SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: KellyB Still Ca-ra-zee! … flipit/Ronnie “ProjectRunwayReview”… Kathy Wakile “RHONJ RememberME Tweets”…NEW Marky-Mark Boston Reality Show… UPDATE: WWHL Guest Camille Paglia “KnowsHerHousewives”!!!

November 16, 2012

EX-Housewife, Kelly Bensimon, has been taking her ex-housewifery status well.   Kelly is not calling the paps to photo her walkin’ down the street; Kelly is not demanding to know why MissAndy fired her; Kelly is simply going away… silently.

Kelly, however, is still completely Koo-Koo!!  WHY?  Kelly uses large Hermes scarves to make pillows!  WHAT!?

This is quite annoying!  A NEW large Hermes scarf is $820…

Anyone who knows Hermes scarves knows that vintage scarves are more valuable than NEW scarves… but, not if they’re mangled by makin’ them into pillows!

Don’t matter… KKKelly still got big feet!

AND… who can forget Kelly’s famous hair care advice…


For all you Project Runway viewers… flipit/Ronnie from TVGasm got you covered!!


Kathy Wakile has been under the radar since the “alleged” RHONJ cast changes have been announced… KomaKathy ain’t even givin’ any hints via twitter!

BUT… KomaKathy loves Canada…

AND… sent this old photo to MissAndy…


ANOTHER reality show… this one produced by Marky-Mark and set in Boston…

From Deadline:  “…the untitled Mark Wahlberg Boston Women Project showcases the real women of Boston, featuring the day-to-day life of four of these tough, hard-as-nails women who juggle family, work, and relationships all while remaining true to their way of life. Wahlberg is executive producing through his Closest to the Hole Prods, along with frequent collaborator Stephen Levinson of Leverage, Bill Thompson of Bill Thompson Prods Inc and veteran reality producer Stephanie Drachkovitch of 44 Blue Prods.”


Camille Paglia really knows her Housewives!!



(Thanks to SH reader “sd”!!)

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39 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: KellyB Still Ca-ra-zee! … flipit/Ronnie “ProjectRunwayReview”… Kathy Wakile “RHONJ RememberME Tweets”…NEW Marky-Mark Boston Reality Show… UPDATE: WWHL Guest Camille Paglia “KnowsHerHousewives”!!!

  1. I didn’t realize there was a whole other level of stupid i haven’t witnessed. Leave it to the fabulous Ms. SH to find it and show us. We adore you ms. SH, but we do worry about the affect of all this stupid on your eyes.

    • A whole other level of stupid – you didn’t know? Lol, you’re lucky I think most of us have been aware for awhile :P I hate to say it but the only difference in these chicks & some in the general public , is that these are on t.v. They say most of the wealthy in the U.S. made the money they didn’t inherit , but anyone willing to spend 820.00 on a scarf?? That doesn’t sound like someone smart enough to make the money to begin with. Some one doing that must have inherited.

    • “I didn’t realize there was a whole other level of stupid i haven’t witnessed.”. That as too funny and you must let me use this at work. Often.

  2. Oh, never saw that hair video of CraCraKel. I got a great laught, but also curious of how it went. Did she ever “see you soon” with the results?

  3. Oh dear load. Please someone post the vid where Kelly tells us that we can buy a bathroom throw rug to brighten up the restroom. You simply lay it on the floor!! I had no idea! She’s like 100 steps down from Pippa with her ‘turkeys are perfect for feeding large gatherings because of their size! crap.

  4. Kelly lives in NYC, the capitol city of knock-off goods! I don’t believe they are authentic Hermés Scarfs, I think they are fake. When I went to NYC, a walk through Chinatowns got you everything you can think of and more!

  5. KooKooKelly is an ASS for doing that to those beautiful scaves. What’s next, painting eyelashes on the Mona Lisa,making toilet seat covers out of her vintage Louis Vuitton bags,maybe she could bedazzle the Shroud of Turin?

      • Just noticed the band aid on her leg. Can’t discern if it designer or not. Maybe she discovered a new use for an old Dr.Scholl’s shoe insert. With the size of her feet she could cover every boo boo in Manhattan.

  6. I think the scarf pillows look good in that picture. If you like the print, but you’re not going to wear it, then then why not make it into a pillow.

    • I totally agree with you Hers, I think those scarf pillows are amazing and will get more use than sitting in a closet to be worn once in a while.
      If they are real Hermes than it’s an expensive pillow for sure ,but if she’s got the money to do it, I can’t hate her for it.
      I know it’s a no-no on this site but I think Kelly is all right, pretty and harmless.
      She has great style and her home is decorated funky and uniquely.
      I kind of think that her feet would look ridiculous if they were small, those big boat feet fit her body.
      I knew a girl who was very tall and had barely size 6 feet and she looked like she could topple over at any second like a weeble.

  7. She may not be as bad as Carowhine but she does seem to need to believe she’s important. I guess when they realize they may be tossed off the show that can bring reality back.

  8. I did notice that the Prof. likes the lesbos….wonder if that was scripted by Andy, too. He knew that would start a fire with the fans. She picked the least liked from the shows.

    • I caught that Prof.also and I almost bought into-that she might actually be intelligent; BAM..Tamra is her favorite housewife AND she likes MeGo-HO-HO!!! For a supposedly intelligent woman she certainly “aint” too bright. Anna looked a little caught off guard by her fav. pic’s. OMG…what a joke, and an embarrassment she was.

    • Camille Paglia is a very intelligent woman, she just might be disagreeable to certain people. She is certainly a controversial figure amongst the intellectual crowds. I have boycotted Bravo since the NJ reunion finished, but I am glad I did not see her go on tv and make such an ass out of herself.

      I’ve read her most famous book “Sexual Persona” & for those who don’t know, she is an anti-feminist feminist. She believes women’s rights have already been obtained and that at this point women are beating a dead horse. Women are ruled by the moon, men by the sun, and she touts a belief system that states our world is ruled by a more feminine energy than male. So, if anyone/thing is oppressed it is male/solar energy (Christianity, for example, is a solar based religion & Judaism is lunar based)… especially in the Western world where our politics appeal to more social causes and are less focused in the more solar “smoke em out” “they hate our freedom” sort of stuff… If you get my drift.

      I am so sad to be so late on this topic because its so interesting to me. Of course she would love Tamra and Melissa. They are harlots, whores of babylon, women who give more power to the solar vs. the lunar.

  9. If Paglia is gay I dont know why she isnt offended by Tamera’s gay-for-pay antics. One of my closest girlfriends in highschool came out as a lesbian a few years ago and I would never dream of even joking with her about why she never hit on me that would be disrespectful. I figure lesbians are just the same as straight girls in that they really don’t like being jerked around.

  10. Forgot to say thanks to Ronnie. It’s great to know I can skip watching project-runway completely and just go straight to your re-caps! LOVED them

  11. while I agree Kelly’s timing may be off – right after the hurricane – you can get some “vintage” hermes scarves for $50 – $200. Other’s which has limited runs are much higher on the vintage market. I like the pillows but you need to tack the scarf to a much heavier fabric to make the pillow durable.

  12. That is one scary horrible pic of Kathy. Is that light shadow on Kathy’s top lip or is it 5 o’clock shadow?

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