From The SH Archives… GRETCHEN ROSSI: Wretched’s EX-Boyfriend, Jay Photoglou’s Chat With SH… About Slade Smiley… Jeff Beitzel… And WRETCHED!!

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  Wretched is now known for her hair??  Uh… OK…

NOTE:  Now that the courtroom drama has come to a conclusion, let’s take a look back at what Mr. Photoglou had to say re Gretchen Rossi… four months ago…

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From the OCRegister, January 2010:

“Jay Photoglou of Huntington Beach says that Rossi regularly defamed him and lied about their relationship — on TV, to various media outlets and on her blog. He says the two were “a couple” during Rossi’s engagement to Jeff Beitzel, who died from leukemia in September 2008.

The two broke up in February 2009, according to the suit. In March 2009, Rossi filed a temporary restraining order against Photoglou, alleging that he threatened to harm her, her dog, her friend Slade Smiley and himself.  The temporary restraining order was later dismissed by a judge.

In addition to libel and slander, the suit alleges instances of invasion of privacy/false light; intentional interference with prospective economic advantage; negligent interference with prospective economic advantage; intentional infliction of emotional distress; and conversion (taking property from another).

Photoglou declined to comment about the suit, except to say that it is “absolutely real.” He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages, as well as attorney’s fees.

“We are seeking to set the record straight,” Photoglou’s attorney Brian Freedman said in an interview Friday. “We’re going to show what the real truth is, in terms of what their relationship was. The things she has been saying are untrue and inflammatory.  We’re looking forward to showing people who she really is.”

Wretched was still denying her relationship with Jay Photoglou… April 2011:

NOTE:  Wretched has continued to lie and deny… court documents don’t lie!!   Wretched was ordered to PAY Jay Photoglou $63,174.53… SH April 13 2011.

  Gretchen Rossi, Jay Photoglou … New Year’s Eve 2008-2009.  Wretched celebrating with Jay, wearing Jeff’s ring!

Wretched ****BLEEEEECH**** CHRISTINE’s EX-BOYFRIEND, JAY PHOTOGLOU answered some questions posed to him by SH…

SH:  Would you mind answering a few questions? 

JP:  While this is in my past it is a daily reminder you never really know anyone but family… 

SH:  What is your take on why she (Gretchen) is with Slade?  

JP: My opinion is looks and stability on the show. Slade is a person  I feel scot Dunlop (creator/producer RHOC) feels he owes some credit to for the show. Also it provides her a way to say “see I wasn’t with jeff for the money.”  

SH:  Does Scott (Dunlop) have that much influence over casting?  How could he (Scott) still be behind Slade’s continuing on the RHOC?  Note:  Scott Dunlop created and produced RHOC.  After its first very successful season, Mr. Dunlop was ‘removed’ and Evolution Media took over production.  Mr. Dunlop was/is still involved in the franchise; however, had to take second chair to Evolution Media.  

JP:  As for Slade and Scott (producer)… Slade said to Jo when Gretchen and I were on a date and Gretchen was asked to be on the show… “he’s old he’s rich and he’s dying.”  She (Gretchen) made it on the next day.  So he’s (Slade) got something to get it done that fast… Jo knows…  

                                    Jeff Beitzel, Gretchen Rossi…

…also Slade has came at Gretchen and I for story-lines which he said were ideas from Scott.  This was in between season 4 and 5 filming, but BEFORE 4 had even aired its 1st episode.

SH:  Wretched, from all accounts is an opportunist… yet she’s with a guy who has virtually nothing to offer (Slade).   She says that she “LOVES” Slimey; however, will never marry him until his finances are straightened out.  This makes no sense.   How do YOU think the Wretched/Slimey affair will progress?   

JP:  I think as long as she is on the show she will be with Slade.

 SH:  Did she ever approach YOU about getting back together?  AND becoming a part of the show?

JP:  I was offered by her attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars to do a show with her but would not be allowed speak outside of that show about us.  

**SH asked several questions, which Mr. Photoglou said he was not comfortable answering…  let’s continue…

SH: Is Slade paid??   NO ANSWER.  How much was Jeff paying her to take car of him?  NO ANSWER.  It’s VERY clear that she was with you… and you were much more than “friends.”  Obviously, she threw you over and denied your relationship for a better deal… Jeff.  What was she expecting her payoff to be from him (Jeff)? NO ANSWER.  

SH:  Her (Gretchen’s) parents seem to be very involved in her love life… what did they think of her set up with Jeff?    

JP:  If you read Gretchen’s deposition, she acknowledges I was in Bass Lake several time with her and her family, including “you were in Bass Lake” Tamra spoke about on the reunion show.  She (Gretchen) says I came up for one day (on reunion show) in depo, she acknowledges I was there for SEVERAL days and spent the night at the family house.  Her parents?  I’ll never know what they were thinking…

 SH:  Are you still in love with her?  Would you take her back?

JP:  No , no….

NOTE:  Jay Photoglou’s case against Wretched ***BLEEECH*** CHRISTINE’s is ongoing… For an in-depth look at Photoglou v Rossi case, check out ‘DeathBy1000Papercuts’ January 30, 2010.

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  1. This backstory is one of the most bizarre ones out there. Personally, I can’t believe Gretchen won anything in court. It must have been those pictures of Gretchen sitting on the potty and laying down with one of Kandi’s items. Jay could have come out and said a lot more, but the fact they had a relationship was not slander.


  2. I like this site very much. It’s fun and informative. However, your “interview” with this obscure n’er-do-well can’t be taken at it’s face. This guy has many tracks to cover and slant the story to his side for profit as much as Gretchen may have to hide it (if true) and deny vehemently (if false). I don’t necessarily believe this guy over Gretchen (or Slade Slimy) just because he found a sympathizer in your site. I have to say the picture of Gretchen & Slimeball is Icky.


    • @LyndaS I have been following this story since Gretchen arrived on the scene of the RFOC. The SH interview is authentic.


        • Thanks ChemGeek! One reason I stopped blogging was that everyone thought I was an expert on dog breeds and grooming (I used to recap a show called Groomer Has It) professional dog groomers linked to my site and the fur began to fly. Then I got mail from chefs wanting me to consider them for contestants on Hell’s Kitchen. But it was the dog people who drove me nuts and I love dogs. LOL!


      • Sorry, SH – I meant no disrespect to your site. I questioned the authenticity of this guy (i.e. Jay). I was not familiar with the whole Gretchen back story because I have watched OC for only the last few seasons. There was a rerun of a reunion where Tamra claimed this Jay person (who she didn’t previously know) called her on her cell. That didn’t make sense. If Tamra didn’t know him, how could he call her? (At that time, I thought she made the whole story up.)


  3. I don’t know how that woman lives with herself. Not due to Jay Photoglou, but due to Jeff Beitzel (unless he was in on the deception – and I just can’t make myself believe that)


    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. It makes me ill watching her run around spending a dead man’s money on herself (hair extensions she also lied about, etc.) and her broke-@ss boyfriend, when it SHOULD’VE gone to his kids…


  4. Thank, Ms SH> I am relatively new to this site and no idea the dirt with Gretchen. Don’t know how I can continue and watch any HW anymore because of Bravo’s gross involvement. I am shell-shocked.


  5. This video is disturbing to me because Gretchen is video taping and makes sure she lets the viewers know she is there while Slade visits his son. And of course makes sure they upload in to youtube as some sort of “proof” that Slade makes an effort to be a good dad. Gross!!! I bet he NEVER visits without Gretchen right there up his butt.


    • And then there is her song that she tried to claim was written for Grayson but then turned around and used it as part of the storyline with her and Tamera’s new friendship.


    • I don’t understand their need to put this homevideo on youtube. It is very sick! ITA she is likely up Slade’s arse for every visit.

      I feel like this poor kid has no privacy. It makes me very sad. He is suffering greatly, in pain from his disease and treatment, His parents will never know the depth of his suffering. I know they are in pain as well but a chlid’s life is not supposed to be like this. Then you factor in the mediawhore Wretched? Blah! If she gave two sh*ts, she wouldn’t put this all over the interweb. It’s as simple as that.

      What’s amazing to me is that Wretched can do what she does and act as she does after having been privy to a disease that is quite humbling. Something is very wrong with her.


      • Yes, Gretchen is a part of showing Grayson. However, I think Slade Slimy is more responsible for this exposure. The Sladester milks this angle for everything and HE makes me sick. Yet, he doesn’t find a visible means of support. He just acts like a lap dog for Gretchen while trying to get his BIG BREAK in show business. That man has no pride or much ability to grow up (at least for his son).


  6. “…also Slade has came at Gretchen and I for story-lines which he said were ideas from Scott.”

    Is English this guy’s second language? The atrocious grammar makes my teeth ache.


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