November 12, 2012

On November 2, 2012 an item was posted on SH regarding Camille Grammer.

The item linked to NBCToday… where Camille was quoted as saying that she is looking to host a reality show:

She also has aspirations to host a reality TV series. “I have shot a couple of pilot presentations for different production companies,” Camille said. “I would love to get into hosting! And I love to do something with my kids. But we will see what happens!”

Camille obviously did not remember her interview with NBCToday, as she states via twitter that she is NOT aspiring to host a reality show!

Camille then further made allegations re SH…



The November 2 item on SH also included the tickle fetish movie starring Real Housewives of Miami’s PierogiePrincess, Joanna Krupa.   The PierogiePrincess jumped right in with Camille Grammer for more SH bashing!

SH suggested that KrazyKrupa read items for herself before she makes twitter comments…

Lisa Vanderpump was much more clever than either Camille or the PierogiePrincess!

LisaV didn’t go the public bashing route… Lisa communicated via DM!  As is the usual SOP for these, IMO, sneaky Housewives, they send DMs and then “unfollow” so that one cannot respond to their DMs or tweets!

The funniest part of this entire exchange is that Lisa VanderpumpRump did not know the meaning of “hit and run”… she thought it meant that she actually assaulted someone!

After Lisa’s DM showing that she had no understanding of “hit and run”… SH simply gave up in attempting to communicate with her!

After attempting several times to reply to Lisa’s DMs, sent the following tweet:

NOTE:   Both Camille Grammer and PierogiePrincess, KrazyKrupa have deleted all their November 2 tweets.   For the record, SH is neither a “bully” nor does SH go after “fans.”  If there are tweets out there showing any “attacking” I would suggest that readers check who instigated the attack!  If you can find them!!

The tweeters who started the attacks against SH… just like these Housewives… have deleted their tweets!