SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “WineBaby”…Brandi Glanville On “WendyShow”… Adrienne Maloof “PhonyChildCharges”…JaxLaurita Shooting For “ParentingMag” Today…

November 14, 2012

It’s  “WineBaby” Troy!!  What are they putting in Troy’s bottle?   Will he be a whiner as a toddler?  Will he be a wine sipper or guzzler when he grows up?  Who will have the NEXT “WineBaby”???  Hmmm…


Brandi Glanville completed her whirlwind tour of the NYMediaMafia by havin’ a sit down with Wendy… Brandi didn’t have anything to say that hadn’t been covered in her chats with MissAndy on WWHL, radio shows and BigMorningBuzz… ‘cept Brandi gives her opinion about Shana’s new married boyfriend…


From TMZ:

Paul Nassif wasn’t lying when he claimed his 6-year-old son sustained hand injuries by falling off a carnival ride … this according to carnival workers who filed an injury report that completely backs Paul’s story.

NOTE:  WHY does Adrienne think that the father of her children would harm them?  Paul is a medical doctor; Paul would know how to treat the injury.  If Adrienne had concerns and didn’t trust Paul, why didn’t she take her son to the ER?  So disturbing...


Since BubbaJax will be a “contributing editor” for Parenting Magazine… not to be confused with PARENTS Magazine… she will need some photos to go along with her words of “expert” advice:

NOTE:  Would think a deposition would elicit much more stress than a photo shoot!

(Thanks to SH reader “BritishBev”!!!!)

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43 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “WineBaby”…Brandi Glanville On “WendyShow”… Adrienne Maloof “PhonyChildCharges”…JaxLaurita Shooting For “ParentingMag” Today…

  1. Speaking of Swine. This would be the husband whose wife defended Swine saying she was a good friend of the family and a very sweet person. I can’t understand how you can know a Man’s wife and children and pursue a relationship with him. There has to be a special place in hell for people like that.

    • Right? Especially considering everything she’s already done? It always puzzles me when people are THAT disgusting and continue to get away with hurting others.

    • Obviously, SWINE has the moral fiber of a viper (& acts like one too). She behaves like any 2 year old: she wants what she wants when she wants it. BUT, how can any man be attracted to that – T H I N G ? Fish Lips is homely as sin.

      • Swine has a mouth and jaw like a reticulated python, she even bragged of her ability to relocate her jaw over a toilet seat on the reunion.

  2. me too poo she’s not pretentious and is not overly concerned with “dignaty” issues like most of them and she’s not selling anything i know she has a book vickie’s little g son is cute why doesn’t someone take the twitter away from that drunken insane jax? who is she tweeting that cringe worthy ifo to anyway? sad

  3. Brandi is sooo refreshing! Please, girl, don’t change and disappoint us all! We need at least one decent HW to root for!!!

  4. Adrienne is really making herself look like a fool!! Can she not receive some type of punishment for telling these false stories to CPS??

    • Adrienne seems to be quite a vicious person; anybody who creates false accusations of this nature should be punished.

      • Exactly!! I just don’t get what her purpose is….CPS was previously involved and found nothing, so why keep doing this?!?!

        • Is Dr Sockless SoPhony still head headshrinker of the CPS? If so then I am sure he allows all kinds of shenanigans to go on. All this for a TV show. They orta be ‘shamed of theyselves. Tax dollars yall.

        • Adrienne didnt contact CPS the Hospital did and no she cant be held responsible for lying to them , she can always say this is what she thinks went on.

  5. hmmmm.. the good dr may have a viloent streak in his personality? never know just sayin. we all probably know a few who fooled us.

    • If so, then Paul deserves an Academy Award. He’s been quirky, but never, ever abusive (in any way, shape or manner). Is Adrienne now on board SWINE’S “Abuse Train”?

      • I am quite sure swine gave adrianne a few tips on how to fake a abuse claim. This weekend
        Adrienne claimed their son broke his fingers while in Pauls care made it sound as if Paul broke them when in fact he tripped and fell at a carnival, carnival workers who witnessed it turned in statements to CPS which the hospital had called as they are required to. Just Like with SWINE if the husband was so violent why agree to joint custody?why not try for supervised visits at the very least. To many red flags here to think Adrienne is telling the truth.

        • Ya know…why can’t people realize that when one attacks the other parent of his/her child, the only person who it really hurts is the child. Of course, I’m talking about false abuse claims. All this crap is out there for the child to learn about and eventually when it’s all said and done, the child will come to his/her OWN opinion and conclusion of Mom or Dad. I’m tellin ya, Adrienne will one day regret her actions…

        • Even crazier watching Adrienne and Swine be bffs is remembering how ANTI Traylor trash Adrienne was last season. Adrienne was a key factor in having Swine banned from Kyle’s white party

  6. 1. It sounds to me that Adrienne is taking some pages from Swine’s book. Well, my mind is made up about her now. As season 2 Caroline would say “You hang out with garbage, you begin to stink.”……”you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.”….My bad, I could go on but I won’t :D.
    2. Swine is a trashbox and nothing she does suprises me anymore. She fought too hard for that zipcode to leave now.
    3. BubbaJax is truly an idiot.

  7. brandi said that lee ann went to “twitter re hab” did not realize there were facilities for that. someone suggest it to jax.

  8. I hope this photo shoot coming up today was the great news/great day bla bla blaaa she was spouting about on twitter yesterday, not the deposition. I’d hate to think she could be THAT immature to refer to any court proceedings in such a flippant manner, but then…

  9. Brianna’s little boy is sooo cute. He does look like his father already. Still can’t believe with all Jax’s problems someone asked her to work for a parenting magazine.?? What’s she gonna teach us? How to yell & fuss at someone if they don’t get along with their s/i/l ??

  10. Thanks SH. Troy is too beautiful to have Vicki put any form of advertisment on his photo’s, let alone one for alcohol – crazy! I can’t help but wonder if Briana or Ryan have seen the picture. No doubt Vicki’s die hard ‘fans’ are currently busy peeling off beer bottle labels and sticking them under pictures in their family albums ;p

  11. What I don’t understand is how is it that Brandi can’t hire a really good lawyer that would take Eddie and Leeanne to the cleaners? Many other wronged women have done that.

  12. I like Brandi, but not the idea of “parenting together”. Divorced people need live their lives, set their rules for their kids and leave the other divorced parent alone (unless kids are being mistreated of course).

    My husband’s ex actually threatens to punish their kids if he does not parent the way she wants him to.

    Now, I don’t post the kids’ pictures anywhere, but if we look at our new unit as a family, and I do, I treat them like my kids. Just so happens I only post stuff here. Hate facebook, twitter….

    That said, if it works for them, good for them.

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