MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga, Contractor… Reviews And Ratings… BBB Gives Gorga “FailingGrade”… $65,000 Revenue Reported… $52,000 Tax Bill on House… How Do They Do It??

November 11, 2012   

                          “We gotta sell this house, babe… we gotta!!”

While Melissa Gorga has been braggin’ that her husband, Joe Gorga, is a premiere custom home builder …  JoGo even did a bit of braggin’ on himself when he was sued by StarliteWindows for a measly $25,000 in 2010 about bein’ a “big projects” guy:

When the suit’s filing was reported, Gorga responded that he is a developer who works on “big projects” and in his line of work “discrepancies happen all the time.” Gorga designs, builds and manages apartment buildings in Paterson.  NOTE:  The Starlite Windows lawsuit was settle right before trial was to begin.

A bit of research tells an entirely different story!

                     Joe Gorga using a chainsaw… borrowed from Joe Joodice…

While looking for something else, having nothing to do with da Gorgas, landed on a site which rates new home builders in Northern New Jersey.  According to BuildZoom:

Gorga Enterprises Inc is a general contractor in Wayne, NJ with license 13VH02220600.  Not in the top 50% of 31,145 Northern Jersey contractors.

Gorga Enterprises got a rating of 55 at BuildZoom.  And that ain’t good!  Gorga Enterprises ain’t even recognized as one of the top 10% construction companies in Northern Jersey!

From BuildZoom FAQ:  BuildZoom is a community built around home improvement that is for both homeowners and contractors. With BuildZoom, homeowners can find information about contractors they may want to work with and share information about contractors they have worked with in the past. Contractors use BuildZoom to provide information about their company and share their portfolio with the general public.

BuildZoom led to the BBB site where Gorga Enterprises got an “F” rating from the BBBNOTE:  they received the “F” because they did not respond to a complaint from one of their customers two years ago!  How and why would a business owner not respond to a customer complaint?

Very surprisingly was the fact that, according to FindTheCompany, Gorga Enterprises had a total REPORTABLE income in 2011 of $65,000…

As mentioned last month, Joe Gorga has downgraded his construction business from custom homebuilding to building ponds and general landscaping, as seen on JoeGorgaConstruction.

The State of New Jersey requires contractors to have a license… there are no ratings or reviews on the State of New Jersey website.

 This information was included as a public service to Joe Gorga… don’t forget to renew!!

NOTE:  It is quite clear that da Gorgas are frontin’!   How are they affording to keep their million dollar spec house in Montville AND their shore house on $65,000?  They can’t!   Hence, the ‘for sale’ signs on both!  They have to get out from under that over $15,000 a month mortgage… and that over-$50,000-tax-bill…$52,108.33 to be exact!


They obviously need every penny from that Bravo paycheck and will obviously do anything required of them to continue on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…   Joe Gorga on his way to a work site…

(Thanks to SH reader “AnMo”!!!)