REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Who Will Be Returning Rumors… AND… Interesting Emails From “FriendOfGiudices”… Will Sheila Giudice Be A Housewife?

November 12, 2012  

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is presently filming season FIVE.

The following info comes from a pretty reliable source, which got the info from THEIR source.   So, not sure whether to give this all the side eye or not, but here goes!  NOTE:  As stated… “givin’ this the side eye”…  NOT SURE if this info is meant to be a distraction from the REAL goings on re casting decisions at the RHONJ or not!

They were told that ALL the RHONJ are returning…ALL of them!   AND…the Bravo producers wanted to take advantage of the devastation of Hurricane Sandy for the RHONJ viewers!   NOTE:  Know for sure that the RHONJ are filming and that they wanted the Sandy disaster included… anything for the show!!

Which explains BubbaJax’ tweet about the Bravo cameras…  NOTE:  Could BubbaJax be turnin’ on da Gorgas??

This source also added that the Manzoids are moving to a condo in Hoboken, where da lil Manzoids new restaurant will be located.

Another plan for da Manzoids is the possibility of lil CritterFUR to run for office in Hoboken.

Another tidbit of info or should it be another “theory”:  the REAL reason for the Manzoid hate toward Tree is that Tree wrecked their (DonCaro and Bravo) plan to make DonCaro the KrisKardashian of the RHONJ.   Yes, DonCaro was supposed to be the “Momager” of all her lil Manzoids, but was foiled by the Punta Cana bar brawl involving her boyz.   NOTE:  Givin’ this the side eye, too!

In searching through the SH emails, came across these from a person who claims that they know all the cast members really well!

The following was included in email communication with someone who claims they are very close friends with all the cast members… from October 2011:

I know ALL of them very well!!!

RE Teresa Joodice’s Season Four Premiere Party:  

The party was a complete BUST. There were not even 100 people there. Teresa and her family took a party bus there. Teresa’s father and Joe Giudice’s father were not there. Teresa’s mother and mother in law were there. 

Pete and Sheila Giudice were there and following the cameras ALL OVER!!!! Read Sheila’s tweets about tonight. She is all of a sudden obsessed with Teresa and the whole “housewives” image. You have to see her posts. Now, she calls her husband Juicy Pete meanwhile they have a VERY rocky marriage. It has been rumored that, that is the reason the show wants them. Pete Giudice even has a new profile picture up from last night. Sheila and Teresa have been enemies for years. But, now Joe Giudice want his brother on the show so they can gang up on Joe Gorga. They have been jealous of Joe Gorga since they were kids. Pete is an absolute lunatic.

 NONE of the other women, their husbands, or children were in attendance. Not one cast member was present. She has burned every bridge she had.   Dina Manzo was there for about a half hour. They made sure to get PLENTY of photos so it appeared to the press she was there all night.  NONE of Teresa’s “friends” were there. It was all family and the Bravo crew. 

I am friends with many of the housewives and have know the Giudice family a really long time!

Caroline’s issues are not about Teresa’s book success. Caroline did not like the digs in Teresa book. Melissa did not like the digs either. Melissa and Teresa were not on speaking terms when she started that book. So, if you wanted to repair a relationship would you right (write) that.

Caroline and Melissa were not the only ones upset by the book. Sheila Giudice took legal action against Teresa for putting her kids picture in the book without permission.They were not on speaking terms. Sheila had to later drop the case.

Caroline was a part of other business ventures and so was Jacqueline. Teresa went behind their backs to try and produce the same things. It has nothing to do with the books. That was the reason for Jacqueline’s blog a few weeks back when she tells Teresa she has her hands in every business.

She knew Jacqueline was working on a makeup business venture. So, she was determined to get her nail polish/ lipstick line out asap.   Caroline- a line of cookware.

October 14, 2011…

Interesting fact Sheila Giudice is friends Joe Mastropole.  She also is friends with Danielle Staub. She was always against the Giudice family!

How about some Pete Giudice gossip? His bankrupcy case is October 25th. They do not own the current home they live in. They have NO money.

Also, he gets drunk just like Joe all the time. At the Posche fashion show Pete was drunk and seen yelling at a group of woman. The police asked him to go inside. He is an animal.

the tweets from dina and teresa are commical. they are so predictable. teresa never once had anything to say about dina’s show now she is tweeting for her show and dina is tweeting teresa didn’t ruin any relationship. these 2 are both the same….liars….disgusting.

October 26, 2011

Pete Giudice is broke. They live in Totowa NJ but, do not even own the home they live in. They abandoned their Kinnelon, NJ home and had to sell their house home in South Jersey because they couldn’t afford it. Pete was trying to “keep up” with his brother at that time and sure couldn’t!

Pete and Sheila have a rocky marriage and fight like animals. Sheila doesn’t get along with her along in laws at all.

Pete and Sheila have major financial issues and need to get on this show.

Pete’s and Joe’s dad is retired from the stucco business. He owns a “cafe” now.

Sheila looks old because she tans every single day of her life! Haha

The house they left was Amira Lane in Kinnelon….

NOTE:  Sheila Giudice’s Facebook Page has been scrubbed!