MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa Won’t Be Seen Until Episode Eight of RHOBH… Marisa Don’t Like Shana… OR Teresa!

November 12, 2012   Celebuzz...  

NOTE:  Marisa’s interview at KyleRichards store opening

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16 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa Won’t Be Seen Until Episode Eight of RHOBH… Marisa Don’t Like Shana… OR Teresa!

  1. Oh dear…when people say they are crazy and fun..they never are..and why is she dressed like a sister wife? Talk about a wannabe.

  2. “Her and I have a really great relationship”….yup, with grammar skills stuck in the 5th grade, she’ll fit right in with the rest of the HWs!! And, yes, Mayzie may, that dress is heinous!

  3. I have to say, I kinda like her. It’s refreshing to me that she doesn’t look like a cheap hooker with a stretched-tight face. She also doesn’t seem phony at all (yet).

  4. I think it’s kind of funny that she says she does not like Teresa becuase she fights with her family on RHONJ but she is friends with Kyle who fights with her sister on RHOBH.

    • I think one thing we have to remember with these gals is ,they are the types who don’t have anyone around them willing to be honest with them. That is a rare trait (especially on these shows) so they have no true picture of how they look to the viewers. & of couse if they are in the habit of being dishonest with themselves , that’s a bad spot to be in. Joining these shows only makes them better known & maybe even less likely to be told the truth by those around them. So we see the problem but their “friends” either don’t or won’t. Until of course there is a problem between two of them. Like Teresa & Jax. They either didn’t or wouldn’t see each other’s flaws until they were on the outs.

  5. I think Marisa will be a breath of fresh air to the show. I think she will call someone out if the stir the crap. I think she has very good taste in people if she doesn’t like Teresa.

  6. I like her!!! Dont worrry Marisa Swine stans wont attck you there are only maybe One or two of them she has brainwashed. Im sorry you got slammed By Teresa fans I do find it funny they attacked her calling her vile names because she called Teresa a name nice way to defend your Idol.

  7. YUP, ANOTHER MORONIC BOOB WHO ISN’T CAPABLE OF FORMULATING A COHERENT SENTENCE. Aren’t there any semi-intelligent (or well-read/well-spoken) women out there?? Or are the stupid boobs the only ones agreeing to do this stupid franchise? I’m taken aback that these women are able to be in the workforce and not be able to communicate well. It’s sad.

  8. I doubt Teresa will care whether she likes her or not. This isn’t someone I know alot about but, as crazy as these shows get, it’s funny to watch , but another thing to agree to be on one. Especially when the show has been around awhile & everyone knows there are people like Jax with her (I’ll say problems) & the ever bedeviled Carowhine. Most of us would never apply to be on the show. Of couse their 19th breakdown(s) might be funny to watch up close :D but I don’t think just sitting there laughing at the foolishness of Jax or the weird unhappiness & self importance of Carowhine would make for great t.v. (I swear that’s what I’d be doing if I were on there.)

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