HOUSEWIVES LAWSUITS: Teresa Giudice PuntaCanaBarBrawl “SuitSettled” $$$ Unknown… Gretchen Rossi “SuitSettled” $$$ Half Million; Wretched Won’t Collect!… UPDATE: Wretched Gets $23,500 Punitive Damages, Wants Restraining Order…

November 16, 2012

According to the NewYork Supreme Court, the Punta Cana bar brawl lawsuit was disposed, which means it was settled.   There is no information re HOW it was settled or if there was any money involved.  The case was not “dismissed”; therefore, the parties came to an agreement before the case was brought before a jury.  Apparently all are satisfied with the agreed-upon settlement… ’cause nobody is sayin’ nuthin’!


Wretched Rossi was awarded a half a million in her lawsuit against former “friend” Jay Photoglou…. from TMZ:

Rossi sued her ex Jay Photoglou for defamation and other things back in 2010 — claiming he trashed her in the media.

NOTE:  Hooray for Wretched… and Slimey!!  Oh, wait a second… not so fast!  Even though  Wretched received a money award, it’s very doubtful that she will collect any of that $500,000.  Jay Photoglou filed for bankruptcy.

According a courtroom source, this was some of the testimony:

Gretchen went on the stand first.

3+ hours of direct examination.

Gretchen stated things like…

“Jay stole pictures from my home that were private pictures”, at times she cried, explaining the pictures.

“Jay threatened on several occasions to kill me”

“I loaned Jay $18,000 which he never paid any of it back”

“Jay punched and shattered the windshield no my MBZ CLS while driving”

“Jay pulled my hair and said stop crying you little bitch or I will kill you”

“Jay threatened to drive his car into a center divider if I didn’t sit down”

“On Jan 28th 2009 Jay tried breaking into my house”

“I filed a police report in March 2009 to report the threats”

“I filed a Temporary restraining order in March 2009”

“Jay never hit me”

“Jay sent an anonymous package to the Susan Koman foundation, containing the pictures of me, which caused them to cancel me hosting the San Diego marathon event”

When asked who took the pictures of Gretchen on the bed Gretchen stated “I don’t remember who took those pictures” “I don’t remember when they were taken” “I have never allowed anyone to take pictures of me nude”
“I met Jay in person for the first time Jan 2008
“Jay and I ended our friendship on Feb 9, 2009”
Kathleen French from Evolution Film and Tape also testified during Gretchen’s presentation of her case against Jay.
Jay went on the stand after Gretchen’s side rested.
He testified under direct for about 2 to 3 hours
Jay Stated some of the following…
“Yes, I punched and shattered the windshield while driving”
“Yes, I tried breaking into Gretchen’s house on Jan 28th 2009”

Jay was cross examined for 2 and a half days.

Jay fumbled, stating

“I have only had 1 restraining order against me in the past”

“Oh, I forgot about that, Yes, I have had 2 restraining orders”

“Yes, on Feb 10th 2009 I contacted the National Enquirer”

” Yes, I took photographs of Gretchen”

“Yes, I gave photographs to Nik Richie (TheDirty)  of Gretchen”


NOTE:   Wretched was awarded $23,250 in punitive damages.  

Wretched is asking the court for a restraining order against Photoglou, and the judge set a hearing for 10 a.m. Monday to consider the request.


(Thanks to SH reader “RMarie”!!!)