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How are you guys? I hope you had a great week and are ready for some more “drama”. . .

First of all I’m sorry I did not live tweet this episode. I have a good excuse. I spontaneously flew to Tokyo and surprised my love for our one-year wedding anniversary! It’s been an amazing past couple of days but with the timezone difference I was unfortunately unable to tweet.

And now onto the episode . . .

Like I’ve said before, it’s very hard for me to get involved with the stuff that happened last season because I wasn’t there. However at this point, since all the women keep rehashing these events over and over, I know enough to have somewhat of opinion and as the season goes on, I definitely start voicing my concerns.

I must say that I don’t understand why Kyle keeps going in circles around Lisa and Adrienne.  She has so many opportunities to tell Adrienne that she owes Lisa an apology but she doesn’t. She just chooses to avoid the confrontation and so it’s hard to understand whose side she is really on. Lisa is smart as always, choosing to leave early rather than deal with this issue at a children’s birthday party.

My humble opinion is that this has been going on way too long. Adrienne should have invited Lisa over for a cup of coffee, looked her straight in the eyes and given her a sincere apology from the heart. Sending an extravagant flower arrangement to the Villa Blanca party was meaningless and way too Hollywood for my taste. I wasn’t even sure if it was meant to be an insult or apologetic gesture.

I thought it was really nice seeing Mauricio and Paul go and support Taylor’s  cause. It looks like everyone had a great time and I had fun watching it.

Looking at this episode, I really cracked myself up because I look like a complete control freak (which by the way I am). As you can tell, my Gigi isn’t too thrilled to have us at her photo shoot. What you don’t see are the fun and sweet moments so I resemble this annoying stage mother that I am most definitely not.

Even the comment about Gigi’s diet seems so shallow but the truth is, she was booked on a job in Paris the week after and it required her to stay disciplined with her healthy diet. I know this can be very hard for a 17-year-old but it’s still a small price to pay for the financial independence it gives her at this young of an age. And you should all know, after her photo shoot we went to Le Crepe and pigged out on 3 crepes each. Yummy!

I think it was so nice for Kyle to invite me to Portia’s birthday party (who by the way is the cutest little girl ever) but I barely knew Kyle at this point, I had never met any of her children, and I have no young children of my own so I thought it’d be a little awkward going there. That’s why I chose to send a birthday present.

In all honesty, I don’t really like getting all dressed up in the daytime and attending these fancy events in Beverly Hills. I would much rather stay in my jeans and do work at home while spending some time with my family.

I think Brandi made the right move in this episode when she chose to leave out of respect for Portia. The fact that Taylor doesn’t even acknowledge her in front of all the girls is just so rude and disrespectful. I am not surprised by the fact that Taylor pretends she likes me. As the season progresses, you will see her attitude towards me is far from nice and her explanation for her behavior is even more disappointing. She is clearly trying to get the girls to gang up against Brandi but like I said last week, Brandi’s statement was harmless. It was Brandi being Brandi. . .she might not have a filter but she is direct, honest, and speaks straight from the heart, which seems to be a rarity in this group.

Anyways upwards and onwards! Have a great week!

Next week on RHOBH…

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35 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog… Not A Stage Mother…

  1. Looks like she has Taylors number! Good! Taylors rudeness towards Brandi is because B called her out (about the book) at the reunion…plain & simple! Yo also has Kyles number-Good 4 her! Im hoping we finally have some1 who will go toe to toe with Kyle & leave her crying in the dust (along with Taylor). I like Adrienne but Yo has a point….A should have called Lisa & met with her & just apologized-now whether L accepted her apology or not, is another story…sometimes ppl make mountains out of molehills & just cant accept & move on :) They were good friends (neighbors) even tho there was somewhat of a competition between the 2. If A had done that, their feud would have been over ages ago. I dont think the tree trunk was meant as an insult as Yo said. Anyway, looks like Byle better put on her big girl panties or Yo will make her-Taylor, too ;)

    • Yo isn’t dumb, she knows some of these women are running an angle on people they don’t like. In reality Kyle doesn’t like Lisa because in her mind SHE and not Lisa should be the queen bee and so egging on Adrienne helps her to attack Lisa. I think Yoland is hot and her daughter is downright good looking also.

  2. SWINE is trying to discredit Brandi because Brandi’s a no-holds barred truth-teller and SWINE has a lot to hide. I’m glad that Brandi has an ally in Yolanda who seems calm, cool and collected at all times. I LIKE her!

  3. Wow, haven’t even seen the episode and I already am on Team Yolanda-Lisa and Brandi….. :-) ……. Trailor just leaves me wanting to throw up a little in my mouth. She gets my Grifter of the Year vote. If anyone is out banging her little heart away in BH it’s Trailor looking for her next sugar daddy/paycheck….. She says it herself she WORKED hard for that zip code.

    • So far I am liking Yolanda too. I agree with her that the flower arrangement was an insult. Adrienne owes Lisa an apology. It was so frustrating to watch Adrienne spin it by saying something like if the friendship was gonna be fixed that A would have to do it since clearly Lisa was not gonna apology. WHAAAAAAT???? On what planet does A live? Why should Lisa apologize to her? For DARING to get upset at Adrianne’s accusation? pfft. This is a very good example showing that YES one a-hole can be the 100% cause of conflict. Everything can ALWAYS be traced back to the initial cause.

        • Heck yeah the flower arrangement was an insult-unrelated to the theme, impossible to ignore-funny in a nutso way!! A prolly said something like “Send something big, wild, hard to move” when she ordered the arrangement.

      • Agreed! Yo she seems kind, intelligent, and above all the cattiness. The flower arrangement was definitely an insult. The sheer size of it was an in your face, if I’m not invited my presence will still be felt! If Ad had wanted to make things right with Lisa, she should have already done it. Lisa was accused, defended herself, and Ad thinks she owes her an apology! haha She’s delusional….

        I honestly think it was Bernie that sold stories…

    • Wait a minute, I thought Lisa and Trailor trash were BFFs? Please don’t tell me that was fake, this is supposed to be a reality show.

    • Totally agree. Cant wait to see that. YoFo really is the voice of reason this season and seem to be the only one who has the guts to stand up for what she feel is wrong and tell it out loud.

  4. I love her too. She’s perfect for the show. From what I have read about young girls who become models, I think it is wonderful that she is so involved in her daughter’s career.

  5. Liking Yofo too, but this comment:
    In all honesty, I don’t really like getting all dressed up in the daytime and attending these fancy events in Beverly Hills. I would much rather stay in my jeans and do work at home while spending some time with my family.

    Isn’t that what she contracted to do with bravo? get all dressed up in the daytime and attend fancy events? she better get with the program!

  6. I am holding out judgement on YoFo for a bit. I am wary of anyone that would sign up for a show like this to begin with. However, having said that, she does appear to be the voice of reason…thus far. I had thought in the beginning of this show that Adrienne was that person. She has become just like the others now, sadly. Insulting Lisa like she did, trying to form sides, and then expecting Lisa to just move on “because that’s what friends do” is just wrong. Friends don’t insult and then expect all to be okay. She is a poop stirrer now. Joined the pot/kettle club, she has!
    And, Shana/Trailer is in serious need of intervention. I mean, congrats to Kim for getting sober, but..hello!! Has no one noticed that ShAAna needs a meeting?! When she can’t even abstain long enough to get through a childs birthday party?? She was/is a drunken slob! There is nothing I like about this person. From the get-go she has been the two-faced, back-stabbing cheerleader that will do whatever to whomever to get what she wants. “If you don’t like me, then pleeese don’t hate me!” BLEEEEECH!!

  7. Why does Kyle had to pick a side? She DID tell Adrienne that she owed Lisa an apology without having to use those actual words. Kyle was beating around the bush in telling Adrienne that she was wrong. The fact that Yolanda thinks Kyle has to pick a side is just ridiculous. Kyle is good friends with BOTH Lisa and Adrienne. She shouldn’t have to pick a side. They’re not in high school anymore, Yolanda.

    • Kyle was on Adrienne’s hate train during that reunion… Don’t let her convince you otherwise. THIS is why she doesn’t come right out and tell Adrienne that she owes Lisa an apology – because even Vyle sorta scoffed at Lisa at the time (but didn’t DARE openly support Adrienne). That action was pre-calculated on Adrienne’s part – and Kyle knows it.

      • Kyle was on Adrienne’s hate train? We must have been watching 2 different reunion shows. For one, Kyle has every right to tell Lisa her opinion of how calculating Lisa can be. The point of the reunion is to air out your problems and come to a “resolution.” Kyle wasn’t wrong for stating her opinion. That was the ONLY thing Kyle said to and about Lisa. Just because everyone seemed to have a problem with Lisa doesn’t make Lisa the victim and doesn’t make the other women wrong for pointing out their issues with Lisa. Lisa hides behind her “I’m British and you don’t get my humor” BS every time she makes an offensive comment. Adrienne brought up the fact that she was told Lisa sold stories, which btw, Camille said she also heard the same stories and Kyle also said she was told by ROL that Lisa sold stories but didn’t believe them, so how was Kyle on the hate train with Adrienne? The only person who was remotely on the hate train with Adrienne was Camille who back Adrienne up on pretty much everything.

        At the end of the day, Kyle doesn’t have to pick a side when she’s good friends with both Lisa and Adrienne. She basically told Adrienne that she was wrong and had to apologize without basically saying that she’s on Lisa’s side and without having to use the actual words of “you’re wrong, you need to apologize.”

  8. Yow…! This chick has a voice! Go Yolanda!! Ok.. having said that… I’ll apologize for the term ‘chick’. She’s not a chick per se… she’s a professional woman who I think I’m liking at the moment.

  9. Was it too crazy for Kyle to insist Kim attend Portia’s party where the booze was freely flowing? How insensitive. And Camille was right up in Kim’s face about her love life and kept asking over and over about Ken. It looks like normal manners are exempt with these women. That party was ridiculous and Portia is too young to remember. How about collecting money for the rides etc and everyone bringing gifts for the homeless. This conspicuous consumption is disturbing. And these charity/galas to feel good about themselves – really? Yea, I know, am I watching the wrong shows? Mostly reading Ms SH’s recaps.

    • ITA with all you say. The conspicuous consumption is gross, and so is the preoccupation with the charity galas to feel good about themselves. Most of us just send a check when we want to contribute to a worthy cause. In fact, I’m glad my pet charity here in SoCal doesn’t waste their donations on expensive galas. They do just fine without them. Please who really care about a cause will donate.

    • Porita is 4 years old. I hate to break it to you, but she is NOT too young to remember her birthday party at that age.

      Yes, it is insensitive of Kyle to insist Kim attend Portia’s birthday party with booze flowing, but at the end of the day, Kim should have been the adult in the situation and not come back for a 3rd season considering she knows that she’s obligated to attend events where booze will be served constantly.

      • I hear ya Nicole, but she may be contractually obligated, and she probably needs the income the show provides. Kinda a lose-lose situation maybe. But, while you’re right, she should be the adult in the situation, there could be a TON more sensitivity flowing from her SISTER. Those two have major issues, no doubt! I sure hope Kim stays on track and continues to better herself.
        Now, Shana on the other hand…EEGADS!!! That woman needs to get off this show. Cannot stand her!!!

        • True, she may be contractually obligated, but I’m sure Bravo would have listened and let her not be part of season 3 (like Camille, whom I sure was contractually obligated as well) considering how sensitive Kim’s issues are. But like you said, I’m sure she’s on the show because it’s her only means of income as of now. Unlike the other ladies, Kim isn’t really using the show as a platform for endorsements, products, etc…

          As for Taylor, I’m sure Bravo really do wants to get rid of her, but can’t because they’re “responsible” for Russell’s death and what ass holes would they look like if they used Taylor and Russell last season and then dumps her when she “needs” the money most? Also, I’m sure Bravo doesn’t want to risk a lawsuit from Tay-Tay if she chose to blame them for Russell’s suicide for bad editing.

          • Nicole: EvolutionMedia, the RHOBH producers, wanted to ditch Kim because Kim refused to allow them into her REAL story (alcoholism…). Kyle put her foot down… Kim stayed, but gave in to showing more of her personal life, which turned into a substantial story line for her. TFC!! SH

          • I think part of Kim being on the show is for the money and the other part is Kyle forcing Kim to do the show. She needs Kim on for the drama which equals job security for Kyle. We all see how Kyle pushes Kim around and tries to run her life. That’s why Kim ran into Ken’s arms so to speak. She was trying to get away from Kyle and the rest of the family telling her what to do with her life. Unfortunately for Kim she can’t seem to find the strength she needs to be her own person. She runs away from her controlling family then runs back when she gets herself into trouble. It makes me sad to watch them parade her around when she is clearly struggling with deep issues. BUT, she did sign up for it!

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