KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s Kanolli Kits… FOILED!… By Costco!!!

November 12, 2012

Kathy Wakile is using her “platform” as a Housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey to peddle drinks and her “celebrity” chats…

… and her cannoli kits!!

Unfortunately for KomaKathy, she may have a very difficult time in securing distribution for those cannoli kits, as it looks like COSTCO is offering cannoli kits to their customers!

Poor KomaKathy!!

(Thanks to SH reader @DeLenaSusan!!!)

107 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: KomaKathy’s Kanolli Kits… FOILED!… By Costco!!!

  1. @made TY for your honest input…I also like u (and @hers & enjoy your posts whether we agree or disagree :) I tried & thats all I can do so I hope u have a great night…See you tom on SH ;)


    • I like you all, too — Neutral, Ana, Made, and others. We sure get heated up about these stoopid HW, don’t we? Good night everyone.


      • @Hers lol Most definitely :) I also like u, Madepiley & some others & I love reading your alls posts. Hope you are having a great day! I love this site & I’m thankful I found it since I’m a HW junkie lol


  2. Neutral: “..The only reason her books sold is because for 1-She is on RHONJ, otherwise, no1 would have published her book & 2-A ton of ppl started feeling sorry 4 her & all her $ problems (which she DID know all about). Yes, Ik she has other cookbooks that arent family recipes but Im sure she had a ghost writer-Just like she did 4 her blogs. Im sure alot of ppl dont like my opinion, but its just my opinion…”

    My opinion is that if your #1 premise was true and “the only reason her books sold” is that “She’s on the RHONJ” wouldn’t we all be swinging to the Grammy (equivalent of NY Times Bestsellers) nominated ON DISPLAY hit, while swigging BLK Water and chomping cannoli’s? “A ton of ppl started feeling sorry 4 her” doesn’t begin to explain Teresa’s success and also my opinion that ghostwriting is irrelevant.


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