KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Kyle-ee Explains Everything!!… Says All Episodes Will Be DRAMA-Filled…


This week is probably the last episode that is drama free!

We start out with Adrienne  and I shopping for Portia’s birthday. The argument between Lisa and Adrienne had been dragging on for months! Every time it was brought up Adrienne would say that the phone works both ways. I told Adrienne not to hold her breathe (Note to Kyle-ee:  it’s “BREATH”!) for an apology from Lisa, because Adrienne an apology in this argument, Adrienne does. If Adrienne was going to wait for an apology from Lisa, then there was never going to be an end to this argument.

Yolanda’s daughter Gigi is so beautiful! A beautiful combination of Yolanda and Mohamed. Clearly she has the modeling gene! I have no doubts she will be a super model!  NOTE:  It is very apparent that LLLKyle-ee writes her own BravoBlog!  Another Housewife who does not know the correct usage of “I” and “Me”… and ain’t it super-observant of Kyle-ee to think that Gigi looks like her parents!?

I was happy to see Taylor  in an upbeat mood and trying to move on in her life. I loved that Paul and Mauricio were up for supporting Taylor and her charity. I laughed out loud watching the guys in their heels.

I have to say, I was happy that Mauricio looked so awkward! So funny.

NOTE:  THIS is REALLY Maurice’s awkward look…

In between laughing at the guys, I couldn’t help but feel sad watching Paul and Adrienne. I wish so much they could have stayed together and worked things out. I imagine it must be hard for them to watch too.  NOTE:  Didn’t Kyle-ee say she was close with Adrienne?  Now she’s wondering if it was hard for the Maloof-Nassif’s to watch?  Hmmmm…

Portia was so excited about her birthday! She had been asking me if there would be unicorns at her party. I had asked Glenn Schneider, who helps me with my parties, if we could get some small white ponies “dressed” like unicorns. When small brown HORSES showed up I was a bit disenchanted! We had a good laugh about that. Small brown horses with paper hats. Hmmm. . .

I invited everyone in spite of what was going on between all the girls. I know emotions run high around here, but I also know none of these women would have made a scene at a child’s party. They may not ALL like each other but at worst they would just ignore that person, which we saw with Taylor toward Brandi, I find it difficult at times to be in the middle. It can be very difficult to navigate through these complex relationships.   NOTE:  Oh, pul-leeeze!  Kyle-ee LOVES being in the middle of it all!

With Lisa and Adrienne, I honestly thought they would say hello, the ice would be broken, and then maybe a conversation would spark that would lead to an end of this argument.

I offered to arrange a meeting because I just didn’t see anything indicating them moving forward. These arguments really do affect our entire group. If you choose a side, you can basically say goodbye to the friend you didn’t side with. If you try to stay neutral, you can lose both because you DIDN’T choose a side. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.   NOTE to Kyle-ee:  Didja ever think of BUTTING OUT?

I was really happy Kim decided to come to Portia’s party. Like I expressed in my last blog, it’s very important to me that Portia has her aunts and cousins around. I want her to have what my other children had growing up. We have always been a tight family and I don’t want Portia to miss out on that because she is so much younger than the others.

All in all it was a great day. Portia had a lot of fun, my sister showed up and Mauricio made it back in time. Fun light episode. Now things will take a turn. . .

Until next week!

XO, Kyle

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56 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Kyle-ee Explains Everything!!… Says All Episodes Will Be DRAMA-Filled…

  1. She didn’t mind choosing side with Adrianna during reunion! And why is such a big deal whether Kim comes to her party or not, Kathy or her children are never there. I bet she won’t dare to talk to Kathy the way she talks to Kim.

    • Oh there’s no way she talks to Kathy like the way she does with Kim. She should have just left that entire paragraph out of her blog, it’s BS. If I were Kim, I’d be pissed. Shouldn’t the same rules apply to ALL sisters and ALL cousins? Unless they were there, and not filmed, Kyle’s logic on this stinks.

    • Excellent point! Where’s cousin Paris & the other screwed up Hilton kid? Where’s Aunt Kathy and Uncle Hilton?

  2. I don’t believe for a minute that Kyle would drive her brood to Kim’s new house and bring Kim a housewarming gift and let Portia play with her cousins who live out of town. just sayin’

  3. Oh, how delusional Vyle can be. When she stated that her daughter’s birthday party was a great place for the women to convene and be cool, how did she excuse Shana from Taylorizing Brandi? The drunken goat, Taylor-Park gossiped with a youngster sitting next to her. I guess if Shana acts like an ass wipe then that’s okay as long as Dim-Kim comes in and bows on command.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. Shana was loudly talking all kinds of inappropriate things, in front of innocent children. Vile didn’t even acknowledge it, but if Kim or Brandi did it, Vile would explode and make it all about her. She is putrid.

  4. It bothers me that Kyle insisted on Kim coming to the party. At one point they are gathered around the bar talking. Seriously?! You want your sister sober. YOU outed her in the limo. And yet, you constantly place her in these situations. I know I know, Kim is a grown woman, and she did put herself on this show, but come on. They need to cut her some slack and give her time to gain her strength. And, the double standard of insisting Kim come to all of Kyle’s parties, and giving Kathy a free pass is just wrong! I am sure it stems from the fear of getting on the bad side of the Hilton’s. Don’t want to risk losing THAT connection/money tree! It also has to do with the lack of respect Kyle has for Kim. So sad. Kim has been trying to stay in Kyle’s good graces for so long. Although I didn’t like her old boyfriend, I still applauded Kim for standing up to Kyle and Maurice on that vacation and basically blowing Kyle off. It was a good moment! I hope she continues to gain strength and be able to draw that boundary that keeps Kyle in her place.

  5. Did anyone else see that Dr. Sophy – Shana’s therapist – was on the Dr. Oz Show this afternoon.
    He was giving advice on how to overcome or try to manage everyday frustrations.
    Maybe Shana needs a refresher course because he didn’t include getting stupid drunk as one of his suggestions.

    • Dr Sophy is or I should say was Paul and Adrienne’ marriage counselor . He sure isn’t batting .1000 now is he. I would go to him to counsel my dog.

      • That’s funny! (Last season, Adrienne stated that she recommended the Doc to Taylor-Park Trash.) Dr. FeelGood always sided with Taylor-Park when she and Russell went for counseling. Obviously, he can’t help the hopeless.

  6. I just can’t understand Kyle overlooking Shana’s behavior but is always just looking for a reason to jump down Kim’s throat. What does Shana have on Kyle anyway? I just don’t get how Kyle can be so protective of that slut pig.

  7. I wonder what other issues are between Lisa and Adrianne for Ken to consider Paul and her vile. I’m sure the comment on the reunion show was just the tip of the ice berg. I think Adrianne is jealous of Lisa…

    BH is my favorite franchise but watching Traylor is truly unbearable….I switch channels for the two minutes she’s on….her face is so distorted looking even with the weight. I can’t wait to see the smack down between her and Yolanda (who btw seems like a bada#$ when need be!)

  8. I really feel for Kim’s situation with Kyle. She previously told Kyle that her kids probably would not make it to the party, and as soon as Kyle saw Kim at the party, she was asking for her nieces (and nephews?). Nice way to treat a person just out of treatment.

    Why would Kyle be so inconsiderate of her sister’s recent sobriety and serve alcohol at a four year old’s birthday party? Kyle just does not care about her sister and probably resents her fame.

    I really loved when the “Housewives” were dropping like flies out of that party. Poor Kyle, NOT! She wanted drama for more camera time.

    • Agreed Sandra. Total insensitivity on Kyle’s part. She’s such a B***h for even putting an ounce of pressure for Kim to attend when 1. she’s so early into her sobriety, and 2. treating her like shit when she arrives. What a sick and twisted relationship, those two.

  9. That was no children’s party. With all the drinking adults and arguing going on, it is certainly not a party my kids wanted. Again poor cute Portia probably wanted a couple of friends and a cake. Kyle should have been paying attention to Portia and not meddling where she isn’t wanted or needed.

    • And to think all my poor kids got at their parties were pizza and a Barney cake. No booze-fueled psycho adults bickering about nonsense. My poor deprived kids. If only we’d lived in the 90210.

    • It demonstrates a total lack of boundaries when one has booze and condones arguments at a kid’s bday party. Vyle and SWINE have no clue how to throw a proper kids party. They deserve to ride off into the sunset together on a brown unicorn.

    • I agree. Why was it so important for Splits to have her adult friends attend her 4 year old’s b-party? She can have her own party with adults some other time. Trying to mix the two groups doesn’t mix well (especially when that drunken sailor, Taylor-Park is sloshing around like a first mate on shore leave).

  10. I don’t see how Vile doesn’t get that children the age of Kim’s don’t usually want to go to a small child’s birthday party. Maybe my family was weird but older cousins were never forced or expected to attend a party for little kids. And in our case attending wouldn’t have meant being filmed while cameras exposed how your aunt loves to bully and harass your emotionally unstable/fragile recovering alcoholic mother while a drunk trout mouth rambled incoherently in the background. Something tells me that Kyle didn’t harass Kathy about her spawn not attending. Was Kathy even there?

    • Maybe Kyle is just trying to get Kim to show up for filming. If she ditches parties, she won’t be part of the drama, and she’ll get fired. As it is, she’s hardly been on this season compared to the other women.

      • You make a very valid point. Kim lives like a recluse. She has little inertia to interact with the rest of the cast. She never entertains anyone on the show and seems to not want to be there. I think Bravo would have done Kim a big favor by letting her go her own way – alone. Kyle probably wants Kim to have an income because otherwise she (or Maurice) has to support Kim.

    • That reminded me of the desperate scene during the first or second season when Farrah graduated. They made a big deal about Paris calling on the phone and everyone gathered around to listen in. So pitiful.

    • That reminds me of the funny scene where Kim’s daughter goes to get her prom dress and the sisters are all sitting around worrying about her having sex the night of the prom. Didn’t know premarital sex was a no-no in that family. Could have fooled me.

  11. Just like I said a couple wks ago…Kyle makes me think of bile & throwing up so Ill con’t to call her Byle (yes! She is Vyle, too!! lol)-to even read her blog makes me nauseous! She is a poor excuse for a “loving” sister…She basically harasses Kim! I think her excuse that her momma’s last wish was 4 her 2 take care of Kim is BS! Kim was the 1 bringing in the dough when they were kids & I now believe what Kim said in the back of the Limo! Sure, she may have been tipsy/drunk but Ive always heard when you’re drunk, thats when the truth comes out. Byle better b glad Kim is on the wagon because if she wasnt, Kim may spill alot more info about Ms. Perfect-Byle!!

  12. I think Kim may be contracted to show up at functions when bravo is filming, but her kids are not and most likely don’t want to be filmed.

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