ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: Alexia Talks About Son’s Arrest… “That’s Not My Son”… “Kids Make Mistakes”… “Wasn’t His Intention”…

November 14, 2012

Alexia Echevarria has spoken out about her son, Peter Rosello’s arrest for assaulting a homeless man… to LatinoFoxNews:

“That’s not my son. He has a huge heart. He’s very sorry and remorseful. This wasn’t his intention,” she said. “Frankie’s accident destroyed Peter. He became self-destructive. He wrote a letter to me that said that if Frankie hadn’t made it, he would have killed himself.”  She said as the older brother, he’s been protective of his brother and has taken his brother’s accident hard.    NOTE:  Well, what exactly WAS his intention when he attacked a helpless, homeless man?

“Peter wonders if his brother will ever be back to himself before the accident. I believe Peter’s behavior has everything to do with his brother’s accident. Kids make mistakes and this one is costing him a lot,” Echevarria says.  

Today, the “Miami Housewives” star says her son Peter will be starting at Miami International University’s Art & Design in the Audio Production & Engineering program. The family will be building a studio in the house. Both boys share a love for music and Echevarria says she hopes this will focus her son Peter.   NOTE:  No jail time for him!  We got it all planned for his house arrest…

NOTE:  As stated last week, Alexia’s statements simply support SH’s prediction that this “kid” will never see the inside of a jail cell.  The extra added touch is that Alexia has prepared her home for Peter to serve his time by wearing an ankle bracelet under house arrest!

November 9, 2012

Who didn’t see this one comin’??  According to CBSMiami, Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello, pled “NOT Guilty” for ALLEGEDLY beating a homeless man and posting the video of it online… ALLEDGEDLY!?

   More photos at Peter’s FacebookPage

From the looks of the video, Rosello attacked a homeless man; took the time to film the ALLEGED attack and then had the burglar balls to post it online!

NOTE:  Wonder if Peter has already been seen by several medical professionals?  The weight of his brother’s accident; his mother devoting all of her attention to his brother (deservedly so…); the chance that he might be caught by his mother’s “reality” cameras as being less than perfect.  These are some of the “issues” which PROBABLY… and IMO…would be brought up as a reason for the ALLEGED assault.  IMO, doubt that Mr. Rosello will see the inside of any jail cell.

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56 comments on “ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA: Alexia Talks About Son’s Arrest… “That’s Not My Son”… “Kids Make Mistakes”… “Wasn’t His Intention”…

  1. Poor Peter…Everyone knows when our lives get stressed out the best way to cope with adversity is to sock a homeless person in the balls… Maybe BRAVO will recognize his talents and give him a show called “Sack Socking with Peter” I know – that sounds crazy, but – have you tried to watch the new BRAVO show LOL Work?

    • The commercials for LOL Work didn’t seem to hold my interest at all, so I have not watched. How is it so far?

    • well said, my friend…sarcasm firmly intact.
      if trauma, heartbreak, loss, and hurt were excuses for poor behavior then we’d all be beating up the homeless….or worse. Mother and son both need therapy.

      • And the son needs some firm discipline. Oh wait, that ship has sailed–he probably never received discipline and that’s (at least partly) why he’s an idiotic punk. His Mom clearly preferred being his friend instead of a parent.

      • ITA, there is no excuse that can justify his behavior. Coincidently, a co-worker just went through this same type situation w/ her nephews and it’s interesting how money can buy you freedom. Her nephews (ages 17 & 18) grew up in a unstable home (mom addicted to drugs, etc.) so my coworker took the boys when they were young teens for a few years, then the boys decided to move in w/ their dad, hung out w/ the wrong crowd and did an unthinkable act with 3 of their friends. One evening they decided to assault an older man for no reason, they jumped him and beat him up. Horrible. Well first they were all on house arrest for a year then they went to jail for 2 months until their trial which just happened last month. They were tried as adults and given 5 years in prison. This is in S. Florida, so it’s the same county system as Peter. Anyway, my coworker was very upset but has said numerous times that it was absolutely wrong what they did and will now have to pay dearly.

  2. It is her son. I am sure that it is very possible for Peter to have been a loving kid. It is my understanding that The Green River Killer was a very loving husband.

    A lot of children & adults no longer take responsibility for their poor behavior because their loved one continually make excuses for them. They also don’t want them to suffer consequences.

  3. I’m so sick of Cocaine Barbie and her excuses. She’s a bitter twisted beard and by her actions (some legal and some illegal) she’s made life for her sons worse, not better. Money can’t buy good parenting, Alexia. It also can’t buy decent role models. This is the same woman in season 1 that wanted to be a “friend” to her kids, instead of being a mother. She’s a pathetic excuse for both, IMHO.

  4. No your son is not a good boy. No you didn’t do your best parenting. Yes your son can manipulate you. Yes you are too stupid to know he is manipulating you. Yes a normal kid should have MORE compassion for a homeless man after watching his brother go through a horrific accident. Being a good parent INCLUDES not making another excuse for his reprehensible behaviour.

  5. Alexia = delusional mother in denial

    I agree with everyone else. Both of her sons are alive… maybe not perfect and not back to where they were prior to the accident, but they’re alive. I lost my father when I was 6 years old. Dead/gone/no coming back from that. Actual loss…. Did I grow up to abuse people, animals, ceilings in my mother’s house? No. I didn’t even burn down a church yet so…. Come on Alexia… he’s not a good kid and needs some major intervention

  6. Check out the link above to view Peter’s Facebook photos- make sure to glance at them all. As a probation officer it is my responsibility to check up on my “clients” via social media. Should Peter go on probation for his crime his PO will have a field day with those photos.

      • As a parent myself, and I think I’m a good one, I check my son’s social media posts. Even though my son is of legal age (18), it is my RESPONSIBILITY to guide him by making suggestions of pics that I think could be harmful to his reputation and requesting that he delete them. Of course he does not have to delete but usually after a discussion, he thinks about it and most of the time makes a good decision to delete. If I were Alexa I would be getting Peter’s attorney involved to get him to delete the posts of illegal activity — since Alexa wants to be a friend and not a parent. Parenting is a VERY hard job.

    • OMG Made, I saw that on the Daniel Tosh show recently and could not believe it. On the show, Daniel brings him back for a “web redemption” and they create another video together. I seriously could not figure out if this guy was for real…HILARIOUS! (Lea Black voice)

      • I know thats where I saw it first and it was the fist thing that came to mind while lookin thru the fb pics. After that I started doing some diggin into some video’s filmed in the same room…. and it just confirms my initial thought…. would be funny if it wasnt so sad.

  7. “Kids make mistakes and this one is costing him”.

    If you just consider beating a homeless man, recording it, and putting it on youtube a “mistake”, then it’s a DAMN BIG MISTAKE. Mistakes kids make is when they don’t study for that big test, or when they wait till the very last second to break up with their annoying boyfriend/girlfriend- Alexia, what your son did was not a “mistake”, it was just DESPICABLE and DISGUSTING no matter how to want to spin it. It sickens me to know that he’s probably not gonna get that big of a punishment where if any other kid did the exact same thing he did, they would almost immediately be thrown in jail. But no, because his mom’s on a D-list reality show, he’s gonna get let off.

    Amy ounce of respect I ever had for Alexia just disappeared. I don’t care if he is your son, you don’t make excuses for someone beating up another person for no reason.

  8. It tells too much about how vapid and dumb Alexia really is. Any shred of credibility is shot. She needs to keep her trap shut cuz she just sounds unbelievably dumb. So, for real reality would any castmate every call her out on this? Anyone? Really? Vapid bunch.

  9. I’ve lost ALL respect for Alexia. Blaming Frankie’s accident for Peter being a piece of sh*t? No honey, he’s a POS because that’s how you raised him. Remember when she was cutting his food for him on RHOM when he was 17 or 18??? If anyone wants to see the kind of person Peter is, they should click on the link SH posted for Peter’s facebook. AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!! NO REMORSE, HE TAKES NO RESPONSIBILITY AND NEITHER DOES HIS MOTHER!!!!!!!!! OMG please keep this dumb bitch off RHOM! Frankie seemed like a sweetheart on the show and I wish him the best in his recovery, but his older brother is a horrible, disgusting, entitled, moronic loser who should serve time in jail! He will NEVER learn his lesson by being bailed out by his mother and having her excuse his behavior!

  10. I knew from the beginning he will not see the inside of any jail cell. Even his stepfather said something like: “just looks like kids playing”. My only hope is the judge orders him to do thousands hours of community service in a homelessness shelter. Maybe brat Peter will learn that homelessness are people.

      • At 13 I got caught shoplifting some eyeshadow (hideous blue. It was the 70′s ok). I got the “look”, the “lecture”, and the “I love you but I’m so disappointed” heart crushing hug. She told me she would fight for me til the last person fell if I did right but would leave my as* in jail if I did wrong. She was standing by me even tho I did wrong because I was a child and it went on HER record but once I came of age the things I did wrong would be on MY record. And while she would always make sure I was safe, MY record would be in my hands. Never got in any more trouble. Never had to call her from a jail cell, but my brother spent 2 nights in a drunk tank cuz mom wouldn’t pay 100$ to get him out. This all happened about 6 months after my “daddy” (never dad- always Daddy) passed away unexpectedly right before 8 th grade. My mom didn’ t overlook my actions just because I was grieving, she just disciplined me with compassion. This boy is of age. Mommy shouldn’t be able to campaign a judge into a less severe punishment. Her time is OVER. His actions are his to own. This is not blue eyeshadow. It is a violent crime. This HW fantasy that their “children of privelege” deserve better treatment or easier punishment is bullpuckey! He “deserves” the “privelege” to enjoy a spacious 5×9 cell full of spartan generic “amenities” provided by the State of Florida correction facilities! Soap on a rope provided so he can sing in the shower. No studio needed.

  11. All those FB photos are still up, his account is still public. Most of us non-celebs don’t have public fb profiles, but I guess Peter needs everyone to know how COOL he is. I can’t believe his lawyer hasn’t made him delete the whole thing. I HOPE THE JUDGE ON HIS CASE SEES THIS!!!!!!

    • I took a gander at his FB page and was treated to this: “”Who said it does’nt snow in Miami?” – Pedro Rosello” and “frankie is my nigguh”.” Really? This dipsh1t punk biyatch is so far gone and stupid that he’s bragging about coke in Miami? I guess his brain-dead Momma never looked at his FB–his criminality (beating a homeless man) has zero to do with his brother’s accident–he is sucking on joints and throwing around bags of weed (literally) going at least as far back as 2007. Someone please do society a favor and throw his a$$ in the slammer.

  12. What really annoys me about this is Alexia’s perception of what is and isn’t abhorrent behavior. I don’t like Karent at all but Alexia has such a high and mighty attitude towards her you would think she caught her skinning kittens for fun. Karent is just your typical vapid, fake woman who was lucky enough to have book smarts and be reasonably attractive yet her behavior really seems to offend Alexia.They are a dime a dozen in Miami, and a penny a dozen on most of these shows. You can just tell she gets under her skin. Hell she put a party together so Karent would be forced to face her egregious behavior. Yet Alexia seems to be unable to face that her son did something absolutely horrible, callous, and cruel that no normal person would even think about doing no matter how terrible their life was. I am sure there isn’t a poster on here who hasn’t experienced a moment of devastation that absolutely brought you to your knees and made you want to crawl into bed and never get out. Just recently Made was discussing how her son was being bullied which clearly was breaking her heart.Yet in all the hilarious clips she has posted for us I don’t seem to recall her slipping in a video of her sucker punching the homeless in order to cope. She did what us normal people here do: verbally sucker punched Manzos. There are people everyday carrying enormous burdens yet they don’t say to themselves,” Well my life sure is shitty. I think I am going to find a homeless man and just kick him as hard as I can. And I am going to tape it too and put it online.” I don’t doubt that his brother’s accident devastated him and while many of us envy the fact that his brother is at least still alive while our loved ones are gone forever I do realize that he likely hasn’t faced permanent loss and therefore probably couldn’t imagine a pain worse than what he felt. But he clearly has no concept of decent behavior as well as no concept of consequences and Alexia’s justification of his behavior will not help him in the long run. Yes he is her son and it is probably hard to face that your own child can do something like this but it isn’t a loving thing to do justify the behavior and protect him from the consequences of his actions. Unconditional love for your child doesn’t mean you love everything they do. He should spend time in jail….not on house arrest with his very own studio to play with in a waterfront mansion. And once that time in jail is over he needs to spend a very long time doing community service. I am not saying he is soulless or beyond redemption but he isn’t never going to have a chance to be a productive man if Mommy doesn’t cut the umbilical cord and force him to grow up, stand on his own two feet, and take responsibility for his actions. Sorry for the rant but situations like this enrage me. People today seem so unwilling to do the right thing if it happens to be hard. They look for the quick fix and don’t think of the long run which to me is the definition of STOOPID!

  13. This is a kid that is flaunting his substance abuse. I’m sure his Brother’s accident has affected him but he made choices as to which direction it would take him.
    This is a generation that has grown up on Jackass and other such shows that makes them numb to hurting people emotionally or physically.
    I repeat I’m sure that he will enter a rehab, offer mandatory therapy and He will end up with probation that will include random drug testing and monitoring. Hopefully the probation will at least be for a few years. I would prefer that to him being monitored in his home. Lets face it, if that was the casse in the first place he wouldn’t be where he is now.

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