JACQUELINE LAURITA: Tape Recordings, Depositions, Attorneys… and Jax’ “CrazyDefense”… UPDATE: BubbaJax Says Today “Was AWESome”…And More TwitterBlather…BubbaJax Probably Took The Fifth!

October 27, 2012    UPDATE November 13, 2012

According to court documents, today was the day for BubbaJax to chat with attorneys regarding her involvement in the Laurita’s Signature Apparel bankruptcy.

Either BubbaJax weaseled her way outta the deposition… or she has a ghost tweeter!

BubbaJax has been tweeting all day!  And looking forward to a “really great day”…

BubbaJax was not nervous at all about her upcoming deposition… she had “date night” last night!

NOTE:  When BubbaJax’ deposition information becomes available… if it is deemed public information… it will be on SH.  

HOWEVER… get the feeling that if Bubba was deposed today, she knew exactly what to say!  Which would explain her “looking forward to today” tweet…

“Based on the advice of counsel, I assert my rights under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution and respectfully decline to answer the question.” 

The Fifth Amendment provides that no person “shall be compelled in any criminalcase to be a witness against himself” (emphasis added). Generally, it cannot be asserted to avoid answering questions in a purely civil matter.

A witness can invoke it in a civil proceeding if he “has reasonable cause to apprehend” possible criminal liability (Hoffman v. U.S., 1951). Thus, a witness can invoke the privilege in “any proceeding, civil or criminal, administrative, judicial, investigatory or adjudicatory” (Kastigar v. U.S., 1972).   However, when a witness invokes the Fifth Amendment, he can use it only to avoid answering specific questions that will incriminate him or potentially link him to possible criminal liability.

Jax Laurita mentioned her taped phone recordings in her BravoBlog.  Not surprising, as  attorney’s in the Signature Apparel case have also mentioned “secret” tape recordings… and they’re having a contest to see who can piss off Judge Peck the most!

From the letters to Judge Peck, the attorneys representing the Lauritas told opposing counsel that they were taping their conversation… 30 minutes AFTER the conversation took place.

In letters to the Judge, counsel  was offended and told the Judge that it was highly unethical of the opposing attorneys to tape the conversation.  Laurita attorneys also submitted a letter to the Judge stating that they had a right to record the conversation and that it was not unethical.

The Laurita attorney also mentioned that they no longer have that recording.

                    “Just tell the Judge I’m filming… we gotta get Jax’ crazy behavior on TV.”

On to depositions…

Chris and his brother, Joseph Laurita have started their depositions; however, the attorneys have run into difficulty in re-scheduling Chris and Joseph.  The Lauritas are now scheduled to continue their depositions November 19 (Joseph) and December 4 (Chris).

Joseph Laurita’s wife, Adeline, is scheduled for November 16; Jax Laurita is scheduled to be deposed on November 13.

With all the delays and “underhanded” dealings going on with this case, don’t expect the actual trial to take place until Summer 2013…. and that date is an optimistic one, if there are no further delays or motions.  However, from past history with this case, expect a trial date in 2015!

On to Jax’ delay or excuse from being deposed…

There have been theories about Jax floating around since the Signature Apparel bankruptcy was mentioned back in November 2011.  Theories for reasons which Jax could make herself seem unable to answer questions in a deposition or to proceed with a trial.

       “I can’t decide…”

One of the most popular theories is that Jax is setting herself up as a drunken crazy person who has to take care of a special needs child.  Well, which one is it?  Jax can’t have both!  If she wants to prove herself as someone who cannot answer attorney’s questions because of mental and substance problems, then how in the world can she care for a little special needs child?  Or write about her “journey” for Parenting Magazine?

IF Jax is forever tweeting and displaying nutty behaviors in the hopes that she’ll be excused from any court procedures, she should take a look at how Vincent (The Chin) Gigante did it!

                                                                                             “The Chin”… going to court in his robe


Vicenzo Chin Gigante became a capo in the 60s, a consegliere in the 70s and a wiseguy in the 80s. When his boss Anthony Salerno died, he became the boss of the Genovese family.

His strategy to run the clan was astutely simple — he pretended to be stupid. The police refused to believe that that king-sized moron had the capacity to run a mafia family and spent the better part of their time looking for the real boss. Between 1969 and 1990, Chin Gigante was admitted to 22 mental hospitals, took gargantuan amounts of Valium, Thorazine and Dalmare, and was often seen walking around Mulberry street in his pajamas, his bathrobe and his slippers.

From NYTimes1996:

A Federal judge ruled yesterday that Vincent Gigante, a reputed Mafia boss known for walking Manhattan streets in a bathrobe and pajamas, was putting on a “crazy act” until at least 1991 to avoid arrest and prosecution.

But the judge put off a decision on whether Mr. Gigante, 67, was now mentally incompetent to stand trial on murder and racketeering charges. Prosecutors contend that far from being crazy, Mr. Gigante heads the Genovese crime family, which has become the nation’s most powerful Mafia organization.

The judge, Eugene H. Nickerson of Federal District Court in Brooklyn, asked four psychiatrists who in recent years had found Mr. Gigante not competent to stand trial — on the ground that he could not understand the proceedings or assist in his defense — to review their assessment.

But while the ruling yesterday was not a final decision — that will come after the psychiatrists’ reassessments — it suggested that Judge Nickerson was leaning toward finding Mr. Gigante fit to stand trial.

Also see NYTimesMarch21, 2002

If “TheChin” couldn’t get away with the crazy act, how the hell does JaxLaurita think she’s going to do it?

JaxLaurita explaining her bankruptcy… Note to Jax:  no one thinks you’re in a PERSONAL bankruptcy…

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197 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: Tape Recordings, Depositions, Attorneys… and Jax’ “CrazyDefense”… UPDATE: BubbaJax Says Today “Was AWESome”…And More TwitterBlather…BubbaJax Probably Took The Fifth!

  1. She’s bluffing like nothings wrongs. She’s done it before, always with the
    “wait and See” “Working on something great”.
    I hope she never comes back.

    • Probably didn’t take opposing counsel long to prove Jax was not exactly executive material at Signature Apparel. I don’t think Chris can use company funds to pay her for BJ’s. Maybe Chris is going to go all in and tell the court that Jax was his book keeper. LOL. Everyone would suddenly understand why SA went belly up.

  2. Yeppers. Joanna ITA. Jax has some crazy azz tweets. I am curious if the Judge was impressed with Jax space cadet routine? If Jax is trying to prove she earned her salary as a Signature Apparel employee who would believe her? Apparently she isn’t so affected that she can’t tweet.

    • I dunno after you read about a person suicide and the grief that pours out from the person tweetfriends and all the sadness and find out later the person faked the suicide because they needed a break from everything and only fessed up because they missed tweeting jax tweets dont seem so crazy to me.

      • Fake suicide tweets are hardly the bar to judge nutty people by. That is the most extreme, next stop is a straightjacket kind of deal.

        • No it happened on twitter to a group of people i Know.
          Someone BF posted she committed suicide and they sent flowers to the fake memorial and outpoired grief over the death, then 6 months later she confessed she faked it…I have seen a lot of fake illiness,suicides and even a fake pregnacy or two on twitter and on the old AOL message boards so Jax tweets sound pretty normal to me I can see why people would think they are odd though.
          The craziest tweets came from the Law and Order Mariska Hargity stans one day they had heard a rumor she was injured on set and people where Mad tweeting the Showrunner saying they couldnt go on with their work day until they heard she was OK, I mean really that is Crazy tweeting,

          • OMG…Lisa…unbelievable stories… what is wrong with us as a people?
            How do the Lauritas sleep at night? I would be bat chit crazed facing all of that…I hope Jax doesn’t come back either. NJ needs some new infusion.

          • I have to agree Lisa. I have seen such crazy blogs, tweets and entries on facebook. I am not a big tweeting fan but I haven’t seen the crazy tweets that everyone keeps talking about. Everyone apparently sees only what they want to

      • Lisa…interesting ur outrage and disgust doesn’t extend to jacs financial decption. Had this article been about tre we would hve been reading of insults and judgement lol. Guess since u like jacs u try to aviod commenting on her hypcorisy. Fair enough..

        • I have explained why I do not and I am not going to explain it again, ANd Show me the post where I said I like Jax frankly i find them all to be a bunch of rancid criminals and stupid asses,But
          Ill wait while you try and find it.

            • I defend Teresa to, so by your reasoning I must like her as well. I dont find as much fault in jax and dont nitpic her every tweet that dosnt mean I like her. Try asking me before you assume anything. I have no favorites on this show and I wont be watching next yr and you heard that here first.

              • i defend her when I think she is right and it has happened quite frequently. Im sorry you must have missed them.

              • I did. That’s good. I apologize Lisa. I too had no favorites in s1, except I was partial to Jac. In s2, I could’nt stand Tre, but s3 chgd that and this last season solidified my support for her and sealed my opinion of the others. We are all entitled to our views and SH is a great forum for them.

              • Luv you Lisa and your comments, which I agree with & will stand up for them… I admire your confidence! So sorry I couldnt get back eariler my computer froze., and I could not get back for at least 8 minutes.So sorry about that. :(

              • I read sh on a regular lisa……and I never ever seen u defend tre. If I missed it…my bad. In reference to my cooment..I never said anything about tweets jaco does. I simply observed the difference in judgment. Lauritas alleged offenses are detailed…..even more detail then teresa documents. My point is there is a sense that the other castmember shiit dont stink. e. Worse then that…jac sat on her high horse deflecting from her own mess. I guess she wants the public to wear the same rose colored glasses she claims to hve worn. She wanted t to own her problems…yet she doesn’t even acknowledge her own.

              • Um, Lisa has her own opinion about Tre and has come to her defense as needed but why are you comming at her?

              • flocks of pigs rarely wizz by, they drive around with their high horse & pedestal strapped to the top of a blk clown van instead

              • and this makes sense to you? are ya sure you are not talking about a man who tied his dog on the roof of his car? Laughing out loud…

  3. I bet it was extended really outrageous. They are accused of sucking out 50 million dollars from their company , and they are just living their lives like they didn’t do anything. There should not be ANY extensions since that costs tax payers more money. If these creeps are innocent, they would not want the dates put off. They would want to appear and get it over with. Unreal.

  4. I think the Olshan Firm — which from the letter appears to be the one that did the taping — is representing the Bankruptcy Trustee. From the News & Media section of the firm’s website:

    “The Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review reported on the In re Signature Apparel bankruptcy proceedings, in which Olshan represents the estate’s Trustee. In addition to the complaint filed against Signature’s former owners and insiders—including Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Christopher and Jacqueline Laurita, as well as Joseph, Adeline and Anthony Laurita—the Trustee also has filed a complaint against ROC Fashions, RVC Enterprises and their principals that alleges a conspiracy with Joseph and Christopher Laurita to siphon off Signature’s few remaining assets. The Olshan team includes Martin J. Feinberg, Michael S. Fox, Ellen V. Holloman and Fredrick J. Levy.”

    Ms. Holloman is a partner in the firm, a graduate of Swarthmore College and Harvard Law School.

    Apparently, it is the Laurita’s attorney who is alleged to have used “obstruction, verbal abuse, and intimidating conduct, including the use of foul language and threats of physical harm” “throughout this litigation” and the desire to “secure proof” of this was the reason Olshan gave for taping their telephone conversation with him.

    • That attonrey is not doing his clients service by acting liek a animal while on the phone to opposing counsel.

    • They owe at least 55 million not the 8 million (that was what came out early before things where set up. If they are trying to go for the diminished capacity issue she should be wary. Chris knows but Jax doesn’t that if the mother is mentally incompetent, she may not be able to be around her kids again and I don’t think Jax knows this. Chris maybe doing an end run around Jax wanting her out of his life. But this still won’t help Chris because right now the Bankruptcy trustee is fact finding with the deposition. He is asking questions that he and they came up with from evidence they gathered. So for instance if if Jax is asked if she ever opened any bank accounts with a certain bank and she says no they will hit her with the evidence and if they say you transfered 100,000 dollars from this account she could play dumb but like anything you can only say the dog ate my homework so many times until they won’t believe you. Help me out here, but for court and deposition preceedings you have to plead the fifth at the beginning and that is the end. If you answer questions and then plead the fifth you can’t do that. Maybe for court but possibly for the deposition.

      I think she pleaded the fifth to be honest with you. Chris and his lawyers may have schooled her but they don’t know what they other side knows or have. And so want to wait and see in court. Chris and his family members are going to prison pure and simple, and Jax is going to lose all those things she have.

      • In her deposition, she will be given documents to authenticate. Examples would be her signature on loans, her signature on auto leases, her signature on bank accounts, her emails. Things she created or received directly.
        She will also be asked questions.
        If any mental illness will be claimed, the Trustee will hire their own doctor to evaluate Jax. She can’t have one of her hand-picked doctors to do it.
        She is toast. The adversary proceeding against the Lauritas was based on evidence – not guesses.
        The civil action will be stayed and criminal indictment will follow if there is enough evidence to get the Lauritas.
        After the criminal proceedings, the civil proceedings will start up again.
        I think CHRIS and JOSEPH will be doing time.

      • Wow Buck…! Where do you come from?! You seem to be very knowledgeable – to the point of extreme respectability. I find myself looking forward to reading your comments. Thanks for making it interesting

      • Buck do you have any predictions as to the amount of time one would do for a such as this? Historically, is it one that would be 10 yr and out in 5 type thing? Or, is this more along the lines of a Bernie Madoff type sentence? 55 million is no drop in the bucket.

        • Thank you Buck….it was an interesting read on the possible sentencing….OUCH! They could literally have the book thrown at them with prison time, fines and additional penalties and like you said….that is for 2 million (not discounting the 2 million). Buh-Bye Chris and Waco! When I lived in Miami I was a govt. vendor and had to visit the mens and womens prisons in Dade and Broward County…..The women’s prison was waaaayyyyy more scarey than the mens. One woman had her badge on her crotch and my guard (escort) got into it with her for not wearing it properly….I couldnt get out of there fast enough. There was a new line of women coming in while we were walking around. One woman looked like she was at least in her 60′s or 70′s. I asked what she was in for…..she was upset with her landlord so she shot and killed him. Jax has nooooo clue

          • Buck:
            I don’t see that happening in this case. If it does to Chris so be it, he knew what he was doing. He is a disgrace to his family if he is found guilty. As much as I don’t like the way Jax acts, dear Lord I hope this doesn’t happen to her. I don’t think she knew everything that he was doing. Yes, she is guilty but her children need her after she gets the help she so deperately needs. Who will care for the children, that I can’t answer. I don’t know any circumstances about the family. She will have learned a hard lesson and will have to live like the normal people. Somehow the Lord will guide her.This is my opinion and mine only and let me keep it.

            • Barb: Not so sure after reading several articles about how several companies are now blaming the family and they are coming together to sue this is not just one case this is several within one. And the judge already said they were sneaky I do not see much going in their favor since they are playing so many games.

    • These are charges that EVERY corporation and company go through if they file bankruptcy. The creditors all claim that the people in charge took all the money out of the company. Wel will see. I say they will walk with the bankruptcy and that will be that.

  5. Chris and his brother will probably be the ones who will take the big fall and let the wives plead the 5th and hope for the best. I think they all need to go down because there is no way the wives didn’t know what was going on in some regards. Especially with the recordings that BubbaJax did. Auntie DonCaro can open up a day care service for her nieces and nephews.

  6. Jac and her exciting news…sigh..she never gets tired of that tweet. I hope Creeper Laurita does time for his crime..his sanctimonious blah blah about the Giudices was so hypocritical.

    • I can’t stop thinking about Jac-a-loon’s tagline from Season 1: “Everyone likes to have nice things, but I’m not one to brag about it.” Yeah, and she shouldn’t be bragging about those nice things that came at the expense of unpaid vendors, defrauded investors, the cancer charity, et al. What a bunch of a-holes those Lauritas are. They should be ashamed, though I doubt they have the capacity to feel shame.

    • That is what annoyed me the most. He really is insane to have said all that he did about joe guidice’s financial situation, and HIS situation is even worse .

      • Jax lives in a bubble. It is kinda scary that she was tweeting about how many rooms we warmed by her generator and thousands had no shelter at all. Did not even know if their homes survived. Jax tweeted pics of her well stocked pantry and some were hungry. Jax tweeted about exercising to keep warm while many were suffering from exhaustion, fear and shock.
        Now Jax is dining at STK where an entree starts at 29,00 up to 45. , a side order of
        anything is 11 and a salad starts at 13 and goes to twenty. Bearnaise sauce a mere 2, an appetizer around 13 but the dessert is 10. Wine 13 by the glass , a cocktail 16.
        Must be fun not to be bothered by a conscience.
        How many mammograms would 18,000 dollars buy?
        What if Jax son was denied treatment because someone ripped off a charity benefiting autism?

        • You are so right, you don’t know how many times I wanted to jump through this computer and bitch slap the whore. I am hoping that everything she is spewing on twitter and facebook is being monitored. That bitch needs to pay for stealing $18K from the SK Foundation.

          • My parents divorced when I was a teen. My mom raised 5 kids and we are all fairly successful . My mom struggled to finish raising my brother and I. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 26 just after the birth of my first daughter . Mom had insurance but it was no match for her 11 year battle with breast cancer. So yes Barb I suppose you could say i am a little angry about the Susan G Komen. It’s very personal for me. My Mommy was a fighter and went into remission. One day i was brushing her hair and found an indention where the bones of her skull had collapsed. the cancer was back and spread to Mom’s bones. She gave it her best fight. She was a warrior .
            She was diagnosed officially and finally the exact same day as my MIL. Both were dead within a short time of each other. So yes I find Chris Laurita and his wife downright offensive.

            • Stealing froma charity is downright low and beyond excusable.

              Im sorry for your loss Aint, I lost my dad to Mutiple Myloma in 2001.He fought for 18 months before he died,

            • I hate to hear about your mother’s struggle. I know that had to be hard on you to go through that with her. Can totally understand your anger about the Lauritas stealing from Susan B Komen.

              • Thanks Made. It was very tough. I still miss her. I think ripping of any charity tells me all I need to know about the Lauritas. Many women are dependent upon free mammograms. My mom participated in an experimental drug therapy that actually extends the life of breast cancer patients. I applaud any charity any research that fights cancer.

              • Sorry to hear about your mom, Aint. :(

                Komen also donates a substantial amount of money to women with cancer to help with quality of life, including funding transportation/housing for conferences for breast cancer and covering the cost of mammograms, PET scans, bone scans, CTs and MRIs. Anyone who would knowingly steal from cancer patients and their families is disgusting in my book.

        • I must be the most naive person in the world because everyone keeps talking about how cursed awful and irresponsible a personal bankruptcy is and damning people to death for it. But a business bankruptcy? Well that is just a bit of alright, happens all the time doncha know? WTH? I can see how a person can get in financial trouble, upside down a mortgage, a car loan.
          We are supposed to drink the koolaide and think that Chris is some kind of wunderkind entrepreneur and successful businessman and Jax is a pampered housewife. Somehow they must be savvier than we are and more determined, smart and hardworking since they have all the trappings of success. The Bentley, the Range Rover, Mcmansion lavish vacations, baubles designer clothes, shoes and bags. They earned that lifestyle right? Now we find out they liquidated the assets of several companies and spent it to fund that lifestyle? Why aren’t they in jail?

          • because they havent been convicted of any wrong doing yet, when they are I am sure they will see jail as so they should. And who said personal bankruptcy is irresonsible and damning people to death, I havent seen that here maybe I missed it I dont read every line.

            Personaly If I thought those things Id have to condemn myself to everlasting hell
            I dont care who declares Bankruptcy just dont lie in the process and try and pull the wool over the goverments eyes.

            • Lisa for once this really isn’t about you. I have watched Teresa barbequed for two years on the show and in the blogs. Her cast mates have held her up for more ridicule than I can imagine enduring. Yes some people here have said it and then retracted when you were honest. Meanwhile Bravo, the fans , the bloggers all looked the other way when the Lauritas filed a business bankruptcy. If I had not stumbled upon SH I would have never imagined just how ugly Signature Apparel ‘s bankruptcy was. There is something wrong when shady people get a public pass on a 55 million dollar bankruptcy.

              • For next year’s reunion, I would love Andy to invite a superfan for each HW. Andy, if you’re reading this, how about it?

              • What they have done is wrong I hope they see punishment. I didnt know anything about it either until people started talking abour it here. I dont know much about businesses run I work for the Federal goverment what do I know. but it indeed looks very bad for them. I wonder if the reason some dont blog about it before is because the details just are not readly available like the Guidices were heck they even covere dit on the show when she had meeting with her lawyer on camera. Im not putting her down for it just saying the Laurita mess for a long time was almost secret The Guidice one might as well been on a billboard (not Teresa fault) the Info was more readily available for gossip. With Teresa I think people saw her paying 30,000 bucks in cash for furnature on camera,taking hte kids for 1000 buck shoping sprees and spending money like it grew on trees then boom the bankruptcy and the backlash from them lying ect People got pissed and blogged about it details are just emerging on the Laurita and what they have done I bet int he furture people will write about it more esp when the Charity stealing deatals become more known. The Lauritas will see Karma in the press you wait..

              • Agreed Lisa, Jax has had the luxury of not having the focus on this. But when the details become widely known, (thanks to dilligent people like SH), I do not see how she can continue the bobble-headed optimistic act. Those stones are going to shatter her glass mcmansion…

              • you know, the Drag Queen, arent you so Proud of yourself… Patsy HitchCoCk…yeah!!!! for HITCHCOCK———————————————————————————–Alfred that is.

              • @ Deb Web I’m not sure why you feel the need to attack me personally. Attack my posts all day long but this is unnecessary and quite childish. Didn’t Ms. SH warn you earlier? Oh and I guess if it’s important for you to say nasty things at least post them directly at me while we are both online. Thanks.

          • That was my question are they going to get jail time out of this. I do not want to see anyone go to jail but it seems to be getting worse each time a new article comes out. And remember they just got the computer and such that the lauritas said they did not have before. I am sure most of that has been deleted or messed up so bad with virues they will never be found. What do you guys think.

      • I know a business owner that did exactly what Chris Laurita did — looted his business to live a lavish lifestyle, while leaving the business creditors holding the bag — and he was just as sanctimonious as Chris. It’s absolutely disgusting. I’ll bet it happens quite often. There are a lot of dishonest people out there.

          • No, unfortunately and the reason I heard was that US Bankruptcy Trustee is inundated with these fraud cases right now and can only go after the biggest fish. The case was on a much, much smaller scale than the Laurita case, which is why it wasn’t pursued, as far as I know. It really bothers me that the majority of us are so careful to observe the law and do things right, and some people think they’re above it. I hope justice is done here.

            • I bet it happens more on the business side. I hate that so many people think the laws dont apply to them.

  7. Jac always chastised Teresa for acting like everything was fine when it wasn’t yet she does the exact same thing… actually even exaggerates it with all her “what a great day” tweets. It’s this type of hypocritical behavior that makes me dislike the gang of them as much as I do.

  8. I certainly hope as our dear MadePliey suggested that the Guidices are holding some super secret meeting to shake their heads, make condescending remarks about Chris Laurita’s business abilities . In front of Bravo cameras of course with the Laurita’s black sheep brother and cousin or other family in attendance nodding sagely.

  9. I would not doubt if Don,Wacko recorded conversations they had with Andy Cohen and that’s why he does not go after them like he does Teresa. Why else would Caroline decide to leave on her own, Jac has a minimal part next season? Kathy was supposedly fired, so that would lead me to believe she wasn’t smart enough to record meetings with Andy. This is my theory only and I’m going to believe it due to the fact Andy never went after anyone but Teresa because she was an easy target. Maybe this is why Teresa looks silly when talking because she’s the only person on the show that won’t expose her family or boss. Who know’s maybe Teresa and Andy have a deal going and that’s why Teresa does not take thing’s to heart. MOP

    • She does behind close doors… She is not as dumb as they say she is I do think she has trouble finding the right words but who doesn’t she in general seems to be a nice calm, funny, friendly individual unlike some of the others..

  10. Umm, catching up with them. I think she really dreads dealing with it , & as the time gets closer she gets more , ummm, I’ll say amped up. The closer she gets to a trial & maybe going to her “unhappy place” (jail) the more she rambles. I think she’s really spending alot of time thinking about how much she dreads it the more she does the more she needs to tweet. Classic totally classic.

    • Yes, the closer she gets to facing something uncomfortable, a reunion, court.. she starts to Twamble. Hey, I like that ! Twamble ! LOL.

  11. Jac had no problem explaining anything to the attorney’s today. She simply said what she always does, “Teresa is to blame for everything”

  12. Has ol’ Bonnie commented on her daughters case lately or has she been quiet? I know Bubba got after her for tweeting too much info….is the ttmi (tweeting too much info?) instead of tmi?

  13. She is tweeting now that she is at STK with chris and she is flirting with him. They really are nutjobs. If I were in her situation I would be just beside myself. She is in COMPLETE denial. She has two kids to worry about and she acts like a child herself.

    • I think she’s so terrified by the BK that she can’t see or think straight. (Not that her straight is our straight, anyway.)

    • I dont wanna see her flirt with anyone…matter of fact this show has gotten to sexuel lately.

        • even with the ATL show I dont want to see sex toys or even hear about them or what happens in the bedroom. I am still tramatized by the cockring on NJ and the sugar talk on the ATL…I swear i break out in a sweat when i go down the cooking ingredensces isle at the supermarket.

          • I totally agree. The sex talk repulses me and makes people sound desperate. I’m always embarrassed for them. That’s one reason I have the most respect for Nene on RHOA — she always puts an end to those discussions, doesn’t join in. Even she realizes that some things are not mean to be discussed in public.

      • Please she doesn’t take care of those children….she tweets all sorts of things regarding Autisum but do you think she uses any of it. Shes all mouth. She is a sick bitch. Stealing from Cancer Research and now eating out at expensive restaurants.

  14. I’m so glad I don’t have a twitter account. The last thing I want to get every 10 seconds are the random thoughts of a Xanax addicted alcoholic!

    • Stinky don’t let her stop you from twitter as she’d block in 2sec’s flat unless you praise her and her wonderful deeds.

  15. 55 million dollar bankruptcy and they are eating out at STK . I’m so glad they can afford it. Wow! I guess ripping off Susan G Komen is ok because it’s a business bankruptcy. Probably helps if you don’t have a conscience. Seriously who owes 55 million and twitters about eating out at STK after going before the Judge for said bankruptcy.

  16. I doubt seriously if she got deposed today — I would imagine it got rescheduled. I just hope she gets mental health from a physician as she has issues. It’s quite sad.

  17. Now she is at Sea and she is tweeting about the great drinks. The next few tweets should be hilarious. Can’t wait.

    • Again, when you owe $55m, you should be at home humbly eating mac and cheese, not blabbering on about enjoying restaurants that many hard working people who pay their bills cannot afford. She’s a disgusting idiot.

  18. It does seem like the Laurita’s have “got them” some sneaky attorney’s. Secretly recording a phone conversation with opposing counsel with the hopes of getting a “gotcha” moment. Admitting you recorded the conversation, after the fact, when your plan failed…then hoping instead to intimidate the opposing attorney. Is this where Jacko gets all her looney ideas from??? I didn’t see the name of the prosecuting attorney (I’ve looked) but he does seem to have their #! In his letter to the Judge writing: In my 35 years of practice I have encountered few, if any, lawyers with the propensity to twist words like the attorney representing the Laurita’s. Noting “said” zealous advocacy becomes “a lack of candor and trickery” when spin leaves No room for the truth. I can’t help but wonder though, who learned from whom??? Is this who Jacko & Chris have learned from…..or have their lawyers actually learned a thing or two from working with the Lauritas?!!

  19. The Manzoid’s best friend Bernie Kerik played the same game. He’s in jail now. Note to Bubba and Shady Chris enjoy the good life while you can.

  20. Jax lives in a world without consequences. Once she got prego w/Chris’ kid, Chris has taken care of her like her knight in shining armor. Chris has probably told her not to worry so I really don’t think she does. She is a pretty dumb broad and in these legal issues she will not suffer, ever. This will drag on for years and the resolve will be minimal. All they need is to be able to do is continue to pay for good attorneys and all is well. Unless Chris is able to start making cash they will have to downsize and only then will reality slightly creep in. So. uncross your fingers, this will go nowhere.

  21. LMFAO at 1:05 they switch the camera to mego who is batting her glitter fake lashes and petting her hair. She looks like a ridiculous drag queen.

  22. I wonder if they are in the hole financially as bad as it looks like they are, how would they ever climb out? Much less stay on the show while living that lifestyle. The Bravo shows pay well for some , but not that well. I think the guess that the case will drag on for years was right. Chris & Jax have no reason to want to resolve it (at least not if they are guilty) & you know how lawyers can be…

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