FOR ALL SH READERS!!.. Students At LaSalle University Studying SH… Latest PowerPoint Presentation…

November 12, 2012

As you all know, LaSalle University in Philadelphia has been using SH as a teaching tool in their Communications Department…specifically, Dr. Kelly McBride’s Social Media Class… “Social Publishing“!

Wanted to share with SH readers the latest from Dr. McBride:

“Just wanted to pass along the PowerPoint that I will be using in less than half an hour on Social Publishing, in which StoopidHousewives is the running theme throughout.

Class will be over for the semester in just three weeks, and this is the final opportunity that I will have to integrate our lesson with your site. It has been an excellent learning tool, and since some of the students follow the shows, it has been a real-life learning application as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to use your site – you are the best! And yes, you are welcome to use any or all of the slides, and say hi to everyone for us!”

NOTE:  Dr. McBride’s class is taking place now!  We thank Dr. McBride for her thoughtfulness in sharing her PowerPoint presentation… and wish all her students much luck!!

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