SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Brandi Glanville “EmergencyHospitalVisit”…Kyle Richards Says “GoodComesFromHWShow!”…WHY Bravo Is “JumpinTheShark”… Tamra Barney “WeddingPlans?”

November 13, 2o12  


Brandi obviously taped this interview which aired this morning on BigMorningBuzz YESTERDAY.  Brandi gives details about her recent visit to the ER… how nice of Lisa VanderpumpRump and her hubbend, Ken, to be right there!


                             Watch out, Joe Gorga!!!

WHY Bravo has jumped the shark…

Seemingly just as flawed are Bravo’s new series that have yet to premiere, such as Below Deck (working title), which seeks to chronicle the lives of those who work on a luxurious yacht, as well as SUR (working title), which will look inside RHOBH star Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant and lounge.

Bravo is lucky to still have a good number of the series that put the network on the map, such as Top Chef and The Real Housewives. However, when those shows inevitably come to an end, the network might find itself struggling. If Bravo wants to guarantee its lasting presence, instead of desperately trying to be on top of the next fad, the network should just return to its roots.   More from

Even Pee-Wee knows that Bravo’s days are numbered!


From Parade:  Kyle-ee Richards says that nothing is staged on the RHOBH… not even the trips!

Q: On the Real Housewives series, are the ­dramatic trips taken by the cast members staged? —Kara Moore, Nampa, Idaho

A:Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards, 43, says the trips are discussed with production, but the ladies make their own travel plans, and the drama is 100 percent real. “Issues always come up. We shouldn’t travel together!” she says.

Kyle-ee also says that the Housewives get their copy of the upcoming RHOBH episode a week before the show airs on Monday…

How do you handle watching yourself on TV each week?

We get the DVDs a week early, so we can write our blogs for Bravo TV, so my family always jokes when the FedEx comes and we hear it drop on the doorstep. We gasp for air and just look at it and stare at it a while before we have the courage to open the envelope. Sometimes there’s things in the episode where I go, ‘That was so much fun! I’m really glad we got to do this,’ and other times I dread what I’m seeing and I dread some of the things I’ve done or said.

Kyle-ee also says that a lot of GOOD comes from doing the RHOBH…

There’s a real negative side to doing a show like this. There’s a backlash when it comes to reality TV fame. Why did you decide to continue with the show?

For me, whether I came back or not this season wasn’t about my family because they’ve always been fine with it. My kids, they’re not impressed with the show. They come on if they walk into a room, but they don’t really care about being on the show and they’re not affected by it. It was a personal decision, but I also really thought a lot of good can come from doing these shows and we do have a lot of fun in spite of all the drama.

NOTE:  The only GOOD coming from the Housewives franchises is the GOOD money rollin’ in from the sale of Housewives products!


Should gay marriage be legalized?   There is a great argument FOR the legalization of gay marriage at College Humor!  Watch out all you straight guys!!  The gays want your women!!


For all those “highly educated” Housewives… just a reminder!!

What’s next for Tamballs Barney!

NOTE:  Wonder when those TWO weddings Tamballs expected to have are gonna happen??   According to Tamballs, her destination wedding location was changed from Mexico to Italy… from SH June 28, 2012.  

(Thanks to SH readers “RoRi”  “PMG” and “JoZee”!!!)

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  1. tamra’s just doing this for the free wedding ring/free destination wedding/ free publicity/better (more attention) for her storyline… free…free…free… lol. it’s all just a joke anymore!


  2. When Kyle says that a lot of good comes from the housewives shows, she’s referring to HER getting camera exposure since she is a has-been. She hopes her river of tears or ton of cackles will get the casting directors to call her back to work. If they are looking to cast someone who chews the scenery, she’s their gal.


    • Woohoo! Well said, LyndaS!!! We all have Kyle’s # now. She’s a disgusting piece of crap, just looking to expose these “girls” on her show for a storyline. Hellooooooooooo? We can see right thru your shallow motives, Kyle, and it ain’t too pretty. The only positive thing I could say about her is that I like to see her interact with Portia, alone (okay, the cameras are there though)–their interaction seems real and that little girl seems to be happy. She should nuture that relationship and GET OFF CAMERA!!!!!!!!


    • well said!! Personally she nauseates me. I see no redeeming qualities about her. A vapid, utterly useless waste of space. I have to wonder about Mauricio. Why would he want to married to that THING; I don’t care how good the sex may be!


  3. You know the bad thing. I think the people that say she’s doing this for the cameras/money are totally correct. Sophia is what? 7 now?? Why would she drag the kids through a marriage that isn’t real?? As much as I think Tamara tends to take her problems out on others, & even with the belief that Sophia was a last ditch effort to save her marriage to Simon, even with that , I can’t believe she would drag her younger kids through another bad/fake marriage for money or attention from a reality show. Gezzz I hope if she’s that far gone she can catch herself before the “wedding day” either that or I hope we are totally wrong about why she’s marrying him. Hate to see her go that far (& take the kids with her) for such shallow reasons.


    • i’ve been watching the OC women since they started. Tamra may have USED to have some logical thinking – but all these years later and the Bravo paycheck is just too addicting for her. Her behavior in past seasons was beyond disgusting. I believe that she took ‘advice’ from producers and did ‘what she had to do’ to stay relevant on the show. Now I think she’s used to it and I think she even enjoys doing it most of the time. hatIn Eddie she found someone who will let her do whatever she wants – plus he’ll go along w/ the Bravo storyline…so why leave?! I’m with you in the fact that a mother should def. NOT drag their kids through a fake marriage…but I think she’s doing it totally knowingly.


    • So true…You have to feel sorry for her kids…I’ll never forget when poor lil adopted Eddie (by the way – who gets adopted at the age of 18?) was telling her to throw her wedding memories into the trash. WHO DOES THAT? She has kids who might want those pictures and items for their memories. There is something strange about Eddie…and there is something strange about Tamra…there is something strange about me…WHY DO I WATCH THE SHOW? LOL


      • ITA Stan…sumpthin’ strange about all of us for watching!!! Eddie is strange and Tamballs is brazen. I thought Simon was weird too so I think divorcing him wasn’t a bad move. But let’s not go from the pan to the fire…. ;)


  4. I watched Bravo’s new failure called “LOL Work”. Ironically, I didn’t even crack a smile. If anyone was curious, don’t bother wasting 30 minutes of your life. I did it for you.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t watch, because I couldn’t figure out what it’s supposed to be about. What was it about?


      • It’s about the website “I Can Has Cheezburger?”. I’m not quite sure how they can take a funny website and make a totally not funny show, but they sure did. I kept waiting for the funny stuff to start and before I knew it the episode was over and the funny stuff hadn’t started.


    • I was wondering about that new show. I’m a huge animal lover so was looking forward to it. Did they have any funny videos/clips of pet shenanigans? I still have it on dvr but sounds like I’m safe to go ahead and erase. The other show that I found horrendous is Silicon Valley. There’s a gal on there named Kim that is Angela’s (from Gallery Girls) doppelganger. Ugh!


      • They focused more on the making of the website. It was just bizarre. Not funny at all. I meant to watch that Silicon Valley but totally forgot to DVR it. Thanks for saving me the trouble!


        • The Silicon Valley show was disgusting!!! More shallow, conceited, know-it-alls, who think they’ll strike it BIG just because they have a decent education and some cool ideas. The only thing I loved about the one episode I saw last week was to see them knocked off of their pedistals to hear that the investor did NOT want to go along with their idea for an app. HAHAHAHA!!!


          • I watched the first 2 weeks of it and it doesn’t make much sense. Just a couple of uppity yuppities LOL trying to make it big. I saw that last night when the guy walked away from them. It’s a flop BRAVO…..


            • I have disdain for the snotty attitude of these “kids”, and I know it all too well. My nephew left NY for CA and worked for Apple for a few years (actually he started when he was only 13!!!) and now he left and began working for Facebook. They all think they’re gonna be the next “big thing”. I kinda hope they’ll flop only because they have this snotty attitude and don’t realize that it takes hard work and dedication (not just an education and a good idea) to make it big! My ex-husband and I opened our own law office and did super-well in the ’80’s, but it took 60+ hour workweeks, tons of sweat and very hard work, and we weren’t looking for that million dollar payoff–we just wanted to get by and pay our house and bills. These kids all think they’re ENTITLED to make it big. Who the F is raising them to make them think they’re the “it” thing??????????? Jerkoffs!


            • I think the time of the Big Thing makings in Silicon Valley are over. Maybe if they filmed 10 years ago it would have been interesting. How about a show about You Tube Vlogers becoming cultural icons like them beauty gurus or something!


    • I had planned to watch this because I thought there was a chance that it would be funny. Now I won’t bother.

      I used to enjoy posting at the Bravo message boards about all things HWs and TC but apparently the boards are no longer there.

      Hopefully SH will allow me to come here to post my 2 cents worth.


  5. Random thought here, but, I totally enjoy the fact that Brandi is more famous than cheating gold digger Eddie now. She’s become a real reality celeb and he is just LeeAnn’s problem.


    • I was thinking that when watching the show…Eddie’s current wife has to be eating her heart too…


  6. My take is Brandi is an intelligent drunk. She is quite beautiful but with that mouth she may find it hard to find another man. She is also high maintenance. It did seem odd for her to attend a child’s party without her kids although I know Eddie would not allow them to be photographed. That over-the-top party would have been so fun for them.


  7. Yea A lot of good comes from this show Like all those divorces,one suicide countless bankruptcys and the lying that went with them, all the good affairs that have been exposed and the wifes in denial and the families tore apart, Yup all I see is the good stuff that happenes.


  8. She probably meant a lot “GOODS,” like her ever increasing collection of Chanel handbags, (one in every color) and the brand new car what was it a Mazerati or something (her paycheck probably paid for it and I’m sure the dealership gave them a huge discount, knowing it would be featured).


    • ITA Debra, its clear that is what is going on…the handbags, the car, & her new-er house., money from Bravo and the camera’s showing everything new she got from her hubby…yea ok ;)


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