ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: Alexia Talks About Son’s Arrest… “That’s Not My Son”… “Kids Make Mistakes”… “Wasn’t His Intention”…

November 14, 2012

Alexia Echevarria has spoken out about her son, Peter Rosello’s arrest for assaulting a homeless man… to LatinoFoxNews:

“That’s not my son. He has a huge heart. He’s very sorry and remorseful. This wasn’t his intention,” she said. “Frankie’s accident destroyed Peter. He became self-destructive. He wrote a letter to me that said that if Frankie hadn’t made it, he would have killed himself.”  She said as the older brother, he’s been protective of his brother and has taken his brother’s accident hard.    NOTE:  Well, what exactly WAS his intention when he attacked a helpless, homeless man?

“Peter wonders if his brother will ever be back to himself before the accident. I believe Peter’s behavior has everything to do with his brother’s accident. Kids make mistakes and this one is costing him a lot,” Echevarria says.  

Today, the “Miami Housewives” star says her son Peter will be starting at Miami International University’s Art & Design in the Audio Production & Engineering program. The family will be building a studio in the house. Both boys share a love for music and Echevarria says she hopes this will focus her son Peter.   NOTE:  No jail time for him!  We got it all planned for his house arrest…

NOTE:  As stated last week, Alexia’s statements simply support SH’s prediction that this “kid” will never see the inside of a jail cell.  The extra added touch is that Alexia has prepared her home for Peter to serve his time by wearing an ankle bracelet under house arrest!

November 9, 2012

Who didn’t see this one comin’??  According to CBSMiami, Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello, pled “NOT Guilty” for ALLEGEDLY beating a homeless man and posting the video of it online… ALLEDGEDLY!?

   More photos at Peter’s FacebookPage

From the looks of the video, Rosello attacked a homeless man; took the time to film the ALLEGED attack and then had the burglar balls to post it online!

NOTE:  Wonder if Peter has already been seen by several medical professionals?  The weight of his brother’s accident; his mother devoting all of her attention to his brother (deservedly so…); the chance that he might be caught by his mother’s “reality” cameras as being less than perfect.  These are some of the “issues” which PROBABLY… and IMO…would be brought up as a reason for the ALLEGED assault.  IMO, doubt that Mr. Rosello will see the inside of any jail cell.