HURRICANE SANDY: Which Charities Are The Best… And WHY The Best Donation Is CASH or CHECK…

November 11, 2012

There are people in New Jersey still without power… and many are without the basic necessities!

BubbaJax has been tweeting relentlessly since Hurricane Sandy hit and she has become a point of service for those looking for assistance.  BubbaJax’ has been collecting everything but empty tin cans to stuff in that black ban and redistribute to throngs of fans needy New Jersey-ites!


Melissa Gorga has also attached herself to the Hurricane Sandy effort by recommending the purchase of “RestoreTheShore” t-shirts and hoodies from a New Jersey company, BlueWavePrinting.


Are either BubbaJax or Melissa Gorga REALLY helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

According to CharityWatch, they are not.

CharityWatch recommends that anyone who wishes to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy send a check… not clothing or other items:

The best way to help is by sending a check. Cash donations enable charities to buy the most needed types of food, medicine, clothing, shelter materials and other supplies. By buying relief products locally or regionally, charities can reduce shipping costs and more rapidly deliver assistance. Before sending any goods, first contact the charity to find out if they are appropriate and if it will be cost effective to distribute them.

For example, after a tsunami in the Pacific, boxes of donated winter coats, scarves and fuzzy hats, completely useless items in tsunami-stricken nations with tropical climates, were sent to these nations.

CharityWatch also recommends that you first contact the charity about your contribution… they also say to beware of scammers!

As with any charitable contribution, Americans wanting to help with relief efforts following Superstorm Sandy should send contributions to only those charities with an established track record of helping people in need.

People need to be on guard concerning the surge of solicitations that arrive whenever a highly publicized crisis hits. There will be fraudulent charity solicitations, some involving websites and email links attempting to steal your credit card information for identity theft or insert malware on your computer. Only give to legitimate charities with a track record of being able to help people in need.

Charities on the CharityWatch recommended list do NOT include any “Restore The Shore” charities!   A search of the A-t0-Z list of Charities on CharityWatch also did not include any “Restore The Shore” charities!

NOTE:  If you want to help, CharityWatch is recommending that you donate directly to the charity!  By doing so, you will also be assisting BubbaJax by allowing her to get back to her scrapbooking!


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95 comments on “HURRICANE SANDY: Which Charities Are The Best… And WHY The Best Donation Is CASH or CHECK…

  1. Did you two evil WITCHES hear that….STOP what you are doing…go out and scrub walls, floors, if you want to help. Believe me you will be reported. As for Teresa keep her out of this shit. She doesn’t have to tweet all day to tell anyone what she is doing. HEAR THAT MORONS. She is also taking care of a sick father.

    • HI Barb A.R. I’ve been following your heartfelt story…and I was really moved to read your update yesterday about those helping out. How are things coming along at home?

      • Thank you ktgirl. We are doing ok and we are thankful for that. People are helping each other and they are getting together to get their lives together again. You can’t believe the outpouring of love, the volunteers working from sunup to sundown helping each other. Posts go out all the time on Facebook for items that are needed and where to drop them off. We have been overwhelmed by the businesses right here. They are beyond generous. There has been no price gouging here at all. Hopefully if the winter is like last year things should be looking good for the summer season. Again, bless you and thanks for your thoughts. Getting ready to go to DD to get coffee and donuts for the National Guard.

        • Barb, it’s heartwarming to hear the stories of love, community and support. Thank you for sharing. It’s also fantastic to hear that you and your family appear to be doing better/well (not sure of the correct descriptive word). All and all… I’m just glad you have everything you need at the moment

        • Barb, Just wanted to say thanks for getting back to me. Yes, I have been hearing some wonderful things about caring people pulling together….it touches my heart. Reading your heartfelt posts help me to feel “somehow” closer and I thank you for that. It was also wonderful to see Ms SH Diligent at getting the message out there about “Donations who to trust and who to stay away from.” Bless your heart Barb for heading over to DD to get hot coffee and donuts for the National Guard! You’re in my prayers along with all those in need.

          • Thanks kt that’s the least we can do, we go twice a day for the past week, we get 5 boxes of Joe,100 donuts and 200 munchkins twice each day. Makes us feel good. They deserve anything we can do. :-). We drop it off at their station and who comes in can take what they want.

    • Bless you Barb ! Morons like that will never get dirty to help clean up ! God forbid ! You would think with all the $ the manzo clowns had they would have rented a u-haul and filled that up instead of their self promoting BLK van in which they had at 6 passengers (2 in the front , 4 in the back) as shown in their “charity photos ” and driven to a drop off center instead of wasting precious gas with umpteen trips !

  2. I’d never give a red cent to Red Cross.

    I’d give the shirt off my back and everything else to the Salvation Army.

    • Me, too! The Salvation Army has helped my family and me in hard times and I give back but only through them. The SA doesn’t have a CEO who takes home a salary of upwards of a million dollars a year either, unlike Red Cross.

      • I just would like to remind people that donating blood is a must, and I think only the Red Cross does those. I do agree with everyone on giving money to the Salvation Army, they do so much locally and nationally. My mother in law had to have nine pints of blood several months ago. Her insurance would only pay for the first two and Red Cross gave the rest with no charge. I asked my husband to give blood after she was out of the hospital, I no longer can because of all the medicine I am on. Just wanted to remind people that the Red Cross does help out and blood donations are important.

  3. Jax’s twitter account needs to be deleted. Who cares what this dolt thinks every 5 seconds. Shut up lady.

    • Yes. And speakin of twitters. I notice fishmonger Rich Wakilie has went in and deleted a boatload of his tweets. He still left the tweet on a bare backside picture. Someone was playing games with him and tweeted that Kathy is looking good. He left that one too.

  4. TY 4the info about the CEO of the Red Cross!Im not in NJ or any of the states tht were hurt by Sandy-But, in my own personal life,Ive tried2help ppl who legitimately needed the help-Ive called the RC many,many times&they always seem2b out of $ 2 help w/a power bill or a rent payment 4 ppl who are down on their luck-Now, I have referred ppl 2 SA&they have helped even if it wasnt the full amount-They did wht they could. Now it makes sense!Tht absolutely infuriates me!Ill never donate2the RC again bt will con’t to give2 SA or refer ppl2them.On another note, Im not gonna knock any1,Jac or Melissa, 4helping out, even if they dont know wht the best way2 help is. Its true,some ppl only help (tweet) 2get a pat on the back&thats truly a shame!I wonder if Donald Trump has donated any..Reason being-He asked Obama 2 show proof of his birth certificate or something along those lines&if Obama did,he would donate $3million 2 a charity of O’s choice-DT needs2 donate $3mill 4 something like this!!!

    • The Red cross is active in The Military community I donate to the RC locally instead of Nationally They do notifications to deployed and those stationed away from families
      and Make arrangements to get family back to there loved ones in case deaths or illness
      And I am supporter of the Human/Animal Bond program. Dispite the Million dollars paid to the CEO they still do good work on a local level.

      • I’m sorry but I have to ask……… are you on crazy Jackass’s payroll? I mean no disrespect at all. Just a legit question. You seem to HATE Tree, and don’t seem to find a problem with any of the other crazies on the show. You almost seem like you are trying to be combative @ every turn when it comes to Tree. I am just trying to remember who else acts that way……….oh that’s right Jackass, hence the question!

        • NO I AM NOT ON HER PAYROLL and I dont “hate” tre anymore then anyone else hates Caroline,jax or Melissa
          I have said Numerous times I do not like any of them but I don’t feel the need to add My thoughts to what has already been said because i see no purpose Its just repetitive crap that would clog up the thread.
          I detest being asked if I am one of the housewives or “on their payroll”

          • Lisa, It’s obvious you are a valued and long time poster–one of the leaders by that SH curriculum! :D Not many can say that!

          • Listen I wasn’t being rude. I was just asking b/c sometimes it comes off like you really hate Tree. You really can’t be mad if someone asks a question. I would say I dislike some of the cast members, but to hate one would mean I some how care……and I don’t! Sorry if I offended you, but now I know the truth!

            • I have been accuse dof being jax, a friend of jax, I have been accused of being Melissa and one of her sisters It gets Trying after awhile having to explain who you are because of your opinion..

            • I think I see what has been happening. Earlier you pointed out that you didn’t understand the inner workings of a business bankruptcy and as a result you don’t talk about Jax financial issues that much in a negative way. So what happens is when Laurita bankruptcy is being discussed(or their lack of ethics) is that you bring up Tree’s past issues because you do have a firm handle on those. I can totally see why that happens now that you explained. Now why you want to excuse her excessive tweeting and neglect of her child(s) is beyond me but I get now how the convo seems to always get reverted back to Tree’s issues. That said I am convinced that a Lauritaite does post here but its not you.

            • If I had to take a guess at who it might be Lace comes to mind. We did have a poster that went to CaFace and over heard the Manzos talking about posting here. I still give Kudos to Heather D for posting under her real name and being straight forward.

            • Because i know people who tweet more then her and they have kids. One day when i was bored on vacation i counted her tweets they were around 20 a day. I get more then 20 cute kitty pictures from a poster a day so to me its not a big deal
              and her tweets are mostly late at night after bedtime I see those because its early evening for me.

              If I had the same thought process as those who accuse Id say Teresa is posting under several names
              here and I start accusing people. Th e reason The convo swings to teresa is because some here blast Th eothers for the same thing Teresa does and gets excused

            • I hear ya. BUT if we just stick with this season’s behaviors alone Tree comes out smelling like a rose. The rest of em stink up to high heaven.

            • Again I am sorry! I swear I wasn’t being a smart @ss just a legit question! Everyone has the right to feel how they feel! No disrespect was intended at all! I guess after reading the post about the NJHW who stalk SH my imagination ran away with me! Again I am sorry!

            • I understand why you asked. You prolly didnt know that she gets accused of that a lot. Like I said up thread, there is HWs and HW adjacents posting on here but it aint Lisa. Keep your eyes peeled though.

            • If you follow BH there is one that pops in from time to time too. You will be able to sniff her out like a fart in church. They ALL read it though.

          • @Lisa – you are one of the people I enjoy most on SH. Even if we don’t agree, the give and take is always respectful. If I wanted to hear only my own point of view, I could just as well sit and talk to the mirror. Plus, you’re SH royalty — featured in the La Salle curriculum.

  5. @Lisa-TY for your info, too. :) I’m going 2 make a few calls Tuesday & try to get some answers to some of the questions I now have.

  6. is excellent–I always check out charities there first before I donate. Please don’t bother flaming me for what I’m about to say (because it will fall on deaf ears), and I understand that animals are not more important than people (well, as an animal lover I don’t agree with that, but I do understand), but there are charities that are helping the pets victimized by the hurricane. The last thing people affected by the hurricane need is to have their beloved pets hurt in any way, due to lack of food, medical care, shelter, medications, etc. That lesson was learned the hard way after Katrina in New Orleans.

    • Stacy, I don’t know you or anything about your posts but I totally agree that animals/pets, especially during a natural disaster, are in need of help. My personal favorite is “North Shore Animal League” which happens to be located in New York. I’m sure there are a few, if not several, animals shelters and havens that hope to receive some help via hurricane Sandy. Agreed, it was a heart breaking reality after hurricane Katrina. I’m sorry I don’t have a link to post for North Shore animal League but it’s easy to find on the web. IMO, they’re a wonderful organization. Like you said, we all need to check out which ever charities we hope to help!

    • Our 3 dogs & 3 cats are loved members of our family. My 3 boys would absolutely worry about them if (when) a natural disaster hits here in earthquake state of So.Calif, if they know their furry friends are safe & unhurt I know that would relieve them so much. I’m sure that those affected do worry about their pets that have gone missing or hurt, some only have their pets & no one else. In my opinion I believe that helping pets get reunited or given medical help is very much appreciated by their owners. Animal charities were created for a reason, companionship being one of them. No flaming from me, you’re right on with mentioning them in my book.

    • Agreed about Charitynavigator and also our furry friends. They’d be the FIRST things I’d take in case of evacuation. Pets first, computer and photos second. No brainer.

  7. I find it interesting the manzo/laurita clan make sure to plug their businesses as they continue to tweet their good deeds. Drop off at cafface and fill up to blk van. Smart cross promotion lol. Glad they r helping….no matter the motives.

    The way I see it…caroline Loves to be the go to person for everything. She loves ppl recognizing her efforts….especially other public figures. She wants the image of the perfect mom…stellar kids…amazing family etc. Anyone threatening that leave it to jersey image is erased…..

    Caroline was suppose to be the one with the successful family cookbook……everyone is suppose to listen and take her advice even when its not solicited. This new charity kick has given caroline an oppertunity to repair her demaged brand…especially with her new book coming out. Last season caroline took a big hit to her image and she has to gain back her lost fan base. Her kids nephew and nieces will always follow her lead so she willll always have backup. Kathy and melissa were both smart to kiss her butt when 5hey got on.

    Teresa and dina look like they were tired of following the Don hence their banishment.

      • @Mel- too little too late for Chuckie!! That ship has sailed! And IMO Katfish and MeHo should’ve kissed Tree’s butt, not Chuckie’s. They might’ve been on Chuckie’s bad side during the last two seasons, but in the long run it would have benefitted them both fan wise.

  8. Am I bad for thinking that Melissa and Jax are using this as an opportunity to get their names flashed in the media on the back of such an horrific act of nature. I can only think of Ben Stiller who tried to go incognito to serve food to those who had lost their homes, and looked quite embarrassed when he was spotted. IMHO that’s helping out, I have read of other people in the public spot light doing the same thing. Hence why I get the feeling that Mel and Jax’s intentions serve their own purpose in reality.

    That said, I wish all those affected by H.Sandy are able to restore what was destroyed at the soonest possibility. For those lost, RIP, nature at it’s extreme worst.

    • Not only are you not bad, you are entirely correct in your assessment. Jax told me everything I needed to know when she HAD to mention that it was the BLK van collecting the goods. What decent, charitable, sane person would feel the need to mention their brand name in the same sentence as hurricane relief? These scumbags are vile and vulgar, interested in no one but themselves.

    • @BritishBev — If that’s true about Ben Stiller, then that shows me he’s really a decent, stand-up guy. Thanks for sharing that. Makes me feel good about seeing his movies. I’ve gotten to the point where I won’t spend money on movies featuring actors I can’t respect.

  9. The manzos are collecting items and driving around every day for HOURS dropping the stuff off in that van. That van is not that large. How much stuff can really fit in there ? There must be a better way for them to help. They mean well, but the amount they collected and drove around with cant be much .

    • Where are they dropping the stuff off? Could be that donation sites aren’t taking what they collected and they keep driving around trying to find one that will.

      I was listening to the radio the other day (NJ 101.5 – talk radio) and a man called in and he was furious. He and his wife had taken their donations to some place that was collecting (I don’t remember, it had to be Salvation Army or Red Cross) and they didn’t accept any of it b/c nothing was brand new! But when he and his wife were lugging the bags and bags back to their car a gentleman approached them in the parking lot. The man was from out of state and came up to NJ with the power company he worked for to help fix the lines,etc. He asked if he could take their donations off their hands b/c he and his crew were from the south, didn’t bring enough warm clothing and didn’t have time to wash what they did have.

      Who knows what these Manzo fools collected? If they paid attention, they would know that a lot of places stopped taking clothing very quickly. They are asking for money, gift cards, toiletries, diapers, wipes, formula, cleaning supplies. The displaced don’t want to/can’t lug around bags of clothing when they have no where to go or are in a shelter or a hotel and need money for food or gas or supplies.

      • I remember once trying to donate a bed to the SA and they would not take it. To be fair it had given up the ghost long ago but still I didn’t want to just pitch it. I cant remember now what was wrong with it but it needed to be fixed and it would have been fine. They made me feel like a butthole trying to give subpar goods to the needy.

        • I thought they had “people” to do just that: make minor repairs. It’s not like the SA gives stuff away, they SELL it.

    • They travel in a pack too, but I’m sure they fit a couple of boxes in, one of them being blk water. Everyone affected, God Bless them all, I’m sure are staying away from any & all black water they come across to begin with.

  10. I was deeply affected by the Hurricane here in NJ I’m still shaking, had no power since it hit, just got it back a few hours ago, I find it disgusting that the Gorga’s would use the misery of others to make a buck. I’m so furious at the people on this show being so full of themselfs that I could just slap their face. Joe is “supposed” to be a contractor, why isn’t he helping his nearby neighbors? My grandson has been working clearing fallen trees not far from them and works 14 hour days and hasn’t asked for a dime, that’s where his heart is.

    • Agree with you 100%. If Joe (Gorga or Giudice) doesn’t feel like breaking out a chainsaw to clear those trees, or help repair people’s homes (like ripping out soaked rotten drywall), he and the others on that show should buy gallon jugs of bleach and get down on their hands and knees and scrub people’s homes, because with all that moisture, they will get overwhelmed by mold (even though the weather now is cold and dry). But then Joe Gorga was rated unsatisfactory or similar by the BBB, so maybe he is a wannabe contractor.

        • I shouldn’t criticize Juicy because I don’t know how he did or did not help. I apologize for including him in my comment without being informed–I shouldn’t have done that.

            • They are private people except when their ‘family & friends’ butt in & put their personal issues on blast. You know they really are helping otherwise we would’ve heard all about it by now from a “source”.
              I wonder how many times those sources have driven by Teresa’s home by now, you know to make sure they’re okay.

            • How private can someone be when they invite cameras in and talk about their spouses penis size and wave their sex toy on camera like it was a flag..Private indeed.

    • Glad you’re safe! The Gorga’s are pathetic. Anything to keep their faces in the media (especially NOW that RHWoNJ season is over). Missy and her “I’m so proud of Joe helping clear trees”. Neighbors HELP each other. If you’re a good person you just do it, you don’t talk/tweet about it and include pictures to prove it. Let someone else (who is not a famewhore) take that picture and brag on you. But they have to SHOW how “good” they are. That’s pathetic, IMO.

      • Right! You’re supposed to help your neighbors in times like this, it’s the morally right thing to do, naturally without a second thought. If you’re patting yourself on the back, posing for pictures, tweeting, basically bragging & telling everyone what you are doing valuable time is being wasted & maybe just flat out getting in the way, the motive is self serving & suspect. IMHO

    • You are all in our prayers from here on the west coast, you’re grandson is an awesome angel but you already know that. Happy you are here to post.

      • Thank you so much, I don’t think the tears will ever stop….you guys are GREAT! Again thank you love you all…

  11. Dear SH, thank you for this article. I am one if the 1000′s displaced citizens. My home is in Ortley Beach known as ground zero. I do not know what happened my home is still standing thanks to the NOAA aerial shots, in what condition I do not know. I do know when I can get back in. I am lucky I have family who took my family in. I also found an apartment. Moving should be easy I have nothing. Thank god my kids are away at college. I agree cash and gift cards are the way to go. PS the Salvation Army stopped taking beds due to the bedbug epidemic. The Red Cross has been amazing during this crisis also they have gone through tough times during the recession, many chapters consolidated. The Salvation Army is also great. Later on Habitats for Humanity has plans to help rebuild some of the most needy areas. Please reader’s do not buy merchandise that profits off of other’s misery. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

    • So sorry to hear about what you are going through Lisa. Thanks for the info about the beds. I seem to remember that bedbug epidemic but if memory serves I tried to donate before that. Also didn’t know that it was a SA nationwde mandate. The news just kept talking about it being up in New York area. But it does make sense.

    • @Lisa, so glad you are safe! I am so sorry for all you have been through. These updates are so important to those of us who are not there. I feel I cannot find decent news about the situation.

    • Lisa n says:
      I’m so sorry Lisa, Ortley is next to Lavallette where my parent’s had a summer home when I was a kid. We lived at 1704 Baltimore Ave. I’m glad you’re ok but not happy about the devastation. Joey Harrison’s Surf Club was an Icon there. I’m in Manahawkin so if you are in need of anything please let me know I can post it on my facebook page. If and when you get a chance could you take a ride past my old house and let me know if it’s standing please. Thanks

      • Thank you so much their are many much worse off them me. I am lucky I could afford to rent an apartment FEMA did help a little. I am just worried about my kids when they get home. I also rented a storage unit before the storm so i have most of my winter clothes all my children’s clothes, pictures, and files. I just had a feeling.

  12. This story reminds me of Kim Kardashians photo op last Thanksgiving when she was trying to repair her reputation after her 72 day sham marriage and she showed up at a soup kitchen, dressed to the nines, surrounded by security, posed for a couple pics holding a soup ladle then sashayed away into her waiting SUV limo. Meanwhile Jennifer Love Hewitt was also there b/c she truly wanted to be, she volunteers there every year & didn’t try to make it into a photo op for attention. I’m sure the real volunteers wanted to take that soup ladle & bop Kim K. over the head with it.

  13. Just had to share the This is a legit charity it’s the Governor’s wife’s

    From Stefanie R.: Quick Chek, the largest convenience store chain in the New York metropolitan area with more than 130 stores, has begun to collect donations for hurricane relief by enabling customers to add $1, $3, or $5 to their purchase at check-out. The campaign, to benefit Governor Chris Christie and First Lady Mary Pat Christie’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, will run through November 19, 2012 in Quick Chek stores through New Jersey and New York.

    “We are committed to partnering with the communities we serve through recovery and rebuilding from the ravages of Hurricane Sandy,” said Dean Durling, Quick Chek President and CEO.

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