LEA BLACK: Lea’s Burial Service For Leroy… Did Lea’s Dog Go To Heaven???

November 13, 2012   Bravo… 

On the last Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black held a burial service for her beloved pet, Leroy.

It seemed that Lea was the only attendee who was upset about Leroy’s passing… but, nevertheless, Lea’s feelings for Leroy was genuine.

Leroy’s demise brought up the question:  Do dogs go to heaven?  

That question was debated by two churches…

NOTE:  We think Lea’s Leroy is in doggie heaven!!


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49 comments on “LEA BLACK: Lea’s Burial Service For Leroy… Did Lea’s Dog Go To Heaven???

  1. The church fight was hilarious. I had a hard time watching that as I have lost a few dogs and recently two cats. Not to mention, I have a minipin like Leroy. I couldn’t watch the episode where he first got ill.

    • Yeah it was odd that the cameras were there to capture his illness. Complete with Lea scooping him up in her arms and whatnot. Good thing the crew didn’t get stuck in traffic on the way over or they might have showed up just in time to capture the very moment Leroy gave up the ghost.
      p.s. Same people who do RHONJ also do RHOM. So they aint above some bullchit. Just sayun.

    • I just saw the part where Leroy died. So sad :(

      I did not stay sad for long because the next scene was Karent with her parrots. Darn girl has suckered me in with her beautiful pets and the way she handles and cares for them.

  2. That was a hilarious back & forth argument between those 2 churches. I’ve always been told to not argue about religion & that’s prob what they should have done. I’m sure everybody thinks tons of diff ways but I hope animals do go to heaven….except for dinosaurs ;) JK

  3. RIP Leroy! “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made”. ~Roger Caras

  4. The church fight cracked me up! I love it!

    I felt so bad for Lea when she got that call and had to (subsequently) bury her beloved Leroy. That whole story made her seem a lot more human than I had originally thought. I felt terrible. Plus it made me think of what I’ll do when my beloved pup passes (unless I beat him to it)…. Broke my heart.

    And yes, ALL dogs go to heaven!

  5. I read a press release from the Vatican that Pope Bennidict will be tweeting soon. maybe he will weigh in on the Dog/soul/heaven debate

  6. I related to Leah’s grief. Lost beloved pets after a long time, too. They don’t care if you’re rich/poor, fat/skinny, feeling like taking a bath or not. Whatever. The pets are just there with you. Happy/sad. So what if I don’t feel like doing laundry right now. They don’t care or complain.

    When I feel like being a gypsy, driving around to see what I can see, the cat goes with me. Sometimes for days.

    • Yes, our four legged family members are great equalizers. They have no socio-economic, racial, gender or religious boundries.

  7. I love my minpin but I;m pretty sure he’s not going to heaven.His nick name is still Satan. I keep working with the little booger because there is always hope.

    • I share living quarters with a female tuxedo cat that has a mysterious ringtail and a mean meow. Every couple days, she goes whacky and actually looks at me as if I were an obese mouse that she wants to torture. But, I love her and sleep with at least one eye open. And she comes when I call her Beelzebub. She’s a rescue kitty with some rough times in her past. Me, too. We rescued each other.
      Dog bless the critters!

    • Ha ha,Cyn, I love my dogs & my cat…I have a lab, and a mutt and a cat called Simon, I can imagine what you are going through…there is always hope____even with Satan as you call him. I wish you the best and keep on trying my friend…:)

  8. I communicate with the dead sometimes. It’s part of my job. I hear animals as well as people. Dog spirits are common. I have no idea about this Heaven place (nor do I have definite answers about where we go), but, animals certainly have some sort of afterlife and an energy like humans do. They’ve proven it to me over and over.That’s just what I think.Of course, it’s all in your perspective, isnt it? Still, who would want to go to a place where there were no critters? And I dont mean Manzoids.

  9. Yeah, Lea was clearly devastated. I thought it a tad odd though how it seemed like her son was more weirded out by her reactions than being worried/scared for the dog. My sons are so connected to our family dog (she’s 11 now) I just dread that horrible day when we lose her; my boys will be a wreck. They won’t even allow us to talk about her final days and whatnot.

    • Yes, I still view Lea as an utterly shallow opportunist, but it was interesting to see her slightly vulnerable side, especially since I love my own dogs more than life. Off topic: I have to sign off now because Lea’s photo in the wallpaper is actually bringing on a migraine. I’m sensitive to garish colors, and those clashing-with-the-dress CFM shoes are something I could never have conjured up in my worst nightmare.

  10. I saw two of the most lovely goldens at my work today, They were RED CROSS working dogs from the Animal/human bond program I know those dogs have souls and will go to heaven.

  11. My 2 yr old neutered cat brought home a pet a few months ago. She’s about 6 mo now, so I got her spade last week. Vicious little thing when I had to trap her for the vet. She’s getting friendlier since it’s cold outside. Lets me pet her if I don’t move too fast. Shouldn’t take much longer to gain her trust.

  12. “Marley and Me”–Owen Wilson/John Groggen. “Dogs have no need for fancy homes or expensive cars. They don’t care if your rich or if your poor….just give them your heart and they’ll give you theirs. They love you no matter what, faults and all…they love you unconditionally. How many people can you REALLY say that about???”
    I have no doubt all dogs and cats go to heaven along with all of our beautiful beloved furry friends! Of course animals have souls…they have spirits don’t they! All unique and beautiful in their own way.
    I still miss my dog/dogs of my childhood. When I moved away, on my own, out to L.A. I didn’t think i would ever have a pet again but a dear friend took in a stray cat…she turned out to be pregnant. I watched this endearing little runt fight for his life every day…I fell in love. I watched him grow into the most remarkable feline I have ever seen or known. Loyal like no other. True story..he saved my life one day! Rest in peace my friend…you are dearly missed. I pray we will meet again some day! xoxo

  13. not to worry ,.. but like you I lost my dog/baby when I was maybe 15 yrs old. and had hardship growing up, I still miss my dog and always will…and I believe that “all dogs go to heaven”… and we are also welcomed…last I checked! haaaahaaaa… Oh my gosh.,. just wet myself, Not….Just kidding youzs.. Trying to keep a positive outlook on life and having fun. I recommend this for EVERYONE!! Yea Haw

  14. My daughter was asked to leave Catholic middle school because she argued with her nun/teacher that animals go to heaven. This was after a bird flew into her school room and was horrifyingly killed by the ceiling fan.

    • I’m sorry to hear that justso.That’s sad, and the wrong message to send to a child! I remember some tough nuns from school too, but I also remember the very kind Catholic school teachers. Saint Francis is the patron saint of animals….so maybe that nun needs pray about it.

  15. No doubt about it, it is scientifically proven that dogs have the same exact human emotions ands are capable of the same depth of love as we’re. So what ya think gods gonna do with these lovely creatures? Mmmm? 10yrs ago I was tormented by the idea, prayed about it a long time and 2 pastors confirmed god has a magical place for them in heaven with us……phew, right where they belong. AS FOR MOST OF THE HWs DON’T KNOW WHERE THEY’RE GOING THOUGH.

  16. RIP Leroy! I have a dog myself, I rescued him when he was only 3 months old and he is going to be 4 years old in January, God willing and I don’t know what I am going to do when the day comes that he is taken from me. Just take a look at the picture up above with the Rescue Retriever and that will tell you that ALL dogs go to Heaven! Just look into their innocent eyes and there is your answer. Lea, I am so sorry for your loss but just think of how many good times you spent with him for 13 years. I know it is difficult but he is not in any pain anymore so let that thought try and comfort you. Once again, I’m sorry. All the best.

  17. Ms SH: I meant to say thank you yesterday, for the pic’s and captions of the bickering churches up above…they were great–and I loved it! Thanks again!

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