SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Teresa Giudice “TreePlaysJillKelley”… Jenni Pulos “JeffLewisSuingJenni”…Another Atlanta Reality Show… Danielle Staub… Melissa Gorga “MarcoSisters”

November 15, 2012 

TheBlaze has done the casting for the upcoming Lifetime movie about the Patraeus scandal… and they suggest Tree Joodice for the part of Jill Kelly:

Hmmm… Just can’t see the resemblance between Tree and JillKelly.  OK, they both have dark hair!  If there was to be a Housewife chosen as one of the cast, would go with Cindy BarHopper  BargainShopper  ShareCropper  PriceChopper FlipFlopper  PillPopper  ToldAWhopper   Barshop….  or even Carole Radziwill!



There is ANOTHER reality show set to premiere in January… the Style Network’s “Big Rich Atlanta”… with a cast of thousands!   More at AccessAtlanta


There’s more legal drama goin’ on at Bravo!  Jeff Lewis from “FlippingOut” is suing his long-time assistant, Jenni Pulos, to prevent top-secret employer-employee information from leaking via Jenni’s upcoming book!

According to Amazon, Jenni’s book, titled “Hang In There, Baby!,” is scheduled for a late summer 2013 release… Jeff’s complaint was filed in LA Superior Court yesterday.  Jenni signed a confidentiality agreement back in 2008.

More from HollywoodReporter:

Pulos purportedly told him that the book was about her own family and her own personal life, not her work life, but Lewis says he found out the planned title was Hang in There, Baby — What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love.

Lewis then demanded she cease and desist from publishing the book and gave her another copy of the NDA.  In response, Pulos allegedly said then the book hadn’t yet been written.

NOTE:  What could possibly be included in this book that Jeff Lewis is afraid will be revealed about him?


Danielle Staub… if Danielle’s back, so is Provenzano!!


  Dear Lord:  Just ONE of these Marco Sisters showin’ her “talent” to the world is enough!  

“Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!”

(Thanks to SH readers “Daniella” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “@NYTalk”!!!)

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225 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Teresa Giudice “TreePlaysJillKelley”… Jenni Pulos “JeffLewisSuingJenni”…Another Atlanta Reality Show… Danielle Staub… Melissa Gorga “MarcoSisters”

  1. I think Jill Kelley is a mixture of Heather D and Bethanny. Don’t let Big Rich Atlanta fool you. I don’t like how they portray Atlanta (Buckhead) as another Orange County because it certainly isn’t, RHOA portray’s Atlanta better than BRA.

  2. Wait, did jenni quit working for Jeff? Is she still working for him with him trying to sue her? Sorry to be dense. Old age is making me not give a crap so i dont pay attention any more…LOL!

  3. I think Jenni has loyalty….its just that shes like most of them in LA..she wants to be an actress/comedienne/entertainer but still has to pay the bills. I think Jeff goes off the deep end too much.

  4. @aint, I understand what you are saying and agree whats troubling for me is Teresa blames everything on the “econemy and the rentors” intead of the fact she spent a lot of money herself for crap she didnt need ,EVEN after she knew they were in trouble. You dont go broke overnight and you dont start having money issues over night either, You will never convice me she and Juicy didnt know what was coming down the line. I know when I was in debt and I didnt pay i got hounded at home by phone calls and letters yet Teresa and juicy to keep spending money like it was going out of style and not even trying to downsize. I only hope its true she is paying off her debts and she has learned to pinch a penny.

    • Lisa, I like Teresa, but I totally agree with you. It’s like these idiots never anticipated that the market would turn; they just kept buying expensive furnishings, clothes, shoes, crap. The wealthy people I know have stayed wealthy even through the economic downturn because they knew what they could afford and didn’t waste their money on showy stuff.

      • I read something recently, about how some rich person was such a tightwad and didnt do XYZ with their money but the fact is thats why peopel stay rich in tough times they dont piss away their money on stupid crap. Look at the amount of lottery winners who are poor again ina few yrs.

      • Look at the Gorgas, they were trying to keep up with the Jones and look where they are now. She better get her big girl pants on and go out and get a real job. Hubby can mow lawns. Look at the Laurita’s they drained their company of 55Million….for their lavish lifestyle… look at Carowhine downplaying….she’s still supporting 3 babies. Yes, Teresa did wrong by all the spending but so did all of them. Kettle black, they all did it. Time for those housewives to fly the nest and do real work.

        • MeGo can always go on her Truck Stop Concert Tour. Bet she will make at least 100 dollars. Teresa’s bankruptcy is done . She has worked hard and keeps on working very hard. Wake me up when the rest of them lift a finger to do anything but tweet or open a bottle of booze. STK after a bankruptcy depo? That is the very essence of the Lauritas giving the world the middle finger. As for lavish spending I have watched Teresa buy Gia a bra since the bankruptcy.

  5. These are not generational wealthy people but newly minted rich. I know lots of people just like them and saw much of the same after the Oil boom and bust in the 80’s. They were working hard , making lots of money and saw no end in sight. There is always and end unless you are frugal. Rich does not always equal smart and does not automatically confer wisdom or intelligence. We all buy things we do not need . I would say I have been guilty of spending more than is wise especially when I was younger. I am not excusing Teresa’s excesses but don’t feel the need to condemn her for it either. Peace out!

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