SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Brandi Glanville “Ambulance!!”… Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline Laurita “FREEWine!!”…Cynthia Bailey “SoVulnerable!”… Nene Leakes “NeneStillWithGregg”…

November 10, 2012   

                “Don’t worry, Lisa… I wasn’t at your restaurants!”

Brandi Glanville was rushed to the hospital on Thursday evening… and she still don’t know what’s wrong!

“Brandi was feeling nauseous all day and was having weird chest pains so an ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital,” the source told

“She found a weird lump under her arm, which turned out not to be cancer, but doctors still couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s home now, but she’s sick.”  Her bestie from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump and her husband went to the E.R. with her…

NOTE:  Was Brandi eating out on Thursday?  Hmmm…. sounds like a bit of the old food poisoning!  Too bad Brandi got on Paul Nassif’s bad side!  Hope Brandi’s recovered by the time she’s on her way to NYC for her many appearances on the NYMediaMafia outlets!  Brandi is scheduled to visit the WendyShow on Tuesday…


  “Come and buy our wine…”

CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS!!!  BubbaJax and DonCaro will be leaving the comforts of their homes for a FREE wine tasting in Clifton NJ… a very special THANKSGIVING wine tasting!

Wine tasting with two of the “Real Housewives of New Jersey”: Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita will lead a special Thanksgiving tasting of Levendi Wines from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 16. at Stew Leonard’s Wines of Clifton. The tasting is free; the bottles that will be sampled range from $29.99 to $42.99. 345 Allwood Road, Clifton, 973-859-7700,

NOTE:  The big question is:  will they both be twitter-free during their visit to Stew Leonards??  The big probable answer:  they’ll be tweetin’ and takin’ photos of the throngs of relatives and homeless people paid to appear people in line to catch a glimpse of the Jersey duo…  BUT… you can get a glimpse of them today!  Hurry!!


Just so ya know, BubbaJax will be telling her story to a magazine intern who will write the item for submission as a “Contributing Editor” to Parenting Magazine.   NOTE:  Don’t get “Parenting” magazine confused with the EXCELLENT “Parents” magazine!

How DOES BubbaJax do it all???  And STILL have time for scrapbooking???


Cynthia Bailey gave an in-dept and very insightful interview to RollingOut magazine… after she did a photo shoot in which she displayed her vulnerable side!

 “I’m vulnerable…”

“As a celebrity, it can be dangerous to let your guard down, as not everyone deserves to be in your private circle where they are privy to your innermost thoughts. This much was confirmed the following day when Bailey invited me to her husband’s posh restaurant, Bar One, for celebratory cocktails.

“In photo shoots, I can give you vulnerable all day.  But I can’t afford to be vulnerable in my every day life. That’s just not who I am. I’ve had to be independent ever since I moved from Alabama to New York right out of high school. Being on your own at age 18 will teach you very quickly that you have to keep your emotions in check and always stay in control. That’s probably why I can be such a control freak at times  —  because I’ve had to do everything on my own for such a long time.”

   Only VERY vulnerable ex-supermodels can get away with this look…”


‘The New Normal’ actress and ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star NeNe Leakes leaves BOA steakhouse November 9…  Gregg and Nene never left each other are definitely together!

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(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFtM” and “Rod”!!!)

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  1. LOVE the picture of Man-zilla with her middle finger flying and her hateful rage filled eyes squinting for the camera…I’m sure that Bubba-Jax was enjoying the same emotion; but unfortunately her face was Botoxified making facial movement impossible…lol


  2. Instead of seeing these two (hopefully former HWs), would much rather go to the Tick Tock Diner which is also on Allwood Road. Their slogan is “Eat Heavy”. Haha!!! Used to work in this area and miss going there for lunch. It’s a great diner. Hope all my fellow Jerseyans are safe and warm.


  3. I miss the Tick Tock, coming North over Thanksgiving, will be in Rutherford so may give it a try. I can’t stand Carowhine or JAXASS. So many do so much for the victims down here but that POS has to broadcast it. Stay off twitter JAXASS and take care of your son. I guess you squirreled away some of the 55M you stole. Remember the two of you what goes around comes around. I will give anyone credit if they are doing for the victims down here but STFU about it. We don’t care.


    • Jax as the attention span of a gerbil. I think Chris has to remind her to go look put the window and see that the national emergency is still going on.


  4. I didn’t realize Cynthia was a celebrity, but wearing that thing on her face would make anyone feel vulnerable to being laughed at. I can’t wait until Jax is called a former housewife!


  5. Cynthia looks like a Shar Pei face. She is rather pretty, but I’m not a fan of her or this miserable look. Mama Manzo’s perfection pose for the family’s secret sauce FEBUS to all OR else. Poor Jac & Gang – always looking for the next money maker. Can you say Sandy?! Just read new reply post on FRE site. Most interesting if only 10% is accurate. Charity starts at home (my home) Karma’s enroute. Lol


        • ITA. I read it a few times with “fresh eyes” in attempt to be unbiased. It will be interesting to see what else comes out and how the facts check out. I did have a strong feeling that there was financial compensation for the Bluewave unofficial spokesperson. Yikes if the facts checkout that a very small percentage was actually donated. Talk about sick!

          I wonder if that certain obsessed HW comments here. I never want to speculate on identity of posters because it’s hard to read tone (“obsession”) in typed words. However, sometimes I get the side eye and think “Are you a HW or family member of HW?”. If a site like SH was written about me, you bet I’d be on it and I’d be laughing along.

          Gotta love SH and FRE for keeping it real!


  6. Gross!
    Jacqueline Laurita ‏@JacLaurita

    We’ve been helping out w/out Bravo filming but that doesn’t mean we r going2stop helping 1ce they r.People still need help.Continues on!


    • People are going to need help for a long time JAXASS. Read before you tweet. You’re a classy idiot. Do me a favor stay home with your child. And JAXASS I hope you are not coming back to RHWONJ you and your SIL.


      • How gross that she would try to use this tragedy to entice Bravo to film with them again. Stick a fork in Jax she is done!


      • I’m not sure if Jax will be back but Carowhine moving to an apt in Homoken to be near her boys (and BGG ) sounds like no season 5 to me. She’s downsized herself right out of her spot on RHONJ. It seems like the move from Franklin Lakes is financial. I don’t care how much Albert indulges Caro’s iron clad apron string hold on her kids, you don’t sell a house that size in this market unless you have to. I think they need to be rid of the high mortgage payment and use proceeds from the sale (if any ) to help the Brownose. I don’t see Albert making a bad financial decision to appease Caro’s empty nest syndrome. Also, I imagine she’s jumping ship before any news about her finances come to light including BLK not being as successful as hoped. I’m not sure how well Caffarce is doing, but Lapband’s past doesn’t bode well for it, nor does the move. I’m sure Caro doesn’t want cameras rolling on any of the pots she has her fingers in. More importantly, I don’t think Caro could stand to film with Teresa while she wore the Cheshire grin she would so deserve to wear! On a happier note Albert would have a legitimate reason to stay overnite if Jill, I mean the Brownose needed him to. lol


        • I forget what Realty Co. has the listing in FL. Haven’t heard much about the place the babies are suppose to be running. Is that still a go? I guess Carowhine just can’t cut the umbilical cord. That is really really sad. Where is Lapband going? With Mama. Quite a difference to her place of employment. LOL her employed. And the saga goes on and on.,


        • Ruth, I think BOTH things might be true and that one doesn’t necessarily preclude the other. As you said, who the hell would sell a high-end home in this market? They are hard to sell in GOOD times because there just aren’t as many buyers for them as there are for middle class homes. I agree that there is a high likelihood of financial issues going on. However, I also think Chuck can’t BEAR to be away from her boyz. I think she finally realized that they had no plans to just live on one, big, Manzo compound in Franklin Lakes for the rest of their lives and that their move to Hoboken ( and away from HER ) was PERMANENT. She’s a highly controlling woman and dominating family members is made that much more challenging when they’re 45 minutes away. You gotta give Albie and Chris credit for TRYING to get away from her, though. They should have know she wasn’t gonna let that situation ( them living and acting like independent adults ) go on forever. Silly boyz!


          • And isn’t Lauren supposed to be marrying Vito any day now?? Moving in with mom and making sure you’re super, invasively close to your brothers – not the move of someone who’s planning to get hitched in the near future.


  7. What’s really sad is that Lapband’s first apartment is with mom as a roommate. Prom with her brother now an apartment with mom. Aren’t they EVER going to make her be an adult.? How embarrassing for her to explain her living arrangements to her “adult” 24 year old friends.


    • I don’t think Lauren is embarrassed for the simple reason that she only hangs out with her relatives. Oh, and Greggy. She doesn’t have friends her age.


  8. The Manzo/Laurita clan is ALWAYS about the SALE and not BUT the SALE. Even when they were distributing goods OTHER PEOPLE DONATED, they made darn sure to tweet lots of pics about it and to say ( something like ) ” The boys delivered the goods today to victims in the BLK van!’ ( In related news, I delivered some stuff in my SUBARU! ) You never know, someone while in desperate need of toilet paper, canned soup and bleach to sterilize their drinking water might just see the BLK van and become a future dirt water customer!


  9. Remind me to never read Parenting magazine again, even in drs’ offices. Jacqueline Laurita giving parenting advice?? Sometimes I really think this whole RHONJ thing is just one, big piece of performance art and they’re all going to take their bows soon. They’ll be on academic panels talking about the meaning of this important work and its comment on the decay of social morality and how ppl sell their pain and privacy for a buck. I mean, they/she CAN’T be SERIOUS with this sh*t.


  10. Wow! That photo of Caro-WHINE Manzo really shows how classy and refined she it! I don’t watch that shrill fest due mostly to HER and her tough guy mannerisms. She actually reminds me of the Greeting card cartoon character, “Maxine”.


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