REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Who Is Kayla Folley or Kayla F. McCarthy??… Will Appear On RHOC… Hopin’ To Be An OC Housewife… Kayla Don’t Care For Alexis Bellino!… Friend of Gretchen Rossi!

November 12, 2012  

UPDATE: November 14, 2012  Kayla says this entire post is a LIE!!  Kayla also attempts to throw around some legal mumbo-jumbo!

Kayla has a Bravo contract:

Kayla never pointed out any lies in this post…

Kayla Folley… prolly from around sometime years ago!  

Kayla has changed her twitter name from “KaylaFolley” to “KaylaFMcCarthy”…  and streamlined her twitter picture to a more “mature” look!


Kayla Folley is labeling herself as an “addition” to the Real Housewives of Orange County…

When told to be ready for negative comments coming from being on the Real Housewives of Orange County… Kayla takes shots at Alexis Bellino… by word…

“I’m not phased by it. People are always going to hate because they have no lives. I know what I am and I know what I’m not. Alexis has had work done, I’ve had none. As she may be beautiful, she’s not real. ;)”

… and by visual bashing!

Kayla is the VIP hostess of Sutra Nightclub in Costa Mesa… and a 2006 graduate of FIDM

Kayla also has twins…

… and Kayla does not know the correct usage of “I” and “me”!!  Perfect Housewife material!!

NOTE:  Kayla says it’s gonna be a great RHOC season.  We’ll be the judge of that, Kayla!!  

(Thanks to SH reader HaWr!!)


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65 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Who Is Kayla Folley or Kayla F. McCarthy??… Will Appear On RHOC… Hopin’ To Be An OC Housewife… Kayla Don’t Care For Alexis Bellino!… Friend of Gretchen Rossi!

  1. Of course, it would be waaaay too much to expect a newcomer to have any semblance of gracious behavior…..Le sigh……..

  2. Perhaps she’s good at backstabbing and she can take the place of the meanest trash in the history of Reality TV…Do I even have to say her name? lol

  3. Hostess at a nightclub.. Real Estate Agent.. Fashion Designer.. Communications Specialist/Web Designer. Sounds like a perfect addition for yet another nauseating Housewife that will pursue ‘branding’ herself. How predictable.

  4. Alexis was on one of the episodes of TLC’s Brides of Beverly Hills that aired this past Friday night. I about fell on the floor from hysterical laughing when she said that one of the dresses she tried on was too low cut and wanted it cinched up by an ……… wait for it …….. INCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t really remember why she was on there. I think she was looking for gowns to wear for a red carpet event or some such nonsense.

    • I saw that….. she seemed soooooooo desperate. Poor thing is having camera withdrawal. Maybe she will get lucky and Dr.Drew will allow fame addicted d-listers to join the cast of Celebrity Rehab.

  5. Best line of the post: “Kayla does not know the correct usage of “I” and “me”!! Perfect Housewife material!!”

  6. I’m guessing FIDM’s acceptance rate and graduation rate are the same at 100%, as long as tuition is paid in full.

  7. Fetch me the smellin’ salts Rotney! A hozewife who claims HER tatas are the REAL deal! (“Alexis Bellino has had work done, but I haven’t’ or whatevah she sniped…..)

  8. Oh no, SH!! Please!! Not another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the one housewives show I considered watching. Damn!

  9. Yikes! Where on earth are they getting these new HWs from? OC was always my favorite, but has deteriorated the last couple of years. So…for S8 we have the faux wedding of Tamballs and Eddie, the engagement of Slade and Wretched, Alexis and the trampoline place, and Heather Dullbro being boring. Vicki tweeted the other day that she was filming, but that’s probably her goodbye scenes. Might be time to switch over to watching the BH bunch.

  10. of course producers would add someone to gretchen’s side. so it will be gretchen, alexis, heather, this new chick, vs. alexis?! that’s very fair. when are they going to put someone on the show to treat Tamra like crap? THAT is a show I will be willing to watch! I don’t care what this trick has to say about Alexis, she looked beautiful in that photo with short hair. Alexis def. has her ‘moments’ lol…but at the end of the day I don’t get a very malicious vibe from her..stupid…not malicious. Just b/c her breasts are fake doesn’t mean her whole body is – she obv. works hard to keep her body in line, she had twins for crying out loud! lol. unlike heather d….just saying!!!

  11. I’ve been to Sutra in Costa Mesa. It’s a club that completely tries to be high end but isn’t at all. It’s not very big, and the crowd is meh. It has NOTHING on the hot clubs in Hollywood, just saying. It’s on the 2nd floor of a shopping center, lol.

    • Gold!!
      Loving it.
      Stoopid Housewives ‏@stoopidhsewives

      @KaylaFolley @luvergurl76 YO! Kayla! Would suggest that you quit while you’re ahead… have a good day, sir!

  12. Its a law that someones twitter handle has to be credited? what da deuce? Kayla’s Folly doesn’t even know how funny she is.

      • Yep. And it wont even “phase” her. She seems to want to backtrack on her saying that Alexis was not real. That was her quote. Right out of her mouth. Now she wants to say she doesn’t really know her? Hummmmm seems like that’s EXACTLY what everyone who didn’t know Alexis tried to do to her last year. Say she was fake. Yep she will fit right in.

    • Kayla is a tool. This is my best impersonation of her mumble jumbles: Me and me larrrrwers ahh gerna sue youzzzzz! lol

  13. Isnt this RealMisterHousewife’s husband?
    Chris Adelaide ‏@chris_lala

    @KaylaFolley Honestly don’t even bother trying to talk sense into SH, that site is just arrogant and pointless x

  14. Kayla SHOULD be thanking SH for the exposure. She needs it — she only has 63 Twitter followers. My cat has more followers than that, and she isn’t even in Heat.

  15. I have no idea who Kayla is but now I am prepared to dislike her! How stupid of her to attack SH. Evidently she doesn’t know that housewife fans love their Stoopid Housewives site. I love reading everything on here! Thanks!

  16. Umm don’t know , don’t think I’ll care to. If she starts by name calling she’s just another Tamara , except Tamara can be funny when she wants to.

  17. She did not say that about Alexis.They are both in a photo together .Maybe they will be friends.Maybe they will not.You guys need to get it might be about dum housewives as you call it.But not called tell Lies .i will only watch because Alexis is on season 8.We suport the Bellinos now for 3 seasons.5-7 now 8.she has gained alot of viewers. I liked her from the very beginning.kind soul confident funny.She could stand alone and never changes her beliefs to fit in.

    • pip: Kayla most certainly DID say that re Alexis Bellino! And DID say ALL the words in this post. Are you visiting your family, Alexis?? Writing from their home?? Thought so!! ANOTHER OC Housewife who is a total sneak! SH

        • OMG. Did a 3rd grader wright that incomprehensible b.s.? I shudder to think about the level of stupidity it must take to compose and then post that comment. Pip, poor schmuck, needs to get off the boob tube and complete their primary school education.

        • Good luck with that friend thing Alexass ! My IQ drops every time I have to see bimbo brains try and spit out a sentence on RHOC. She makes Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies look like veritable astrophysicist.

        • Kinda like when Gretchen had no friends.Alexis stood by gretchen & slade.Alexis had vicki last season.Tamra and bravo must have quit the many of us has said .She never takes the heat for anything.Alexis is confident and strong.Gretchen said she did not like the drama with Alexis and the other girls last was not fun.Bravo forces them to do some of there little stunts to make for show.We all know that.

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