HURRICANE SANDY: Which Charities Are The Best… And WHY The Best Donation Is CASH or CHECK…

November 11, 2012

There are people in New Jersey still without power… and many are without the basic necessities!

BubbaJax has been tweeting relentlessly since Hurricane Sandy hit and she has become a point of service for those looking for assistance.  BubbaJax’ has been collecting everything but empty tin cans to stuff in that black ban and redistribute to throngs of fans needy New Jersey-ites!


Melissa Gorga has also attached herself to the Hurricane Sandy effort by recommending the purchase of “RestoreTheShore” t-shirts and hoodies from a New Jersey company, BlueWavePrinting.


Are either BubbaJax or Melissa Gorga REALLY helping the victims of Hurricane Sandy?

According to CharityWatch, they are not.

CharityWatch recommends that anyone who wishes to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy send a check… not clothing or other items:

The best way to help is by sending a check. Cash donations enable charities to buy the most needed types of food, medicine, clothing, shelter materials and other supplies. By buying relief products locally or regionally, charities can reduce shipping costs and more rapidly deliver assistance. Before sending any goods, first contact the charity to find out if they are appropriate and if it will be cost effective to distribute them.

For example, after a tsunami in the Pacific, boxes of donated winter coats, scarves and fuzzy hats, completely useless items in tsunami-stricken nations with tropical climates, were sent to these nations.

CharityWatch also recommends that you first contact the charity about your contribution… they also say to beware of scammers!

As with any charitable contribution, Americans wanting to help with relief efforts following Superstorm Sandy should send contributions to only those charities with an established track record of helping people in need.

People need to be on guard concerning the surge of solicitations that arrive whenever a highly publicized crisis hits. There will be fraudulent charity solicitations, some involving websites and email links attempting to steal your credit card information for identity theft or insert malware on your computer. Only give to legitimate charities with a track record of being able to help people in need.

Charities on the CharityWatch recommended list do NOT include any “Restore The Shore” charities!   A search of the A-t0-Z list of Charities on CharityWatch also did not include any “Restore The Shore” charities!

NOTE:  If you want to help, CharityWatch is recommending that you donate directly to the charity!  By doing so, you will also be assisting BubbaJax by allowing her to get back to her scrapbooking!