KELLY BENSIMON: KooKooKellyB Suggests A Housewives Show… Could Viewers Be “BamboozledByBravo?”… UPDATE: KellyB Responds!

November 17, 2012

KKKelly still got some huge feet!

Is it possible for KKKelly Bensimon to be on to something?  After stating yesterday that KKKelly was taking her status as “EX” New York Housewife gracefully… not poppin’ up in front of the paps cameras and not makin’ a complete idiot outta herself by demanding to know why she was fired by MissAndy… wouldn’t ya know it, KKKelly gives the NYDailyNews an idea for a Housewives show!

She [Kelly] also said a “Real Housewives” show sans electricity might spark her interest. “A show with no power and no coffee — that’d be hilarious,” the reality star said.

Bravo DID show KKKelly in a somewhat good light ONCE… when she called out Alex McCord and Simon van Kempen on the RHONY…

NOTE:  Hmmmm…. don’t know how KKKelly’s idea of frontier living would go over at Bravo, but any NEW, ORIGINAL story line would help save the Housewives franchises from jumpin’ the shark, as every scenario has been done to death.

 Get ready to jump the shark!!

How many weddings, divorces, gossip over lunches, visits to plastic surgeons, birthday parties, “charity” events, engagements, disastrous trips, wine-throwin’, table flippin’ etc., etc. phony stories can a viewer be subjected to?   There are now no specific events which take place on any of the Housewives franchises to define THAT particular franchise from any of the other franchises!    Not only has every story line been reconfigured to fit each Housewives franchise, but the producers continue to regurgitate the plot strategies again and again on each franchise!   There is a pattern to the Housewives shows and that pattern needs to be given a brutally honest opinion from Tim Gunn!

The only delineation of the Housewives franchises is this:  each franchise is filmed in different locations, with different cast members.  At this point, there is nothing specific which can be attributed to a franchise, other than the New Jersey cast are related to each other.  The Housewives are all melding into one giant Housewives mold, which makes it very difficult for viewers to continue watching!

What makes it even more distracting to viewers is that the Housewives have not only melded into one huge Housewives simmering stew pot, but the focus has been shifted from being an entertaining “reality” show to EACH Housewife having her own agenda platform for shoving their items down viewers throats.

Immediately after Jillz got da Bravo boot, she called the Housewives shows one big infomercial… and she was right!

We get the feeling that MissAndy and Bravo realize these facts and are simply riding the Housewives wave to the end, prepared to “jump the Housewives shark” OR until viewers realize that they’re bein’…

… and turn the channel!


NOTE:  Kelly Bensimon gave he stamp of approval to this post…

… and Kelly’s outta her Hamptons house!

13 comments on “KELLY BENSIMON: KooKooKellyB Suggests A Housewives Show… Could Viewers Be “BamboozledByBravo?”… UPDATE: KellyB Responds!

  1. A show without coffee?!?! Hold on, I don’t know if the ‘wives deserve that kind of cruelty! (Well, maybe some ;))


  2. I get Kelly. I know that makes me crazy as a bedbug but I never have really tried to hide that fact from yall. I embrace my non-diagnosed non-medicated mental circus. And even though I have always enjoyed Bethany I actually got what she was trying to say on scary island episode (‘cept the al sharpton thing-that was too far gone for even me to decipher) So allow one crazy to translate what another crazy is trying to say… If the housewives didn’t have ‘lectricty and had to go on camera sans all the girly goodies that ‘lectricity provides and just stand alone to be judged on their own merits and not the merits of a painted face and precision blowdry and without cough… cough… “coffee” or in Sonja with a sexy J’s case “sudafed” then that would be a real hootenanny. yee freakin haw yall.
    I feel ya girl



  3. If KrazyKelly gave the interview to the NY Daily News during Hurricane Sandy, the coffee comment makes sense. We were able to cook on our gas stove, and used one of my MIL’s old coffee percolators to make coffee. The Keurig was useless.

    I agree that each storyline on each franchise is basically the same, but what Bravo and Ms. Andy have going for them is their uncanny ability to find the biggest bunch of famewhores who would stoop at nothing to get their mugs on TV. There must be an endless pit of famewhores out there, because as soon as one is fired, there are several lined up to take her place.


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