REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: New Housewives Cast Possibilities… Gia Casey, Priscilla DiStasio and Linda Berger… UPDATE: New RHONJ Cast Additions… Gia, Pris and Noelle Brescia… PoscheFashionShow

November 14, 2012

 A picture says a thousand words… KimD will be back and upgraded!

What would the RHONJ be without the drama and chaos of the Posche Fashion Show?  The Real Housewives of New Jersey has been filming longer than two weeks… and the PFS is scheduled to take place on December 3 at The Bottagra:

Besides KimD being upgraded from RHONJ hanger-on to “friend” of the Housewives and Danielle Staub coming back, there’s quite the flurry of chatter going on re the Real Housewives of New Jersey cast!

The latest is from ROL… stating that friends of Teresa Giudice have been given a Bravo golden ticket:

With two women down Bravo is going to introduce three new housewives – Noelle BresciaGia Casey and Priscilla DiStasio and all of them have ties to Teresa, giving her a possible advantage in any on-screen arguments.

NOTE:  According to Noelle Brescia’s FB page, she is an aviation specialist who is a resident of Miami Beach, FL… her hometown is Wayne NJ. 

Noelle is friends with Kim D so she will most likely be on “Team Teresa,” and Gia, who is married to DJ Envy, is also friends with Teresa. Priscilla is Teresa’s makeup artist and best friend, so she’ll definitely be expected to take her side.

NOTE:  Got info stating that all the RHONJ are returning!   

October 4, 2012  9:45 pm   ROL

 “I dare youz to bring other chick on dis show.  Oh… I’m gettin’ da Bravo boot?  Nevermind…”

“According to an insider, all the current cast members have been asked back for the next season and filming will begin shortly with three frontrunners vying for two new positions: Priscilla DiStasioGia Casey and Linda Berger.”

From SH August 29 re Gia Casey, DJ Envy’s wife… “DJ Envy from the popular Breakfast Club morning show on Power 105.1 in NYC, will allow cameras into his life for the popular TV show.”

Jillz on GoodAfternoonAmerica, July 26, 2012… “leaking” the Priscilla DiStasio info:

Linda Berger… friend of Tree… dark hair…

MissAndy knows that SH knows!

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68 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: New Housewives Cast Possibilities… Gia Casey, Priscilla DiStasio and Linda Berger… UPDATE: New RHONJ Cast Additions… Gia, Pris and Noelle Brescia… PoscheFashionShow

  1. I have no doubt that Bravo will be exploiting the Hurricane Sandy disaster; and if that happens, they better prepare for a long, nasty email from me, and hundreds of other people.

    I still can’t believe they asked ALL of the women back. After all the hate that the cast had been getting? Seriously? Keep Teresa and Melissa, fine, we assumed that they would be back- but the rest? Who cares about them? They don’t have any business being on reality tv anymore, their time is up; Caroline and Kathy are boring and Jacqueline needs severe mental help. RHONJ in general just needs to GO AWAY.

    • That: Please read the post carefully. Just because they MAY have all been asked, does NOT mean that they are all coming back… and not ALL are coming back! Danielle coming back adds another dimension to the cast! TFC!! SH

    • I don’t believe Jax is mentally unstable. She is just evil and she is playing this nice, crazy role so that she doesn’t have to testify. I used to really like her, but w
      She has turned into this monster. Slightly off topic, on another site they keep bringing up juicy and his troubles. Why is nothing being brought up about the lauritas and their Bk troubles? What about all that stolen money and their possibility of going to jail? How come they get a pass? Theft is theft, whether personal or business, it is the same.

      • Exactly, it’s not brought up because Teresa is held to a higher standard for human imperfections and shortcomings than any other HW in this ENTIRE franchise, not only Jersey. ITA that Jac is not really crazy, just a case of arrested development. Somewhere along the way her growth (mental and emotional) was stunted. She’s a true womanchild. Irresponsible, disloyal as a confidant and reckless emotionally. I used to like her too. For some other payoff besides loving her , Chris is her true enabler, he just lets her fly in a sad shameless way.

  2. I guess Kimd setting up the set up paid off and she got a promotion, makes one wonder how low she will stoop to become a full Time HW.

  3. I really don’t think Chuck will be back if for no other reason than she simply doesn’t fit in with that crew. Even Jac fits in better. There are some hotty-totty 50 yr olds, but Chuck aint one of them. In the beginning, there was a place for a wise, tough-talkin’, protective Italian mama, but that’s just not where the franchise is right now. Plus, her loser kids have really lost their shine ( which was an illusion ) – and Chuck’s kids are not only a part of her package, but almost completely fuel and dictate her storylines now. Good lord, I hope I’m right! I won’t watch if she comes back.

    • I think your comments are right on… the dynamics have changed and Caro isn’t the popular all wise one as in the beginning of this show. What will her kids do for now?!

      • Miss – I fear they’re getting a show on some other network or maybe even with BRAVO. I don’t know if there is any real HARD evidence of this ( Miss SH might know ) but there does seem to be a little bit of circumstantial evidence. 1. That stupid book coming out in March 2013. What competent publisher would green light that? What competent publisher thinks that will sell? A professional publishing executive undoubtedly has to do his/her research about who this person is, to whom they appeal and if a substantial audience will be there when the book comes out. In Chuck’s case, this is absolutely tied to the fame and light she gets from being on a reality show. Therefore, her place on that show when the book is released is very relevant. If she couldn’t come anywhere near promising that her place on said show was secure, what would make publishing execs think she’ll be able to garner the attention to get ppl to come out for her and buy her book a good year after she filmed her last scene? Possible answer: she’s had ANOTHER show in the works for a while. 2. The whole moving to Hoboken/starting a restaurant thing. I can totally see a show centered around the crazy antics of the zany Manzo clan while they’re navigating a new business – not saying it will appeal to the audience in the end, just saying I can see the Manzos pitching that idea and execs falling for it – especially if there’s a whole book tie-in. 3. They tweeted a mock-up poster suggesting this very idea a while ago. It was for a TV show titled ” Thick As Thieves” and had a pic of the 5 of them with burglar masks on. I think the tagline was ” Let me tell you something….” Again, I hope I’m WRONG.

        • Also – I’ve never been among those who believe Caroline Manzo is REALLY done with reality tv, would go quietly and without a fight if asked or ACTUALLY does value peace in her life over ” drama “. Despite her hatred for Teresa, I think she would and is holding onto reality show fame by her fingernails. The only way getting booted off of RHONJ wouldn’t bother her is if she had another show to go to.

        • Oh they are trying to shop that restaurant thing around, starting with Bravo. And the reason they are moving to the condo (and not McMansion) in Hoboken is because they have money trouble and are tying their last hopes on their sons and this restaurant deal. Bravo will only pick it up because of this one thing. The people who are investors for the restaurant are th majority owners and the two sons are the face. And so they will see alot of animosity from the real owners trying to get the Manzo boys to keep the restaurant going and working. In effect they will be under a microscope and being yelled at. Bravo would pick it up if they make a fool out of the Manzo’s.

          Also in regards to the new women coming in, they have to get rid of at least two to make room. Because there would be to many, so I think that Caroline is gone and catfish Kathy is gone. They will hold onto Jax because they see what is coming down the pipe in regards to the federal bankruptcy issues.

          • Yep, That’s what I heard, but I will Bravo will cement its reputation for toilet reality tv if the make a “storyline” out of the fed case.

        • I can’t argue with you there, Lainey! :-) I do think she’s highly manipulative though, which requires some degree of intelligence. THAT said though, I also believe her estimation of her own brains is WAY over-inflated, as is her ego that causes her to believe she can in fact always manipulate those around her ( and the audience ) to her will. She still seems REALLY good at manipulating and controlling her daughter tho. So there’s that.

    • She’s like a dried up zit!! When they released the photo of the cast in Season 1 where they were all in fur coats or whatever she was the big fat chucky doll. She’s so odd there’s nothing appealing about her no sense of humor, she not attractive, either just dull!!

  4. I wonder if Johnny the greek is pissed that KimD basically used them to create the drama that she knew that they would not benefit from? I feel like a lot of people connected to Bravo have gassed Johnny the Greek up about his possibility of being on the show but keeping him somewhat muzzled with false promises if he held on to the really juicy stuff for later. Now they all prolly know everything they need to know to proceed with put him. So sad, Johnny wanted so badly to be a housewife.

  5. DEAR MISS ANDY ~ OMGosh this is such Bull ~ Jacks comes back after not following her contract ~ I hope Teresa leaves & starts getting her brand going & leave Bravo ~ She is RHONJ you know it come on ANDY we all know it ~ How much money did u make off Teresa & How much have you made off all the other NJ wives? Please answer

  6. I welcome new faces on HWNJ….I’m just going to sit back and wait except I did hear Danielle is coming back and that I can’t wait for.

    One thing though BRAVO do not exploit my STATE by having Teresa, MEHOHOHO, Melvin, CAROWHINE or any of her crew or the LAURITA CREW using it as their story line. LETTERS will fly.

  7. Maybe this is a way for Andy to get rid of Carowhine, KomaKatFish & BubbaJax. If he brings back Danielle and they refuse to film with her they break their contract boom your fired breach of contract end of story DUN Done. I don’t know how many years they have on their contracts but if there was any then this was Miss Andy wouldn’t have to pay them a cent to fire them just wait for them to breach and then say see ya later maybe even in court for breach of contract (of course hit them with that say a few months or so after they walked),

    • My theory is ALL of these women are holding onto reality show fame by their fingernails and would do just about ANYTHING to stay on the show. They’d film with the ghost of Hitler and say he wasn’t such a bad guy if it meant securing their place on the show. Sure, they’ll threaten certain things at certain moments in time, in certain environments when they think they can get their way ( like “refusing” to film with Danielle ) – but as soon as they realize they’re in a place/position where those threats aren’t gonna fly, they back right down. In short ( I know, too late! ) I DO think they’d film with Danielle if that was the only way they could stay on the show.

      • I bet that is why Caro was so pissed at her bro’s wedding and Napa. She was throwing a tantrum because she probably told Bravo she DID NOT want Tre there and Bravo said well that is just too bad Tre brings in ratings. Now I hear Caro is off the show. KARMA!!!!!!!!!

  8. The highlight of my day was watching Juicy perform drunken gymnastics (again). Oh, and imagining Danielle going after MeGo. As MeGo would say, “Bring it, bitch!”

  9. I really think Mego , as much as she loves the fame. Would turn & run if Danielle ever got in her face. The shallow are rarely brave. & to be honest I think Danielle could scare alot of people. I love the idea of her coming back. Picture how badly Carowhine was stressed before. Blaming throwing everything in her bad of tricks at Teresa. Someone mentioned the flying monkey before. Well ya might say she’s back :D & she couldn’t care less what bothers Caro & I suspect she may not feel like playing nice with Jax either. She will do the one thing I’ve always said Teresa should. Mess with Carowhine on purpose. If she wants to blame T for her stress & unhappiness, why not use it against her to make her head spin even faster. ? :P

  10. I have mixed feelings. Although I cannot stand Chucky, Wacko, VictiMeHo or Fishbreath I would LOVE to see them back just so we could witness Team T backing them into a corner. I mean, what great TV would it be to see MeHo, Chuckster and Fishy trying to hold it together and appear to be ‘all that’ if Tre had a few girls in her corner! I am not proclaiming to be on any team, but it was clearly not a level playing field this past season. How refreshing to have someone shut these whiny pieholes!
    Having said that, I do think that if PrissyD gets on this season she will give Tre a run for her money in the looks/popularity department. It would suck for her if her longtime BFF and makeup artist ends up becoming the most popular and cause the friendship to strain. Oh wait..that’s what Miss Andy Mandy is all about.

  11. I still think it’s too funny the way TheDon wanted to run off another cast member & it turns out the person she targeted is making more than her. Poor thing must sting. I think Jax , when she’s healthy can feel happy for someone else , but deep down I think Carowhine is the type that will really envy you. It seems like the happier someone is the harder Caro tries to judge. If she thinks she’s good at creating her own misery , wait until Danielle starts dishing some up. Gonna be interesting!

  12. Some site called announced that Caroline and Kathy are OFF the show. If she is Caro totally screwed up by trying to take Tre down. Tre is the center and the star of the show now more than ever. Because Caro does not and refuses to talk to Tre there is no place for her there. I hope there is not an Manzo reality show in the works. that would be a TOTAL snoozefest.

  13. Predicting that Caroline and Kathy get the boots. Jacqueline, Melissa and Teresa stick. Danielle, Kim D and Priscilla are Friends of Housewives (guess we’ll be asked to believe that Danielle and Tre are friends now). Noelle and Gia are the new wives. It plays out like so:

    Teresa, Noelle, Kim D., Danielle, Priscilla v. Melissa, Jacqueline, Gia

  14. Wait a min, how many poshe fashion shows does this chick have in one yr? didnt they have one in sept or oct now another one in DEC.

  15. You know with danielle all you have to do is throw her a compliment and your her new bff its sad that she is that insecure. I would hope that she has gotten some wits about her with her past experience and hopefully she has hired a PR and she will be a whole new person.

  16. I think it becomes too hard to invest in new people especially after this season. I spent many sleepless Sunday nights after RHWNJ and am getting back to normal. Reading about the mean 4 getting theirs will be sweet.

  17. No group of allies can change the things I don’t like about Teresa. She overtly exploits stupidity with no propensity to change. Turning this into the ‘Teresa show’ 100% is a death knell for the franchise. Teresa has shown everything she has to offer and it’s very thin and boring.

    It’s not cute or remotely funny anymore. Hasn’t been for several seasons now. What we are now seeing is the cruelty to her children for not learning social skills.

    • I respect your right to dislike Teresa G, but the ratings are still really high for that show. I don’t know if “The Teresa Show” is knelling the death bell for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. At least, not yet.

  18. I’m with Tangy Orange this whole show is neither cute or humorous in anyway. NJ is a disaster are right now & the last thing anyone wants to see is crooks & slumlords like the Tree & Jerkface Joe Giudice livin it up with their spoiled ass out of control kids. Caroline & fambly leaving is great though.
    New HW? Bring it. Leave Danielle “Crazy Lady” Staub outside with the trash, she was a whoppin snore. Samo samo with her just like Tree. Those bitches never learn & never change.

  19. Hmn, it seems strange to add 3 more and more Kim D. and Danielle. That will make 10 women to follow, plus the Manzoid kids’ scenes. Seems like just too many housewives, someone has to be leaving…maybe Kathy n Caro have reduced roles or are gone. Let’s hope! Even if you weren’t on Tre’s side, I think you’d have to admit that the gang up theme was stale, and seeing fresh faces is good. And while Kim D is cray, she has kinda earned more airtime. Even if I don’t love her, I admire her persistence, lol.

  20. Agree with ya there kel. Yes, I hope Danielle is back and the whole manzoid clan is booted. Love the photo of mama Elsa in the background by Mandy. Lol

    • Well, personally, I will miss the comedic stylings and rugged good looks of her husband, Creepy Dick Wakile. Okay, in case you didn’t know that was sarcasm and now I have to go wash my hands ‘cuz my fingers feel dirty for having keyed that sentence and I might need to throw up.

  21. I’m sure I’m done with NJHW’s and Bravo. I just can’t watch another season knowing Jax & her family stole money from a cancer charity along with many others, and are pretending like they have done nothing wrong. The stripper and her husband hold no interest for me.They are another couple of posers who can’t keep up the front much longer. I am loyal to Stoopidhousewives blog. I love this site and I spend way too much time lurking here.

  22. I couldn’t stop watching. I would miss Carowhine’s craziness too much. I love people who take themselves wayyyy to seriously, & the fact that they want everyone else to see something important in them ??? It’s one of the funniest things about human nature. The older I get the more it amazes me to see grown people who can’t see their own flaws. I mean??? Really? & to see them get really really serious & hateful …bwahahahahahah!! Too funny

  23. Hope if Danielle is coming back that she knows now that she needn’t be in fear of these people. I remember her literally in a panic she was so afraid to be somewhere that they were while alone that she wouldn’t shop or grab a sandwich where she thought they would be. In reality she’s much stronger than any of them are because she’s had to go it alone for so long. Not one of these women would survive on their own because they have never had to.

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