BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi on WWHL After Show… Brandi Says FAKEST RHOBH Is Adrienne Maloof!… ‘Splains Why She Bolted Outta FrontPorcha’s Par-tay… VIDEO

November 12, 2012   Bravo    Too bad for the caller who tried to scam for swag from MissAndy!!

Brandi ‘splains why she really left FrontPorcha’s birthday par-tay.  Brandi’s boyz are not allowed to be filmed for the RHOBH… most importantly, her boyz didn’t want to attend a little girls party!  Who can blame them??

Brandi gets into her relationship with Eddie and LeAnn…

WWHL After Show… Part I

Brandi Glanville is asked who is the fakest Housewife and names Adrienne Maloof … Brandi also says that Kyle Richards is two-faced!

WWHL After Show… Part II