GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched Wearin’ Her Canary Diamond Ring… Grayson Smiley Still In NYC Intensive Care Unit…

November 12, 2012

                   “Just take $253,742 outta my purse… and get me that ring!”

Wretched Rossi and Slade Slimey gave an update about Slade’s son, Grayson…

From the PghPostGazette

Mr. Smiley, who attended the event with his girlfriend — he was almost as popular among the ladies as Ms. Rossi — said his son Grayson is still recovering, a month after his 13th brain surgery since his tumor was discovered in 2005.

“He’s still putting up a good fight,” said Mr. Smiley, who said the surgery was necessary to reduce the tumor size enough to make the tumor more responsive to chemotherapy treatments. “It has affected our lives in such a major way.”

The boy remains in the intensive care unit at New York-Presbyterian Hospital “fighting for his life,” Ms. Rossi said.

…and from the sounds of it, they’re engaged…

“Though the couple weren’t spilling any details about whether they might be engaged, Ms. Rossi was sporting what appeared to be a canary-yellow diamond ring on her left ring finger.

Mr. Smiley said fans of the show would have to tune in this season to find out whether the two will finally tie the knot.”

NOTE:  Wretched also mentioned her anguish of having to care for her “fiance” Jeff Beitzel during his last days.

The tickets for a glimpse of Wretched and Slimey were goin’ for $100 each…  actually $109.50!  Wretched is the first to tack on the extra $1.50 for printing your own ticket!!

NOTE:  As for Wretched bein’ engaged to Slimey… where else were they gonna go with the Wretched/Slimey story line???  Guess we’re all gonna have to endure the ups and downs of their “engagement”… their next story line will be whether they marry or not.  But, their wedding will have to wait until HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney marries the love of her life, Ellie!  

Heather Dull-BRO helps Slimey shop for engagement rings…  Wretched musta broke down and bought herself the canary diamond…