MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga, Contractor… Reviews And Ratings… BBB Gives Gorga “FailingGrade”… $65,000 Revenue Reported… $52,000 Tax Bill on House… How Do They Do It??

November 11, 2012   

                          “We gotta sell this house, babe… we gotta!!”

While Melissa Gorga has been braggin’ that her husband, Joe Gorga, is a premiere custom home builder …  JoGo even did a bit of braggin’ on himself when he was sued by StarliteWindows for a measly $25,000 in 2010 about bein’ a “big projects” guy:

When the suit’s filing was reported, Gorga responded that he is a developer who works on “big projects” and in his line of work “discrepancies happen all the time.” Gorga designs, builds and manages apartment buildings in Paterson.  NOTE:  The Starlite Windows lawsuit was settle right before trial was to begin.

A bit of research tells an entirely different story!

                     Joe Gorga using a chainsaw… borrowed from Joe Joodice…

While looking for something else, having nothing to do with da Gorgas, landed on a site which rates new home builders in Northern New Jersey.  According to BuildZoom:

Gorga Enterprises Inc is a general contractor in Wayne, NJ with license 13VH02220600.  Not in the top 50% of 31,145 Northern Jersey contractors.

Gorga Enterprises got a rating of 55 at BuildZoom.  And that ain’t good!  Gorga Enterprises ain’t even recognized as one of the top 10% construction companies in Northern Jersey!

From BuildZoom FAQ:  BuildZoom is a community built around home improvement that is for both homeowners and contractors. With BuildZoom, homeowners can find information about contractors they may want to work with and share information about contractors they have worked with in the past. Contractors use BuildZoom to provide information about their company and share their portfolio with the general public.

BuildZoom led to the BBB site where Gorga Enterprises got an “F” rating from the BBBNOTE:  they received the “F” because they did not respond to a complaint from one of their customers two years ago!  How and why would a business owner not respond to a customer complaint?

Very surprisingly was the fact that, according to FindTheCompany, Gorga Enterprises had a total REPORTABLE income in 2011 of $65,000…

As mentioned last month, Joe Gorga has downgraded his construction business from custom homebuilding to building ponds and general landscaping, as seen on JoeGorgaConstruction.

The State of New Jersey requires contractors to have a license… there are no ratings or reviews on the State of New Jersey website.

 This information was included as a public service to Joe Gorga… don’t forget to renew!!

NOTE:  It is quite clear that da Gorgas are frontin’!   How are they affording to keep their million dollar spec house in Montville AND their shore house on $65,000?  They can’t!   Hence, the ‘for sale’ signs on both!  They have to get out from under that over $15,000 a month mortgage… and that over-$50,000-tax-bill…$52,108.33 to be exact!


They obviously need every penny from that Bravo paycheck and will obviously do anything required of them to continue on the Real Housewives of New Jersey…   Joe Gorga on his way to a work site…

(Thanks to SH reader “AnMo”!!!)

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148 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Joe Gorga, Contractor… Reviews And Ratings… BBB Gives Gorga “FailingGrade”… $65,000 Revenue Reported… $52,000 Tax Bill on House… How Do They Do It??

  1. LOL! I posted this on the other post, but in case people don’t go back I want you to see this Miss SH, I’m sure you don’t read every comment, or at least you may try to read them.

    Referring to the post which housewife is obsessed with SH.
    As I said on the other comment Miss SH is going to have to start charging these housewives for her services. Bloggers turns to therapist to referee to mediator!
    Made Piley, You really make me laugh, you have a you tube for everything. You’re awesome.

    I don’t think that was Teresa. She would have her ghost writer write it. That was written horrible but not as bad as Teresa’s when she writes her self. I like Teresa, I really do, but I don’t believe she writes her blogs.
    I think it was Dina.
    Now, I took the liberty of looking up imbecile cord lol!

    1. imbecile cord 1 thumb up
    The connection between a parents and a non-achiever. Often not cut until significantly far into the individuals life, many times, never.
    Man, I sure wish Albie’s parents would cut the imbecile cord, it’s sad to see someone of his age having his parents do his laundry.

  2. Bunch of fake people.The more you learn about them and the background and real living situation the more you dont like them.Liars and scammers.Hard for Midget to do landscaping when he is a reality star.Hurts his big ass ego.Their time is coming when Bravo is done with them and so is the world.I for one dont care to watch them fake their assets and screw everyone out of $$ to support their extravagant lifestyle.Too young to have that kind of $$ unless it was inherited/old $$.

    • This means that his construction business went belly up. I went to his website and it’s essentially a yard working business (like he did before the houses). And that picture doesn’t help. Because heres the situation, how can a person who has buildings and such and including building his “wife’s” dream home be able to do that business when he made no mention of his construction at all. I mean the only people who would do business with him now are people who need yard work done pure and simple. And then add to the fact that his power was turned off a week before Sandy tells me he’s running on fumes. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if his buildings are about to go into foreclosure or his investors took them over.

      Also it goes to show that he’s not making any money and that they have been using the Bravo money to sustain themselves. On top of borrowing money from “private” investors.

  3. What’s amazing is that even with all the information proving otherwise, Meho Marco had the nerve to say “We can afford our homes 10 times over” then blame the pending moves on her nieces. People that lie with such ease scare the heck outta me!

    • Yes, I think if people stopped and really took a look at her, and some of the others, they’d be shocked at how fake this all is. We are watchin Mego on tv act like somethin special, some kinda pampered hw, and yet, we are all actually worth more than her…lol.

    • I agree Richmond. It was despicable of her to blame her nieces for their move when they clearly can’t afford their “dream home” and never could. She used her nieces in a deplorable way, the nieces she claims to love. Also I really had a problem with the way she described one of her own children being the “Gorga” of the family on the reunion, and described some negative aspects of his behavior and personality. Her own child! Aren’t all of her children “Gorgas”? This woman has some serious issues.

      • I genuinely do not like how MeGo could not eggmit their financial failings when addressing the families move out of the dream home. Instead Auntie Melissa blamed Teresa’s daughters not for any current behaviors but for future bullying. She is reprehensible because she thought the viewing audience would lap up that bullshite like ice cream. Well look who the big dummy is now MeGo.

        • Exactly. I respect a person that says “We have to downsize.” I get that. It happens. Heck, even LisaVanderRump has said the recession took a toll. I respect that. I don’t understand continuing to perpetuate the myth that “We pay our bills” and that Teresa and her kids are buliies while MeGo and her children are the victims. Blah, blah, blah… that story was annoying after the third season. I have never seen anyone get it so crazy twisted. When Juicy called out JoGo at the reunion, the reaction said it all.

          • ITA ChemGeek. I can understand anyone having to downsize and maybe I might of mustered up some empathy for MeGo/JoGo but MeGo chose to perpetuate the lie….with Tre’s little kids as her excuse!

        • I had posted on here way back about having personally lived through a situation EXACTLY like this when growing up and the loss of a relationship with a cousin and how f’n stupid and hurtful it was to myself and my brothers.

          To this day my mother in her ’80’s regrets the estrangement between herself and her only sibling , her brother. He was set on pleasing my aunt no matter what. He was a dear but sometimes misguided man. Shortly before his death he spent a few months “secretly” visiting my husband and me. I am the eldest of my siblings. His reaching out and connecting with me who NEVER had an issue with him broke my heart and touched me in ways I can not express. His wife would not “approve” , if she knew he came to see me. It was very important to me that he got to know MY family.. my husband and my young son. I let my younger brothers know that my home was safe place ( neutral territory) where we could see my uncle without all the extenuating BS being present and just be family.

          My aunt was only interested in “status” of any sort. My uncle was a hard working blue collar kind of guy.. he tried to appease my aunt and her “dreams” but she was NEVER satisfied. When my uncle fell and was lying dying on the floor in his own home, the FIRST phone calls made by my aunt were to her father and sister ! Not 911 ! All this excused as “stress related” , after his death. Bullsh*t ! Forward ANOTHER 30 years.. I don’t even know if my cousin is alive ! I only recently found out that the rich guy my aunt had hooked up within literally weeks after my uncles death, passed away and she returned to my area, only to pass away herself last year ! I had no idea . What a disconnect between families ! Due to recent events the cousin I have no idea about today came back into my mind.

          Photos from a past when our family was close are all I have.
          The havoc from “Sandy” only brought so much of this back into my mind as my friends and I were helping other family members in NJ .We spent an evening here at my home looking at photos of what was and what was lost places… of our memories. The thoughts of summers for me and memories of being in Barnegat every year, our house which all the families shared, playing pirates, running in dunes ,wanting to swim out to the “sunken ship mast”, our parents saying behave yourselves ! Things lost but not forgot.

          Sorry for rambling but it has been tough and old memories surface.. along with feelings neither forgotten or issues resolved.

          • So sorry about the split in your family, kas. Family and friends should always come first, over everything. I’m glad you were able to reconnect with your uncle. Maybe you could reconnect with your cousin who might be feeling the same way. It’s worth a try!

          • Thats very sad Kas. I know that these issues with Tree and her brother hit home for me too. In soooo many ways. I am sorry your uncle married a bish.
            Cyn said earlier that its easy for the family to blame MeGo and she is right. I fully blame my brother’s skank and do so with a clear conscience. With family you have to put up with their shenanigans but my shenanigan-putting-up-with well was at max capacity. No room for other peoples family shenanigans being outsourced to mine. My greatest fear was that her “I’m pregnant”line of bullcrap would eventually snag him (and us) into a situation he could not get out of and then we would HAVE to put up with her.

            • My heart goes out to you Kas. Thanks for sharing. Made I hear ya. My brother got snagged for 11 years of unadulterated misery for everyone. I blame him for being gullible.Our family recovered and brother went on to remarry his childhood sweetheart and has enjoyed 30 years of drama free living!

            • My brother is finished with his trashbox too. I want to clarify my “kickin up a fuss” was a foot stampin “You wont bring her around my kids!”

            • Amen. I did not have children until after brother was remarried so never an issue. Good on ya, I have my rules about trash boxes and I budge for no one!

      • I agree embee…that remark about Tree’s kids was beyond heartless…very disturbing! I also caught that odd remark about her own child/children…strange?! I happen to think she’s a sociopath who has the adapted ability to mimic the emotions of others because she feels nothing–unless it directly affects her own well being.

            • Refrigerator- bwaaaaaha. Hey Mego your fridge bulb burned out! Oops. Was shut off! The bare walls are so she has a place to hang all the platinum and gold records she’ll earn soon. Can’t you just see these two sittin indian style on the floor at the livingroom coffee table, rubbing their hands together (from greed, not to keep warm) talkin about how rich they will be when her songs go platinum. I did the same thing when I was 15 and my best friend and I planned out our first apt after high school. We were gonna have a killer stereo and all of the coolest stuff. We knew we were blowin smoke up our asses but we WERE just 15! Doing it when you’re pushin 40 is just…..what word is sadder than pathetic?

      • Exactly. It’s bad enough she can’t own up to her financial situation, to put the blame on her precious nieces- she is so disgusting. That, coupled with the statement of her son being a Gorga- then listing his negative traits- makes me feel that she has serious mental problems. I don’t think she cares for ANYONE, sisters, husband, family, ANYONE, but herself.

      • She said her one son is the Gorga of her children. Maybe the others aren’t actually Gorgas? LOL Just kidding, but she better be careful how she words things… we ARE talking about Melissa here.

        • Aint: I think MeHo thought that her singing career would take off like gangbusters, make them lotsa money and that their poser status would then become a non-issue.

          • Yuppers. Investing it all for the Bravo paycheck and MeGo’s singing career was a very bad move on Joey Marco’s part.

            • All I can see is Mego at the side of her bed every night, clicking her leopard heels three times while chanting “I AM a rock star. I AM a rock star. I AM a rock star.” If you say so Dorothy. I guess having a munchkin for a husband helps with the fantasy.

            • Oh Ruth and Housewife – I started laughing, recovered then hwh started it again. You guys tag-teamed my afternoon laugh award. Thanks.

        • Who knows Aint!I think MeGo is so obsessed with Tree that she’s fooled herself into thinking that people somehow see her in the same light asTeresa…it’s crazy!

          • But why did she get a pass from the cast? If someone doesn’t have furniture for years you gotta wonder why? I would ask if she needed help picking it out or offer to babysit so she could dedicate some time to it. I don’t believe for a minute that Caroline never caught on how bad the Poorgas were posing. I’m sure she realized exactly why Teresa didn’t want them on the show but chose to ignore it and jump on the Giudice bashing bandwagon. Same for Jac. They are sooooo into the social gossip circle they had to hear things about the Poorgas finances. The WHOLE cast went along with the charade, embraced it actually. I just can’t wrap my head around why. Were they forced to go along by Bravo or were they so sinister they wanted to take Teresa down AND have a front row seat to the Poorgas un-making? Or were so many negative things about their own personal and financial debacles going to be exposed that they hoped the Poorgas difficulties would overshadow theirs? Makin me nuts I tell ya.

            • @Ruth Bagwell, You know I thought of the same thing about why the cast of RHONJ was against Teresa, too. I did wonder if Bravo took them aside and told them to de-friend Teresa, or else they wouldn’t have a job? I often wondered if the cast seen how Teresa could throw a fit and flip a table in one season. Then the next season participate in bullying Danielle (I didn’t like Teresa during season 2), After 2 season’s of deplorable behavior Teresa still made the Top Ten on NY times bestseller list. The bully who helped get one castmate fired was a hit and making money! That is when envy took over and Caroline and Jacqueline decided to use their bullying and temper tantrums to scare the most successful NJHW off. They wanted her business success and didn’t care if they destroyed Teresa financially, emotionally, mentally? Also, Mel and Kat were told by either the producer’s or their new cast mates (minus Teresa) ‘the way to make millions is follow in Teresa’s footsteps! Brag about how rich you are, if someone is fighting take a side that Caroline is on, throw crazy fits of anger, gang up on one castmate and have a financial problem like a foreclosure!’. BUT, the housewives plans didn’t turn out like they thought. How could that be? People turned on Caroline and Jacqueline for being over the top bullies and being too cruel when verbally abusing Teresa. Now, I wonder, if some of the housewives are going to try to get fans back by acting humble and pitiful? Maybe they will try to be the blacksheep of RHONJ? It’ll be interesting to find out!

    • If the Gorga’s could “afford” their home 10x over, they wouldn’t have a mortgage on it and their shore house wouldn’t have been used as collateral to secure the financing for the mortgage they do have.

      Missy told everyone that her issues are public record, and yes they are! And what those public records show is that they can’t afford their house to begin with, let alone 10x over.

      How deluded is she? On the Jax scale of delusion from 1-10? I’d say Missy’s about a 7. Better watch out JoeGo, your wife is close to being as batsheetcrazy as Jax is!

  4. You know what, if you claim to have wealth like the Gorga’s do, why in heck would you take out a 30 year mortgage for $2 million at $15,000 a month for 30 years?

    30 years = 360 months

    x 360

    I thought she said the interest rate is 5% ? I don’t own a house, I never took out a loan for a car, I always paid cash. I have student loans but was lucky enough to get them paid off. Then again they were only for $5,000 My parents paid the rest. I’m a cosmetologist in case anyone is wondering lol. I also work at a call center. Yawn..
    Anyhow, I don’t know if the interest goes by year? So 5% would be $100,000 a year then?
    I just answered my own question lol! 360 months times $100,000 a year!
    It just don’t make sense for them to take out a mortgage. I don’t know if they have pay off early options or how it works tho if someone buys the house if they get a penalty though. Does anyone understand where I am getting at here?

    • It makes sense if u don’t want to pay a lump sum, you can make pmts. and sell the house later, and you are never actually out of pocket the 2 mil..

      • kel, Not if your income is showing $65,000 a year!!! The house would have to of been meant to flip immediately….which apparently it was!

        • I don’t know how he even qualified for that mortgage. No matter how much collateral one may have, they also have to have the income to pay the mortgage every month. Doesn’t make sense.

          • Whoa excellent point! Also where is the RH paycheck? That had to have been factored in when applying for the mortgage. Seriously how do you qualify for a 3 mil mortgage unless you can show a million and half income.?

          • Well, didn’t he use some tricky collateral dealings with Papa Gorga and a pal? That was on here a little while ago, and Famewhorgas. Just crooked.

            • Thats right. And even after all the attracts heaped on Tree and her parents she didn’t put him on blast for it. Must have taken major effort and a lot of mercy and kindness from Tree to let that go without reacting.

  5. Correction, It don’t make sense for them to take out a mortgage for 30 years like that.
    What they say they are and what they really are is two different things.

  6. It will be interesting to see if Bravo renews MeHo and Joey Marco’s contract for season 5. Clearly, they don’t have a pot to pee in and a bankruptcy filing is right around the corner. Joe Giudice nailed these two posers at the reunion by stating that they have to borrow money every week to pay their bills. When Joe Giudice made that comment, the look on Joey Marco’s face was priceless!

    • Yes!! He looked so scared, Bergen. Like a deer in headlights. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating ;) the only way I want to see them back is if we get the REAL deal about them, not the Faux Reality they have been feeding us.

      • Haha!!! He did look like a deer in headlights. The Marcos can’t afford the Faux Reality anymore. The gig is up.

    • It doesn’t seem to be a priority of bravo’s to verify anything about the posers it hires to put on these shows. The midget in his quest to make his fame hungry wife’s “dream’s” come true is costing him dearly with the estrangement of his immediate family, his business reputation, his own reputation, the future of his children’s relationships with their blood relatives on his side and their financial security. Also the revealing of private information about his parents “alleged” financial situation on national tv. What he said was not out of concern or love for them but as a way to try and “one up” his sister.

      The stupidity of his continuing to borrow money from “private” lenders or parties ( loan sharks) in order to maintain this facade of being better off than they really are,as documents on SH and FRE have shown , is going to be his downfall. This is similar to those who sadly fall into the trap of “payday” lenders. It is a never ending downward spiral. IDIOT ! Putting aside any differences with his sister, this quest for 15 freaking minutes of “fame” and poser behavior is hurting his kids future, something he can’t blame on Tre.

      I realize some men are pu**y whipped but damm this seems to be an extreme combination of that and outright stupidity which is usually how women such as MeGo operate so well …the hell with anybody or anything or “reality” getting in their way. She wants it, he complies.

    • Oh yes! in fact remember when MeGo teared up and said she was moving so that her kid’s would not be bullied by Tree’s kids? The husbands were not there yet. But later when they were and MeGo tried to get JoGo to back her up saying sumpin like “tell em whose idea it was” Joey didn’t bite on that.He stayed quiet. Either he still has a sliver of conscience to him OR more than likely he knew Juicy Joe would put him on full blast. I watched that part several times. And Tree didnt burn her brother down either even though he was allowing his wife to demonize her children. This is a very good example of why Poppa Gorga prolly dont have much use for the man that JoGo has become. Tree IS the better person. This is not even up for debate.

      • I was not really in anyone’s camp first two seasons. Just like RHOA or NY I watch to be amused. After Teresa was bullied several facts hit home for me regarding her character.
        Teresa is a hard worker. Teresa does not divulge her friends or families secrets. Teresa is loyal to a fault. Teresa is accountable. ITA not even a debate for me….

        • So with that in mind. Knowing now how much she has on her brother(stuff the he and his wife brought up themselves-paying daddy’s rent, we pay our bills, and the reason they were moving) and she still didn’t burn him to the ground then people would have to be batchit to think that Tree set up MeGo over the stripper/bartender thing. I got sick of the bulling too and I WANTED Tree to blast them and still she didnt.

          • Tre didn’t have to blast JoGo . Juicy laid enough groundwork with his pointed barbs to build an entire yellow brick road to the Gorga’s house of woe . The internet jumped on that stuff and now there is a never ending litany of financial tales of Gorga ‘s fronting and playing at Lifestyles of the rich and Famous. IMO because Teresa’ parents were with her at the reunion that was as good as a muzzle. She took the high road. I am frustrated but Teresa isn’t courting bad karma.
            Let’s all see if Brother JoGo can take any opportunities and work his azz off like his sis.
            Jax underplayed her bankruptcy so let’s see how she recovers.
            I will predict failure for both simply because they do not have what it takes.

            • i do think you are right Jax dosnt seem to have the drive to pull herself out of a Finiacial hole
              I sit on the fence about Melissa.

            • ITA. Jax and MeGo don’t strike me as pavement pounding individuals. They both act entitled and spoiled.

              JoGo an “angel from God”? Slut pig is more like it.

            • JoGo has been handed much more than he can ever own up to. He humiliated his old school Italina father when he spewed Papa Gorga’s finances on RH. Who does that? I have never heard Teresa discuss her father’s business. JoGo allowing da Marcos to trash his sister and then him joining in had to be one of those moments of treason you cannot struggle past.
              MeGo and Jax neither one have any sort of credible work history. Vague references to
              modeling and bar-tending do not a resume make. Parenting Mag? Oh please they will be living down the Jax hire for years to come. The only thing Jax has contributed to is the dumbing down of any parent who reads the magazine.
              As for MeGo if a Flea market gig is one of your career highlights? Well ya need a new career.

            • “He humiliated his father when he spewed his finances on RH.” It’s even worse that than if the blogs I’ve been reading are accurate. He’s the REASON for his father’s financial issues. I was going to go into detail but I don’t want to. Just don’t want to. I’m so sorry for all the burdens that Teresa, her husband and kids, her parents have to bear because of these lying POSs.

            • I understand completely Embee. It seems whta the Gorgas managed to accumulate may have been jeopardized by JoGo’s creative financing. Very sad !

            • Jogo pounding the pavement- I automatically pictured Bam Bam from the Flintstones as Jogo. A little, short Jogo in a dinosaur pelt and 5 o’ clock shadow pounding the pavement with his neanderthal club saying Damn damn. Damn damn damn.”

            • Teresa could have outed her brother many times, even during the season. No doubt that she protects her little brother above anything else… even if it makes her look bad.

            • My impression of her not wanting her brother on the show had nothing to do with her fame-mongering (like the remaining RHONJ cast members want you to believe). IMO, it had everything to do with how the show would effect her parents and what it could do for her brother’s reputation. JoGo was just starting out in his trade when this show started. Without interference, he could have a solid business growing right now and living a comfortable and reasonable life. In 5-10 years, he may have been able to afford a mini mcmansion. What is the problem with working hard? JoGo and MeGo act like it’s a disease! Nobody gets into stripping or being a “bartender” at the booby bar because it’s the way the real world makes money. People do that because it’s easy money. Like MeGo said, “I’d be nuts not to work there.” i have friends that used to dance and nobody was saying, “Oh, Chem. I love my job! I’m passionate about shaking my tatas on stage!” They would say it was easy money and the hours weren’t terrible.These people were also very disappointed with real world money. I wonder if MeGo and Jax have kept current in their trades. It’s a must-do for the cosmetology and educational fields.

            • Great point , it is easy money and the dancer/bartender/showroom model all have a shelf life. It isn’t something many women can do or want to do for very long if they can help it.

            • I for one hope Mego has allowed EVERY possibility to teach lapse. And that she never passes an applicationnprocess at ANY school. Inalso hope she never decides to home school her kids.(involuntary shudder). To home school,though, you have to be able to stand to be around your kids. I don’t get that vibe AT ALL. They seem like window dressing; I’m so perfect lookat my perfect home, husband, 2.5 kids, my perfect LIFE. AND my 3 perfect reasons for a hefty child support payment each month! Oh and my perfectly EMPTY bank account.

      • There is a stinkin’ lack of loyalty with some of these people and their blood! My sister can drive me bananas but if anyone spoke of my young nieces in a positive manner, they would have to surgically remove my 4- inch heels from their rear end. Same thing with BubbaJax and Caro. Bubba has spoken about Dina on numerous occasions and Caro says nothing. Saying nothing does not make her innocent- that is Caro’s blood and she lets Jac just speak crazy about her for millions to hear.

        • So true. I would looooooove to see the edited out part of the reunion when Tree says to Don “You told me she was a stripper” but all we were left with was a confused cartoon puppydog head cock.

          • Oh Lord, Made! I’m sure you realize I meant “anything less than a positive manner” Lol. Thats what happens, when I preach- Typos. Serves me right ;) Aw, yes, I had mixed emotions about that segment. While I was glad that Caro didn’t deny that she said it, I was mad Andy didn’t explore it! He just let CrazyJac and Chris talk their way around it. I was proud of my girl, Tree, though. One of the few good digs she got in :)

      • Your right Made.. IT IS NOT UP for debate ! Also what you so succinctly pointed out on another page ONE a-hole CAN in fact tear an entire family apart.. it does NOT require the cooperation of others.

        • So true. I know that it burns my biscuts when someone who CLEARLY started it tries to end the argument with sumpin like “Well we were both wrong” Nope not having it. or “It takes two to tango” really? So next time their asshole bone gets itchy I am supposed to just let it happen and not say anything? Because if I dare to kick up a fuss about it then BAM “I am tangoing” Now Tree held her tongue SOOOOO much better than I would have. If my brother had dinner with an accountant on film and sat there talkin trash about me and my husband when we actually helped him get started then I would put it ALLL out on front street. And still I would not be in the wrong to do that. Assholes cant just be allowed to run roughshod through this world wrecking havoc with no ramifications. So I admit I AM the ramification. I have said this before but If I had a HW tag line it would be this :

            • ahh MP I luv your thinking girl ! WTF are we supposed to just put up with a-holes and if we rightfully decide to call them out.. we are somehow exasperating the problem ???? Etiquette doesn’t enter into the paraphrase …”the limits of tyrants ( and may I add a-holes ) is measured by the endurance of those of whom they repress ( or those they f’n irritate )” ..etc. ;-)

  7. I just did a reverse phone number check.
    I don’t know Miss SH, thought you would find this interesting.

    Area Code:973City/State:Boonton, NJZip (primary):-County:Time Zone:Eastern (12:07 pm)Type:MobileLicensed by:Other Formats:9739173031

    What is funny about this is, it’s listed as private and a mobile phone. Also shows up like this on whitepages site.

    These people are do darn shady!

    • It’s not normail for a legit business to list it like that. We are not dealing with normal people when it comes to the Gorga’s.

  8. What I mean is, they have had that house for so long. They had that construction loan etc.
    The house is valued at $1 million and something 2 years ago, then it went up another million. It didn’t cost him $1.8 million to build it.
    I had a friend who bought a run down house for $37,000 they remodeled, gutted it etc.
    They put $100k in to it, Now it’s worth $195k but they didn’t spend $195k they spent $137k
    Does that make sense now?

      • Thats why these shows are win/win for Bravo. Why should Bravo do a thorough background check? If they really Are wealthy we get to see how the other half lives. If they’re posers it will eventually come out. Everyone LOVES to see a poser fall. The only ones that don’t win are the posers themselves. Their consolationnis a trivia queztion on a board game. “What reality star couple faked their way on to a TV show about wealthy housewives only to end up destitute and impoverished?

  9. LOL…it’s time to renew! OMG I laughed it loud! Hey Jac you better tweet Missy and tell her that Missy’s personal bizznezz is on SH! Missy needs to respond with a picture of she and Joe building a pond. I’m just waiting for @housewifehoe to superimpose a picture of Kyle doing the splits on the tree Joe is cutting with Juicey ‘s chainsaw!

  10. I think JoHo is sending a message to Juicy and Tree in cutting up a tree. ;) I imagine MeHo in the background screaming, “Carve SHAME! Do it! SHAME!”

  11. I have often wondered what actual customers have said about Joe Gorga on sites like AngiesList. Not just Jogo but other housewife members’ businesses.

  12. How about an expose like this on Joe Guidice?

    How about Joe and Teresa Guidice and how they’re doing with paying back all the people the owe money (while they continue to spend money on their lifestyle)?

    • oh no not the Guidices they are perfect in every way, never causing any trouble upstanding law abiding moral individuals . Their problems in their bankruptcy was nothing but miscommunications and honest mistakes. I need a hot shower now.

    • If there was a story to be written about the Giudices and whether or not they’re paying their debt, it would certainly have shown up in the blogs that favor the Gorgas or are considered anti-Giudice. I don’t want to speak for the blogger here, but she has made it clear in many comments that this blog is not on any particular team. Now the commenters, myself included, tend to be less neutral.

    • Unfortunately a spread sheet of all their payments made to any creditors isn’t available for you. Bummer for you. Expose ?? With the exception of issue with Joe M. , Joe’s ex business partner which I know is not resolved yet .. there are no “smoking guns ” hidden for your amusement. Ms SH is an “equal opportunity ” presenter when it comes to the exposure of information regarding the HW’s in her posts.

      If the Giudices were not taking care of the other payments they owe in some reasonable manner the creditors would be shouting it from the rooftops. Documentation would be out there to “expose”. Apparently they are doing what is required. UNLIKE the lying sacks of sh*t who have pretended that their 7 million $ BK is the only one they face ( it not being scrutinized and televised on the show as was the Giudices) because it’s only a PERSONAL BK. Oddly the Giudices and Lauritas filed I believe within a week of each other. Things that make you go uhmmm…..

      I am ignoring one of the commenters on here who uses that darn “new math” and keeps trying to divide it up between 5 freaking people to somehow spin it differently and “justify” and ignore facts of the personal BK somehow and some here who consistently totally IGNORE the FEDERALLY FORCED 55 million $ business BK due to illegal activities in which the Lauritas have lied about , then rescinded some of their lies as documented by the court and their own lawyers. Because of this, I call bullsh*t bigtime for anyone who reads this site and pretends to have a profound understanding only of the Giudice BK and how “horrible and fraudulent” it is but pleads “confusion” and “let’s wait to see what happens ” when another nitwit cast member who they “like” does the same thing or worse.

      As far as MeGo and her Joe are concerned, duhh ….the writing is on the wall where their financial future is headed… down !

      • Indeed Things that make you go HMMMMM. And I am one of the people who speaks of the Guidice Bankruptcy being “fraudulent and horrible” and “pleads ” confusion has it ever occurred to you that I(and others) indeed do not understand Business Bankruptcy’s Because 1. I(they) have never been forced into a business bankruptcy 2. dont have good business sense since I am a civil servant and not a businessman and dont run a business. JFTR I have said numerous times (maybe you missed it) That if they are found Guilty and in the wrong I hope they get the punishment they deserve.

        • Lisa, you are an intelligent please.. a business BK is not out of your realm of understanding. Read the documents on here and on FRE which is on SH’s blogroll. I have also not “missed” any of your immediate condemnation of the Giudices and the wait and see attitude when it concerns others. ?? Would you still have such a hate-on for Tre if she never filed BK ? Just curious. ;-)

          • my problem with Teresa is not her Bankruptcy but the Lying the both of them did had she not lied I wouldn’t care if she filed or not,and The Lying is not the only reason I do not like her I don’t find her to be a Nice person I do not think she is the Victim but a trouble maker. I don’t fall for her I am perfect headcocking and giggle act. I find her crude and nasty Only redeeming quality I find in her is her love for her Girls. I have better things to do then comb through pages of shit I dont understand, I do hope if the Lauritas are found in the wrong they get Punished

            Hope that clears that up for you.

            • Well it does .. sorta ! ;-) But you have stated for almost a year about your issues with her BK filing. I never have found her to be claiming she is a victim ( pissed yes, constantly reacting on the defensive , yeah.. not always justified, goofy yes) rather it is those viewers who watch and have a hard time with the darkness and hatred which if anyone is honest here.. there NEVER was until mel and company joined the cast. There was some drama and then the demonizing and mistreatment of DS, which most of us were not able to put into the proper perspective until after the fact .

              If Tre’s family had NOT joined this show.. do you really think it would have gotten this nasty ? Who would have been the sacrificial lamb out of the remaining cast members for season 3 and 4 then? It always has to be someone as Bravo’s history with these shows have proven. Issues brought up on the show and “highlighted” while others with the same issues, especially within the same darn cast which are ignored or only emphasized due to the magic or shall I say the distortion due to editing, lead to misconceptions to say the least.

              The internet, blogs , tweets and court documents allow us to not be be mislead by what is simply shown on tv.
              They all can be “nasty and troublemakers”, but I’m not an ostrich who sticks my head in the ground and only comes up when I see ONE of them pulling sh*t. As for having “better things to do than combing through pages of sh*t” which detail what those you don’t dislike do.. then it nullifies IMO blanket statements made which you would prefer to only pertain to Tre . Information is provided, forum is here to discuss it, objective and critical opinion expressed, facts not ignored .. unless we are just in the mood to snark ! :-)

            • I have been through Personal bankruptcy that why I understand hers more. I have not been through a forced Business bankruptcy and from what I have read I do not understand the mumbo jumbo legal stuff So I defer that to thosewho do understand I am not gonna comment like I understand what I am talking about when I dont Im sorry that’s such a Issue. Personal Bankruptcy is easier to understand when you have experienced it first hand. I understand the Lauritas situation is bad and they are most likely going to
              be punished severally as they should why is it such a problem I dont COMMENT like I do about the Guidices I haven’t said anything to suggest The Lauritas are misunderstood or innocent nor do i sit and make excuses for them for what they have done.

              as for the rest of what would happen if her family hadnt joined, Teresa was a trouble maker before they came around lets not forget she lead the charge to torment Danielle (no i dont buy she only did what Caroline forced her to do) Teresa i a grown women she didn’t have to Torment Danielle If she didn’t want to. I dont know what else to say,

            • Teresa didn’t lead anything against Danielle. Teresa reacted. She didn’t flip a table, she picked it up, dropped it back down, and rattled a few glasses of wine. Might have shifted a dinner plate or two around. Caroline (with poor Jax, so torn between friend and family in the background feeding BOTH sides info about each other) led the attack against Danielle.

              Caroline, not Teresa, was the one having the “sit-down” with Danielle. Jax’s daughter was the one who pulled out poor Danielle’s fake hair. Jax was the one standing in front of the limo when Kim G. and Danielle wanted to leave the PFS. Danielle put her sex tape out there (with two daughters). Danielle was the one who had to have her kid tell her to not stalk the Brownstone. Danielle is crazy, and the only reason I would love to see her back on the show is so she could spill the beans about Jax, Caroline, Missy…even Teresa. She knows a lot. She needs to share!

    • Brinkley: How about if you READ the OVER 600 items re the Joodices on SH… BEFORE you make your request of a JoeJoodice “expose.” Bytheway, this piece of info on da Gorga’s is hardly an “expose”… SH

  13. I see what you are saying Manhands. The answer to your question is no. It’s normal for a legit business to have their have phone numbers listed as an anonymous mobile phone number.

    As far as this post goes, I don’t know if the title was meant to be sarcastic, but how do they make it?
    You have to think back 2011 was when Melissa started on RHNJ with filming etc. As Mr. Wakile, Joe seemed to think he was the housewife, they followed their wives everywhere they went.
    I imagine Joe maybe did a bit more than $65,000 that year, but kept the funds under the table.

    These RHNJ are going to be in for a rude awakening when Bravo lets them go. Reality is going to set in. If I were Joe, I would quit following Melissa around and establish his business. Fame isn’t going to last forever like Caroline said. But what Carolinebacker forgot to say that she is just as guilty as the rest of them are but in someways sneakier.

    If you don’t mind me asking SH, what is your real job? I ask because you are genius when it comes to finding out sh!t. If I was in charge of the white house I would of enlisted you long ago to find Bin Laden. You get the good, bad and ugly deets on people. You are one talented lady. I don’t mean by this particular post basing my opinion. I have been reading this site for about 6 months, I am in awe. I know you credit sources, but you also don’t just post anything. You take the time to find out. So that is why I am asking what your real job is. Were you ever a

  14. I’ve heard that Jogo is living week to week by borrowing from friends and making payment arrangements with utilities. Surely the list of people that will loan him money has gotten shorter. Kind of makes me see all the PR ops, signings and openings in a different light. More like opportunities to glad hand and make new “friends” and let them in on “investment” opportunities with a RHNJ. If you will stoop to pulling the celebrity card with a utility worker, you might just stoop to hustling a fan. The Gorga’s seem desperate enough to make a few fake friends to mooch off when they’re out of real friends willing to help.

  15. I feel like I’m watching a giant “JENGA” game. Each time a new story comes out, it’s as if a piece of the puzzle is being removed and the tower is weakening. No matter how careful you are, or how skillfully the player is, the tower will fall!! It seems there’s not many moves left..Soon it’ll be game over…. for that I’m a very happy camper!!

    • I hope he can’t get any landscaping such as tree servicing. If it is paid through insurance those guys make top dollar. I’m hearing $5,000 to take away a large tree that falls into a house. Btw, the $65,000 is low because midget-man has a cash business. . .you don’t pay income tax on cash you don’t report. . .

      • The IRS is cracking down on cash transactions. My sister and Hubs run a recycling business and the paperwork is driving them crazy. Any transaction over 500 dollars has to be recorded and documented for the IRS and that is also cumulative transactions per customer in a calendar year. Joey G probably can’t get a lot of insurance business due to his poor ranking. Also am curious if he is bonded and insured.

        • If you our a sub contractor, you most definitely have to be bonded. Unless it’s a massive job, like Industrial and the general contractor covers it. When I worked Industrial, the unions contract had the general contractor pay our bonding. When I worked for myself I had to show proof that I had my bonding papers, before I was awarded the contract . On large jobs the insurance coverage is in the billions and in most cases is underwritten by the company hiring the general contractor. For instance, I worked at Ford several years when they added three new lines in the 90’s. The job was massive and multi-year, which sometimes goes to several contractors on one contractor. Just depends on how soon the company wants the job done, which is usually yesterday. Saying that, most mid to small size contractors are NOT gonna have bonding in the millions, one the insurance companies are not just gonna hand you a policy if your doing jobs that are in the thousands, insurance fraud. Secondly, the insurance policies are expansive and most guys aren’t gonna be able to pay a policy in the millions, those payments are huge. When a company underwrites the policy usually in the contract if there are no damages either to the properties, persons, or however the contract is written, then the contractor will get a bonus, and then the policy is cancelled or extended for another job. Also, another little nugget, in all contracts is the bonuses that are awarded, if job is completed before a set time x amount will be given to the contractor.

  16. I am a little confused. I read on another blog that Joey and Lookers did refi on their home and pulled out $500,000. in cash. The site even had a copy of the documents. How can you refi if he was only making $65,000 last year? How did the home appraise high enough to let me cash out? How were able to refi if the house was on the market? I smell MORTGAGE FRAUD!!! Uncle Sam is cracking down with both the buyer and banker going to jail now. Who was stupid enough to give someone a loan when they can ever pay the power bill?

      • The Giudice’s aren’t the one’s claiming they can afford their home 10x over while refinancing and taking out an extra $500K.

    • Do the Poorgas do business under other corporate names? I read on another site that he had another company using his kids’ initials that he used for her singing or something. Maybe he has a better record under a different name and uses that for his creative book keeping? I honestly find it hard to believe Jogo is smart enough to juggle all the loans, refis, transactions that his work demands. He MUST have some sort of advisor. I don’t see a legitimate cpa going anywhere near this rats nest of dealings. But someone sure knows their way AROUND the loopholes and scams..wonder who.

      • Prolly that scum suckin rat bass turd accountant that broke bread with the Gorgas in season 3 and talked chit about the Guidices.

        • Omg Made I’m so glad you are on early this mornin. I posted without giving credit to Ms SH and was properly chastised and sent to the appropriate link and lo and behold I was sent to a video of the kid with mad skills known as GABE. I don’t even know how to properly praise your child. I’m late to the SH party so I was unaware of his videos. I found one other, but I wish there were a way to see them all. Ms SH mentioned a category in the masthead but not yet…. I’m a die hard Stevie Ray Vaughn fan so Gabe just clicked for me. I literally get week kneed when I listen to guitar soloes and I’m glad my hubbend was here to fetch coffee for me after I heard Gabe play. He is such an incredible talent!!!!! I know you are sooo proud of him. Don’t know if I should refer to you as Gabe’s Mom or Made. I’m inspired to dust off my guitar and strum a little. And until I can find me some more Gabe to listen to I’ll just have to settle on some Stevie. Rock on Gabe’s mom!!!!!!

          • Awe thank you!! I He loves Stevie Ray Vaughn and Gary Hoey and of course Eddie Van Halen. He is all guitar all dee time!! I will answer to both Made and Gabe’s momma :) This is from one of his first talent shows when he was in middle school. He hates that I woohooed in it. I have been given orders not to ever do that again.

            • Middle school? Wow! What a prodigy. Again wow. And I don’t blame you for the woohoo. Have you been preparing yourself to be the momma of a rock star? You KNOW its gonna happen Thank you for allowing us all to be able to say “I knew him when…” well saw him anyway. Count yourself another fan Gabe- I’m hooked. GM(Gabes momma)- Does he have a you tube channel? Not sure how that works, but can I go somewhere and see a bunch of his videos in one place?

            • May I ask how old Gabe is now? My 15 (16 next month) daughter plays music as well and will sooooo love seeing these videos of Gabe. She is a rare breed that is so quick to praise others and recognize and appreciate the abilities of others. I always tell her she would have made a great hippie lol. She can play almost any instrument by ear but is horribly nervous in front of others no matter how good we tell her she is. It makes her hide her talents under a bushel basket! Gabe looks very at ease on stage, very sure of himself. Maybe it will loosen her up a bit. Besides, he’s a cutie :)

            • Thanks Ruth. He is 15. He is mostly a laid back kid. So he keeps his nerves to himself but he tells me that he gets nervous. I am his momma and even I didn’t pick up on his nerves. But his guitar is his outlet. Most nights when I am talkin to yall on SH he is sitting right in the same room guitar plugged in to amp going full tilt boogie. Much to my chagrin, he rarely picks up his acoustic.
              Funny story. Gabe’s great grandmother came to his eighth grade talent show. He played Crazy Train. When it was over she said he need to turn that speaker down(his amp) because she couldn’t hear him play for all that noise. I said “Granny, he IS the noise.” She is used to her momma pluckin on a banjo. That’s were the musical side of my family is and my husband’s family is musically talented also. Skipped us though cause I cant even hold Gabe’s guitar right. Gabe has a good ear. Can teach himself most things. I am glad he has that ability but want him to focus more on reading music for now so that will help him later.

            • What? No I didn’t know that. I dont doubt it now that you mention it. Sometimes reading music can get in the way of genius. When gabe gets it in his head he wants to learn something he throws himself into it. His We Will Rock You guitar solo took him 2 days to get down pat. But he knew it in couple of hours. No sheet music on that. All ear.

            • That’s a rare gift. Sorry made, you made two days sound like a long time to get something that difficult down pat. It most certainly is NOT. As the mother of a prodigy you’ll have to adjust your thoughts on things like time frames hahaha. My dad was a banjo virtuoso- played small bluegrass venues. Tried to teach me when I was about 6. It was too much for my little fingers to push the strings hard enough, but I shore did wear a couple of blisters tryin. Mom n dad divorced and I was never around him enough to pick it up later. Sure wish I would have.

            • I know 2 days is really not that long. But that was two WHOLE days.He is such a perfectionist with it. Perfect practice makes perfect and all dat. I am proud of him. I have tried to get him to teach me a few very simple chords but I just cant get it. But it amuses him to see me try.

  17. I guess we now know why he down graded himself from General Contractor to Landscaper. He couldn’t afford his bonding for Gen. Contractor. Trust me, it ain’t cheap especially for high end jobs. He mustn’t be doing so hot if all he made was 65K, yeah the trade is flat but really 65K couldn’t pay for office space, material, truck loans, insurance on equipment, bonding and ect. I made more than that and I was a one person shop most times. Unless he is down playing the money and using after taxes, but not really impressed with New Jerseys self described custom home builder. Depending on the jobs, of course, but that’s like maybe two or three custom jobs for a general contractor. A general contractor can make anywhere from 15K-50K on each house, depending on size of the house and what kind of deal he works out on the subs. After working for a general contractor you know who to work with and who to stay away from. Usually word of mouth does it, but I happened to need money a time or two and learned first hand that usually rumors on someone’s bad rep are true. Depends on how work is going, sometimes it dries up and being small time isn’t a good thing. At least you can always pass on the nightmares to another guy. One more thing, most states, and not sure how New Jersey is. if a contractor has too many complaints the state can pull the license.

  18. one cool thing is that all of the Laurita depositions are this week. They have been avoiding them – Lisa dragon..there is something they have been doing that is documented. ..they have been avoiding the federal prosecutors for a long time and Chris hid, removed, and destroyed company computers with all the information. Federal prosecutors have had to get their experts in to go through their files. That is the thing..there is a lot of proof already as to their guilty actions. Who destroys evidence for federal prosecutors in a 55 million dollar suit! Anyway, so happy the depos are this week, and even Jaq’s has to come clean on why she accepted checks for huge amounts of money even though she wasn’t doing anythign for the company.

  19. I co sign what RichmondVA just said.
    The evidence of their lies is written in bold in their faces and they still think everyone is stupid and only believe what hey say!

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