REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Will Be Returning Rumors… AND… Interesting Emails From “FriendOfGiudices”… Will Sheila Giudice Be A Housewife?

November 12, 2012  

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is presently filming season FIVE.

The following info comes from a pretty reliable source, which got the info from THEIR source.   So, not sure whether to give this all the side eye or not, but here goes!  NOTE:  As stated… “givin’ this the side eye”…  NOT SURE if this info is meant to be a distraction from the REAL goings on re casting decisions at the RHONJ or not!

They were told that ALL the RHONJ are returning…ALL of them!   AND…the Bravo producers wanted to take advantage of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy for the RHONJ viewers!   NOTE:  Know for sure that the RHONJ are filming and that they wanted the Sandy disaster included… anything for the show!!

Which explains BubbaJax’ tweet about the Bravo cameras…  NOTE:  Could BubbaJax be turnin’ on da Gorgas??

This source also added that the Manzoids are moving to a condo in Hoboken, where da lil Manzoids new restaurant will be located.

Another plan for da Manzoids is the possibility of lil CritterFUR to run for office in Hoboken.

Another tidbit of info or should it be another “theory”:  the REAL reason for the Manzoid hate toward Tree is that Tree wrecked their (DonCaro and Bravo) plan to make DonCaro the KrisKardashian of the RHONJ.   Yes, DonCaro was supposed to be the “Momager” of all her lil Manzoids, but was foiled by the Punta Cana bar brawl involving her boyz.   NOTE:  Givin’ this the side eye, too!

In searching through the SH emails, came across these from a person who claims that they know all the cast members really well!

The following was included in email communication with someone who claims they are very close friends with all the cast members… from October 2011:

I know ALL of them very well!!!

RE Teresa Joodice’s Season Four Premiere Party:  

The party was a complete BUST. There were not even 100 people there. Teresa and her family took a party bus there. Teresa’s father and Joe Giudice’s father were not there. Teresa’s mother and mother in law were there. 

Pete and Sheila Giudice were there and following the cameras ALL OVER!!!! Read Sheila’s tweets about tonight. She is all of a sudden obsessed with Teresa and the whole “housewives” image. You have to see her posts. Now, she calls her husband Juicy Pete meanwhile they have a VERY rocky marriage. It has been rumored that, that is the reason the show wants them. Pete Giudice even has a new profile picture up from last night. Sheila and Teresa have been enemies for years. But, now Joe Giudice want his brother on the show so they can gang up on Joe Gorga. They have been jealous of Joe Gorga since they were kids. Pete is an absolute lunatic.

 NONE of the other women, their husbands, or children were in attendance. Not one cast member was present. She has burned every bridge she had.   Dina Manzo was there for about a half hour. They made sure to get PLENTY of photos so it appeared to the press she was there all night.  NONE of Teresa’s “friends” were there. It was all family and the Bravo crew. 

I am friends with many of the housewives and have know the Giudice family a really long time!

Caroline’s issues are not about Teresa’s book success. Caroline did not like the digs in Teresa book. Melissa did not like the digs either. Melissa and Teresa were not on speaking terms when she started that book. So, if you wanted to repair a relationship would you right (write) that.

Caroline and Melissa were not the only ones upset by the book. Sheila Giudice took legal action against Teresa for putting her kids picture in the book without permission.They were not on speaking terms. Sheila had to later drop the case.

Caroline was a part of other business ventures and so was Jacqueline. Teresa went behind their backs to try and produce the same things. It has nothing to do with the books. That was the reason for Jacqueline’s blog a few weeks back when she tells Teresa she has her hands in every business.

She knew Jacqueline was working on a makeup business venture. So, she was determined to get her nail polish/ lipstick line out asap.   Caroline- a line of cookware.

October 14, 2011…

Interesting fact Sheila Giudice is friends Joe Mastropole.  She also is friends with Danielle Staub. She was always against the Giudice family!

How about some Pete Giudice gossip? His bankrupcy case is October 25th. They do not own the current home they live in. They have NO money.

Also, he gets drunk just like Joe all the time. At the Posche fashion show Pete was drunk and seen yelling at a group of woman. The police asked him to go inside. He is an animal.

the tweets from dina and teresa are commical. they are so predictable. teresa never once had anything to say about dina’s show now she is tweeting for her show and dina is tweeting teresa didn’t ruin any relationship. these 2 are both the same….liars….disgusting.

October 26, 2011

Pete Giudice is broke. They live in Totowa NJ but, do not even own the home they live in. They abandoned their Kinnelon, NJ home and had to sell their house home in South Jersey because they couldn’t afford it. Pete was trying to “keep up” with his brother at that time and sure couldn’t!

Pete and Sheila have a rocky marriage and fight like animals. Sheila doesn’t get along with her along in laws at all.

Pete and Sheila have major financial issues and need to get on this show.

Pete’s and Joe’s dad is retired from the stucco business. He owns a “cafe” now.

Sheila looks old because she tans every single day of her life! Haha

The house they left was Amira Lane in Kinnelon….

NOTE:  Sheila Giudice’s Facebook Page has been scrubbed!

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272 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Will Be Returning Rumors… AND… Interesting Emails From “FriendOfGiudices”… Will Sheila Giudice Be A Housewife?

  1. Funny how right after a story about Jax being crazy, this comes out about how horrible the Giuduces are…..hmn

  2. If this is true and Bravo is exploiting Sandy and the devastation to the East Coast, they are lower than low. You can’t even call them sub-humans because that would be way too nice. Absolute filth.

      • Thanks. I would think that now that all the bullcrap is going down that they would use different people. Its prolly MeGo being stubborn. MeGo SHOOULD be the one that has to go elsewhere since Tree used her first. I know it sounds petty but those pictures are expensive and very important to them. I remember Tree saying something like she didn’t want to keep seeing the same pictures all the time. So even if the girls are dressed different from the Gorga kids and different backdrops are used the pictures will have a similar look to them.

        • Attention all HW who have declared BK or are on the brink of financial ruin — How about a candid photo in front of the Christmas tree for your card, like the rest of us do? Walgreens sells 20 cards for about $10.

            • NO I didn’t know that. That would be great! One year I made up a fake Christmas newsletter (well it wasnt actually fake. I actually told everybody EXACTLY what was going n with my family at the time and didn’t sugar coat it like those family newsletters usually do.) I didn’t send it out but momma had me read it a Christmas. Most of them laughed. Cept the ones that got told on.

            • Heck fire, when my kids were little I was happy if everyone remembered to wear their underpants. Everything was gravy after that!

            • Now THAT is an idea- especially for families that have some handfuls and eccentrics like mine ;) I made nice individual wreaths for each dining room chair (an idea I stole from Dina Manzo) for Christmas dinner and now I can entertain by telling everyone’s dirt after a few drinks! I get the best ideas from this website!!

            • Hers, I think everyone does too, but you know how some people try to pretend that they don’t? I heard this quote from Julia Sugarbaker from the sitcom Designing Women and I loved her sentiment on crazy people and the south.
              Julia: “I’m saying this is the South. And we’re proud of our crazy people. We don’t hide them up in the attic. We bring ‘em right down to the living room and show ‘em off. See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family. They just ask what side they’re on.”
              And Phyllis replies : “Oh? And which side are yours on Mrs. Sugarbaker?”
              Julia: “Both.” :)

            • I found that the best way to get over the awkward silence left by the few that will storm out is to have everyone sing Deck the Hall as loudly and as jolly as possible. Also let everyone know up front that you are armed with a tazer gun so no one gets cute and thinks they are gonna shut ya up. :)
              Get yourself pumped up beforehand by playing this on your ipod in granny’s bathroom

            • That is a great prep song! I will sing along as I play it on my phone and stare intently in the mirror prior to dinner This is my first year hosting and I was a little worried. You save me, Made! #letthegoodtimesrollbitches

            • Oh to be a fly on the wall at Made’s Holiday festivities. If and that is a big IF I go to my fams at Christmas I may just borrow. My nephew , the lay Preacher at First Congregational Church of our Placid Lady Of Peace and Joy just had daughter number 3 come up pregnant, unwed and refusing to name the baby Daddy. Probably wise since it’s deer season. I hate to see another hunting “accident”. It was tough enough coming up with soothing , trite phrases when Daughters 1&2 were knocked up without benefit of wedlock not sure how well the elderly congregation will handle this one. It helps that nephew looks like Burt Reynolds without the porn ‘stache. Christmas ought to be downright fascinating.

            • Fingers crossed. The last baby is still carrying around the god-awful name Porsche Chanel. I. Kid. You. Not. My dear Mama has rolled over in her grave so many times she is probably half way to China by now. That beats Moses Journey all to heck tho. My own hair turns a little bit more gray and I must admit I indulge in a second glass of wine when I contemplate what Niece number 3 will come up with.

            • Porsche Chanel?! Don’t we all know a yappy little dog named Chanel? It’s bad enough when people give their dogs these names, let alone their kids.

            • Thanks Made! Love me some Dixie Chicks. At this point I just choose to be amused at their antics, my sister has gray hair and a permanent nervous condition that requires xanax and Wild Turkey in her ice tea glass. Downside she can’t drive her new Lincoln under the influence so she is cruising around town in my departed mothers land yacht the 86 Bonneville. We aren’t all crazy just really eccentric.
              My hubs is greatly amused by my family. His family has cocktails then dinner at the Country Club followed up with Christmas Eve Mass.

            • Ruth I’m not sure what they were smoking…. I don’t even go there anymore. I just say bless your heart a lot and stock up on gift cards to the stork shop. They all live in my very small home town and probably fit right in. My first cousin named her daughter Prairie Drum Flower and it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket ever since in the naming dept.

            • Do you come from a family of hippies. No cute little personalized keychains or license plates huh? Unique spellings are one thing….

            • This reminds me of the time my husband played a joke on his coworker. This guy had a photo of his three year old son in a frame on his desk. My husband replaced the photo with one of himself in the same exact pose…wearing a red cap and a blue shirt…with the same expression. i confess I snapped the photo. But it was sooo funny. And it took the guy a good week to notice…even with my husbands five o clock shadow.

            • @ Ruth. No hippies. My cousin was adopted ,when she turned 18 her Native American father’s attorney found her and she inherited something like 16 million and a whole batch of oil leases. So she honored her ancestors with names that sounded like they were plucked from a lurid romance novel or a Broadway Play depending on your level of literacy. I still like to drive past her McMansion on the bluff with the 6 feet tall Nut Cracker like wooden soldiers in the red wooden guard shacks on either side of the electric gate. She now has a helipad. Cracks me up and I always think of my Momma tootling past the house and telling us “your cousins good taste is unfortunately confined to he mouth!’. Or this gem, “nothing like pretension combined with ambition “.

            • Wel.thisisjustineinalonglistofworkprankssoIdontrememberbutthisguyhasntmuchofasenseofhumo.thatswhymyhoneypicksonhi.

  3. Yeppers You can stick a fork in me too. I’m done. I’ve had enough of the Manzoids bad behavior and bullying. Can’t stand drunk Jac, or the Whorgases. Done done done. I’ll get my weekly recaps from SH and the rest of the crew here. Thanks for nuthing Bravo

  4. I’ll believe who the cast is when I see the whites of their lil’ eyes. In Bubba’s case, her cray-cray bloodshot eyes!

  5. Interesting but if all of them come back then they have to bring new women to “freshen” it up a bit. No one wants to eat the same sweet potato pie.

  6. If they all come back, I won’t be watching again. I had planned to pick it back up (didn’t watch last season at all – except for a few minutes of reunion here and there) but ONLY if there was some fresh blood and ONLY if the stale blood was canned.

    If stale blood (I’m looking at you Katfish, Jax and (wishful thinking) MeGo) comes back…. and they don’t bring in some fresh (like Penny or JTG)… I’m out for good.

  7. Here’s a twist. What if Jax, Caro,Mego and Katfish continued with RHONJ and Tree, her clan and friends called “Franklin Housewives” and they go head to head winner takes all. They would be great sport.

  8. The only way I can imagine this working is that they use Storm Sandy as the impetus of forgetting their petty grievances and move on. Of course it would all be scripted. I knew as soon as we saw Lapband and Chuckie getting an apartment in Hoboken, something was up with that.

    btw, Lapband has got to be the most immature 24 yo on the planet, such as stated below in the imbecile chord moniker. She is a 24 year old woman who tweets about going to see Justin Beiber and then see Annie the Musical in one week Seriously sad.

  9. That hoboken apt Caro rented is not cheap believe me. So they have the house and the apartment. She rented it for the show. It must be 5000 per month. Why add that extra expense ? For the dumb show? By the time this show ends, these idiots will be totally broke.

  10. The Manzoids/Lauritas and BGG are very quiet on twitter today. Weird especially for BGG who is always ranting or arguing with someone. Caro announced that she has a headache! What the hell else is new.

    • DonCaro has probably decreed that they ALL must have headaches as well. We know she’s going thru menopause so they can’t synch their cycles so….wants to get everyone on the same page before her move to Hoboken.

  11. I can’t imagine anything more miserable and pathetic than hanging out with my 5o something menopausal mother. If I were Lauren I would be looking at Condos….in Europe. Alone.

    • Lauren doesn’t want to break the ties that feed her. She has nothing if it doesn’t come from mommy/daddy or riding the loser brothers coattails into loserdom.

      Her personality sucks no matter how much she weighs.

      She can move, but her personality will move with her dumb arse. And neither are going to get very far b/c they both suck. Little girl Lauren has a LOT of growing up to do. There’s a reason dumb Vito hasn’t put a ring on her fat little finger yet…and I’m thinking his parents don’t really like Lauren that much OR Vito’s bread and butter come from his family business and Loser Lauren can’t see herself living farther than 2 minutes from her mommy. She’s a fool. A whiny, bitc&y, immature, uneducated fool who thinks she’s got it all figured out.

  12. Well well well. It seems Giudice apples don’t fall far from the tree. Pete is lunatic and obviously he and Joe have the same vices. They like to drink and have wives who think they are richer and more important than they really are. Both families have major money problems including filing bankruptcy. I just loved the part about Teresa’s season 4 party. Apparently Teresa has no “FRIENDS” if the ony people who would show up for the party was “the Bravo Staff” and “family” Rather tell tale article. I am kind of hoping they put Shiela on the show. Just another friendly face who also doesn’t like Teresa.

    • I dunno if i would like that, it would mean more “poor poor innocent Teresa who never does a thing and gets beat up on”posts

      • I don’t recall anyone saying that Teresa “never does anything wrong”?? The comments I’ve seen are of people giving the opinions that the others are being shown as “perfect”, & that Teresa is the only one with issues. I’ve also seen comments that state they find Teresa LESS “crazy” than the others, & would choose to hang out/be friends with her, if they had to choose someone out of ALL the NJ Housewives. I don’t see that as claiming that Teresa “can do no wrong”……..???
        Side Note: Sheila & Teresa are on good terms again. Seems Sheila WAS on Melissa’s side, but something happened, & now she’s good with Teresa.

        • Perhaps you need to read a bit closer because several people here have stated everything is Melisa,jax and Carolines fault and Teresa did nothing wrong.

          • I was only saying that I haven’t read any comments that claim Teresa does NOTHING wrong, as in she’s NEVER wrong. There are times(yes, more often than not), in certain situations, where people feel that, in THAT situation, Teresa was in the right……but I never took that as they were claiming Teresa was right ALL the time. Plus, I remember reading one of your comments, stating that there are times where you believe Teresa is in the right, & the other women are in the wrong. I see their comments as being the same. They agree with Teresa(again, more often than not)……..BUT, it’s not ALL the time.

            • Well let me rephrase it them, she may do wrong but people justify what she did to make it Ok.

          • There is a diffrence between “doing no wrong” and not being at fault in a fued. I know you have stated that it takes two. But think of it like this, Remember your situation with the co-worker from hell? Was that halfway your fault? heck no. She was the lil ninny that went around talkin smack about you. She went to your boss and all dat. She was 100% to blame. She tried to wreck your workplace environment. Even wanted you to get fired(people say Tree should just leave the show if she loves her family so much-this statement burns my britches- Just like you should not have had to change departments because of that troublemaking butthole Tree should not be made to feel that leaveing the show is her only option for sanity. I see Trees situation with MeGo the same way as your work thing. MeGo started it and we have proof of that (danielle) We have zero proof of tree doing anything other than react to that crazy ladies bull crap. So imagine how angry you would get if your other co workers were ganging up on you during that period and telling you you needed to just suck it up and get over it and that maybe it was your fault. Oh hail no. There is always someone that starts it. Always. And that person will always be in the wrong regardless of how the victim reacts.

            • well actually I did make mistakes and did do somethings I shouldnt have instead of ignoring her

            • I get that. But what I am saying is SHE started it. She was in the wrong. Same with MeGo. A-holes like the girl you worked with and MeGo dont get to go thru life acting a mess and expect their targets to just “ignore them” Pokin a bear always has consequences. Cause=effect. And they dang sure shouldn’t torment people to the point of changing departments or leaving a show.

            • I understand what you are saying and agree to a point, How we react is our responsiblity we choose our reactions and we are 100% resonsible. I got in trouble and was held resonsible for my actions as I should have been. Teresa IMO dosnt get a free pass and her/we saying “she started it” sounds like we are back in grade school. all of these women are grown adults not 6 yr olds Including Teresa. IMO the excuses I have heard from all concerned on the show dosnt justify their behaviors, Jax,melissa caroline and yes Teresa are all in the wrong.

            • Well sure. This season I have seen Tree “ignore” and “take the high road” at every turn against these women. For me, after a veeeeeeeeery late in the game eggmittance and half ass apology for contacting Danielle, I saw Tree accept that with much more grace than I would have. And then to have that A-hole turn right around and tell me that since everyone has issues with me then the fault is mine would have sent me over the edge. To quote Closet Freak, I would have been like “Dis Bitch” Especially KNOWING that the “issues” are freakin jealousy over my successful business endeavors.

            • It is unfortunate but also karma that Jax and MeGo will find themselves experiencing what Teresa went through the past two seasons. I am hoping that Teresa does not continue the folly of kicking a friend or relative if/when they are down but takes the high road. Let them walk a mile in Teresa’s shoes and maybe they will discover that mercy and compassion would have been a better choice all round.

            • Made and Ain’t I like your thinking. Granted Teresa is/was no angel but she took enough bull s**t to last her a lifetime. The Karma is going to get both Jac and MeHo and yup they sure deserve it.

            • I think now Tree is to the point that she wouldnt piss on em if they was on fire. So when the fit hits the shan they can just cry on each others shoulders. Tree is finished with them. They aggravate. Who needs that?

            • They will get far more then they deserve if Teresa clicks ignore. They never had a seconds thought about kicking her when she was down. They lit the match to the firestorm surrounding Teresa. Jax kept adding fuel to the flames. Teresa walked the high road better than I could. I’m not sure I would not have gone postal. Now it is the coven’s turn. Jax thinks she bought herself another season with the autism storyline and she also believes she bought herself a pass. I don’t think she is going to be that fortunate . The Signature Apparel is still about to hit the fan.

            • I completely agree with this. Melissa started that feud plain and simple when she reached out to Danielle and starting spilling the beans about Teresa and Joe. As early as the S2 PFS, Danielle had information about Teresa’s house being in foreclosure. I would bet money that Danielle got that scoop from a sneaky, jealous SIL of Teresa’s.

            • You know Made, I fear for future generations. The whole “two sides to every story” generation. There is no more right and wrong. Someone screws up and everyone looks at the violated person and says “well, what did you do to her first?”. I was twenty two years old, with a baby, newly married. I kissed my husband goodbye in the morning, went to work. Came home, no husband, no baby. Called his mother. Yes, she had my daughter. My husband had “things to do”. I picked up my baby. Called his mom again at 10 pm. Has she seen him? No. I was worried, should have been mad. Next morning, no sleep for me. Had to go to school. No husband. Couldnt go to school, no babysitter. Called his mom. have you seen him? No. She said…you know, there are two sides to every story. We werent fighting, I did nothing wrong to him….he just wanted to go on a 36 hour drinking binge. I was never able to finish college because this was a pattern for him. But, according to his mother, this must somehow be both our faults. No wonder he did the things he did. His mother told him….there are two sides to every story. Accept no responsibility. I say….sometimes you are just absolutely, flat out, no doubt about it…WRONG. I dont know really, in terms of RHONJ, know who has done what. But I dont think its fair for people to ASSUME that Teresa did something wrong just because she is getting such viciousness from her ex friends. There is that little thing called jealousy to take into account…and oh, that pesky little “right and wrong” thing too. If you still believe in the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and right and wrong.

            • Have you forgotten about the sprinkle cookies? Teresa threw away MeGo’s sprinkle cookies!!! That is an act of war and Teresa deserves every bit of vicious hatred that MeGo heaps upon her. Okay, okay, I kid. But, seriously, the only grievance MeGo can come up with is those darned sprinkle cookies. Nobody was going to eat them, WTH was Teresa supposed to do with them–have them bronzed and put on display for all eternity?

            • This was all I could think about when Melissa was screaming she was the victim on the reunion. She is hysterical over sprinkle cookies… this is all about damn sprinkle cookies. Mind boggling.

            • Just because Teresa did (or didnt) start the fued dosnt absolve her from what she has done…It kills me how people think its ok she act the way she acts because”she didnt start it” All involved are wrong in their own ways IMO its irrelevent who started what Its being going for so long I doubt anyone ever remember s who started it and when it started.

            • No I compare MeGo to OBL. Complete with sleeper cell coming on Tree’s soil and terrorizing her and her family. Maybe thats too severe. So back to the Rocky analogy when someone messes with your family,… there’s no easy way out! Aggression MUST be dealt with.

            • Well Melissa,jax and Caroline live in NJ to so they hardly came to teresa’s soil ;) I am not saying they are right and Teresa is wrong, I am saying they are all wrong in their own ways,

            • Her show? last I saw is that there were more people on the show then Teresa and Andy can hire who he chooses to be on the show. Teresa dosnt own it or run it nor does she have any say on who is on it.

            • May I please point out that Teresa apparently does have some say, actually quite a bit of say, since 2 out of 3 of her friends are potential replacements on RHONJ. Also its most likely buh-bye Ajax , Chuckie plus spawn of Chuckie. Despite AJax animal alphabet game I’m guessing she is way to cra cra to film.

            • The sprinkle cookies will getcha every time. They should make a “sorry I threw out your sprinkle cookies” card. Oh and a “congratulations on your redone home” one too. While we are at it…..”Good Luck With Your Bankruptcy”…..”Way To Go! 100,000 Twitter Followers!”….”Good Luck With Your New________ Line” (that one can be reusable…just change the ________………). Maybe a little putting things into perspective would go a long way here. If your friend doesnt care for your new haircut…its not ok to kill them in the middle of the night. Just a thought.

            • Great Idea. Slogans? A card with a bite for every slight. Or: For when you dislike them so much, you’d knock down their crutch. (Aviva?) Or: Your kids are so lazy its driving me crazy!(card verse) The next time you yell at my Gia is the last time anyone will see ya! The possibilities are endless

            • Your wife’s singing sucks and when you run out of money, she’ll replace you so fast cuz you were never HER honey….Your money is gone cuz you built her a castle, now you live in Tre’s basement, oh what a hassle!…Your lapband’s too tight it’s squeezing your heart, oh nevermind, twas that small from the start….Too much botox it’s said can be bad for the body, not to worry my dear, you just drink a hot toddy…..You HAVE to tweet, you MUST be on twitter, is it because your heart is so bitter?..,.sorry. Got carried away but it’s sooo easy with these guys!

            • Sprinkle cookies suck. I’d only keep the cookies if they were sprinkled with gold dust. Then I’d sell the cookies to RHOB ladies because they love edible gold dust. I bet Kim Z would pay top dollar for them just because they sound expensive.

            • I belong to the Personal responsibilty generation where You are held accountable for what you do and dont have a laundry list of why it ok you did what you did and you dont use the excuse “he started it like 5 r old” ( I will admit there can be exceptions to this)

            • The exception is when you are bullied. Tree didnt go hard on MeGo this season, no tables were flipped. She has learned to channel her rage into just succeeding. That kills them and its waaaaaay more effective than flippin a table.

            • Maybe, so when Danielle comes back and starts seeking her revenge on jax,caroline and Teresa for the Bulling they did you will be Ok with that?

            • Made, I so agree with what you said above. Do not mess with my family. I can be the nicest person, but mess with my children or parents, and it will not go well for you.

            • Exactly Made you proved right there that my contention regarding Teresa’s ability to grow and change. The coven were working over time to push Teresa’s buttons all season. She didn’t give them the satisfaction just walked away. Caroline , Jax are just bitter, joyless jealous whiners.

            • IMO bullying is way out of hand in the good old USA and IMO much of it from not making the bullies take responsibility. If ya did it. OWN IT!

            • Exactly. And Tree of a few seasons ago would have crammed that book up Jax beehind at the field day stuff. But she reigned it in and merely said(not yelled like Don tried to say) “worry about your own family”

            • Not disagreeing with you Bullying is def a problem, But (you knew a butt was comming lol) I do think Bullying is being a word overused and used for cases clearly NOT bullying. I am not directing this towards You or even the RHs. just in general.

            • Lisa , I have friends in the school system and some at very high levels . Bullying has reached epidemic proportions. I believe Teresa was systematically bullied. What happened to Teresa unfortunately meets all the criteria. It happens in the schools, the workplace and on social media. The more we ignore it and turn our heads the less apt we are to solve it.

            • Parkview. You are dead on. My BFF was married to an abusive, binge drinker who would just disappear for 24-36 hours and spend every drop of money they had on booze and skanks. His mom was a huge indulgent enabler who excused him at every turn. My friend began to walk on tip toe around her husband always striving to be the perfect wife and then mother. Years later after lots of therapy she walked away. It was never her fault!
              I am so angry and sick of hearing it takes two, she doesn’t have to react. Tell that to the young mother crying at home alone with two babies and a husband at the bar drinking all their hard earned money away. If we follow that reasoning then it is her fault she can’t pay the bills? Ugh. We have become a nation of blame the victim. Blame the rape victim,
              Blame the abused wife. Blame the murder victim. No it does not always take two.
              Also am very sorry you went through that am wishing you all the best.

            • There is no comparasion between rape and abusive relationships and Petty stupid family fights. Oh course a rape victim isnt at fault nor is a abusive spouse, but if you have a family that takes pot shots at each other and gossip and acts like bitches to one another you bet there are 2 sides and both are wrong.

            • Maybe to you but that is my opinion Lisa. And no it isn’t always the fault of both in a family fight. You have aright to express your opinion without chastising me about mine.
              Recently my two great nieces cornered my 4 your old grandson and kept asking him what was wrong with him and why cant you talk right. They are 12 & 13. I tried explaining very nicely and respectfully but they would not shut it . So we quietly left. As always i took the high road. We get in the car and grandson says “Nanna I talk really good!”. Black with rage. I explained a week later what happened to my sister who told me I was to sensitive. Right. I won’t fight with them but they will not see me or grandson again. I’m done. Guess what they keep dialing up the drama and talkingt o other family members and posting shite ob FB and texting us. Kinda like the Marcos. So no it does not take two just one giant asshole.

            • I am not chastising you at all, you keep claiming I am I am giving my opnion on a subject that is all.
              I am not mentioning your name or even saying you are wrong, so please stop accusing me of chatising you i am not.

            • Love ya Lisa. Apologizing for chastising comment. We just have strong opinions and butt heads now and then. You don’t have to stamp your little feet but we are both right? How is that.

            • Accepted, I will admit there are situtions where it is one sided I can admit that I shouldnt have used such a broad paint brush to paint with, But im right..*runs away giggling and blowing kisses to AINT*

            • Thanks Aint. I get the whole “two wrongs dont make a right” thing. It is wrong to retaliate. But I think that some people like to use that concept as an excuse. Like…I can keep treating you like crap because it would be wrong for you to retaliate. I will just keep doing whatever I want to you….because if you do something back to me….YOU become the one in the wrong. And then I can focus on what you did to ME that was wrong. Personal update….my husband and I were married for ten years…most of which was a struggle for me. The last year or so, he started to calm down a little. Im sure he knew that he hadnt treated me right. Warning! Incoming shocker…..he suddenly died. Doctors gave him a mix of meds after surgery that combined with his body chemistry, caused a heart attack. 29 years old. My youngest was a week from her second birthday. It was hard at first. I was devastated for my girls. But to be honest, a few months later, I began to realize that being a single parent was actually easier for me than always worrying about what sabatoge he would come up with next. And I honestly feel that God took him away because he didnt treat me right….and was a bad example to his girls of how they should expect to be treated. Because really, it took the top medical examiner in the country 6 months and dozens of phone calls to me to come up with an autopsy. No, it was not the doctors fault. And no, I did not sue him. The meds in his system would not have killed someone else. So………A few years later, I remarried. He is a gift from God. And my girls love and respect him. But I did warn him….treat us right. God dont like ugly.

            • Thank you for sharing Parkview. I walked the walk with my bestie and I know how painful it feels. My heart broke for her and those babies. Her family would even question what she was doing “wrong”. I am so glad for your happiness. Sorry for your loss but glad life gave you a wonderful husband who loves you all as you deserve to be love. My mama would say you earned your wings.I know you did and lots of happiness too.

            • Sorry you had to go through that Park. Glad you are happy now. You hit the nail on the head when you said “I will just keep doing whatever I want to you….because if you do something back to me….YOU become the one in the wrong.” I feel like that is exactly the mentality that MeGO has and I keep seeing her scream “You don’t get to be the victim, you know who does? MEEE!” It a horrible way to do someone. Maybe she will just leave the family of her own free will for a BBD. That would be a blessing for the entire family.

            • The Gorga money is running out and once MeGo gets the Bravo boot she will find a new mark . MeGo will dump JoGo before you can blink.

            • Yes ma’am your story is a good example of flat out wrong. I bet it was infuriating to have his momma say that to you. He owed you an apology with no excuses. No bull crap. Its a bit of a character flaw of mine that I have a mind like a steel trap when it comes to recalling EXACTLY where someone went off the rails with me and if they dont apologize to me following the exact script I have in my head that they DESERVE to follow and in a timely manner then I am megabitch. That’s me at my worst. Tree accepted a cockamamie hormone excuse from Mel that would have been a DONE DOLLA move in my book. Where is Romo???

  13. So, this person wants me to believe that Teresa is so powerful that she created, manufactured and distributed a cosmetic line while poor Jaqoholic was still in the ‘thinking about it’ stage? Just to steal Jaq’s idea. Yeah. That sounds logical. ~Raises eyebrow~

  14. What can’t this franchise find any people that live in NJ that actually have money. Jeez. Pathetic. I don’t think Danielle would add any value. They need to scrap them all and start fresh!

  15. Ok….SH I take your honest opinion on everything about the housewives. That being said,do you think this supposedly insider is real? I mean that everyone knows people come out of the woodwork who are best friends,longtime family friend,school friend and next door neighbors but most turn out to be posers..I never take anything someone supposedly heard or was there to seriously as am very cynical person. It seems funny that this person has a agenda of her own and is setting the stage for more drama. I mean bravo has been known to write the script ahead of time and are not beneath getting someone to play the part. What is your take on this? And am wondering if anyone here feels the same or if am off base.(wouldn’t be the first time)

  16. These secret identity ” source” stories are like dvd movies to me. As an extra on the dvd there are alternate endings. You can chose an ending from a certain point. Each “”source” offers a different possible cast and we say how that cast will work for us. We all have a different favorite ending but until we get the director’s cut we don’t know how it was “supposed” to end. So until Bravo officially releases the season 5 cast all you can do is sit back imagine what your ideal ending( cast) will be.

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