KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s Kanolli Kits… FOILED!… By Costco!!!

November 12, 2012

Kathy Wakile is using her “platform” as a Housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey to peddle drinks and her “celebrity” chats…

… and her cannoli kits!!

Unfortunately for KomaKathy, she may have a very difficult time in securing distribution for those cannoli kits, as it looks like COSTCO is offering cannoli kits to their customers!

Poor KomaKathy!!

(Thanks to SH reader @DeLenaSusan!!!)

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107 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s Kanolli Kits… FOILED!… By Costco!!!

    • It’s so amazing that Bravo finds only the housewives with over the top drama and a business startup. They all want a piece of the pie as soon as they get on the show. Is there any housewife that doesn’t go on with her prepared business plan or next great thing to sell? Can’t sing? put out an itunes song. Can’t cook? Create cannoli kits. Can’t write? Write a book (excluding T, of course). Not the source? Sell a story to US. Advice is unwarranted & unwanted? Write an advice book. Letting others think for them selves? Get your own radio show & tell them what to think. Not a medical expert? Give expert advice because you were given a platform & it’s your responsibility. Business going down the drain? Lie that it’s the most successful and quietly get sued or file for bankrupcty, this could go on and on.
      For once I’d like to see someone not selling their “stuff” or bragging about their wonderful selves & genius kids.

  1. I couldn’t even finish the clip. Ritchie is soo eww. I felt embarrassed that these men were made to feel so awkward and while I don’t care for Kathy, I was embarrassed for her too. How does he sit upright? It seems like he would just slither off the chair. Being a few weeks post surgery and with some really good painnmeds I can’t even feel my spine. But I just KNOW I involuntarily shuttered when he opened his mouth.

    • I know, God, he is just awful. He doesn’t know how to behave properly in just about ANY situation…just painful to watch him at that meeting, saying the most rediculous things. Gee, thanks for the support, hubby, now LEAVE!

  2. I personally would not buy a Cannoli Kit regardless of who makes it as I just go to the bakery. But I’m sure some will/do.

      • Ditto ditto – tons of fabulous Italian bakeries in the NY Metro area. I’d never think of making my own, but 1. These kits really aren’t about MAKING your own either; they’re for ppl who enjoy the final assembly steps – ppl who like to stuff stuff with stuff. And 2. I’m guessing they’re trying to market to places that DON’T have tons of great Italian bakeries around every corner. Then again, everyone has Costco! Bottom line: Kathy sucks. She could have the BEST product in the world and I wouldn’t buy it.

        • I don’t have any bakeries around and have no idea where the nearest Costco is. I did manage to make quinoa pancakes and mini pumpkin muffins today so, I’m pretty sure I’m not missing out on packaged cannoli.

  3. Does anyone remember which househusband it was that first come up with the idea for “celebrity chats?” It drives me crazy that I cant remember where the concept came from.

          • Well I was thinking if Michel Lohan is behind this talk to Kathy thing then Micheal and prolly KimG since she more than likely bankrolled the venture would get a cut.

            • THe whole KimG and Michel Lohan thing went sour a long time ago. Remember when they were trying to front like they were dating…ick.

              • He is one hell of a fame whore himself. All that BS with the reporter chick, claiming she was dilusional and they didn’t have a relationship and all that other smack. Only to find them living together and her pregnant.

    • That’s hilarious! I live in Houston, and I was just running thru my a canolli that pastry thing with cream in it? lol Give me a donut and call it a day!

  4. Katfish cannoli ? Coming to a dollar store near you. 2 kits for a buck and ya get Richie for free and an autographed copy of the Don’s “bestselling ” advice book.

  5. You could buy the shells in most pork stores (Italian markets) and make your own filling. It’s not too hard to do. The benefit of buying the kids (I assume) is that they’re not pre-filled, so they won’t get soggy.

  6. I hope Kathy does well in her canoli ventures. Yes, Ik Im the minority here but thats what makes the world go round. IMHO, every1 raves about Tre & her cookbooks but seriously, how hard is it to write down your mothers (and extended family) recipes…The only reason her books sold is because for 1-She is on RHONJ, otherwise, no1 would have published her book & 2-A ton of ppl started feeling sorry 4 her & all her $ problems (which she DID know all about). Yes, Ik she has other cookbooks that arent family recipes but Im sure she had a ghost writer-Just like she did 4 her blogs. Im sure alot of ppl dont like my opinion, but its just my opinion.

    • I don’t like Kathy, but I see your points about Teresa’s cookbooks, Neutral. We all have delicious family recipes, I’m sure.

  7. Uh, is everyone commenting from Jersey? I would wager many people outside of the Tri-State area aren’t familiar with cannoli. And they sure aren’t sold in many bakeries on the West Coast! How I wish they were, though.

    • I think they’re probably sold in a number of bakeries in SF, LA and Central Coast (Monterey, Carmel and the like), That’s just my guess, tho, haven’t checked. I am a West Coast native, however as much as I am a HUGE Italian food lover, not much of a cannoli fan. I live on the central coast now, but know that SF is a mecca for all worldly foods, from just about everywhere.

      • Cleangirl, you are blessed to live in one of the most beautiful spots on God’s green earth. I’ve visited many times — lucky enough to be within driving distance — and am always in awe. Cali may have our share of wackos, but it’s a beautiful state.

        • ITA, Hers. I feel blessed that I can call this place home. Nothing fancy like one may think of when picturing this glorious area, however I’m just a few miles away from some amazing spots. Yup, Cali is full of their fair share of wackos, but that’s ok. Take’s ‘all kinds of kinds’ to make the world go ’round! When Big Sur is less than an hour away, and Capitola is 20 min north…you just can’t beat it.

    • Live in SoCal and haven’t seen any cannoli or cannoli kits at Costco or anywhere else. LOVE me some Italian food, though, it’s my fave!

  8. man – I thought he FIXED his teeth – that was a VERY bad job – get your money back rich the top teeth stick right out and have changed his profile – anyone else notice? weird -

  9. Thank u, @Hers! Im not trying to step on any toes here, but we all have opinions & we like certain HW’& dislike others, for certain reasons…I used to LOVE Tre the 1st 2 seasons, but IMO, shes changed tremendously. There is some1 here that I want 2 apologize to…I just dont know who it is…It was a comment they made about Kathy & her looks…I still think what was said was overboard & I was over board in my reply to her comment….Im sorry for the hatefulness &delivery but not 4 how I felt about it. I’d like 2 know who it was..I cant find the post :)

    • It wasn’t me, but that’s really kind of you to want to apologize. I felt compelled to apologize once, myself, for an overboard response to an overboard comment. I feel like it would be best to confine our comments to the words and deeds of these characters, not their appearance, but I confess I’ve been known to call Richie Liver Lips, so I’m not one to talk.

      • I hear ya but this IS a superficial TV show about superficial women AND the original comment was on a story that was actually about Kathy’s face. Her surgery. We all have places that we just “dont go” in our own comments. I will not make fun of Lauren for being chunky. Anytime I make a comment about Kyle’s style not flattering her I always try to preface with ” I know this because I am short and chunky” But it aint my place to fuss at anyone who points out how fat a HW looks just because I have ED issues. That’s MY issue. I have to deal with it and its not fair for me to subject my standards of conduct on this one point on others. It would be silly to do that really given that the website is all about pokin fun of all the HWs no teams. I know this is an off track example but its the best I can come up with right now. I hope I am understandable. Bottom line I get that Neutral would never say what Ana said but thats ok Ana said it, she has a right to say it and it has her lil avatar out from it. She owns it and thats that. I am tired and fixin to call it a day yall. Hope yall have a good rest of the night.

        • Agreed that this is all in fun, Made, and that these women are paid handsomely to put themselves out there as targets.

          • yep. Thats why this site is called Stoopid Housewives. Lisa made a comment on another thread about it not mattering who starts stuff but I think that this exchange between Neutral and Ana is a clear example of how one person can be in the wrong. This is not to rehash the exchange because the issue is dropped but to use it as an example.

  10. No, it wasnt a comment about Marty lol but it was about how nasty & fugly she is…It was a long rant about Kathy & was pretty bad IMO. :)

  11. What exactly is in her cannoli kit? Is it just the ring mold? Geez…you can buy a ring mold at Bed, Bath and Beyond or even over the internet. Can’t see this being a money maker for Katty. Poor choice of da pie.

  12. @Hers-Very true, we all should keep the looks out of it but Lord, its hard & Im guilty 2 an extent-a time or 2. I rem I was having a bad day & went all Jacko LOL but like I said, the post wasnt very nice, IMO. Im still trying to find any posts by Ms. SH about K. Ty for your nice comments back 2me. @madepiley-I never thought about that LOL I just felt bad ever since I posted my response (which isnt like me…jk!) but I hope the person will let me know if I cant find out who it is by reading all the posts & comments about K lol! Also, yes, Kathy does need to have some tests done…My cousin had a bad thyroid problem & her eyes bulged out just like Kathys…when my cuz finally went to the Dr&was treated, they went back2normal..I need2find some younger pics of her & see if her eyes have always been that way.

    • We all have our bad days and also most of us tend to want to attack a person’s looks when we don’t like the person. I know that’s something I have to fight against, myself. It’s a reality check when you look in the mirror and are reminded of your own flaws.

    • Ana posted a link of the original conversation up thread so you can just scroll up and apologize on that comment or click the link and post your apology to the original comment.. I think its nice that you are apologizing. Ms Sh states over and over again that this is an equal opportunity website meaning ALL HW’s are up for teams. We just have to respect each other. So thank you for going through all the trouble to come back and right a wrong. That really says a lot about who you are.

        • IDK. This person claims they want to apologize while at the same time still criticizing my original post for being “pretty bad” and a “rant” and “overboard’. So, IMO, any apology that follows rings hollow. It’s an apology, wrapped in an insult, if you will. I stand by everything I wrote about KatFish Jabberwakile and since I didn’t give a rat’s @ss about this person’s condemnation, any apology would be purely academic.

  13. No Problem @Hers :) TY again! I guess we all have our days & u R totally fine in my book :) @madepiley-For some reason, Ive never been able to reply on another comment, thats why my comments may seem out of order..I use my phone most of the time..sometimes my Nook. Ty too for your nice comment! @ana cephaly-U have every right to feel the way u do, as every1 does. I do apologize if my comment was overboard. We all have our on opinions. Im sorry U feel the way u do about my comment on this thread or took offense to it, I was just trying 2 right a wrong in MY book. So I guess, you can accept my apology or not, thats totally up 2 u. Thx again Hers & Madepiley :)

  14. And NO, my apology was not wrapped in an insult. Its not a hollow apology, whether u believe it or not. Sorry u feel that way. If u really knew me, u would know, if I say Im sorry, I mean it.

    • Neutral, I like you so I want to help you make this right. I aint aiming to speak for Ana or nuttin but…. when she said apology wrapped in an insult she might have been talking about the way you phrased it. I capitalized some key words.
      Here is what you said:
      There is some1 here that I want 2 apologize to…I just dont know who it is…It was a comment THEY made about Kathy & her looks…I STILL think what was said was OVERBOARD & I was over board in my reply to her comment….Im sorry for the hatefulness &delivery BUT not 4 how I felt about it. I’d like 2 know who it was..I cant find the post :)
      Maybe you should have said:
      There is some1 here that I want 2 apologize to…I just dont know who it is…It was a comment I made to someone regarding their opinion on Kathy’s looks. I was over board in my reply to her comment….Im sorry for the hatefulness &delivery. I’d like 2 know who it was..I cant find the post :)

    • Look, I don’t need or want an apology from you, especially when you continue to attack me by going on about how I said such bad things about KatFish. So, please, just stop. We are here to comment about the HWs, not other posters.

  15. @madepiley Yea, you R prob right bt it doesnt really matter, does it? lol IF u (Ana) go to my comment made @ 11:31pm directed to @ana cephaly-which IS the apology…it had NO negative things about Ana (u), period. I feel fine either way, like I said, accept it or not, I did what I wanted & the apology was made not 4 MY conscience bt because I didnt like the way I came across. I didnt con’t to “attack” you (Idk how u get I was attacking you, but anyway). Apparently, it doesnt matter 2 u so Im moving on…Have a great night :D

    • You attacked me by characterizing my post as a “rant” and you said it was “pretty bad” and “overboard”. Once again, I will state that you should limit your editorializing to the HWs and NOT other people on this board. I have said that your apology is neither wanted or needed and I have asked you to please just stop. Just. Stop.

      • Listen, I was merely pointing out the actual apology. You have stated you don’t want or need it, so that’s cool with me. My actual reply to your comment really wasnt that bad after I reread it. I dont know you nor you me & I def won’t lose any sleep over what you think I was doing or saying. “Water off a duck’s a$$” as Ramonster would say. I will say it again…Moving onnnnnnn! Sheesh! :)

        • Wow. Now you are back peddling on your apology by saying that what you said wasn’t so bad. Hollow apology. I will give my unfiltered opinions about the housewives in accordance with SH rules and I will do so without apology. You will attack other posters for their opinion, offer a passive aggressive apology, and then essentially retract your apology. Well, bless your heart. Now, please move on. Just. Stop.

          • Ana/Neutral: Yes, kindly let it go… move on. Everyone can express their opinions without attacking their fellow commenter… misunderstandings happen via written word; there is no sarcasm button nor can one express the tone of their opinion. Let’s pay atten-shun to these moronic Housewives… PUH-LEEZE! TFC!!! SH

            • No problem :) Sorry to take up so much space on this post! :) I was just about to post a reply LOL but yes, its definitely better to end it here than to post what I have typed, for sure! No retraction tho ;)

            • Yes. You are right. Everyone should pay attention to the moronic housewives instead of attacking other posters for their opinions. I got nothing but respect for Ms. SH. and will heed your gentle reminder

  16. @made TY for your honest input…I also like u (and @hers & enjoy your posts whether we agree or disagree :) I tried & thats all I can do so I hope u have a great night…See you tom on SH ;)

    • I like you all, too — Neutral, Ana, Made, and others. We sure get heated up about these stoopid HW, don’t we? Good night everyone.

      • @Hers lol Most definitely :) I also like u, Madepiley & some others & I love reading your alls posts. Hope you are having a great day! I love this site & I’m thankful I found it since I’m a HW junkie lol

  17. Neutral: “..The only reason her books sold is because for 1-She is on RHONJ, otherwise, no1 would have published her book & 2-A ton of ppl started feeling sorry 4 her & all her $ problems (which she DID know all about). Yes, Ik she has other cookbooks that arent family recipes but Im sure she had a ghost writer-Just like she did 4 her blogs. Im sure alot of ppl dont like my opinion, but its just my opinion…”

    My opinion is that if your #1 premise was true and “the only reason her books sold” is that “She’s on the RHONJ” wouldn’t we all be swinging to the Grammy (equivalent of NY Times Bestsellers) nominated ON DISPLAY hit, while swigging BLK Water and chomping cannoli’s? “A ton of ppl started feeling sorry 4 her” doesn’t begin to explain Teresa’s success and also my opinion that ghostwriting is irrelevant.

    • Like I said, that’s my opinion…But there’s no way her books would have sold if she didn’t have national exposure.

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