REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards and Paul Nassif… Driving’ To Yolanda’s… VIDEO


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9 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Adrienne Maloof, Kim Richards and Paul Nassif… Driving’ To Yolanda’s… VIDEO

  1. Why is Adrienne so obsessed with Lisa? My god, every other word out of her mouth is “Lisa”, I think it’s the first time the little princess has been blown off. And shame on Paul for getting involved in this petty nonsense.

    • Mayzie you are so right, Paul should know that his wife is in the wrong on this one, she is the one who accused Lisa of selling stories which Adrianne knew was very hurtful to lisa and her business. Paul should suggest that Adrianne apologizes if she wants to move forward. Its not the same as having a simple difference of opinion and squashing it, Adrianne went after Lisa’s character and could have drove customers away from Lisa’s resturants. That deserves an apology I think.

  2. There´s obviously a lot going on when the cameras are turned off. I dont like that Paul is so upset whit Lisa. Ok, he can defend his wife, but after what I´ve seen going to happen this season, he has a side to him that I don´t think I like. I want him to be the sweet, funny Paul we have gotten to know the past 2 seasons.
    And hello, Maloofhoof and Crackpot.. In my head they are just funny nickname and nothing to make huge drama out of. What Adrienne did to Lisa at the reunion is a lot worser. Just doesnt make sense to me to demand an apology for those comments, specially when Paul himself is making funny comments all the time

    • ITA…. Paul made himself look like a whipped sissy boy – being that upset and making such a big deal out of ‘Lisa insulting my wife’s beautiful shoe’. PLEASE! And making fun of the dog’s name… Seriously? Now…. talking about throwing their ‘trash’ over the fence might have been a bit insulting, but if they made these comments to the Maloof’s then obviously they were kidding. If the Maloof’s heard it from Bernie (aka second hand), then they’re pure idiots to even quote that again.

      Saw a side to Paul that I didn’t like this time. A bit of a whiner, complainer, and a guy who loves his share of camera time. I don’t know many men who get THAT involved in a woman’s argument – especially if said woman was WRONG in the first place

  3. I’m 100% with you Sunny. You worded it exactly as I was thinking . I also don’t like/trust anything Bernie says & I think its just really weird that any hired help is involved in taking those so called “abusive” pics of ADD-riene with the “bruises” . Its 1 thing if kids are being physically or verbally assaulted, i’d be the 1st 1 reporting them but NOT talking to others/papers etc about it, would just want to protect the kids but when it involves 2 grown adults as Bernie worked for both of them, than he doesn’t belong in other areas of the house or taking pics…why aren’t her g/f’s, or members of her family the people taking pics/backing up the abuse stories especially with their nephews, etc. Don’t believe or like her or her ways.
    Has Paul gone bi-coastal yet does anyone know? And I wonder how that will work for him & the boys during the times he has them?

  4. The pictures did not look like Adrienne’s head on the right body. I think they were a total forgery. Also, Bernie started the whole fued with Adrienne and Lisa by telling Adrienne that he heard Lisa didn’t like his cooking, and Adrienne was then mad about it. Then the whole shoe thing. The ultimate kicked instead of Adrienne accusing Lisa of selling stories, is that she actively sought recruits to BRING Lisa down at the reunion. Not just one accusation, but she trie dto recruit Brandi and Camille and had a meeting to discuss with Kyle how to bring Lisa down. That right there is a reason I would never interact with Adrienne ever again. Paul was only supporting his wife. He did not know the whole story of the meeting to Bring Lisa down I am sure. That is also probably why he had lunch at Lisa’s restaurant, Villa Blanca, after he moved out…to find out the real scoop. He realized he had been fed one story, but there was another side. Adrienne is going to be like Jaq I think and not be able to go one episode without obsessing about Lisa. The apology gift was a total passive agressive way of saying…I know you did not invite me to the party, and I want everyone there to know I wasn’t invited…she sent that hideous flower arrangement so people would ask who sent it, and Lisa would have ot explain Adrienne did and wasn’t invited. Not brain surgery to figure out that one.

  5. The way Adrienne talked to Kim in this clip says it all about her. “That’s life”. Really? That’s how you dismiss a friend talking about recovery? Adrienne always does that. I used to think she was kind, but, not a good listener. Truth is, unless SHE’S the one saying it, it doesn’t matter. Straight up beeeotch, that one.

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