FOR ALL SH READERS!!.. Students At LaSalle University Studying SH… Latest PowerPoint Presentation…

November 12, 2012

As you all know, LaSalle University in Philadelphia has been using SH as a teaching tool in their Communications Department…specifically, Dr. Kelly McBride’s Social Media Class… “Social Publishing“!

Wanted to share with SH readers the latest from Dr. McBride:

“Just wanted to pass along the PowerPoint that I will be using in less than half an hour on Social Publishing, in which StoopidHousewives is the running theme throughout.

Class will be over for the semester in just three weeks, and this is the final opportunity that I will have to integrate our lesson with your site. It has been an excellent learning tool, and since some of the students follow the shows, it has been a real-life learning application as well.

Thanks for the opportunity to use your site – you are the best! And yes, you are welcome to use any or all of the slides, and say hi to everyone for us!”

NOTE:  Dr. McBride’s class is taking place now!  We thank Dr. McBride for her thoughtfulness in sharing her PowerPoint presentation… and wish all her students much luck!!

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36 comments on “FOR ALL SH READERS!!.. Students At LaSalle University Studying SH… Latest PowerPoint Presentation…

  1. I’ll tell you who should be studying Stoopidhousewives. Other bloggers….that’s who! and ALL the other reality tv sites. In fact all the tv sites in general. And the celeb gossip sites. They could learn a thing or two about how to properly conduct a forum.

    I’ve tried reading other sites. I’ve even commented on other sites. But not only do commenters attack relentlessly, name call, make assumptions about fellow commenters, but the bloggers themselves do. And the foul language….it’s disgusting. They sound like middle schoolers at best.

    Isn’t the point to attract readers….not drive them away?

    You keep your site respectable. I know if anyone disagrees with me they will do so politely. Likewise, so will I. In the blog world you are a five-star site.


  2. Yeah! Hey all yall LeSalle students!!! Hope you are studying hard and enjoying your class. I sure wish I had classes like this back in the day! And if I am interpreting the slides right I hope that I am providing massive amounts of humor hooks.


  3. Congrats Ms SH and fellow posters, Lisa, Made, Chem Geek and twitterfiend and all contributors. I enjoy all the insight, comic relief and comments and that is why I post here. This is one of the few sites that are constantly updated with great informative content.


    • I went back to the first link Ms Sh posted on Dr.McBride and LaSalle University….as I had not seen this before. Loved your 38 special clip of “teacher-teacher.” I thought to myself.. I hope the timing, content, and power of your video clips “made” are being somehow integrated in this study. I know your use of them had a powerful effect on me…from the get go! It would be interesting to know or learn what effect, and or part, they may have played in changing and moving the emotions of people! I realize this class is not about “that” but it does make me curious and it would be interesting to know….


  4. I’m cracking up to myself picturing the Housewives cringing…knowing all of their secrets are being exposed on a college level!! (and just think, they never thought they’d make it to college!)
    wtg, SH!


  5. It would of been great to have a teacher like Dr. McBride when I was in school! This is just great to read. Congrats Ms Sh on your site…as Cherry said many could learn from your “site”… how to run a forum correctly. I got such a kick out of seeing Made, Chem Geek, Lisa and twitterfiend on here!!


  6. Congrats Ms. SH for the well deserved recognition!!! I also would love to be able to use this site in my lessons but I dont teach any courses where that would be possible :( Keep up the EXCELLENT WORK!


  7. Congrats to our fabulous Ms. SH and our wonderful fellow commentors. It must be irritating to some of the HW’s that they aren’t interesting or pertinent enough to be studied. HW shows may come and go, but there will only be one SH.


  8. So happy for you SH, nice slap in the face to the angry HWs that can’t acknowledge you.
    What I would’ve done for class with dr mcbride when I was in college, oh soooo much fun!!!!


  9. This Is Great, Congratulations Ms SH, Made, Lisa, Chem Geek, and Twitterfriend!!! I bet all those HW’s who were nasty to you and threating you Ms SH are kicking themselves in their asses about now, and are really pis^ed off, but with all the plastic faces you couldnt even tell!


  10. I have said this before and i will say this again…SH is the best and have the best readers :-)
    Congratulations to all…. Hey Made i always enjoying your funny video :-)


  11. Congrats for the props MP, Lisa, SH, and everyone else being studied in this class. I find it interesting and cool that they’re utilizing SH’s brilliance to discuss in a class.


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