JACQUELINE LAURITA: Parenting Magazine Calls Jax Out For “BADParenting”!!…Will BubbaJax Be Writing For “ParentingMagazine”? … UPDATE: Parenting Magazine Expects MORE Readers!… UPDATE: Shooting “FamilyPics” Today…

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Since BubbaJax will be a “contributing editor” for @Parenting Magazine… not to be confused with PARENTS Magazine… she will need some photos to go along with her words of “expert” advice:

NOTE:  Would think a deposition would elicit much more stress than a photo shoot!  Interesting that PARENTING is the same magazine that called BubbaJax our for “BAD Parenting!”   Wonder how long it will take for a “cure” to take place?  

AND… who is responsible for Bubba bein’ a “contributing editor” at Parenting?  It’s Ana Connery… @APConnery

SH October 26, 2012

Jacqueline Laurita stated in her BravoBlog that she will be writing for Parenting Magazine beginning in February 2013:

“I will be a contributing editor, starting in February, for Parenting Magazine discussing our journey with Autism.”

After a search of Parenting Magazine’s website, the only item which includes BubbaJax is one which describes “the most notorious parenting moments”…

Mom Breed: The scared-of-discipline mom.
The 411: Jacqueline has pretty much lost control of her 18-year-old daughter, Ashley, who nearly flunked high school, lives with her 23-year-old boyfriend, and mouths off to her mother like the two are bickering sisters (and Jacqueline immaturely bickers right back). Jacqueline tries to be her daughter’s BFF and hasn’t learned how to command any sort of respect from Ashley. Let’s hope she does a better job with younger sons CJ and Nicholas.
Signature Parenting Moment: When it comes to Jacqueline’s parenting, the apple does not far fall from the tree. In a heated argument between Jacqueline and nemesis Danielle, Ashley physically attacked Danielle, pulling out her hair weave. Although Jacqueline told her she shouldn’t have done it and that she had to face the music, she never really punished her.

With Parenting Magazine calling out BubbaJax’ bad parenting, it’s kinda unbelievable that they would invite her to write for their magazine!

Therefore, SH asked ParentingMagazine via Twitter to clarify the BubbaJax situation!

No response yet from @Parenting Magazine…

UPDATE:  Parenting magazine responded via twitter… Parenting expects a “slew” of new readers!

 One reader already expressed their opinion!

BubbaJax chats with Chris Laurita about Asslee Holmes…

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  1. Poor Nick. I guess his dad really meant it when he said “go get a job.” It seems his job is to be a reason why Jac shouldn’t go to jail. Nothing to do with autism. Just being a very young child, as is C.J., that needs their mama.

  2. What “experience” does BubbaJax have raising a child w/ autism? At least have a parent that has worked with the system, raised a child w/ autism and now their child is older and can provide advice, etc. She just rec’d the dx a few months ago, she is a newbie to this condition and knows about as much a layman does about autism. Hopefully Parenting will at least read, edit and fact check her column before publishing. Unlike Bravo that just threw her blogs on their site.

    • I totally agree with you! IMO she doesn’t have enough experience as of yet to write an advice column, or whatever it is going to be, on the subject. I wonder if she’ll clean up her Twitter act once her writing contribution begins, since it may bring her more followers.

      • I totally agree with you and I feel that no way does she have any experience with Autism. IMO she will be using a ghost writer for anything she does write. Parenting has make a gross error and has left themselves open to many lawsuits. Myself and a number of my friends will no longer be renewing our subscriptions.

    • I think it’s a folow the journey type thing. I’m curious though if the magazine will allow her to even mention BLK in her writing. There is no medical evidence to support any claim that it is beneficial for children with autism. I understand there are many unconventional treatments that people swear by, but I worry that a desperate parent could be swayed to use anything she endorses. I would hope her writings are edited for acuracy and that she was hired with the caveat that her articles not be used as an infomercial for BLK. It disturbs me that Parenting did a previous piece disparaging her abilities to parent Ashlee, a teen with run of the mill teen issues. Her ultimate solution was to give up and send her packing, leaving others to try and repair the damage she admits to causing. Now they want parents to listen to her as she navigates a sea of circumstances that will probably be much more taxing than a rebellious teen. I don’t follow their logic. And those concerns don’t even include her legal difficulties. As an advocate for autism I would think that Parenting magazine would think twice about placing the pressure of deadlines and re-writes on the shoulders of someone whose child needs her full attention. And especially on someone whose shoulders have already shown they couldn’t bear the weight of a healthy child with normal rebellious behavior.

      • it seems as if this “autism” didn’t come into the picture until after the BLK fiasco – hey – maybe BLK actually GAVE him his autistic symptoms!! – still wondering if it’s a legitimate diagnosis ——-such a broad spectrum – and I even have an adult autistic son!

        • Thanks Ainty. It bothers me more that she was offered the job than that she took it. Reminds me of tje childten’s book; If you give a mouse a cookie….he will want milk. And on and on. If you give Jackowine a Bravo show….she’ll want a writing gig. Doesn’t mean you should offer her one. I think Parenting Magazine made a really poor choice. I am curious though if she approached them or they saw the People article and approached her.

          • I can not believe Jac has this gig and Holly Robinson Peete didn’t. There are celebs out there that aren’t getting ready to go before a grand jury.

  3. Just have to comment about how bad this has become. I actually liked Jacqueline in the first season or two. Even though Danielle got the crazy/psycho edit, Jacqueline stood up to her family in defense of her friend – which I thought showed a lot of character. Little did I know that Bubba Jax existed and was stirring ALL of that crap up behind the scenes.

    In the end, I’m left with looking at a pitiful wreck of a woman whom I pity, dislike, and worry about her kids. I now understand why Ashlee is the way she is… what a mess of a mother, person, sil, friend, etc, she (Jacqueline) turned out to be

  4. With all due respect…I’m wondering why this magazine thinks that she’s done so right, that she should advise other parents? Her first girl…grew up thinking that she’s entitled. My girls, same age, never thought that. I made sure.

  5. Parenting Mag must want readers really bad because I have never had a subscription to their mag before and just a couple days ago I got their magazine and I emailed them they told me it is a complimentary 6 month subscription. I told them don’t bother if they are going to have the likes of Jacqueline Laurita writing for them to cancel my complimentary subscription as she is the least capable person to write about autism. Unbelievable they are trying to get new subscribers by giving away 6 free months. Probably due to all the ones they lost when people cancelled because of BubbaJax in the first place.

  6. Sadly, I suspect moms with autistic children have little down time to watch HW. They are too busy trying to raise their families while squeezing in everything else to help their children. Maybe the editors of Parenting Magazine were not as schooled in the HW way either despite someone at the mag calling her out for Asslee. Maybe new editors? After a few confrontations with Jax, they’ll figure it out.

  7. This sorta makes me take a second look at every contributor of parenting. I remember back in the day thumbing through magazines like that and thinkin “hum dis aint how I do it” and feeling all inadequate and stuff. Now that I know lunatics write that stuff I feel better.

      • Good to know. Shoot they cram that “playdate” thing down mother’s throats so much that I assumed I was the only one that didn’t do that. First of all, with my first one none of my friends had toddlers and I was not about to go make friends with someone just so I could borrow their toddler so I can make myself feel like I was following SOP regarding”playdates.” If someone showed up with a kid, then great but if not I wasn’t gonna sweat it. She got plenty of normal interaction with her cousins via get-together that happened in a more spontaneous way. I never did see the wisdom of training kids that friendships are a scheduled thing. They ‘spose to develop organically.
        And another thing. I used the Johnson’s baby shampoo that I got at the shower but once it was gone I just used whatever was in my shower. And that Dreft Laundry Detergent that the magazines push so hard crap dont clean worth a crap. Neither one of my kids broke out in rashes over regular grown folks Tide.

        • Yep, I bought Dreft once. Did not work at all. And when people ask me why my children are so sweet and respectful (not a clue?), I just said I paid them to be. I think they were just born that way and no magazine was going to help me! I was lucky and a lot of my friends had babies around the time I did, and it was good because we let them all swim in mud puddles together, because we were bad moms like that!

          • Well mud eating builds up the immune system. Moms that keep their kids in sanitized bubbles end up spending a lot more time in the doctors offices because they catch everything coming and going.

            • I think a lot of that “parenting” advice is for mothers that don’t have a ton of common sense and/or much of a mothering instinct. (And we all know a few of those.) I used to read those magazines in the pediatrician’s waiting room and shake my head half the time. Either the advice was so basic as to be laughable or it was forced/unrealistic. Really? Pack carrots in the lunch instead of Twinkies? Gee thanks! I would never have thought of that myself!

            • OMG! Hostess declared bankruptcy and is closing their doors! The HORROR. I have to go buy all the Suzy-Qs in town!!!! This could take awhile…

            • @elemcee I know The murder rates will go up now since millions of PMSing women will not have ding dongs to eat during there PMS days.

            • I am so mad, Lisa. I never let myself eat Twinkies and stuff because of all the preservatives. Dammit, I deprived myself and now they will be gone! The good news is no more Twinkie defense!

            • I’m sure the sugar police have a looong list of things that can replace the twinkie in a “it’s not my fault” defense. KomaKathy could make a fortune if she can get Richie to use the “cannoli defense” at his next sexual harrassment case.

            • @Ruth, ewww Richie’s cannoli defense! I am dyin’ here!!! I swear I can never eat another cannoli. I have to get groceries today, hopefully I can score some Suzy-Qs. Hers, I will grab the Ding Dongs for you! I am guessing everything is already gone though.

            • The advice my mom got from her dr in the late sixties was ” if your child hasn’t eaten a mson jar full of dirt by the time he goes to school(5y/o) you’re not lettinnhim be a kid “. She was told this after being told to feed him peanut butter for the penny he swallowed. Maybe FrontPorcha should of just been given peanut butter instead of being blasted with x-rays when she swallowed the battery. Lol

        • Quick. Someone call CYS (Children Youth Services). People like to compare their mothering by means of “stuff”. The more stuff you buy, the more a concerned parent you are. The more you know about products and services and when is free kids meals at Dennys…the better parent you are. The more candy you put in a Halloween treat bag, the more you volunteer for school parties, the more movies you have available for minivan viewing, the better child you shall raise. This is why I stopped my PTA membership. I just wanted to make my kids happy to see me at school with them. I didnt want to watch grown women fight over the color paper plates should be used for Arbor Day. I. Cant. Stand. It. Teach your children love and respect, responsibility. That is your job.

          • I lucked out at my daughters school. I got library duty. Best time of my life and no mommy fights. Daughter was proud to see me there when they had library day and was proud to show me how grown up she was. Now obviously I aint beatin down the door to volunteer to be a band parent after what I just went through. I want no part of that.

            • I’m done with volunteering with the band too….I’m sick of the Director telling the kids there’s a reason she doesnt have any of her own….your issues were so much worse and I do not blame you……at the high school on back to school night there was a mom that kept interrupting the teacher “um yes, my daughter is a VARSITY player and we need grades posted every night because it is very important that she keeps her position on top of her straight AAAAAaaaaa’s”…….She took up the entire time….Oh right, that’s the mom that was on the comittee with me to hire the new principal….made sure I am nowhere near that mom because I’d have to tell her who gives af*ck? Lego league regionals is this weekend and NOPE….that group is all homeschooled and I’m sick of hearing how perfect they are (I have an app for that, I have a program for that, we do private lessons, blech)

            • I was lucky my daughter was on the dance team and I was the only parent willing to sew and pay for 30 uniforms. I was a god and I have no problem with that. I did on the other hand have a problem with having to be a room mother for 15 years and haveing the working mother’s make me feel like crap for choosing that over my profession.

            • Cyn…I’m home now for 2 years(LTD)…I had to work when they were little (benefits) and I missed so much… kids are sophmore & 8th grader…I’m enjoying it so much….they sewing uniforms was the one event that was awesome this year at our school….that’s a lot of work, girl! You rock!

            • Yes I do. I’m not going to mention our dance team was number one in the nation 5 years running and we donated our costumes to schools that couldn’t afford to buy them. I have to mention that their coach teaches free of charge and carries on her mother’s legacy. The world is full of selfless people that try to contribute to make this world a better place. Even if they don’t get paitd@!

            • Amen Cyn. Right there with you .Your dance team was so blessed to have you! I would have begged to have a parent so talented and willing to sew !!!!!When daughter did cheer we paid 500 dollars every year for uniforms and even more for competition uniforms. You are a Goddess. I’m sorry working mom’s made you feel like crap , you deserved to be appreciated . Quite sure the teachers loved you as well as the kids. Moms like yourself make wonderful memories for so many students. For some kids those parties are the only brightness in their lives. You gave them special experiences that they might not otherwise have. your brand of kindness lives on in others.

            • I was selfish really. I didn’t want to sell raffle tickets. Although I was really good at that. The truth is I grew up with a working mother and wanted something different for my own. Isn’t that the way it always is. I am proud to say I was a soccer, basket ball coach, room Mom and dance designer, Brownie and girl scout leader if it made my kids happy that’s all I wanted. You would think that would have made for perfect kids. Well the best of intentions………….

            • Oh Cyn, nobody gets perfect. You sound like an amazing Mom. I didn’t work until my kids started school and only worked part time when they were in HS. I wish there was a formula for raising kids. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout leader as well. About 5 years ago I saw one of the girls in my troop on TV. It was breaking news. She nad her drug dealer boyfriend were holed up in a house holding an elderly couple hostage with the swat team outside. Some how I don’t think we taught her anything that could have prepared her for that career path. Although she was chosen as fire starter at camp one year. Is there a GS badge for keeping a swat team at bay?

            • I shouldn’t laugh but that was comical. Too be honest I have received more letters on how I impacted others lives it is astounding. It’s a shame that It has taken so long to impact my own children. If I have learned one thing it is that money can’t buy happiness! It does more harm than good.

            • I must admit i really questioned whether I had any positive impact when one of our girl scouts got pregnant at 15 and then again at 17. I saw her at the local supermarket exhausted with two babies in tow. I went home and cried. A couple of years ago my daughter attended a degree ceremony at local university and the very same girl was receiving her Masters in Education! So maybe there is hope after all.

            • I think in the long run if our intentions were true they made an impact. Not always in the way we intended. There is now way that our time and attention didn’t do some good. Unfortunately we don’t always get to see it. I’m sure that in the big picture you made a difference.

            • Have to laugh. As I’m checking my e-mails right now the one above yours cyn is to the Band Parents about poinsettia sales and the holiday concert. Freshman daughter plays flute. Hahahaha

            • Have to laugh. As I’m checking my e-mails right now the one above yours cyn is to the Band Parents about poinsettia sales and the holiday concert. Freshman daughter plays flute. Hahahaha. I can’t sew wortha darn ( unintended pun) so I loooove and adore the band grandparent that volunteers ( never accepts $ no matter how sincerely offered) to hem pants for shorties like my 8th grade daughter. I safety pinned them once and she immediately offered to hem them for her. I felt really silly cuz she gave me that ” these poor women that never learned to sew.. Let me help her afore she pokes this poor child to death”. I just wanted to hug her make sure I could at least make a cake of cornbread and can a mess of beans for my kids. I wasn’t totally devoid of passed down skills. I am the
              mom that thinks moms that sew are gods. I thank you all. And my kids want to kiss your rings. Lol
              the eyeroll from my daughter

            • Cyn, the other moms were probably jealous. Many years of schooling and professional life, and I’ve never been happier than as a stay-at-home mom.

            • In the long run it seems what counts most! The truth is when you have children and you’re involved in their lives how often do you get to stay at home! LOL. Lets face it you just don’t get paid for what you do!

          • I totally agree. My daughter just started kindergarden and I refuse to join the PTA. I cant take one millisecond of these ridiculous women.You know the type I’m talking about. I went to my daughter’s Halloween party at school for the soul purpose of making her happy-that is it! These women have way too much misdirected time on their hands.

            • At my son’s elementary school, there was a woman who dominated the PTA. She ran it with a tight fist, micromanaging every aspect. Nobody else was allowed to do anything. She was buddy buddy with the principal, who let her get away with it. Anyhow, once her daughter went on to middle school, a cluster f*ck of epic proportions was discovered. There were vendors for fundraisers who claimed not to have been paid, and lo and behold, this woman claimed that the books and paper work that were to be turned over to the school had been “stolen” from her house. There was no way to prove these people had been paid. The PTA started off the year several thousand dollars in debt and all the fundraisers went to paying off these vendors. There were no field trips, prizes for perfect attendance, etc. that year.

              I don’t know if this woman was guilty of malfeasance or incompetence, I think the former because the “stolen” books was just too convenient. She lives in my neighborhood and I think she is a POS. We have a neighborhood email tree and every time she contributes an item to the tree, I just want to tell everyone what a POS she really is. What kind of a low life steals from the PTA?

            • Wow, this sounds like some really unpleasant experiences! I do not know what happened with Made, maybe I am glad of that? I knew a parent said something mean to our beloved Gabe. Hag!

              I used to volunteer twice a week and teach spelling and reading. It was the most fun! Everyone told me I should be a teacher. No way, I wanted to have fun with the children not be in charge.

            • That is wonderful Elemcee . Teachers are stretched so thin and that is exactly what schools need a willing volunteer who genuinely helps the children.

            • I learned really quickly that you never let a parent or fundraising chair take money home with them but keep all records, money even extra product locked up at school. It’s just to tempting for some folks. Kind of like ripping off a corporation after all it’s a business and the uninformed think bad debt can be written off so no big deal. That is why businesses fail and people no longer trust charities.

            • Yeah. And you should never let the same person that writes the checks do the bookkeeping either. IDK why the principal let her have so much control. It was really sad because there were other parents that wanted to be involved and do things, but they were shut out. It turned out that the principal had a bit of a drinking problem, so that may have clouded her judgement. Too bad that it was the kids who had a cash strapped year that ultimately paid the price.

            • Exactly right and most PTAs have strict rules in their charter but no oversight and no enforcement. You can ask that the school’s charter be pulled. I was elected Pres for my kids PTA and tried to use everyone to work in a capacity that they were happiest and well suited. I always felt the weight of spending the money wisely and had a parent teacher advisory board who decided how the funds were spent. Resources are dear and the point of PTA is providing enrichment and supplies so that students get the maximum benefit.

            • Yeah, well, I stopped joining the PTA and paying the membership ‘cuz there were never any meetings anyhow and mysteriously, I never received the membership card. I guess I shoulda written a check, but it was only $5 for membership and it seemed silly to write a check for such a small amount. I didn’t know that Shady McGrifter was running the PTA or I would have asked for a receipt.

            • Burns me up when i hear stories like yours Ana. Cheating kids is all kinds of low. never having meetings is a huge red flag. Someone didn’t want to be held accountable…..

        • Now I know why I enjoy all of you so much..I also was not a “playdate” mom.. Definitely not my cup of tea..However, if I were able to have hung with some cool ladies and discussed the housewives, I might have .. Seriously.. :)

          • lol. Yeah that might have worked. We could have sat around sippin apple juice out of champagne flutes and have ourselves a good ole time.

  8. Perhaps they’re secretly using her as a Parent DON’T..Kind of like Glamour Magazine did with their fashion Do’s and Don’t’s. lol

  9. Obviously this magazine does not follow their own never reward bad behavior. However by hiring this woman ( who i seriously doubt anyone in the autism community wants representing them) they are rewarding all of her bad behavior she consistently shows and has show with her older child. Boo hiss!

  10. is a scary thought..and I can’t imagine it..but they go tthe diagnosis, the same time the Feds started coming down on them hot and heavy about all the fraud, etc. Do you think they concocted this autism diagnosis to get out of jail time for Jaq.. After all, is there a documented diagnosis somewhere. They are just crazy and mean enough to do this…not saying anyone would, but when you are that mean and sneaky and illegal a person to do that to your company and your creditors, and horrible enough to berate Theresa for a bankruptcy when yours is far worse, you might be the kind of person to make up such a defence?

  11. If Parenting Magazine has a reader’s letters comments section, I predict that they will be receiving a lot of negative feedback from readers on Jax’s article. Kinda like the feedback that Don Caro Chucky and Taylips received on the Amazon site for their books.

  12. Why am i surprised ? Jax and Parenting magazine ? A marriage of stupidity, mediocrity and hypocrisy. The dumbing down of America isn’t an urban myth it is real and this is the perfect example.

  13. I cannot tell you how concerning this is. My husband works with autistic children (music therapy). Although he doesnt watch RHONJ he did hear me out and take a look at the situation. He too is concerned for a variety of reasons. First on the list is that he doesnt think she can help a new mother of an autistic child by tweeting random information. They’re confused enough he said.
    He’s also concerned by her use of terms like “cured”. Its not a disease and its not going to be cured. That sweet boy, if properly supported can flourish tremendously in spite of his being autistic. One only needs to look at TEmple Grandin to see that an effect of autism is an ability to hyper focus. They are often brilliant – genius level people. If that genius is fostered there’s not limit to what they can do. My friends little boy has been in my husbands care since he was diagnosed. We noticed he was good at games – making them up that is. Complete with field of play, progress, measurable results and a delineated winner. This little boy has now created four different live games – not computer games. He plays them with hi friends and has a blast. I can’t tell you how good they are. Ive played with him and his friends and the games are very well structured.
    So thats just one little tale of what can be done if you look for the good and not focus on the woe is me side of life.
    sorry for the rant, but .. this is v sad.
    My husband was quite helpful in validating our concerns. To repay him I can’t talk about RHONJ for six months. I hope he doesnt find out they’re on hiatus anyway.. lol

    • Your husband is doing excellent work. Its simply amazing to me how music can open up children. Breathtaking really. So on target that this is not something that is to be “cured” in the traditional sense. Its like that Welcome to Holland poem someone tweeted about to Jax this week. She responded that she was aware and has a wooden shoe keychain. But her talk of a cure tells that she dont “get it” yet. I am sure you guys have already seen this by now but I want to post it again. If your husband hasn’t seen it please share it with him.

    • Thank you so much for sharing and the information. Your husband is a wonderful man doing life changing work.. Your post confirms my fears re Jac aloon.

  14. I’ve bartended for over 20 years (everyone stop doing the math now please, lol.) but she really just blows out her non-interesting opinion so frequently, I really do not see what is left to say that might be either relevant or fascinating.

    It’s almost like she’s drinking wine non-stop and blathers on and on.

    Fewer tweets that are more captivating, brief, less personally invasive, and less horrifyingly bizarre… would be my advice to her.

    Her tweets border on the creepy.

    • Jax tweeted last night about the crazy rumors about who is staying, going and joining the cast of RHNJ. Apologized that she couldn’t clear that up for us ……yet. sounded like she was STILL on and currently filming. Just started Twitter. Read some of her posts from the last week or so. There have to be at least a dozen references to alcohol in that span. Wines, shots, specific cocktails and the bartenders that made them for her. I believe the shots were mentioned during a tweet about being at dinner out. What ADULT does shots with dinner? Frat boys and people with drinking problems (who hopefully don’t have children at home) or a former 20 year old on the first stop of their bar crawl celebrating their first “legal” drinks. She’s the wrong sex for frat boy and she hasn’ t seen 21 in maybe 21 years. Year long anniversary drinking? That just leaves someone with a problem. Documented on Twitter. Hearing about her crazy tweets and seeing them first hand are two different things. Wow! Lauren’s too. She is MEAN. Just like Caro. Saw naked pic of Jogo’s son. Ewwww- and scary stupid! Can’t imagine ever sending a tweet, but it is sorta twisted creepy reading Jax, Jogo and Lauren’s. Disturbing almost. Haven’t ventured into Caro’s or Mego’s. Teresa’s seemed exactly what I expected Twitter to be. Everyday family and friend things. Pics of her pot of Lentil soup lol. Boy the inside of some of these people’s heads are way scarier than the outsides.

      • Isn’t it mind boggling that ‘Parenting’ magazine would think that this unhinged woman with chemical dependency issues is the right person to give advice to other parents? However hired her obviously did no vetting of her whatsoever. I think it is SOP for companies to check a potential employee’s social media accounts. Who dropped the ball and hired this loon?

          • She thinks it’s cute or something. I keep thinking back to that scene of her talking with Ashley’s father when she went and got the Bailey’s. She was giggling and showing him the bottle like it was cute that she couldn’t cope with the conversation without having alcohol. Also, the scene in Season 2 or 3 when Ashley had that boyfriend and Jac-a-loon went to his house to meet his mother and they ended up getting drunk in the middle of the day. Not only does she think this kind of behavior is normal, she thinks it is funny. I don’t find it amusing, at all. I think it is sad and I worry about those kids of hers.

            • Jax is IMO chemically dependent. She is stuck at the age of immaturity when she began drinking and has not progressed beyond that . Socially and in terms of maturation Jax is permanently 15 maybe 16. She is addicted to drama as any teenage girl and has no sense of appropriate behavior. Fake sleeping, engaging with her daughter in social media spats, revealing a friend’s private information. She seems blithely unaware of consequences in the real world.

  15. I will never read Parenting Magazine AGAIN & neither will a lot of my friends & family if Jacqueline Laurita ends up on the cover of Parenting Magazine – any credibility the magazine has will be lost!

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