TERESA GIUDICE: The “MoneyTreeFactor”… Book Her And Get More Money!!… Double, Triple!!… AND… Tree’s Father Released… ChristmasTreeTime!

November 12, 2012

                “Eggmit it, Andy… youz knowz dat I’m yet money maker!  Jus call me da “MoneyTree!”

While looking for something else…

Came upon this bit of info… if you book Teresa Giudice for YOUR event, the money will roll in!

According to Tony Amato, he can assist you in procuring Tree for your event… and in exchange, youz will be makin’ a whole boat loada money!  Maybe even yachtsfull!!

NOTE:  Money talks!!  BUT… wonder if Tree knows this.  There’s no mention of Mr. Amato on Tree’s site!

AND… in case you were wondering… Mr. Gorga was released from the hospital…

… AND… one part of the annual dueling Christmas photos has been announced!  Wonder who will have the better photos this year!

60 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: The “MoneyTreeFactor”… Book Her And Get More Money!!… Double, Triple!!… AND… Tree’s Father Released… ChristmasTreeTime!

    • Well that’s our answer. No way would Teresa sign with the same company. Shows what a sleeze ball he is by acting as if he already her agent.


  1. Yeah I aint feeling Mr. Amoto’s delivery. “entitled to make a living?????” what the heck? Is that the normal way to get your personality booked? Sounds weak to me. Like he is on the defensive about her rate. Dude, it is what it is and thats all that needs to be said. IMO.


  2. I’m wondering who this shady dude is? Teresa’s website lists Karianne Gilbert as stated in the article. Who would book through anyone else. Is he for real?


  3. I agree moronic Teresa is entitled to work and make a living. Conversely, it’s not my responsibility to hire her if I choose not to.


  4. Wait!! So do Tre and MeGo both know they used the same photographer for their kids’ Christmas pics??? (She’s got a 973 #, so I guess she’s in Jerz??).

    This Tony Amato sleaze is a joke, right??? Is he trying out for a reality show?? He claims to be representing Tre and he uses the word “bizness,” and “intitled”?? Has he really been allowed to come within 50 feet of DeNiro or Kidman?? C’mon! He sounds like a thug! And, to have an argumentative manner about you is NOT the way to entice the public to want Tre at their events. She’s “entitled” to make a living? Why??? How dare he compare a sub-par reality show persona with people who have worked their craft and are actual professionals. That makes me really angry!


  5. Reading all this I can’t fathom these people going bankrupt. I think it’s now a crock and scripted… I wouldn’t pay a dime to see any of them, none of them are worth anything. I am glad Mr. Gorga is getting better and will be home. You can buy all those portraits, who did you rob the money from? Jac, Mehohoho, and yes Teresa they all spend lavishly, how? JMO


  6. Can’t imagine paying to see Mego or lil’Joe. Unless of couse, I had trouble sleeping … Might be worth a try :D


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