SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Gretchen Rossi “RoleModel”… Joanna Krupa “ReunionReady” And MORE Housewives Products!!… Joanna The “BubbaJax” of Miami… Melissa Gorga “DonCaro and KomaKathy” Are Back!

November 17, 2012

Wretched Rossi is very happy with herself…

As mentioned earlier, Wretched was awarded $500,000 PLUS $23,500 in punitive damages… that’s a total of $523,500 awarded to Wretched by a jury.  An award which Wretched will, more than likely, never see a dime of from Jay Photoglou…as Photoglou is in bankruptcy.

IMO, Jay was out-lawyered by Wretched… plain and simple.

Keep in mind that Wretched was ordered by an OC Judge last year to pay for Jay Photoglou’s attorney fees, which were more than $40,000.  In Wretched’s complaint, she denies being with Photoglou; and denies being more than friends with Photoglou.  If Wretched were never more than friends, how did Photoglou gain access to her life?  How did Photoglou have opportunities to take photos of Wretched?

The judgment in favor of Wretched is like OJ Simpson being found “not guilty”… OJ’s “not guilty” verdict does not translate into “INNOCENT.”

IMO, there was much more to the Wretched/Photoglou personal entanglement, which will only be known to the parties involved… Jay and Wretched are the only two people who know the truth.  The 19-page court document, written by Wretched’s attorneys, had a lot to say and was a terrific read; however, pictures can also say plenty!

NOTE:  Wretched’s engagement ring, clearly shown in the above photo, given to her by Jeff Beitzel is a CZ.   The ring was a prop for the show…


Joanna Krupa’s boyfriend, Romain Zago, celebrated his birthday at his nightclub in Miami recently… and Joanna was no where to be seen in any of his birthday photos!

Where the hell was Joanna??  After wading through the unbelievable volumes of tweets of Joanna’s @JoannaKrupa… found that Joanna was out of the country earlier this month, which would explain ONE of the reasons for her not attending Romain’s par-tay.  The REAL reason?  Romain dumped the PierogiePrincess!

More importantly than Joanna being MIA from her BF/fiance’s birthday party… Joanna mentioned that she is preparing for the RHOM reunion show!

AND… Joanna is getting ready to let loose with her new products…

NOTE:  Please Lord… no more Housewives products!!!

ALSO… Joanna is another in a long line of Housewives spouting Confucious-isms!

After seeing the PierogiePrincess’ activity on twitter…  can only come to the conclusion that Joanna Krupa is the BubbaJax Laurita of Miami!

Note:  While scanning through Joanna’s hundreds of tweets per HOUR, could not find Joanna’s tweets “hating” on SH!   Wonder why Joanna deleted them!?


Melissa Gorga has spoken out about the cast changes on the Real Housewives of New Jersey!

MeGo told InTouch:

“Caroline is returning,” Melissa admits to In Touch. “Okay, there you go. Caroline is back and so is Kathy.”

NOTE:  Everyone is chiming in on what’s goin’ on with the RHONJ!  As with EVERY Housewives franchise, no one can whisper a word until the OFFICIAL Bravo announcement!   If there are “inside sources” or a “scoop”… those **cough, cough** insiders who spoke with anyone will be severely $$$ reprimanded!  There is a lot of misinformation being “released” purposely at this time…  and that is all SH is willing to say!


One day… on a beach… in Brazil… something beautiful happened

(Thanks to SH readers “cybraxis” and “JoZee”!!!)