REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: MissElaine Lancaster Confronts Marysol Patton… Lea Black V MamaMumbles At Thomas Kramer’s Party… VIDEO

Bravo…  On the next Real Housewives of Miami…

  Untouched photo of MamaMumbles…. WITHOUT makeup!!

Miss Elaine Lancaster confronts Marysol Patton about the allegations that Marysol attempted to have Miss Elaine banned from Lisa Pliner’s party…

CameraAna tries to explain…


The dinner party at “friend of the Housewives” Thomas Kramer … remember him from the Real Housewives of Atlanta??  NO?  OK… how about remembering the bus ride TO Kramer’s abode…the bus ride in which Nene tried to strangle Kim AGAIN?… OK, now that you remember Kramer…

Kramer’s dinner party becomes somewhat strange when MamaMumbles interprets Lea Black’s observation as Lea becoming unhinged.  MamaMumbles keeps telling Lea to “simmer down”… UH, hello, MamaMumbles!  Lea was hardly simmering… Lea wasn’t even close to a low boil!

Kramer then gives MamaMumbles his two cents…


18 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: MissElaine Lancaster Confronts Marysol Patton… Lea Black V MamaMumbles At Thomas Kramer’s Party… VIDEO

  1. Thank goodness FINALLY!! Someone has had the balls to tell that old crone to shut up!! It has always been beyond me how revered this woman is on another well known site (not Bravo) if anyone says anything about her appearance which I think is grotesque many of the commentors lose their minds.
    I blame Andy Cohen he seems to always take the misfits and as long he puts his stamp of approval on them they better be held in the highest regard.
    IMO Vanity along with a really bad plastic surgeon did this to this woman’s face, her face aside she can be incredibly rude and is basically a drunk.
    I for one am very glad Kramer put her in her place!


  2. Mama Mumbles was obviously the victim of a “false” plastic surgeon. There are many from other countries (meaning they do not have U.S. licenses) that are practicing as Plastic Surgeons in Miami and they inject full industrial strength silicon directly into the face or other parts, which causes deformities and eventually death in some cases. I am surprised she went to a cheap doctor since they claim to have alot of $$$$.


  3. I think that Andy’s obsession w/ certain people is like a sick/cruel joke. I think he finds them and exploits them convincing people he thinks they are endearing etc… but I think all the while he is laughing behind their backs. I agree w/ duchess of duke st – a combination of vanity and bad plastic surgery caused her face. On the first episode you can hear her tell someone (w/ Marysol there) something about “the dr….the one who messed up my face”…


  4. Ok so was this dinner party filmed before Lea’s doge died? And if so does Thomas have a pet? Is he/she still living?


  5. ms SH you need to do a side by side photo of mama Elsa and the duchess of alba……theyre deformed elderly sisters. Yes please


  6. Whether your fond of Mama Elsa or not, doesn’t matter. I find this scene upsetting, No excuse for this man’s behaviour. Despicable to see a man screaming at an elderly woman. Wondering when did this become acceptable behaviour in their worlds and minds.


  7. I dig Elsa. I don’t know exactly why, but, I guess it’s because there is some mystery to her. The rest of them look and talk like what you’d expect. Which isn’t much really.


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