SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Brandi Glanville “PoorNoMore” and “NoMoreRimes”…Anderson Cooper “TalkShowTooExpensive”…NASCAR Brawl!!

November 12, 2012

                       “Just thinkin’ of Eddie…”

Brandi Glanville from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills told the NYPost that being a Housewife has saved her from financial ruin.  Brandi also says that while Eddie and wife, LeAnn Rimes, parade her boys around for photo ops, Brandi is prevented from filming with her boys for the RHOBH…

And had this to say about the LeAnn Rimes lawsuit:

But she is no longer speaking to Rimes, who is suing a pair of Glanville supporters for what the country singer alleges is Internet bullying.

“I want the lawsuit to go away,” Glanville says. “It is not going to end up good for anyone. I want LeAnn to be fine. And to be happy. Just take my husband and go away.”


 “They never told me it was about money.  What IS money anyway??  Can you buy jeans with it??”

The REAL reason for the Anderson Cooper Show gettin’ da boot?  M-O-N-E-Y!  AndyCoop’s show was almost DOUBLE the cost of an average talk show…

From the NYPost:

“It was a very expensive show,” said one insider — $20 to $25 million a month, according to reliable estimates versus $10 to $15 million for an average show.

The company producing the show — Telepictures, an arm of Time Warner — was actually losing money on it, unusual for a syndicated daytime show, according to sources, with little chance of getting into the black any time soon.


For all you NASCAR FANS!!!

As for AndyCoop and PopeyeArms Osbourne’s whinin’ about their issues with the gym…

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12 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Brandi Glanville “PoorNoMore” and “NoMoreRimes”…Anderson Cooper “TalkShowTooExpensive”…NASCAR Brawl!!

  1. Why in the world would a talk show cost that much money? A desk, a chair, a host and a dvd player to show film clips. Sounds cheap to me unless the host gets a LARGE salary. What the heck do they have on the craft services table- caviar?


  2. Oh Gawd, I cant watch Gretch & Slimey get engaged and all that jazz boring story line, while having to watch Tamballs & Ellie have a fake wedding shower and fake wedding, snooze fest and tasteless OC, orange crate gifts instead of crate n barrel!


    • I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stomach it either, DW. Wretched, Slame, Tamballs and Ellie are all fake as sh&^ and make me wanna barf.


      • I getch RA lol, can you just imagine what this fake storyline must be like? The search for the “perect gown” and the amazing “engagement ring” and the knee bendings the AH Ha moments… upchuck city!


          • Oh yes you are so right about how they despise each other, I almost forgot about that. Thanks for the memory zonk…They are out trying to do one another and Tamballs won the ( who gets married first skit and Wretchen get the ooolala I get the better romancing the slime skit with a bigger ring.


  3. Unbelievable….I am just SO disgusted! Slimey’s comment about his son “It has affected our life in a major way.” Are you kidding me?! Seriously, are you kidding me?? Why the heck isn’t that man at the hospital every second of the day?? This is his SON he’s talking about…not his neighbor’s child!! I’m just sick over reading about this……
    I really tried to give that guy a chance, as well as Wetchen, in spite of my initial feelings about the “Jeff” story, but last season her true colors really DID come out. Friends with Tamballs???, befriending Dull-Brow for her money…UGH! Those two really do belong together!!
    My prayers go out for this little boy and his ex-wife–so sorry I don’t know her name. I pray for her child’s full and swift recovery, and that his Mom and he both be blessed!!


    • Really right now. Slade first lets not refer to him as a Father. Fathers support their children by whats called child support, not by avoiding having a job to avoid paying…and Wretchen what trash ,be true to yourself and admit what you are…..a stripper kinda girl, with the camera to hide the truth…but you know….you cant take the trash out of the can it always finds its way back to its roots. And your trash Slade and you need to move to the same channel your friend Alexis moved too….reruns. Slade your 15 mins ran out with your morals. Oops forgot you never had any.


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