REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Two… “The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God”


Season Three, Episode Two… “The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God”

by Sandi Duffy

Before I begin my recap of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I want to let SH readers know that I loathe Trailer.  I will never say anything nice about her, even if she donates one of her kidneys to a small child in a third world country.  There is nothing this woman can do to make me say anything nice about her, so if anyone is a fan of Trailer’s, I am warning you now to stop reading immediately.

I would also like to add that it is completely irresponsible of Bravo and
the Richards’  family to allow Kim to film this season.

Now for my recap.

I realize Adrienne is getting the bitch edit this season, but Adrienne isn’t evil enough, or relevant enough, for me to muster up that kind of hate.  I will admit to having a bit of a crush on Dr. Paul, though.

Kyle is shopping for her daughter’s birthday party and Adrienne tags along.    The camera pans to a shot of the price tags and a dress for a little girl is $311.00.  Whatever!

Kyle and Adrienne discuss Lisa.  Adrienne says she will apologize if Lisa does.  I am not quite sure why Lisa needs to apologize, but I do believe Adrienne accused Lisa on national television of talking to the tabloids, which could have ruined Lisa’s business.

Ugh, Trailer is up next.  How does this bitch keep her house AND have a housekeeper?  Kyle, Mauricio, Portia, and one of Kyle’s other daughters shows up.   Why do I get the feeling Mauricio’s name is really Maurice and he just spiced it up for TV.  I have a friend who went to high school with Jill Hennessey’s husband “Paulo”.  He was “Paul” in high school.

Adrienne and Paul show up and Paul gets on Adrienne for barely putting anything on her plate.  Everyone comments on how much better Trailer looks since she put on some weight.  Paul, why don’t you offer to do something about those ridiculous lips?  I mean Lisa Rinna got hers fixed and she looks a thousand times better.

Trailer blah, blah, blahs about her mission in life, blah, blah, domestic violence, blah blah, she’s full of shit.

Basically the men are supposed to walk a mile in high heels for domestic violence.  Is there a charity for broke-ass grifters because that’s the charity Trailer needs to connect herself to.

Adrienne and Paul go shopping for high heels so he can compete in Trailer’s charity thingie.  Paul has a great sense of humor about it, and my crush is growing.

We see Yolanda with her daughter next.  Yolanda is beautiful and her daughter is even more beautiful, which I wouldn’t think could be possible if I weren’t seeing it for myself.  Yolanda kind of won my heart when she told Kim they would be water buddies at The SUR party.  It was one of the very few acts of kindness I’ve ever witnessed on any of these housewives shows.

Yolanda’s daughter is also a model.  I would never, ever want that life for my daughter.  I would never want a life for her where everything is based on her looks.

Trailer, Mauricio, Paul, and Adrienne are on a private plane heading to Sacramento for the race.  Trailer should never, ever pull her hair back off her forehead.  The woman is not very attractive to begin with and between her Klingon forehead and her duck lips, the women looks like a freak.

Back at Kyle’s there are people standing around making balloon animals. I could swear I’ve seen Kyle wear that same ugly green dress before.  I see she is still shopping at Forever 21.  It almost appears that Kyle has taken a page from the Trailer book of kids parties, by hiring “unicorns”.

Mauricio, Paul, Adrienne and Trailer arrive at the domestic violence walk and I am trying to figure out what reputable charity would tie themselves to a lying grifter.

Lisa arrives at Portia’s party with Ken.  Lisa is also wearing green, rather than her signature pink.  Portia is freakin’ adorable.  Lisa is all about the llama at the party and I feel like we could be BFFs.  I LOVE llamas.  I tried to convince my husband to get pet llamas when we bought our house.  He thought I was nuts.  For the record, you actually need two llamas because they are herd animals and get very lonely if there is only one of them.

Kyle wants to host a dinner to get Lisa and Adrienne together.  Lisa tells her not to get involved.  Methinks Kyle is not going to listen and get involved.

We are more than halfway through this episode and no Brandi sightings.  Brandi is the most dangerous housewife because she is completely unfiltered and if you are someone who has anything to hide, you are not going to like Ms. Brandi.  She won my heart when she told Trailer at the reunion it’s been a hot minute since her husband committed (was driven to) suicide and she wrote a book.  Other classic Brandi moments, calling Kim out on her addiction; outing Paul and Adrienne’s troubled marriage at the reunion; calmly admitting to slashing her cheating husband’s tires.

I spoke to soon.  Brandi now arrives at Portia’s birthday party.  Her only friend and ally is gone and she didn’t bring her kids because her d-bag husband won’t let her film with them.

Camille is back.  I kind of forgot about Camille.  This is a good opportunity for me to say that 1.) I think Camille was telling the truth in season 1 and Kyle really did ask her who cares about her without Kelsey (proof is that Kim witnessed the exchange and never once defended her sister; 2.) Camille was correct about the Beverly Hills pecking order.  Kelsey Grammar is way above Mauricio; 3.) I think Kyle totally set up Camille for the bitch edit that season.

Ugh, Dana is at Kyle’s party.  Why is Dana back?  No one wants to hear from Dana.  NO ONE LIKES DANA!

Kim shows up at the party and Kyle has to immediately get all up in her face about where her kids are.  I will say it again.  It is disgusting and irresponsible of Bravo and Kim’s family to allow her to film this show at this point in her recovery.

Brandi leaves the party after being ignored by everyone.  I’ve been in that situation.  I had a friend who lived in an “exclusive” area.  I attended all her kids’ birthday parties and would be introduced to the same people every time who all acted like it was the first time they ever met me.

So Kyle hires all these animals for the party and then acts all shocked that the animals pooped on her property.

Paul and Adrienne arrive after the race.

Trailer goes around telling everyone that Brandi told Yolanda she slept with every guy in Beverly Hills.  Brandi did NOT say that.  Brandi made a joke that it’s a small town and everyone has slept with everyone.

Paul brings up Lisa.  Adrienne says they need to talk.  I think Adrienne needs to apologize.

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129 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Two… “The Higher the Heel, the Closer to God”

    • That’s because she forgot to shout out how much her dress cost. I noticed how she told her “genius” son to hurry the hell up to get inside. She’s still an ass kisser (when she tried to get camera time here and there (mostly there).

  1. Shut up swine just shut up and go away…. love the recap Sandy..dont worry i don’t think there are any swine fans here.

  2. I can’t get over how traylor is still pushing the domestic violence crap. I can’t stand that woman.

    • Obviously a scripted set-up to pretend like Trash was still relevant. When they were eating dinner, she almost gagged on her own lying words. Spitting out the words ‘domestic abuse’ was painful for her. Trash didn’t even believe it.

      How would she have gotten to the event without finagling the private jet ride?

      • I noticed her gagging on her lies as well! For the price to hire the plane (although it may have been Adrienne’s) they could have saved themselves the trip and donate the money. Even if it was Adrienne’s plane, paying for fuel, the captain’s hours, etc $$

        • If they had donated the money quitely and without fanfare, they wouldn’t have had the viewers watching them, patting them on their backs for their good deeds. Besides, Tay doesn’t have any money to donate, she’s too busy buying alcohol and shopping while eluding her creditors…

        • I thought the plane was awful too. The cost to fly the plane from LA to Sacramento had to be astronomical, and cancelled out many of the proceeds from the “race.”

      • Dear Tangy: I noticed Taylor-Park having trouble saying those words as well. Her phony cause made her choke on her catered dinner. She certainly can afford to maintain her lavish life style (in spite of being sued by dissatisfied customers). Why did Bravo keep her? She’s a horrible mess from the top of her fat head to her fish lips to her bony bod. The 10 pound weight gain went straight to her already too bid mouth.

  3. SWINE was dunk off her ass while she was talking to Kim about Brandi. If I were Kim I would be pissed that my sister made me go to a party where I would have to watch SWINE get wasted , again, while everybody pretends that it is normal and perfectly fine.

      • She was super bombed wasnt this the party where Taylor was drunk and hanging all over the teenage boy?

        • The manner in which she was speaking of Brandi was freakish. One, she looks like a martian, get a new doctor or stop it! The look in her eyes and the foam at the corners of her mouth plus her voice were enough to run her off with the llama. That was too gross for tv. BRAVO listen up SH readers have standards and don’t like SHAFT, she makes us like Brandi hot mess MORE!

    • Why was she sooo drunk at a 4 year olds birthday party. And, I am sorry, she hasn’t gained weight — only her lips have. gross.

    • She seemed buzzed/wasted (whether on drinks or “prescription” meds) to me too. She’s a legend in her own mind–she’s wholly unattractive, and bordering on freakish looking. I can’t see where she gained any weight, plus her face was so unnaturally pale (I think it was a lack of lip color–maybe she’s trying to deemphasize her martian lips), she looked like a crypt-keeper. Also, how the HELL can she afford a housekeeper with her financial issues?!? And I don’t just CALL BS on her claim about her late Ex doing crooked deals without her knowing, I KNOW it’s BS.

  4. I tried. I really really did. But that face and voice are cringe worthy. Doesn’t she wash her hair anymore? LOOKS like she stinks too. Okay, we all know the trash got wasted drunk at Portia’s birthday party. Totally inappropriate behavior constantly. If Trash can’t afford to have her hair done, how does she afford a house keeper?

    What has Lisa done to Adrienne which requires an apology? Adrienne is probably one of the most boring story lines ever. She needs to go away, take the trash out with her and dump it on the curb.

    • After getting a look at Lisa’s closet in her new house and counting at least 4 Birkin bags that sell for about $75,000 each, I highly doubt she would go around selling a story to a tabloid for a lousy $25,000. What an insult to come out of Adrienne’s mouth. SHE’S the one who needs to apologize, publicly.

        • I think Adrienne is still holding on to the fact that Lisa didn’t force her daughter to use Adrienne’s hotel in Vegas for the party. OR – that Lisa called her shoe line, “Maloof Hoof” (which I thought was rather clever and apt). Those shoes are very chubby and make the foot look squat. Hence: the hoof remark. Adrienne needs to get over herself.

          • LyndaS: I totally agree that the real reason why Adrienne is still pissed at Lisa is because Lisa didn’t use Adrienne’s Vegas hotel for her daughter’s bachelorette party. At the time (2010), the Palms Resort was in big financial trouble and started missing loan payments. Adrienne wanted Lisa to hold the party at the Palms in order to give her resort some free nation-wide advertising, to drum up more business. But Lisa’s daughter chose to go with the other resort that had been offered to them. Alas, the Maloof family eventually had to give up all but 2% of their share in the casino, which have been a huge loss of revenue for the family. So I think Adrienne is really mad at Lisa for the loss of the family’s majority-share in the Palms Casino, and loss of income. Adrienne needs to blame someone, and Lisa is a convenient scapegoat.

          • ITA 100%. If anything the crap about selling stories was A’s way of letting loose on Lisa without verbalizing the real issue.

            • Oddly, Lisa was accused of selling stories before by — Russell (with Fish Lips nodding in agreement). Maybe, Fish Lips did her gossip act to Adrienne and planted that seed as well. Otherwise, Adrienne’s sudden outing made little sense. Fish Lips lights the match, drops it in dry tinder and then walks away – every time.

          • I agree that Ad is still a brewing over the Vegas snub! I re-watched the episode last night (I was bored), and noticed when Ad and Kyle were shopping, Ad called Lisa immature three times within 30 seconds. Ad just keeps digging a bigger hole of bitter hatred so Lisa can bury her! I also noticed Ad was more upset over being left out of the Villa Blanca anniversary, not because she wanted to be supportive of her friend and to celebrate, it’s because she was embarrassed that her friends/and friend of friends were invited and she wasn’t! Ad and Paul claim to want to move forward, but it’s all they can seem to talk about. On the plane, at the bday party, in the limo next week…

            Ad picked a fight over “immature petty stuff” such as Lisa calling her dog Crackpot and the Maloof Hoof (I thought was clever too), but she took it to a whole different level by accusing Lisa of selling stories to the press. Ad and Paul keep saying Lisa needs to “get over it”, yet they are the ones holding onto it. Lisa seems done! They need to move on, get over it! It appears Lisa doesn’t want to be friends, or neighbors with them, and I can see why!

            In Ad’s world, everyone should stay at HER hotel in Vegas and be grateful for it. Everyone should wear her 7″ heel tacky shoes and love it! Everyone should protect her and her feelings without question!! Ad needs to put on her big girl panties and start acting like a mature woman and mother. She’s not doing herself any favors…

      • I agree with you about Adrienne–I find her an insufferable, devious biyatch. However, I suggest caution when looking at people’s possessions (purses, cars, etc.) and concluding that they are financially solvent. Didn’t Lisa move because she wanted to “downsize”? To me, that is often code for “we couldn’t afford that huge pretentious house.” Plus, we really don’t know for sure if those Birkin purses are the genuine articles, or knock-offs. I’ll admit, I don’t know the whole history of Lisa and her husband, but I find it unbelievable that owning a chain of restaurants can allow them such a “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” luxury lifestyle. Am I missing something? Lisa is not Mrs. Ray Kroc (AKA wife of the founder of McDonalds). Finally, whether you are the Prince of Dubai or the Powerball lottery winner, spending $75K on a purse is beyond tacky and is the epitome of nouveau riche. Mark my words–Lisa will be the next one with major financial problems.

        • ITA with most of what you’ve said, Stacy. Not sure if Lisa has financial problems or not, but you seem to have a good grasp of the smoke and mirrors that can be BH.

  5. Loved the comment about a “charity for broke-ass grifters”!!! Me thinks both Adrienne and Paul are betting the bitch edit this season by the look of things. It is irresponsible of Bravo to film Kim during her recovery, but they’re hardly in the morality business, never have been, never will be.

    • Maybe it was a contracted promise that Bravo would support her for x seasons if Kim allowed the ‘recovery’ to be a topic. What other income does she have? I wish Kim well with it, but don’t have any faith in it being the be all to end all for her.

      • I would agree. I would bet bravo paid for rehab via contracted future seasons. Important. Income for Kim. I really feel for the s… she has to eat for this contract.

  6. Yous gots a big problem Traylor, ya see Brandi told the truth (read my lips Traylor T R U T H-have to explain that one more in detail with you later) but your just spreading lies about Brandi. HHMMM, Traylor lying,reminds me of…….

    • Tayliar is trying to make Brandi out to be the whore, but…. Tay has supposedly found the “love of her life” with her lawyer…. A married man! Tayliar’s destruction continues…

      • Taylor’s a huge ass HYPOCRITE. Say what you want about Brandi, but as far as we know, she HASN’T slept with a taken man!

        • Brandi has been humiliated by her ex. She knows how it feels to be cheated on. It’s doubtful Brandi is chasing married men. Unlike Tayliar, Brandi seems to think of others…

          Tayliar is void, she has no feelings. She’s without a soul…

  7. Ok why is it necessary to serve alcohol at a child’s birthday party? Why is it necessary to get wasted at a child’s birthday party and why isn’t SWINE getting the bitch edit?

  8. So true about Kim, I watched the re-runs today and she looked totally different in the first season. I personally think that Ken guy was a bad influence in addition to the show, that led to her downfall.

    • ITA, I watched those reruns today too and Kim looked pretty good the first season. That party at Villa Blanca this season, she looked rough! I can see why she got some work done. The last couple of years have taken a serious toll on Kim.

  9. When Kyle/Mauricio arrived for dinner, she asked Kennedy “Where’s the puppy?” Trash is scum. LOWLIFE SCUM!

    • You know that once the rich folk got to Taylor’s, they were not looking forward to the food. They were all being so, “Oh my god, the place looks great, the food is wonderful, you look awesome”. Just pouring it on ‘cuz they were so uncomfortable about being in her skidz home on the very periphery of BH. watch again and look at the ornate back to the chair Taylor is sitting in – what was that? – what period was that? – and can you call it a period? Does Costco sell that sh!t?

      • You know this comment sounds so extraordinarily snooty, and makes all of the HW sound like they only come to your home if you have decorator decor and professional cooking. I am sure people of Taylor’s present economic means are capable of decent entertaining to these “folks>” And no, I don’t like Taylor but I am sure they were not that uncomfortable. What a wierd comment.

        • Is that the same house she shared with Russell and was thrown out of? or is this the newer house…matter of fact where is she living these days?

        • I disagree entirely. It is easy to read the patronizing comments on display at the dinner. Hey, I’m not speaking for the world and how people in general conduct themselves, just commenting on what I saw on display last night. Trust me – in real life these people are hugely condescending towards to Shana. You don’t have to like it.

  10. Waaaaah!Boohooo!-(supposed to be me crying) I don’t uderstand this forum, I’m constantly entertaining myself by reading this site, but for first time I posted 2 comments and 5 minutes later only 1 popped up, how is it that you have a real time conversation? I know I’ve seen what looks to be real time convo’s on this site. confused.

    • Hi
      Mz K Bush, it takes a minute, but you’ll get it figured out!
      I really enjoy this site too, and I am still learning about it
      too! Hated swine, why won’t she go away! Does the divorce mean we don’t get to see Paul after this season, he was always my favorite housewife! Have a great night everyone!

  11. Oh, there we go. Anyways, as I was saying, we were supposed to believe that Traylor is involved with this Domestic Violence charity event, yet merely days before the event, on camera of course, she invites some men to be part of the event? Nah, doesn’t wash. And to top it off when there clearly seems to be an issue with timing brought up i.e. Maurico’s daughters b-day partysame day, she doesn’t even bat an eye

    • Oh, I so agree. Who has the gall to invite her friends’ husbands to an event several hundred miles away, with a few days notice on the same day as a huge birthday party for one of their kids? The whole scene and editing felt off and weird…like it was spliced in to move the plot line along as to why they went to the charity walk. I have to say Maurice looked genuinely uncomfortable with what SWINE was going to ask of them and SWINE (first time commenter – hello!)

    • Not to mention they do these “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” events all over California! Probably had several in So Cal. My husband does this every year (he was a domestic violence prosecutor) in another city in Nor Cal. Seems a little wasteful to travel all the way to Sac. Guess it makes it more dramatic.

  12. Really, what kind of “parenting” is Yolanda into? Asking to have her 17 yr old daughter look “sexier”? Come on!

    The kid looked bored to death with her mother’s interference. Doubt much education has been for happening for this kid whose future employment will be only about her looks and probably snagging a rich husband(s) like Mommy.

    Why Taylor is still on this show is a complete mystery. She looks and sounds drunk most of the time and how is it she can afford a housekeeper when we all know she has been spending most of her money on lawyers to save her skinny ass from jail.

    The same with Kim. She adds nothing to this mix and seems to grab at any opportunity to stay away from them. It must be that she is desperate for the money because she has no real storyline other than her hatred for Brandi which is tedious.

    Of course it does offer Sally Splits an opportunity to “act”, showing “concern” about Kim while squeezing out the waterworks. As it appears now, Kyle and Morris have become the de facto “stars” of the show. Something I can do without.

    But the award for “acting” goes to Adrienne and Paul, hand holding and giggling together when in just a few months they will be making cross accusations of domestic abuse and neglect.

    So tacky.

    • I agree! Did you catch Adrienne feeding Paul a bite during their convo with Mauricio. My guess is she saw that she was catching heat for being a frigid BiATCH last season. Maybe Paul didnt want to go along with the charade.

    • I think maybe Yolanda is helping her daughter in a good way. Although I’d rather see her hittin the books, she is a knockout, and maybe she is not very good in school, so modeling is a logical choice? If I looked like that and had so much family money going on, I’d work it! Lol

      • But what’s really the point of it? Her daughter, regardless if she’s not very good in school, NEEDS to be hitting the books, just like all other kids. Education is key–if Yolanda’s daughter loses her looks for whatever reason (smoking, drug use, illness, accident, etc.), she’ll need an education to fall back on. Plus, especially the fashion industry necessitates a basic knowledge of finance/accounting so that people don’t cheat you out of all of your earnings. I really gagged when Yolanda told the people to dress her child in something more sexy, plus kept hammering her daughter on her eating and diet. Trust me, her daughter will probably become anorexic/bulimic, if she’s not already. Family money is not always permanent–these people are often crappy at money management.

        • Yes, the interns that Sonja claimed received college credit for being her interns. Any university that would offer credit for being an intern to Sonja should lose its accreditation. Seriously, would you send your kid to a college, and pay huge tuition, when they would recognize Sonja’s “internships” as legitimate training?

    • Yolanda is a sexy lady, confident and happy, she’s being good about the modeling, and her daughter is into it, just being cool. As for Kim she is in no position to be on the show. Not good for her.

  13. SWINE is the type that would skin puppies for fun. I put nothing past it/him/her (whatever it is)…

    Soon SWINE will have a new face (maybe gender reassignment?) to go along with a new name. Hmmm…wonder if he/she/it will take the identity of one of the ‘wives. Possibly Kim Z? Hmmmm….

  14. I think the best comment was when Brandi referred to SWIN’s “8 different personalities” to Kyle..that was my laugh out loud moment!

    • That was funny. Brandi kept her humor and her dignity by leaving early. I would have done the same. Being ignored and / or insulted wasn’t worth staying around there.

      • Yes it was the right thing to do. I find it so irritating when ppl like Kyle who aren’t on the receiving end of obnoxious behavior, just say ohhhh ignore it its nothing, don’t give your power away, blah blah blah. If SHAFT had treated Kyle like that, Kyle would have had her head…….such hypocrisy.
        Brandi told the hostess what was up and just left.

        • I wondered if Kyle wasn’t hoping for a bit of drama insisting Brandi stay. It’s not like Skanklips doesn’t have a history of getting hammered, going off and acting a fool.

  15. Interesting Paul and Andrienne were so quick to help Taylor, all the while he supposedly he is the wife beating abuser at home. Also Taylor was drunk! and seems to be in every preview ,what a loser! Did anyone notice none of them seemed to bring their kids. Even if they don’t show them they usually show the kids arriving.

  16. We’re on the same page. Hate Trailer, think Kyle did start up with Camille in season one, love Brandi.

    Also loved to see that even if you have a cool, beautiful mother who can pull off red leather leggings, a daughter can always be embarrassed by her mother. That scene was cute to watch.

  17. Loved the recap! There will be no Tayliar love coming from me EVER! That woman is so intimidated by Brandi because she see’s right through her facade and called her out at the reunion! Tayliar is used to people falling all over her and believing her lies! Saying that she has reached out to Brandi and was snubbed is yet another lie. All this woman knows how to do is lie, cheat, scam, steal, get drunk, gossip, and stir sh*t! Repeating what Yo said (incorrectly I might add), just shows her desperation and cattiness. Looks like Yo puts Tayliar in her place next week! Now Tay will have someone else to run her big lip mouth about. Yo doesn’t appear to be the type of woman that’s going to take it, however, Tayliar is such a nobody, Yo may be above all the mud slinging!

    Perhaps Vyle has learned a lesson or two, and walked away from that catty gossip Tay was spewing! Almost every event has been ruined by Tayliar and her screaming drunken antics, and Vyle wasn’t going to let her ruin Portia’s party! I’m no van of Vyle, but she did the right thing…

    Ad is so desperate to have Lisa back as a friend! By saying that Lisa OWES her an apology, she clearly doesn’t think she was in the wrong, and wants to be able to say that Lisa apologized to her! haha If Ad thinks Lisa is going to kowtow down to her, she is in for a rude awakening! Lisa has every right to be angry! Looks like Lisa has just cut Ad off (As Ad says in the opening “Show your enemies the door”) and has shown Ad the door! Ad showed her true colors at the reunion and it wasn’t pretty! Lisa has kept her distance and mouth closed over it, while Ad runs from person to person whining about it! Lisa is class, Ad is trash.

    • I agree with you. VYLE was no fool. She realized that Brandi’s fan base out numbered hers. She also saw that Lisa had a huge following after she betrayed Lisa at the reunion. Yolanda spoke of Brandi’s comment, but quickly said “it was probably a joke.” TPT was not paying attention, per usual and heard only what she wanted to hear. She forgot the first rule of any grifter: don’t stay in the same location too long. She has more aliases and phony stories than a mobster in the witness protection program.

      • Perhaps Vyle did some soul searching while Kim was in rehab. I think Vyle has realized that the mean girl streak wasn’t working out for her or her family. Her hubby works on commission, and they are raising girls! Maybe she watched last season and didn’t like what she saw! I know I didn’t!! Anywho, Vyle seems to forgive (maybe not forget), and at least can be cordial in social settings unlike Kim and Tayliar!

        I rewatched the show last night and Brandi said “You know everyone, you’ve slept with everyone”. Not.. I know everyone, and I’ve slept with everyone! And it wasn’t geared at Yo, she was just stating in general. Tayliar is such a dirty, lying, skanky piece of work! As for Tay grifting from place to place, she say’s “she’s FOUGHT for this zip code and she’s not going anywhere!” That is until she’s evicted for squatting and her creditors catch up with her! heh

        Why is it Tayliar can forgive Camille for outing her/Russell on national tv? Why can she forgive Vyle for turning them away from the white party? Why can she pinky swear with Lisa, and all is good after a season of her repeating (wrongfully again) that Lisa said she wasn’t her friend? I guess forgiveness in Tay’s mind is selective! I do find it very telling that Tayliar is supposedly a spokeswoman for domestic violence and women empowerment, when all she does is gossip, lie, and try to tear Brandi down! Looks like her mean girl jealousy over-rides her so called charity (rolling eyes) work….

        • You make valid points. Maybe, Taylor-Park Trash won’t forgive Brandi because Brandi isn’t in the top 500 Fortune list. That said, Shana is obsessed with Brandi (like a stalker) and doesn’t shut up about her.

  18. Looks like Trash is trying to pull off Brandi’s Bohemian look. Brandi does it well and looks natural. SHAFT just looks disheveled and unwashed.

  19. Wow I thought when I came to post everyone would have the same suspicions I did regarding Swine and the late invite to the walk. How convenient for Swine to invite Mauricio ( and Adrienne/Paul) to an event which she knew Kyle would not be able to attend. She did not forget Portia’s birthday…. I loathe her and I’m sure in her delusional mind she loved that Mauricio was without Kyle.

  20. I’m not buying the surprise invite to the charity run. There is no way in H*LL Taylor did not know when Portia’s party was. No way she would have invited Mauricio without Kyle’s permission. It’s not SHAFT who is the benevolent one. Adrienne is listed on their looktothestars site as the celebrity supporter.

    The whole thing was totally scripted to make it look like SHAFT was the supporter. How would she have known the plane would be available that day?

    SHAFT’s a complete and utter liar.

    • Yes, looked completely scripted to me too. For the event to be a surprise invite, and access to a private jet at any given date/time seems ridiculous. SHAFT is sooo hard to stomach.
      Why, why why don’t these women see through her crap??? I just don’t get it. And her behavior at the party re Brandi was uncalled for. She should have been asked to leave, cameras or no cameras. What a lovely gift for Portia to (in the future) watch this vile going on at her 4th bday party. Nice.

  21. Did no one else notice that after Adrienne agreed to buy the pink top, and was in the midst of turning around Kyle held up a green & white striped top and kind of lunged at Adrienne, desperate to secure another purchase? Well she she decided on the pink one pretty quick, maybe she’d buy another.

    Be great if someone took a screenshot of the $311.00 price tag and Photoshopped it to say a $3,110,000. It was so fudg’in stupid to do that panning shot. It was the same last week while Kyle was at that stupid round make-up mirror. We kept seeing the ‘double C’ Chanel logo reflected in the small mirror, not once, not twice, but 3 separate shots – ok we got it. Nothing worse than pandering to the masses, make sure last person watching the show sees it. Hollywood is dumb, people. I worked in that biz for 10 years.

    Plus – looks like Traylor’s drunk histrionics at the birthday party mostly lay on the editing room floor. We got just a taste. Her face looked blue, she was so piss-eyed-drunk. I doubt she’ll be on WWHL this season. If she does appear though, sure hope someone calls in and gets past the WWHL operator, then asks Traylor a question: WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SEASON ANYWAY?!

  22. I wonder what Adrienne wants an apology for, even before the Villa Blanca party she was b*itc*hing about Lisa owing her an apology. For what? Because Lisa and her husaband are self made, not trust fund brats that “work hard”, that they have a 30 year old solid loving marriage, that Lisa has a personality or could it just be the fact that Lisa is older than her and looks beautiful without major enhancement. Also is it me or is Adrienne looking more like plastic surgery cat lady this season?

    And pathTraylorlogicical liar pretty much summed it up with her tagline this season: “I worked to hard to get to this zip code now to leave it”. Should have been “I worked to hard screwing people out of their hard earned cash to leave this zip code now”. When she calls herself the voice of DV I want to vomit.

  23. Adrienne apologised at the reunion!! How much more does she need to apologise? Adrienne getting the bitch edit is ludicrous… Lisa is being as much of a drama queen. They both need to let it go.

    • At the reunion show, it was OBVIOUSLY so scripted to have Adrienne attack Lisa the entire time. It was unlike her and not believable. She was relentless and without merit at that. It was DUMB. Adrienne offered a mild apology, but nothing can make up for her barrage of attacks towards Lisa that was so unexpected. But then again, Bravho needed something to plump up the script for this season, right?? Why not focus on the pseudo “fight” between Adrienne and Lisa (and take away the REAL goings-on re Adrienne’s divorce!).

      I didn’t watch this episode (I won’t, with SWINE on it), but I caught snippets online. LOVED the fact that Lisa left early and wasn’t interested in hashing anything out, much to Kyle’s sadness. Did you notice how many times Kyle mentioned how she wished that all of her friends would smooth everything over to make HER life easier? I read that as: “Give me something to work with this season–some drama and fake arguing scenes between the women!”. Lisa wanted no part. Adrienne played into it because it seems that she’s jumped the shark (into the middle-class wading pool) and is willing to whore herself out for more airtime, arguing with the women. Kim didn’t really want to listen or argue with SWINE about Brandi (good for Kim). SWINE had NO right to *repeat* a story she heard at the previous party about Brandi (that was out of context anyway). This was a child’s party (not even on her real bday, but that’s besides the point!!), and you have adults who are late, people leaving early, no-shows, potential arguements, alcohol and inappropriate talk/behaviour. Yeah, great parenting there, Kyle/Maurice!!!!!!!!!! Instead of walking away when SWINE was starting to drum up sympathy for the Brandi-hatred/disapproval, the host and hostess should have stopped it and said, “There’s none of that talk here at my CHILD’S party!” and they should have escorted the drunk moron out of there, asap! This show is soooooooooooooo moronic that it’s no longer entertaining, even in 3 minute snippets!! Be gone already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I was scrolling up to move to the next topic and noticed the cast photo for the first time. Love the little block over SWINE’s face. Thanks for that!

  25. Portia is just about the cutest kid EVER.
    Kim looks like she is barely hanging on.
    Dr. Paul was so adorable trying on those shoes, and when he did that la-di-da walk in those pink feather mules even Adrienne was charmed.
    Loved how Lisa was so smitten with that llama, and walked it through Kyle’s house. That was a really funny moment that had me lauging out loud.
    Mrs. Armstrong’s hair needs a good scrubbing. Also, if she thinks that talking bad about Brandi is going to get people (the fans) on her side AGAINST Brandi, i would like to remind her of what that kind of schtick did for Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita when they went after Teresa.

  26. How can these women be in the same room with Shana, knowing what she is? Does Bravo make them be nice to her or are they just so stupid they actually believe the bile that comes from her mouth? I’m not watching the show, btw, just catching up with these recaps because I will not back down on my promise to not give Bravo my time as long as Shana is around.

  27. Has anyone noticed that Adrianne and Paul now look alike? Who is doing Adrianne’s hair, the extensions are atrocious and her hair looks very much oily. As for Traylor, having a housekeeper in LA is not expensive at all if you hire a cash only illegal, if they work M-Sat, its between 175-350 depending if they are live in or not. Now Camille, on the other hand, had four white nannies.

    Kyle is a producer on the show, she wants Kim to have a paycheck because she has no other income. Kyle needs to understand that everything is not about her and she needs to let her sister recover. THere is a medication given to alcoholics called Antabuse, it makes them have the worst bellyache, diarreah, fever, vomitting within in instants of taking just a sip of alcohol or even eating something with a wine reduction sauce or wine vinegar. She may be on that medication. I think if Kim needs a paycheck, they should have continued filming her aside from the HW’s showing her recovery, there are many women that are suffering from the same and it would have been interesting to watch.

    As for Brandi, that poor girl has no filter. I like her but she is becoming that stupid friend that says “just kidding” after every sentence. In her defense, she did not say I slept with everyone in Beverly Hills, She said this is Beverly Hills were everyone has slept with everyone, Yolanda, owes Brandi an apology for starting that one.

    • Yes, I’ve noticed about Adrienne and Paul. I think they’re starting to look alike due to two things in common — Middle Eastern heritage and nose jobs.

  28. Oh my, you got me at your comments about Trailer….I love it!! Trailer and constant comments about Brandi at this 4 year old’s birthday party were disgusting, but yet in her latest blog she claims that she doesn’t have time to waste on Brandi. Actions speak louder than words, but Trailer hasn’t learned that lesson.

  29. When you mentioned that you’d seen that green dress before on kyle it got me thinking….did she wear it before, it was floor lenght and she had it shortened?? I too remember that blousy top not being flattering.

    • I think she wore a dress that was the same color to Pandora’s bachelorette party but I don’t think the top was the same as the dress worn to Portia’s birthday party.

  30. Dear Sandi: Bravo! This is a great recap. I agree with your opinions on everything in this ep.
    Traylor-Park Trash was trashed at the party (& I think in the morning on the plane). The men were forced to do the charity by TPT (even though she was aware of Portia’s party). When she arrived at the party (sloshed), she told Camille that SHE was sweaty from doing the walk. Osmosis rules in her mind. I hate the sight and sound of her also (like you). Brandi only said what the majority of viewers were thinking, while TPT tried to go for the jugular when she previously ridiculed Brandi about slashing ex-hubby’s tires. I agree that Kim shouldn’t be filming but for another obvious reason: she doesn’t really care for her sister or the other women all that much.

  31. seriously – what the eff is trailor drinking? I have two glasses of champagne and BANG – I gain 3 lbs, this woman is guzzling back tons of booze and still maintains her crack-ho figure! Anyone else notice her shrieking about Brandi saying she slept with everyone in BH while there was a little boy right in front of her?

  32. It appears that Kim has gained a ton of weight. When she walked into Kyle’s party, you could see that her legs have gotten huge. Later, in a close-up, it appears that her midriff and face have also swelled. At the end of last season, Kim admitted to being an alcoholic, and now she claims to be in recovery. So how does a person gain weight when they give up drinking? It usually works the other way around (they gain weight from all the alcohol).

    Personally, I think that Kim was also addicted to some other drug (maybe cocaine or crystal meth), although she has never admitted it. I think that other drug caused her to lose weight, and now that she’s off that drug, she’s gained a lot weight. Unfortunately, RHOBH is her only source of income, so she has to be filmed on this show. But it’s tough to be in the public eye during this recovery period.

    • Maybe Kim is on an anti-depressant which can put on the poundage. To me, Kim still speaks in half sentences. She’s simply not all there, IMO. That said, if I have to pick my poison, I’d rather be stuck with Dim-Kim than screechy, shrill, buzz killer SWINE.

    • Actually, severe alcoholics are often thin and malnourished. Alcohol injures the liver’s ability to use B vitamins, for example. Also, alcohol often causes the stomach to secrete more acid, so alcohol abusers feel less appetite and eat less. Plus, alcohol is a big risk factor for various abdominal cancers, which in themselves cause one to lose weight.

  33. i don’t believe T and her abusing story for one second, cause every time she opens her month she is lying about something, why the hell do we have to believe her now? And what are the women suppose to learn from her or her story, to change ur name and go after rich man in most expensive places? I’m pissed that she is still on tv, cause media shouldn’t promod this kind of behavior, she should be publicly humiliated not promoted. I love Brandi for calling her on her BS. I hate that the other cast mates playing nice and don’t dare to say something. Brandi may not be perfect as non of us are, but I applause her for daring to confront T, and if T is telling the truth she shouldn’t get mad at B, she should just convince her that she is wrong but ofcourse she can’t do that cause she is lying like a pig so she get mad at B .

  34. OMG Camille… I really, really like her but I couldn’t listening what she was saying because her forehead was flashing 2 much botox.
    And Shana…. with the rumor about Brandi sleeping with all men in Beverly HIlls. . IT WAS A JOOOOOOKE, GET IT? I can’t wait to see next episode, seems like it will be the beginning of Shana’s Train Wreck.

    • Yep the train wreck is coming. Swine looked like an unhinged psychopath in that private plane. For one thing, she had the hair of a deviant and there was a moment when the camera panned to her that was downright chilling. It absolutely caught her for a second forgetting to imitate normal human behavior, then she noticed the camera and very quickly put the mask back up.

      • she did look completely unhinged. unkempt, disheveled, and sweaty by her own admission. It was offensive to me that they took a private jet. They should have stayed home and donated the money instead if it was truly about the charity. (Is ‘charity’ code for ‘stick it to em’??)

      • Dear Madepiley, I noticed that as well. Fish Lips tries very hard to appear normal, but can’t pull it off. She’s like a scourge — “Typhoid Mary” had fewer victims than SWINE.
        All the friction on BH is “Taylor-Made”.

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