SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Carole Radziwill “BookTalk” … Brandi Glanville “MoreOfTheSame”…. flipit/Ronnie “NewNews”… DonCaro and BubbaJax “PancakesAndBlackStuff”… Reaction to Danielle Returning to RHONJ… Melissa Gorga “TruckStopTour”…

November 15, 2012  

Real Housewives of New York’s Carole Radziwill chatted with Yahoo about her experience as a Housewife and her upcoming “Widows Guide” book, which will be released summer 2013.  Could the release of Carole’s book coincide with the next season of the RHONY?  Yeah… probably!


RHOBH’s Brandi Glanville is just all over the place!!  Brandi was just in NY and she did the entire NYCMediaMafia circuit… now she’s back in LA and still yakkin’!

Brandi Glanville had a sit down with HollywoodLife and says more of the same old same old that she just got done sayin’ on her NYCMediaMafia tour…

THEN… Brandi has a few things to say to Fox411

FOX411: How are things between you and Kim Richards? (Last season she vowed never to talk to you again).

BG: As you’ll see we are on the mend. Yes I said something I shouldn’t have said, I was in defensive mode. We’re actually in a decent place right now. You will see ups and downs with her but we have a special little bond forming.

FOX411: How about Taylor?

BG: Yeah not so much.

**Speakin’ of Beverly Hills… take a look at Yolanda Foster’s house


If you aren’t up on the recent goings-on elsewhere, flipit/Ronnie got it all covered!!


In the quest to get black acceptance EVERYWHERE, DonCaro and BubbaJax will be showin’ up at STACKS Pancake House in Paramus, NJ to get customers to taste that black stuff… from ParamusPatch:

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita will be on hand at Stacks Pancake House Saturday, Nov 17 for a taste testing event of “blk” water.


When KimG heard of Danielle’s return…

And… after Jillz heard about Danielle comin’ back, MissAndy said…


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  1. Caroline should know better and show more class than to give the finger to a photographer. It and she just look tacky. I’m disappointed in her. Black water…. it wasn’t a good idea, nobody wants black water because it is unappealing to our senses. Drop it, move on.


  2. Not a good business decision having a BLK tasting At a Pancake House. If pre- meal one couldn’t order or eat. If post meal well….. You know what would happen. Echoes of Christopher’s bathroom set up comes to mind. “Out of business” signage soon to follow. Love all the captions BTW. MeHo’s truckstop OMG – love it. Thanks SH.


  3. Mother Trucker Tour! That is just awesome! I had visions of the whole diva singin bunch. Why limit it to just Countless LouMan….surely Kim will be knocked up again by the tour date. That would add a whole different trash level to the tour. Danielle and her “come closer” lova. And don’t forget Simon to cover the soprano part. The encore could have Gretchen slip in for a slutty duet with MeGo!


  4. I see WWIII happening if Danielle really is back…Especially if Jac is back, too. Ive always thought there is something deeper to the whole Jac going ape crazy because Tre tweeted Danielle back & thanked her…It wasnt anything bad but Jac flipped out about it..So, Im wondering if D knows some bad stuff on Jac & Jac’s deathly afraid of Danielle having contact with any1 from RHONJ. Anyway, the BLK thing is getting old but I guess the Manzos & Lauritas have 2 give it their all b4 the crap is flushed once & 4 all down the toilet. No pun intended ;)


  5. JW but I thought Danielle denied going back to “that show” & was gonna keep moving up (the ladder)???? I guess she can change her mind because the shows she was producing (yeah, right!) fell thru. @Hers U R exactly right about Caroline & her looking like the high school bully LOL Sometimes its not just HS :)


  6. I really do think the anger over Tre & Danielle has to be based on the broken friendship. If you couldn’t care less that Mego was her friend why would she care if Tre is? Someone you don’t care about can’t flip you out that badly. If it was a put on for the show I would totally get it, but the way Jax comes across , I don’t think it’s an act. If she didn’t care for Teresa before I don’t think Jax would be acting like an angry, hurt ex. She’d just be coo-coo for Cocapuffs like a certain other housewife …But Jax acts hurt not just all stressed out.


  7. i am so excited. if you read some of the Bravo blogs..all the comments about Lisa and Brandi are positive and so many negative ones about Kyle and Taylor. Bravo finally letting non positive comments through to their blogs. It is awesome


    • Well, it has been a good while since I checked out Bravo’s site and read the blog there. Far more enlightening and informative info here at SH (and the crowd here is so much fun). However, I just checked the Bravo site and wow, you are right, nancyadopt. I only went through Trailor’s blog and read the comments there and geesh, people are truly givin it to her and Bravo’s allowing it!! It felt good to see that we are not the only ones who see through her BS. Oh, and I also burned my ears and eyes watching a video they had there titled something like ‘Taylor’s Beauty Tips’…awful, just awful. If you get tempted, spare yourself the pain. I don’t know what I was thinking…


      • The majority of blogs for kyle are that she is a mean girl to both Lisa and her sister. Most as bad as the ones against Traylor Trash. Lisa’s are all complimentary, and people were slamming adrienne too for that totally passive agressive log she sent to the party. I love it! I never thought Bravo would come around.


        • I guess they’re figuring out that they can’t ignore the obvious. I think they have no choice but to let the posts get through, otherwise there wouldn’t be any. It’s not rocket science to see their nasty behavior, and frankly, any one who has ‘glowing and supportive’ comments for these women…well…I guess I don’t know what show they’re watchin!


  8. I work a lot in NJ, about 10 min from Franklin Lakes, and at the bus station today there was a sad little flyer advertising a BLK tasting event… hosted by the RHONJ Manzo crew… I loled


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