GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!… Which Housewife is Carrying This Clutch?…UDPATE: Housewife Revealed!!

November 8, 2012    Which Housewife is carrying this silver clutch?

It’s NOT KenyaMoore… It’s NOT MelissaGorga… It’s NOT Alexis Bellino… It’s NOT JoannaKrupa… and it AIN’T Nene Leakes!!!

The Housewife clutching the clutch is…

Lisa Vanderpump!!


AND… it’s dueling beds!  Who had their bed first?  Kyle or Lisa??


A photo tour of Kyle-ee’s house… and of LisaV’s house

Answer coming soon!!

36 comments on “GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!… Which Housewife is Carrying This Clutch?…UDPATE: Housewife Revealed!!

  1. I don’t know who’s holding the clutch (Maybe Vicki?), but I know for a fact that I love Lisa’s double bed; hell, I love her whole HOUSE.


  2. Lisa carrying the clutch.
    Kyle might have had the bed first since she moved into that house before LIsa moved into her new one. I like Kyles version better….Like the antique effect of the mirrored glass better than Lisas super shiny version


    • yeah….I must change my vote and go with yofo….I just completely forgot about her.
      but I thought the blind is who had the bed first, not which one we all thought was nicer….on both counts I go with Kyle….It’s more forgiving of fingerprints….I’m oh so practical


    • Doesn’t David Foster and his wife have the same bed too??? It looks so cheap to me–like it’s made of mirrors and glue.


  3. Lisa looks great! The only issue is her nips are peeking out. They sell special tape and stick on covers for that. :)


  4. Kyle’s house is more comfortable and livable.Lisa’s house is too overdone and whats will all the floor to ceiling curtains everywhere.I would not feel comfortable in that house let alone sitting down.
    You could never really relax and let your hair down in Lisa’s house.Too much for me.


    • Lisa’s home is gorgeous but it reminds me of a hotel. I feel like Vyle’s is more homey. I like the incorporation of wood finish. It feels like a home I wouldn’t be scared to sit down in. I feel like I’d break something in Lisa’s home. However, the views from Lisa’s home are definitely breathtaking.


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