunt pointed out) and desperate for marriage and attention and who knows what else. Sad.

  5. Kenya punches Nene, flirts w/Apollo, insults Porsha, ACTS A FOOL @The Bailey Agency. Was pizzed when BF asked Kandi out.

    “I DO think that you’re bipolar, and I DO think that you drink too much.” – Phaedra to Porsha Stewart

  6. I haven’t watched much, but I think I give her some props for at least having done something. I know many women feel pageants are lame, but at least she’s not just some spoiled brat that never did anything at all and expects to be a princess/diva. And I suspect she has real emmotional issues from her family history, so I kinda feel badly for her.

    • I feel sorry about her upbringing, if her story is true. But it’s never too late for her to step up and start acting kind and civilized. Her behavior last week was rude, entitled, and obnoxious. I haven’t watched tonight’s episode yet.

      • ITA. I think we all have misfortune and heartache in our lives. The victim is the person that clings to that story and uses it to excuse poor behavior. At some point, an adult has to step up and be accountable. I have empathy for anyone that had a very rough childhood–BTDT. I believe it’s never too late for a person to choose to do differently and act kindly.

  7. she showed that she had no class tonight. so the girl accidentally said “miss america.” big deal. at least miss america is the winner. she competed in miss world and she still remained miss usa, so she didn’t win the top prize. get over yourself. she could have sat it out and been gracious instead of acting like a spoiled diva. i don’t like her and i doubt i will. she thinks enough of herself for all of us. btw, she doesn’t need guards. she is a nobody.

  8. It’s funny to me how she goes on an on about Porsha needing an identity of her own aside from that of her family. I get that but at the same time, she is a a former MIss USA or whatever (too much bs about it and I surely can’t keep it straight in my mind), that was almost what 20 years ago. I think she needs to take her own advice and try to lay claim to fame to something else other than her crown that is probably rather tarnished at this point.

  9. Ones up-bringing — good or bad — never justifies allowing yourself to become a ignorant, ill-mannered, unfriendly, embarrassing fool, like Kenya has been since coming on RHOA. I just wonder what her mental illness diagnosis is — something’s not “right” with that girl . . . looks like a whole lot of bi-polar going on to me . . . she’s a roller coaster mentally.

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