November 14, 2012   Ma Boo from TVGasm, “flipit”/Ronnie, has another RHOBH ReDub ready for your viewing pleasure!  If you haven’t seen his previous Redubs, take a look at them on his YouTubeChannel!


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7 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: flipit/Ronnie’s “RHOBH ReDub”!!!… VIDEO

  1. This is pretty funny, like they can read our minds. Based on what I have seen so far and not taking sides, Lisa is acting a little above it, she acts like she if very privilegded on this show and the Queen of BH.

  2. Normally I despise fart jokes, but…”move away from the fire before you cause an explosion” got me. Oh, and “drunk rubber lady”? PERFECT!!!!!!

  3. Lisa will always trump Adrienne, because Adrienne doesn’t have an A game. I think this really sticks in her (A’s) craw; her sense of entitlement deems (in her mind) that she should be the top dog on the show. It’s got to be galling that Lisa is the popular one, head and shoulders above all the other HWs in this franchise. This is NOT how Adrienne saw RHOBH playing out, gotta be a tough one to swallow. Ah, hubris!!

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