REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Danielle Staub WILL BE Back… Shooting Several Scenes… Undecided If “Friend” or “Housewife”… Jillz and Melissa Gorga Respond!

November 14, 2012

According to InTouchWeekly, Danielle Staub will be returning to the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

In Touch has exclusively learned that supervillain Danielle Staub is returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

“Bravo has offered Danielle a contract,” a show insider reveals exclusively to In Touch“Danielle is contemplating whether this will be full-time or part-time.”

Another source confirms the news, telling In Touch, “She will be filming several episodes.” According to the source, filming for the upcoming series has already begun and is capturing feuding sister-in-laws Teresa and Melissa as they – separately – pick up the pieces in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Danielle met with MissAndy October 17, 2012…

Poor Jillz!!!

When Melissa Gorga heard that Danielle was coming back, this is what she said!

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147 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Danielle Staub WILL BE Back… Shooting Several Scenes… Undecided If “Friend” or “Housewife”… Jillz and Melissa Gorga Respond!

  1. Can’t wait! Bring it bitches. MeGo going down down down. And Danielle’s daughters were much more entertaining and interesting than Lapband and Koma Kathy’s Eddie Haskell kids. The fans ask, and they receive. lol

  2. I don’t think it’s gonna work out as Teresa hopes. She’s two (three, four) faced. Danielle will not stand for that very long. IT WAS A JOKE!!! Ain’t gonna fly too many times with Danielle. She also has tons of dirt on Juicy/Teresa, too.

    • I think if you go back and read the comments that were posted a few seasons ago you would get a completely different picture of Teresa. It wasn’t until the last 2 seasons that Teresa had such strong support. I didn’t care for Danielle but she was dead on about once she was gone they would turn on each other.

      • I think you are so right. Danielle never ever thought much of Teresa. I see Danielle floating over towards Jacqueline’s side. Obviously Melissa and Danielle had contact before and I don’t see her being mean to Melissa either. You have to remember the outrage Teresa had when she found out Danielle was talking to Melissa.

    • I think Tangy is right, teresa should be the one more worried. I bet Danielle knows who Juicy’s mistresses are and is ready to tell all. I bet she knows a lot of things about the Guidices

      • I’m not so sure. Teresa’s the only one who’s apologized to Danielle (to my knowledge), and Danielle seemed to accept it. Plus, it will make for a more dramatic show to have the two of them team up.

        • ITA. Jac-a-loon freaked the hell out when Teresa responded to Danielle via twitter. Sponge Blob Looney Pants is afraid of Danielle. Be afraid Jac-a-loon, be very afraid.

          • LOL Ana – Sponge Blog Looney Pants! You’re right, she did freak out that Tre made a simple Twitter response to Danielle. There’s def. more that story or she wouldn’t have blown up on Tre.

        • I dont think Danielle will be so forgiving In reality. I dont know about You but I dont think Teresa has a oz of remorse for what she did to Danielle and when she said so on the Bravo she was just playing for the Cameras as usual. That s only My opinion. I see Danielle being a Lone wolf and picking off the sheep one by one.
          I think Danielle off camera got help, maybe on some Anti depressants and became a stronger person and now is ready to fight back and who apologized to her wont be relevant, It wouldnt for me.

          • Lisa, I cannot say I disagree here. Too much has happened, and Danielle and Teresa will never be able to trust each other (if they wanted to, which I doubt). I do not think for one second Bravo is trying to do Teresa any favors, if they were to bring Danielle back. There is no reason Danielle would try to mend that fence, and I do not blame her.

  3. It will be interesting to see if the bad blood between Teresa & Danielle is really in the past . It was odd to see how fast Danielle & Kim G went from being “friends” to yelling insults across a crowded restuarant. Not true friendships (of course). But I think Danielle is the type who doesn’t need to be close to Teresa just on – good enough – terms to both be against the same people, if you know what I mean. Can’t wait to see the clashes between D & Caro. I can’t see Mego standing to fight with D, just saying some insults & running off maybe. I hope they catch the look on Caro’s face when she finds out about D’s return. (I wanna see that.) I suspect Jax may just start spinning slowly in a circle with her finger in her mouth (lol) not knowing what to think. Ahhh it’s gonna be funny!

    • I can totally seeing Danielle coming to Jacqueline’s corner. They seemed to have a real friendship at one time. It would make for a good story line.

      • If Jac-a-loon did become friends with Danielle again, it would merely serve to illustrate her stunning hypocrisy. It’s not okay for Teresa to tweet Danielle, but Jac-a-loon can be friends with her? Besides, I think Sponge Blob Looney Pants burned her bridges with Danielle when she hitched her wagon to Chucky’s star.

        • Jacqueline was pointing out the double standard of Tree’s requirements for friendship. The other point she was trying to make was that what occurred between Melissa and Danielle was over two years ago. If she wanted her relationship with Melissa to move forward, Tree needed to let it go and move on.

          • Jac-a-loon was also saying what a POS shit Danielle was. What Danielle did was also two years ago, so who isn’t letting things go? Jac-a-loon is still riding The I Hate Danielle Train. Teresa had JUST found out that MeGo was a treacherous, back stabbing ho bag. It doesn’t matter that it happened two years ago, to her it was a revelation.

            Jac-a-loon is the one with the double standards. She expected Teresa to have no contact with Danielle, whilst she was befriending the sister-in-law who had betrayed Teresa to Danielle. It doesn’t make sense that Jac-a-loon was fine with MeGo being buddy buddy with Danielle, but freaked out when Teresa tweeted Danielle. THAT is a double standard.

            • I stated an opinion about the situation turn it which ever way you like. I don;t feel like arguing. I’m so over NJ.

  4. What is all this ‘dirt’ that Danielle has on the Manzo/Lauita clan? I hope it’s true but what is it and why does Danielle have it?

  5. True Jax never seemed to care that Mego was texting Danielle. When someone has 2 different reactions to 2 people doing the same thing , you know they’re not looking to be even handed with both. No telling how much bitterness there may be towards Jax. If you think about it, Jax may have cared for Danielle once , like she did Tre & you see what bitterness that brought out in her. I think it is easier for most to forgive someone they never cared for (because why would you care what they say or do? ) than it is to forgive someone you care a great deal for. Jax isn’t just nuts i/m/o she’s broken hearted over her friendship with Tre breaking apart. – That said I still think it was Jax’s fault the friendship hit the rocks.

  6. First of all I would be willing to pitch in a couple bucks to get Dansmelly back, even if only for a couple episodes. I think if offered enough money she would jump at the chance. I also am wondering about what Jackass said about Dansmelly,” sleeping around with married men”.Could it be that she thought or suspected Dansmelly was fooling around with Chris? That was why in the end she tried to make up with Dansmelly and said for all to just move on? Or maybe Dansmelly was the hidden roommate of big Als? At the Brownstone? Seems to me when she had went to the Brownstone for that event she went to she seemed to feel entitled to special treatment…..Hmmmm…Oh hell just kidding that would be to weird even for Bravo. I think if she doesn’t come back Bravo might have a difficult time coming up with new drama as Tre has kind of gotten played out and the rest of the garbage is becoming quite boring….So I guess bring it on bravo cause no matter what the script is already written and nothing anyone says or does will change that…LOL…

  7. Off the subject, that picture of Meladjusted was driving me nuts. I kept trying to remember what it reminded me of. Now remember, it looks just like a shower curtain in a really cheap motel I once got stuck in the middle of no where….LOL..made me sick then and makes me nauseous now…lol…

    • pat: MissAndy never said that re Danielle returning. The only quote from Andy was this: “So many Housewives rumors today and only 140 characters to say: Watch What Happens”. If you have information re MissAndy saying otherwise, include a link. SH

  8. I can’t wait for the new season, new jersey has always been the best. Ive been watching all the old seasons to reacquaint myself. It will make great TV if Danielle comes back but she must be out of her mind. She went through hell in the first 2 sesons. S1 i felt sorry for her, its a shame they hated her before the season began and we never found out why. S2 she brought it all on herself, she was obsessed with the other cast mates when really they didn’t give a toss about her. She was bat shit crazy in that season.

    Watching the old seasons Ive seen that Tre has always been a bit of a bitch but moistly likeable. I think the thing with her and melissa is completely her own doing though. She wont forgive melissa for getting on the show and steeling her thunder. Shes younger and prettier and not married to a drunken pig. Joe treated tre so nice in the first season look whats happend to them now.

    Carro I hated at first but was almost on her side last season. Although I really think her problem was tre slagged off her adult sons lame stripper car wash. Yet caroline said some awful things about Danielles two sweet girls. Kettle calling the pot black. She also slagged off Gia in the last season 2.

    Kathy and Jax are sweet but dull dull dull, was excited when I heard they weren’t getting renewed but then found out it was fake.

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