SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Teresa Giudice “TreePlaysJillKelley”… Jenni Pulos “JeffLewisSuingJenni”…Another Atlanta Reality Show… Danielle Staub… Melissa Gorga “MarcoSisters”

November 15, 2012 

TheBlaze has done the casting for the upcoming Lifetime movie about the Patraeus scandal… and they suggest Tree Joodice for the part of Jill Kelly:

Hmmm… Just can’t see the resemblance between Tree and JillKelly.  OK, they both have dark hair!  If there was to be a Housewife chosen as one of the cast, would go with Cindy BarHopper  BargainShopper  ShareCropper  PriceChopper FlipFlopper  PillPopper  ToldAWhopper   Barshop….  or even Carole Radziwill!



There is ANOTHER reality show set to premiere in January… the Style Network’s “Big Rich Atlanta”… with a cast of thousands!   More at AccessAtlanta


There’s more legal drama goin’ on at Bravo!  Jeff Lewis from “FlippingOut” is suing his long-time assistant, Jenni Pulos, to prevent top-secret employer-employee information from leaking via Jenni’s upcoming book!

According to Amazon, Jenni’s book, titled “Hang In There, Baby!,” is scheduled for a late summer 2013 release… Jeff’s complaint was filed in LA Superior Court yesterday.  Jenni signed a confidentiality agreement back in 2008.

More from HollywoodReporter:

Pulos purportedly told him that the book was about her own family and her own personal life, not her work life, but Lewis says he found out the planned title was Hang in There, Baby — What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love.

Lewis then demanded she cease and desist from publishing the book and gave her another copy of the NDA.  In response, Pulos allegedly said then the book hadn’t yet been written.

NOTE:  What could possibly be included in this book that Jeff Lewis is afraid will be revealed about him?


Danielle Staub… if Danielle’s back, so is Provenzano!!


  Dear Lord:  Just ONE of these Marco Sisters showin’ her “talent” to the world is enough!  

“Thank you, Jesus; sign of the cross; kisses to the sky!”

(Thanks to SH readers “Daniella” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “@NYTalk”!!!)

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225 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Teresa Giudice “TreePlaysJillKelley”… Jenni Pulos “JeffLewisSuingJenni”…Another Atlanta Reality Show… Danielle Staub… Melissa Gorga “MarcoSisters”

  1. Tree does the head tilt pose like Jill Kelly too. in every posed pic of Jil she’s doing a head tilt a la Teresa.

    • Tre could play the part. She is a hard worker. She would rehearse, get the accent right, posing is the same and play a seductress! It would be fun to watch.

  2. all right Dannypro is back maybe Andy will have him on WWHL and i can call in and see if he Knows where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, before I die I wanna know where JH was planted and where Amelia Earhardt is…well we kinda know that so All I need to know is the JH question and I can die peacfully.

  3. I have been a Jeff Lewis fan over the years but this current series of flipping out has been an unpleasant experience. Instead of focusing on his real talent at working with difficult clients and doing great work this season has seen our designer fighting with his entire team. The episode when he turned on Zoila was just plain nasty and ugly and I wondered why he would even allow it to be shown. He has been awful to Gage, his partner, his maid, his assistant, Andrew and now his long supportive assistant, Jenni. I am amazed that Jenni would even think this was a good idea because clearly Jeff has been good to her in many ways. Just so sad to see this happen.

    • I worked with a Jeff Lewis type for a number of years. The neurotics can be a lot of fun, but the bad times waaaaaaay overshadow the good.

      • I like a good OCD person, I had a roomate with OCD, everything had a place,salt shakers had to be turned a certain way the tail from the Bread had to be tuck under the bread a certain way..To amuse myself I would go and move stuff to see if she noticed, she did and Yelled at her BF….hehehehe

        • Lisa you are a mess. lol. Tell me you didnt come in after she yelled at her boyfriend for doing something that you instigated(read:started) and say “come now, no yelling there is always two sides” lol.

        • Not so much fun when it’s your mom, but I have been known to switch her color coded coat hanger just to mess with her. Paxil was a major help, my mom want from a mrs. clean to screw it I do it later. Which still kind of freaks me out when I see her laundry in her tub, or spots on the faucets. My mom rubbed the chrome off the kitchen faucet in less than six months of my dad installing it. She had it pretty bad, wish they had the drugs when we were growing up. I remember moving the can goods all over the place a few times when I was grounded, or tilting the towels off the rack a 1/16 of an inch, drove her crazy. I thought she was pretty much over it, until I stayed after my dad died. I was cleaning the house and doing laundry, the only words out of my mom’s mouth, make sure the hangers stay in their proper colors.

    • Jeff is a pretty terrible employer. Who would yell at their employees infront of the other employees. He seems to think that he can openly be rude to people with no consequences and that they will just take it. In this day and age, you cant be hateful to your employees and expect them to stick around and be loyal. His ego is cashing checks his common sense cant cash. He treats Gage, Andrew, Jenni and even Gage like they are dogs.

        • I agree. I could never imagine working for someone like him. He should have an office and work out of the office, never a home. Each person should have their own office too. I felt for Zolia, he is nasty.

        • I know!!! He’s got hardcore B.J. lips just like Shana/Taylor/Large-mouth Bass Armstrong!! It’s so hard for me to watch him speak, because I can’t really concentrate on anything, other than those lips of his.

        • I read an interview of Jeff Lewis from a few years ago. He said it was some kind of permanent filler done to his lips, but that they have deflated some since then. He initially got it done after a bad breakup, when he was feeling horrible about himself. I guess he thought BJ lips would help him attract a new BF.

          • And I have to say that, although Jeff can be harsh with his staff, I have great respect for the way he cares for his grandmother. I love how she can pretty well hold her own with him. Fiesty little lady.

      • jeff def. has moments but ultimately it appears that he is very generous to all his staff…i think deep down he really does care for everyone he works with – obviously he ‘has’ to amp up his personality (a little bit at least!) to stay on the show…i mean with no drama there would be no show. I think Jenni is biting the hand that feeds in this case…if she signed non disclosure agreements in 08 and ’10 it was for a reason…so to try to sneak around and make extra $ off of Jeff is cruel. He has obviously been there for her in the past….

  4. agreed….I have liked watching them do “redone homes” and I do love his taste. I assumed it was a standard Bravo now that all shows have to have the stoopid drama for viewers and ratings. I can’t get into the LOLworks or that Silicon Valley and not a fan of Shahs either. So Bravo is not a channel I stay tuned in that much anymore.

    • I don’t like silicone valley start ups and lolwork is the most boring, stupid show yet and I loveee cats! Expected it to be so much different than it is. It reminds me of an extremely bad copy of Portlandia. Did I see somewhere that Mama Elsa is also getting her own show or was I dreamin’?
      Its made me cringe to hear Jeff go bullistic on those closest to him…..even Gage….yet he seems to be very self absorbed so he might deserve just a little. Zoila and Jenni? No way! Do you want to end up lonely and alone like your Granny Jeff? Remember you aren’t going to have children or grandchildren to take care of you once you drive everyone away. This coming from someone who has always had a soft spot for you.

  5. Next week previews show Jenni getting yelled at because she took advantage (or that’s what the promos lead us to believe) of a customer’s generosity by staying at their multi-million dollar mansion in Cabo. If she did this, I have to admit to being shocked. It wasn’t even a long term client either.

    I adore both of them, but it seems to me that Jeff isn’t the only one who isn’t clear on boundaries

    • I agree with you. Did you also notice that at her wedding she had Chaz Dean doing her hair and the lead singer from Stix do her first dance song. These are also Jeff’s clients and I think she took advantage of Jeff’s friendship with these people.

        • He is indeed strange looking galloping into my pretty palomino pony territory with the hair and facial injections. Will admit I adore his hair care line. My hair looks amazing now.

          • I thought of buying it, but it seemed pretty pricey when I know the kids will drain the bottles in no time. I try to stay away from sulfates and parabens, though.

            • understand Hers. I am empty nest now and SURPRISE! My fragrance and cosmetics even shampoo last so much longer. I can actually purchase better brands and I know I won’t have to search 3 cosmetic bags or upstairs bathrooms to find my mascara. LOL.

              • You know if you’re lonely you can adopt me, I have a job and I am potty trained…..well most of the time.

              • Lisa consider yourself adopted. The upstairs is empty and redecorated. I finally took down all the High School , University and Sorority junk , boxed it up and gave it to the rightful owners. LOL. It made me to sad and ferklempt to see all the mementos . We will have to do something about the potty training.

  6. He’s afraid of something coming about about him that Jenni knows. It almost made me sad that Jeff would do that to Jenni, I guess they aren’t friends anymore.

  7. Google old images of Robert Blake as Baretta. It’s not an exact resemblance, but Dannypro really reminds me (the hair, facial expressions) of Baretta.

    • Or maybe the guy who turned Jeff into such a scorned lover LOL! Daniel Tosh is really out there…he holds nothing back! I think I would really enjoy Tosh teasing Jeff right to his face..with that big old smile he uses that’s always thinking “you’re such a loser.” No way Jeff could handle the shoe being on the other foot. Tosh would eat him alive!

  8. Oh who knows, I heard Jeff used to date women! Gasp! Poor Jenny, but i got to admit Jeff makes me laugh and I would rather watch him that, Carowhone and Bubba!

    • So true, esp. about women. When MissAndy asked Jeff to name a real housewife he would sleep with, he didn’t miss a beat and said Tamra.

  9. It was actually quite an honor for The Blaze to select Tre to portray Jill Kelly since they certainly put her in some extraordinary company – they picked Willem Dafoe as General Petraeus, Rashida Jones as Paula Broadwell, Bryan Cranston as General John Allen, Kathy Bates as Mrs. Petraeus, Glenn Close as Hilary Clinton, and Will Smith as President Obama!

    And in a world where NeNe Leakes costars with Ellen Barkin, I guess anything is possible!

  10. According to Andy’s book (correct me if I’m wrong)…Jenny and her first husband pitched the show to Bravo but they wanted Jeff? I wonder if BravoAndy has something to do with the lawsuit….wouldnt surprise me. I personally would not wear that dress (speaking to the sister)….I’m up there but hey, some people have that vision of looking in the mirror and they see tiny…I’m opposite, even when I was at my worst bulimic moment, always saw a heifer….dont understand why some of the young girls want to wear tight tops with they clearly have “dunlap disease”…..cover it up, please….just as bad as that Courtney Stoddard showing off her britney…….although, that’s a whole ‘nother sicko issue……..cover it up.

  11. Actually, that middle sister is much more attractive than Mego or fatty. Live in Tampa and have actually seen Kelly in person; she looks very phony and is very flirty. They do many events at their home which is gorgeous.

  12. Just caught a glimpse of the Joey and Melissa Marco manning the phones at the Restore the Shore benefit MTV is filming. Melissa noticed the cameras and starting making eyes at the camera while craning her neck to stay in the shot. Total famewhore.

    • Well atleast she was there helping. I think its pretty funny how the Gorga’s, Laurita’s, Manzo’s and Wakiles all were pushing help this charity and now MTV and several celebrities joined in to help. Where was Teresa. I am sure she was home, just like she was for the past 2 weeks.

          • I don’t get that from them. Prolly Poppa Gorga would not allow obligatory pictures taken of them being dutiful and caring at his bed side so they cut visits short so they could go out and bout and …well… pose.

            • Well atleast they were visiting and not tweeting that they were going to visit “Daddy” everyday to soliciate sympathy from a few. When my dad was in the hospital in CICU I wasn’t tweeting daily that “I am on the way to the hospital” repeatedly so everyone would feel sorry for me.

              • I understand. But you say Tree aint doing anything for Sandi victims because she hasnt tweeted pictures. And I say MeGo and JoGo haven’t done anything(‘cept lose his house) for poppa Gorga …. no pictures. It works both ways see?

              • Joe sold the house he owned that his parents were living in. Thats alot different than “losing” dads house. Maybe since real estate sales are so flat, if you have a chance to sell a property wouldn’t you? Rumor has it they are living in another one of Joes houses, correct. Teresa has come out and said they aren’t with her. And haven’t we noticed lately that Teresa is now “wanting to help the Sandy victims, lmao with tweets and photos.” I thought she just helped and didn’t blast it, but now all the sudden she is.

              • Joey only “owned” that home on paper due to creative maneuvering where his daddy helped him out by putting it in his name.

              • Ok LMAO. Well it seems that Joey owned the house on Old Ridge Road and lived in the house before he build his new house. He used the Old Ridge Road property as a rental income and then moved mom and dad into the house after theirs sold. Then came the multiple transfers. Who knows why. I am pretty sure Daddy and Mommy were all privy to exactly what was going on.

              • I think they knew exactly what they were doing. Mr and Mrs Gorga are not fools. Who knows where all the money from the sale of the house went, maybe they are living on it. Teresa also admitted that the Patterson house was multi levels and hard for them to get around in. Like most seniors, they are saddled with houses that they raised their families in and they are just way to big and cost way to much money to live in for seniors on a fixed income. We are dealing with that with my parents. They live in a huge multilevel home thats older, not efficient and has a huge pool in the back. The upkeep is backbreaking for them and the power bill is well of 500.00 a month.

              • If he took one penny of his daddy’s money to finance his wife’s way of life facade as they “we pay our bills” trash Tree then it was too much. Maybe that was editing? Perhaps MeGo actually said “we pay our bills with his daddy’s money” but her kitty kat girlfriend edited that part out for her. It was soooo scummy of JoGo to tell the whole country that he pays his days mortgage. And not the whole truth either.

              • Of course they did. Parents never want to think that their child is gonna break one off in em. Shame on Josephine Marco. NO wonder his daddy dont care for him too much. Has to be bad that Juicy is the preferred one. Parents will always love their children but if that child grows up to be a huge disappointment then they still love them but don’t like what they have become.

              • Just my opinion, I don’t think anyone could take advantage of the senior Gorga’s. Not their son or their daughter. Who knows what they really thing of their children, both of them. I am sure they are pretty disappointed in their daughter too.

              • I think he is ashamed of his daughter too. I believe he was ashamed of the bankruptcy attempt and her husband. Teresa has said many times they do not like the show. I am sure they would be disappointed in their daughter and her finances too

              • Sorry but I believe her parents are embarassed of both of their children. Your adult daughter begging for sex on tv. Come on. Her husband is degrading her on film and every newpaper is talking about how he bilked his business partner by forging his name and she and he admitted it on tv. My moms parents are from Italy. If that was my grandparents and my mom, they would be horrified.

              • Here is how we know the money went to Joesephine Marco. Plain and simple logic . The parents no longer own a house. There was no benefit for them to add Joey to the title. A family trust could have easily conveyed the property to the children upon the parent’s death. A home is the average American’s most important investment and is usually sold only to buy a smaller dwelling and free up cash for their golden years. The Gorgas had a home worth approximately 400,000 dollars and now they are forced to rent…….

              • Admittly i know nothing about the house situation so I dont comment on it..But a family trust would make sense

              • My goodness, how horrible can you get? You are definitely one of the MARCO’s or someone who hates Teresa so much. Perhaps JAXASS. Teresa happens to be a private person, and the others have to have an audience. Teresa isn’t a tweeter tooter, she has better things to do with her time.

              • Nope, just not a Teresa fan. She is no prize. There are alot more people out there who are not her fans than those who are. Most don’t like the way she treats her family and friends. When Teresa does something good, I would commend her for that. I agree she busts her butt to try to support her family but her spending and poor money management got them in the place they are. She needs to quit spending and pay off the people they owe, including Joe Mastropole, who if you remember right, Teresa herself said was paid off. Geez, just another Teresa lie.

              • Did she not say over and over on multiple shows that Joe’s partner was repaid? Joe Mastropole was the partner that Joe forged the signature for the sale of the property that they co owned and the Giudices took the money. Mr. Mastropole has stated over and over that he has never received a dime and even Ms SH has said that.

              • laceys: Tree DID say that; however, Joe Mastropole told SH directly that he has NOT seen one dime of the money owed him. In the last communication with JM, he said it looks like he’ll have to sue to get his money from the Joodices and wasn’t sure if it was worth the effort, time or money to recover his money! TFC!! SH

              • Then perhaps she sould have sold her shorehouse,downsized to a less expensive car and curtailed her shopping a bit until all her debts were paid.

              • Come on Lisa she has one car, not like the others. She has had the shore home for awhile and now she won’t be able to sell it. The lady deserves to live. I agree that they ALL live way above their means and now the AX has fallen. Lets see who survives and who doesn’t.

              • Sure she deserves to live but she owes people a lot of money An how do you think they feel seeing her vacation in her weekend home,drive a SUV the size of a boat, when she can drive something smaller and cheaper. And yes I feel the same way about the Lauritas and Gorgas to. If they are screwing their creditors out of money and flaunting all the expensive things they have how is that fair or right. Get them off the damn show and get real wealthy people who are not Screwing hard working people out of their money.

              • I agree….but let’s face it with 4 kids you do need a bigger vehicle and who knows the house at the shore could be paid for. Come on Lisa she’s trying, non of the others are. Hopefully someone reports this fiasco that the MANZO’S are going to have, to the state. The Gorgas prance around and flaunt all over the place yet they can’t pay their electric bill and how many other people. Let’s just agree to not agree all the time. :-)

              • I agree with you they all shouldn’t be on the show if they cant pay their bills, I have said it before the min you declare bankruptcy(or some other such finical lawsuit) on this show should be the day you get a pink slip.

              • Since you stated this “There are alot more people out there who are not her fans than those who are.”, you sound certain and therefore, must be privy to an actual number. What numbers do you have and how did you arrive upon this claim?

                I’ll be back later to check the numbers you have. Thanks!

              • In October MSN did a poll and the majority, about 68 percent were not Teresa fans for those that replied. Many sites have done polls, I think the only site that has a majority of Teresa fans is this one. All the other sites are not pro Teresa. Everyone here says that WWHL polls are fixed, but I don’t think even when Teresa was well liked she couldn’t win a poll. Look on the Teresa blogs, there are usually more people who are not fans than those who are. Its my belief that she is far from the most popular. All the talk hosts are obviously not team Teresa, the fan base isn’t what it was a year ago and she wasn’t even good on Celebrity Apprentice. The only housewife Trump talkes about is NeNe. Teresa wasn’t ask back like everyone else was. I think her 15 mins of fame is over. Look at the interview with Anderson Cooper, Wendy Williams, The View, Perez Hilton and even Andy. They are all not Teresa fans. There is no special appearances with anyone, only the ones she has scheduled to promote her stuff. Even Caroline has had the Sirius promotion. Its obvious that her fame days are numbered. All the talk hosts cant be wrong too.

              • It only stands to reason with 4-1 being 4 morons against you all of the moronic friends would vote against her. They probably paid people to vote no. Please you can tell just by what these first grade idiots write that they are being told what to say. Heck if she wasn’t liked guess what, the show would be down the tubes.

              • Who the heck would they pay and why?? Are you kidding me, no one cares about her She is nothing and nobody. She is married to a creep who bilks his partners and is a slum lord. She was on Celebrity Apprentice and never even ask back for AllStars. Trump praised her before CA and now, he never even mentions her name. There is no tv appearances, no deal with parents mag, no deals with sirius, no appearances except ones she schedules. The talk show hosts are done with her. Everyone thought Jill Z would never be fired from Bravo, where is she today? Teresa’s 15 minutes are just about over.

              • Go on FB to the different blogs what post stories there the majority of comments are anti Teresa and few are Pro Teresa. She has a fan base no doubt(even SWINE has a fan base to) but Its not as strong as people thinks. Just by reading some of the comments a lot of people are tired of Teresa.

              • I don’t have any numbers what I will counter with are the following details. Teresa is clearly a fan favorite or why would Bravo interview 3 of Teresa’s crew as replacement housewives? Why would Teresa’s family have been asked to join the cast?
                If Caroline were so popular why isn’t she coming back? Why didn’t Don Caro or her family get the CA opportunity?
                Lets be logical here Teresa was on the receiving end of some nasty editing, a collusion led by Don Caro, a revolt by the Morgas and attempted coup to take Teresa down. She still survived and actually thrived.
                As for the FB pages and Bravo polls? The same 16 haters posting over and over again.One of the Teresa hater pages is meant to look like a fan page but the poor idiot cannot even capitalize the G in Guidice. Seriously?
                Anyone can skew a poll but as Mama used to say “proofs in the puddin’ ” Teresa is still standing and actually must have a good deal of popularity in order to have some measure of control over casting. Women love a survivor.

              • Ok, first things first: SWINE has a fan base? WTH

                I don’t speculate on what people on the blogs or elsewhere write–not even around here (i.e. I don’t assume that everyone loves Tre). It doesn’t matter to me who people do/don’t like, including celebrities and the talk show circuit. Not trying to be an arse here. just looking for evidence (numbers) to back up the claim that most people don’t like Teresa. It was stated as fact so I thought there was substantial evidence. The results of one poll does not have me convinced.

                I like numbers (and statistics) to back up a claim about a population. The October MSN poll: I didn’t participate. However, I am interested if any of these polls are sound or if they are pooh.

              • Ever hear of the 2008 mortgage meltdown and Wall Street teetering on the edge of a cliff. Millions of people lost their homes , investment properties, businesses, investment portfolios. Joe Guidice like millions of others flipped homes. He got caught out like many others. Very simplistic to blame it all on Teresa’s lavish spending. I am not a fan of the blame the woman school of thought. They are equal partners.

              • @AINT @Chem yes SWINE has a fanbase, dont ask me how or even why but she does.
                I am not claiming Teresa isnt the most popular or not the most popular she does have a Large fans base, but by the same token there is more the 16 people who dont like her and post over and over. And when I read the comments the majority are not favorable to either of the Guidices. You can disagree if you want but the truth is the truth,

              • lisa, The truth is the truth but I am not sure what the truth is…

                Evidence inconclusive…can’t go off speculation…brain is shutting down….bloop, bloop, plonk… :)

              • Lisa I have friends in the same business as Juicy just larger scale, shopping centers, huge parcels of land near major manufacturing hubs. One dear friend gave their daughter a half million dollar wedding in 2008 because daughter was marrying into wealthy banking fam. This was early 2008. I can testify they and many others could see no end in sight as they were making money hand over fist. Wham now friends have lost a great deal not everything but more than $$$$than I will ever see.
                I am not excusing Teresa and Joe but I understand. Spending drives the economy . The clothes and jewelry purchases allow the jeweler and the clothing store owner to spend on their families and probably the grocer, housekeeper and lawn crew to spend on their families. When consumers can’t spend IMO the little guy hurts in the pocket book same as the big spender guy. I am not excusing lavish spending but I have seen a return to normal , average spending rather than luxury purchases. I doubt at this point Joe and Teresa could unload their houses for even close to what they have invested in them or even enough to pay off the mortgage. Josephine Marco can’t unload his properties and they are still on the market.

              • Laceys comment:

                Nope, just not a Teresa fan. She is no prize. There are alot more people out there who are not her fans than those who are. Most don’t like the way she treats her family and friends. When Teresa does something good, I would commend her for that. I agree she busts her butt to [...]
                Lacey show me the poll figures. The real polls. How do these so called pollsters know how she treats her family and WHO her friends are. I THINK SHE TREATS HER PARENTS A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN THE MARCO SIDE OF THE FAMILY….Name her friends you have talked to about this poll. Thank you

      • Y because they didn’t go on MTV to do a show?? That doesn’t mean they are not helping, just means they don’t need a camera to show us they are helping! Joe&Melissa do it for camera time!

        • its the SAME charity with the t-shirts that some accused them of bilking, lmao. They didn’t control the camera and who was shown. OH dang, duck here comes the camera, lmao.

        • Lacey: Are you stalking Teresa? You seem to know so much about her. Did you see her at home for two weeks? do you have pictures that she was at home? I know you have your opinion but now you are making a statement. “You are sure she was home just like she was for the past 2 weeks.”

          • Wow Barb! You make an excellent point, how do we know whether Teresa has been home or the Gorga’s power is back on?

            • I don’t and I’m not in the least bit concerned. I have a life beyond these NJ housewives, if that’s what you want to call them. They certainly do not portray a real housewife of NJ, just ask around, take a walk in a local supermarket, there you will find real Housewives of NJ. Not on this stupid BRAVO fake show.

              • I do not think the RHO any City are an authentic representation. I have learned more about New Jersey from the kind caring an extremely intelligent women who post on SH. Seeing how NJ and Governor Christie reacted in a crisis was very impressive and reminded me of a simpler kinder America . New Jersey folks seem to be made of some very tough stuff. ITA with you it just irritates me when folks claim to have first hand knowledge of hwo Teresa has spent her time, if she has been home, whether the Gorgas electric is back on. Smacks of claiming intimate first hand knowledge or else the person is a stalker of the scary variety.

              • I called it before, either related, friend or foe, or a STALKER. I’m from NJ and I’d give you the shirt off my back if you needed it and you can see by the outpouring of love right here in Stafford what kind of people most of us are. Granted there are a few bad apples. The Island is working hard and some places already have gas. It may not be the LBI you knew but it will be up and running in the summer. We are hell bent on getting that done. One icon is gone from Ortley and that’s the Surf Club. I spoke to a part owner of it today in the Hair Salon and the Insurance Co. will not ever rebuild a club there again. Condo’s ok but not a club. Ortley was flattened. What a cute little townlet it was. I lived right next door to it in Lavallette. I am rambling but I can’t help it. You can’t even drive up Rt. 35….sink holes all over the place. Got to go here come the tears again…. :-(

      • The Jersey Shore cast appeared on the view almost immediately after Hurricane Sandy and were already prepared to host the MTV Special. I was very impressed with Vinnie who actually went door to door with his friends and helped clean out storm ravaged homes. He mentioned Restore the Shore in particular but not the Blue Wave company that only donates a portion to hand delivered gift cards. MeGo and Joey are associated with Blue Wave.Jersey Shore did not “join in”. They were affiliated with the authentic Restore the Shore and the fame Whorgas were invited to man the phone banks. Specifics.

        • Thank you for laying out the facts, Aint. I love the facts! There is a decent and honorable “Restore the Shore” and then there is the shaaaaaady “Restore the Shore”. BIG difference.

          • Thanks Chem. I am used to spread the bs thick but sparse with facts . Totally different with opinions that are presented as opinion.

    • Who care if she looks at the Camera at least she is helping, I swear these people cant help out without being niotpicked to death By everyone

  13. Melis n her sis. I keep thinking of that Japaneselay. The mikado…three little maids….are we..something like that. Jeff Lewis n Jensen are friends the suing thing can’t be real!

    • I can’t think of anything Japanese but Gilbert and Sullivan comes to mind.
      Three little maids from school are we
      Pert as a school-girl well can be
      Filled to the brim with girlish glee
      Three little maids from school
      Everything is a source of fun
      Nobody’s safe, for we care for none
      Life is a joke that’s just begun
      Three little maids from school.
      That’s all I can remember. So sad in my youth I could recite the whole dang thing as long as I wasn’t sober!

  14. Bethanny looks more like this Jill than do any of the other housewives. She might do it just for fun. Heather might also be good in that she is an actress and has the same skin tone. Tree is NO ACTRESS and is just not right for this. PUH-LEASE!

  15. *I posted this as a reply by accident – no coffee yet this a.m. ;)
    jeff def. has moments but ultimately it appears that he is very generous to all his staff…i think deep down he really does care for everyone he works with – obviously he ‘has’ to amp up his personality (a little bit at least!) to stay on the show…i mean with no drama there would be no show. I think Jenni is biting the hand that feeds in this case…if she signed non disclosure agreements in 08 and ’10 it was for a reason…so to try to sneak around and make extra $ off of Jeff is cruel. He has obviously been there for her in the past….

  16. I like Jenni but feel that she truly stepped over the bounds. The show has made her a household name and that is thanks to Jeff, remember she wanted to quit to become a rap artist. She has shown that she has no loyalty, is not trustful. is not honest, and is greedy. Wonder how long this marriage will last once the doc finds out what she is really like.,

  17. I think Jill Kelley is a mixture of Heather D and Bethanny. Don’t let Big Rich Atlanta fool you. I don’t like how they portray Atlanta (Buckhead) as another Orange County because it certainly isn’t, RHOA portray’s Atlanta better than BRA.

  18. Wait, did jenni quit working for Jeff? Is she still working for him with him trying to sue her? Sorry to be dense. Old age is making me not give a crap so i dont pay attention any more…LOL!

  19. I think Jenni has loyalty….its just that shes like most of them in LA..she wants to be an actress/comedienne/entertainer but still has to pay the bills. I think Jeff goes off the deep end too much.

  20. @aint, I understand what you are saying and agree whats troubling for me is Teresa blames everything on the “econemy and the rentors” intead of the fact she spent a lot of money herself for crap she didnt need ,EVEN after she knew they were in trouble. You dont go broke overnight and you dont start having money issues over night either, You will never convice me she and Juicy didnt know what was coming down the line. I know when I was in debt and I didnt pay i got hounded at home by phone calls and letters yet Teresa and juicy to keep spending money like it was going out of style and not even trying to downsize. I only hope its true she is paying off her debts and she has learned to pinch a penny.

    • Lisa, I like Teresa, but I totally agree with you. It’s like these idiots never anticipated that the market would turn; they just kept buying expensive furnishings, clothes, shoes, crap. The wealthy people I know have stayed wealthy even through the economic downturn because they knew what they could afford and didn’t waste their money on showy stuff.

      • I read something recently, about how some rich person was such a tightwad and didnt do XYZ with their money but the fact is thats why peopel stay rich in tough times they dont piss away their money on stupid crap. Look at the amount of lottery winners who are poor again ina few yrs.

      • Look at the Gorgas, they were trying to keep up with the Jones and look where they are now. She better get her big girl pants on and go out and get a real job. Hubby can mow lawns. Look at the Laurita’s they drained their company of 55Million….for their lavish lifestyle… look at Carowhine downplaying….she’s still supporting 3 babies. Yes, Teresa did wrong by all the spending but so did all of them. Kettle black, they all did it. Time for those housewives to fly the nest and do real work.

        • MeGo can always go on her Truck Stop Concert Tour. Bet she will make at least 100 dollars. Teresa’s bankruptcy is done . She has worked hard and keeps on working very hard. Wake me up when the rest of them lift a finger to do anything but tweet or open a bottle of booze. STK after a bankruptcy depo? That is the very essence of the Lauritas giving the world the middle finger. As for lavish spending I have watched Teresa buy Gia a bra since the bankruptcy.

  21. These are not generational wealthy people but newly minted rich. I know lots of people just like them and saw much of the same after the Oil boom and bust in the 80′s. They were working hard , making lots of money and saw no end in sight. There is always and end unless you are frugal. Rich does not always equal smart and does not automatically confer wisdom or intelligence. We all buy things we do not need . I would say I have been guilty of spending more than is wise especially when I was younger. I am not excusing Teresa’s excesses but don’t feel the need to condemn her for it either. Peace out!

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