REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: New Housewives Cast Possibilities… Gia Casey, Priscilla DiStasio and Linda Berger… UPDATE: New RHONJ Cast Additions… Gia, Pris and Noelle Brescia… PoscheFashionShow

November 14, 2012

 A picture says a thousand words… KimD will be back and upgraded!

What would the RHONJ be without the drama and chaos of the Posche Fashion Show?  The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been filming longer than two weeks… and the PFS is scheduled to take place on December 3 at The Bottagra:

Besides KimD being upgraded from RHONJ hanger-on to “friend” of the Housewives and Danielle Staub coming back, there’s quite the flurry of chatter going on re the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast!

The latest is from ROL… stating that friends of Teresa Giudice have been given a Bravo golden ticket:

With two women down Bravo is going to introduce three new housewives – Noelle BresciaGia Casey and Priscilla DiStasio and all of them have ties to Teresa, giving her a possible advantage in any on-screen arguments.

NOTE:  According to Noelle Brescia’s FB page, she is an aviation specialist who is a resident of Miami Beach, FL… her hometown is Wayne NJ. 

Noelle is friends with Kim D so she will most likely be on “Team Teresa,” and Gia, who is married to DJ Envy, is also friends with Teresa. Priscilla is Teresa’s makeup artist and best friend, so she’ll definitely be expected to take her side.

NOTE:  Got info stating that all the RHONJ are returning!   

October 4, 2012  9:45 pm   ROL

 “I dare youz to bring other chick on dis show.  Oh… I’m gettin’ da Bravo boot?  Nevermind…”

“According to an insider, all the current cast members have been asked back for the next season and filming will begin shortly with three frontrunners vying for two new positions: Priscilla DiStasioGia Casey and Linda Berger.”

From SH August 29 re Gia Casey, DJ Envy’s wife… “DJ Envy from the popular Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 in NYC, will allow cameras into his life for the popular TV show.”

Jillz on GoodAfternoonAmerica, July 26, 2012… “leaking” the Priscilla DiStasio info:

Linda Berger… friend of Tree… dark hair…

MissAndy knows that SH knows!

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  1. Hmn, it seems strange to add 3 more and more Kim D. and Danielle. That will make 10 women to follow, plus the Manzoid kids’ scenes. Seems like just too many housewives, someone has to be leaving…maybe Kathy n Caro have reduced roles or are gone. Let’s hope! Even if you weren’t on Tre’s side, I think you’d have to admit that the gang up theme was stale, and seeing fresh faces is good. And while Kim D is cray, she has kinda earned more airtime. Even if I don’t love her, I admire her persistence, lol.


  2. Agree with ya there kel. Yes, I hope Danielle is back and the whole manzoid clan is booted. Love the photo of mama Elsa in the background by Mandy. Lol


    • Well, personally, I will miss the comedic stylings and rugged good looks of her husband, Creepy Dick Wakile. Okay, in case you didn’t know that was sarcasm and now I have to go wash my hands ‘cuz my fingers feel dirty for having keyed that sentence and I might need to throw up.


  3. I’m sure I’m done with NJHW’s and Bravo. I just can’t watch another season knowing Jax & her family stole money from a cancer charity along with many others, and are pretending like they have done nothing wrong. The stripper and her husband hold no interest for me.They are another couple of posers who can’t keep up the front much longer. I am loyal to Stoopidhousewives blog. I love this site and I spend way too much time lurking here.


  4. I couldn’t stop watching. I would miss Carowhine’s craziness too much. I love people who take themselves wayyyy to seriously, & the fact that they want everyone else to see something important in them ??? It’s one of the funniest things about human nature. The older I get the more it amazes me to see grown people who can’t see their own flaws. I mean??? Really? & to see them get really really serious & hateful …bwahahahahahah!! Too funny


  5. Hope if Danielle is coming back that she knows now that she needn’t be in fear of these people. I remember her literally in a panic she was so afraid to be somewhere that they were while alone that she wouldn’t shop or grab a sandwich where she thought they would be. In reality she’s much stronger than any of them are because she’s had to go it alone for so long. Not one of these women would survive on their own because they have never had to.


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