November 10, 2012  NOTE:  From a comment posted on FRE today.

Does SH know that ALL the Housewives read SH??  Why YES, yes we do!!

Does SH know that these New Jersey sub-humans read every single WORD on SH?   Yes… yes, we do….

Can YOU guess who these New Jersey Housewife are???

Hello! I don’t think the stoopidhousewives site understand how powerful your sites really are. I say this because I am “acquainted” ( I’ll leave it at that ) with past and present Bravo’s NJ housewives. No, I am not apart of Bravo’s housewives franchise either. However, I can tell you that they ALL read both of your sites, rather they want to admit it (openly) or not. Even with Hurricane Sandy, some check in maybe at night or when they have a minute during the day, while others have their kids or nephews update them via text message.   NOTE:  GEE!  Wonder which Housewife is havin’ their nephews report back to them??

One particular person who is on Bravo’s RHNJ, visits both sites more now than she ever has before. She’s obsessed! She feels relieved when there isn’t any new posts or if they are not about her!   NOTE:  Hmmmm… which New Jersey Housewife was tweeting how lucky they were to have back up generators goin’ for their home… while tweeting suggestions for others on how to survive?  Exercise and wash those body parts!!

The obsessed one is so afraid of one of your sites knowing she does visit, a while back, she went to extremes by purchasing cookie blockers when she noticed stoopidhousewives had a status counter on her site.   NOTE:  SH has been up and runnin’ for quite a long time… wonder how long a “while back” is in BubbaJax’ brain??

All it does is tell you where your traffic comes from, but the compulsive person she is had an expensive invisible status counter installed on her site, she is too dumb to realize it just tells you where your traffic comes from. She even tested the cookie blockers using her site first to see if it worked with her invisible tracker, a pretty penny it was. So for those of you thinking you can go to her site and give her a piece of your mind, I wouldn’t suggest it, who knows what she has installed on it since. Here is something funny about it, she was happy to find out it worked for twitter. She has several accounts, did you ever notice when she tweets something that gets re tweeted a hundred times, she doesn’t tweet for a while? That’s a story for another time!   NOTE:  We’re all aware of BubbaJax’ twitter tricks!

The stoopidhousewives site site previously reported about tweets with the Mathew 6:1-3 verse and a certain (obsessed) person responded. (Of course she did! ) This person thinks everything is about her, everything is not about her, nor was this!   More on that in a minute!

I am sure you noticed this “obsessed housewife” involves herself in any quarrel she can get her grubby self into. She even went as far to defend another “housewife” against a family member about who’s recipe was who’s in her bravo blog. Some of us couldn’t believe she had the audacity to involve herself, when at a time in the past, her own family’s charity was targeted. (Let’s call this person Gabby!) Gabby couldn’t send out one supportive tweet to get these people to back off or just show support, to this day they don’t show support for anything she does.

Quick Note- If you claim to love your sister so much and you know her T.V. show is coming on, wouldn’t you tweet it? Even if you two aren’t talking, because you “miss” that sister so much right? Sadly, this sister just acts like she misses this sister. Nothing in their Bravo contracts tells them they can’t support it. Nope, instead, the evil redheaded sister convinced her brother she should have his wedding on her show, that’s why they only had a month to get it together.  More on that at another time!   NOTE:  That info has been fully researched, nothing new.  However, keep in mind that the final decision regarding including Jamie Laurita’s wedding on the RHONJ lies fully with MissAndy…not DonCaro!

Back in June… da Manzoids said that DonCaro and Dina were talking…

The only tweet Gabby did send out was to say she had no comment and asked what she should say. (Gabby isn’t the red head :) ) You would think since Gabby did respond, she would defend her family regardless if things weren’t so great behind the scenes. She was better off not saying anything at all. All families fight, but when you’re married in to a family that claims to be “thick as thieves” (Especially the family member who says they are thick as thieves!) would of vouched for the charity since Gabby and the other family member along with the kids (who have not detached their selves from the Mother’s “umbilical cord” what I like to call “imbecile cord” look it up in the urban dictionary) knew first hand the amount of blood sweat and tears that goes in to running a LEGIT charity. They are very selective (So they say!) about what they respond too.

                    LOOK!!  BubbaJax will continue… even if Bravo cameras aren’t there!!

However, neither of them are not so selective when their (new) cast mates bicker with their own family; rather it’s behind the scenes, on social media or on camera. Especially Gabby! She will stop at nothing to add her two cents. Gabby knows she is the reason why her husband and two of his siblings don’t speak.   If Gabby keeps this up, she is going to be in for MORE of a rude awakening.

Her own family has had it with her, they are afraid to approach her because she is literally crazy.

Gabby feels she has the right to make every and anything public if her ego gets hurt, but if someone reacts to her attacks, she’s talking about filing slander suits.

             BubbaJax tweet from October 18, 2011… Pot meet Kettle!

However, this “someone” won’t back down like others have, this person knows better and Gabby can threaten slander suits all she wants, she knows they wouldn’t go no where. Especially when you’re the person starting it. Everyone does chuckle at Gabby, she wouldn’t stand a chance in a real court room.

If Gabby had her way, her paid followers would be her jury! Gabby deletes tweets so she can convince these companies she is worthy enough to have on board and get paid, but those of us who know the “Real Gabby”, knows exactly who she is. ( Gabby, this is just the beginning, you were begged to stop and chose not too! You just couldn’t control them fingers of yours hitting them keys spewing venom! Your mental health issues are no excuse, they might fly with the court, but not here they won’t!   NOTE:  If a Mafia Don couldn’t get away with the “I’m ca-ray-zee” defense, it ain’t gonna fly with BubbaJax!

  Some of BubbaJax’s old tweets… more from June 2012!

Don’t think because the season is over and you’re (finally) now saying, “I’ m done” it’s not how it works! You talked allot of trash that had nothing to do with RHNJ! You started this years ago, now it will be finished by someone other than yourself!) We are not not as nice as Danielle and Teresa were when you slaughtered them on social feeds! If Gabby didn’t delete her tweets after her ” Mental break-downs” she would have close to 30,000 tweets! She only deletes them after being convinced by her husband so companies won’t see how viscous she really is! More on Gabby at another time!

Could you please look into the alleged charity; “Restore The Shore” that a cast of Bravo’s RHNJ is the (unofficial) spokesperson for. Off hand, I can tell you they are not new as they are trying to make their selves out to be, they attempted to start-up in 2008 but I don’t think NJ was convinced they were the right people to go with. To our knowledge, they don’t have a tax id number or any paper work authorized to be a charity. I chose those words carefully!

I ask this because they have collected a substantial amount of money this past and not all the funds are going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. A side from that, there are pictures showing a cast member of Bravo’s RHNJ and her husband with their sweat shirts on, shopping as if they spent their own money on complete strangers and tweeting, “It feels good to give back” Another tweet said; “If you don’t have money, donate your time” Sadly, they were not donating their time or giving back, at least not out of their own pockets!

They were compensated for their time along with gas since it’s scarce in NJ. Not one penny of theirs went to anything, they couldn’t afford to if they wanted too. They think their “appearance” is a donation!

  There’s a $6 shipping fee added on… where does the remaining $21.00 go???

They justify getting paid by saying they are representing the “charity”. NJ is like a small town v/s a small state. Their electric was shut off prior to Hurricane Sandy, after the husband tried, “I’m A Celebrity” card that didn’t work, they worked out payment arrangements and borrowed money from someone to pay it. That’s how you know they aren’t giving out of their own pockets! Don’t be fooled, please let your audience know these two people who are trying to come across charitable have their own motives!   NOTE:  Just waitin’ on da Gorgas to file those bankruptcy papers!

Gabby and her sidekick don’t even know this. They look at them as “nice kids” out there spending their own money and getting the word out to donate and help. I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true. Even if the devil was (honestly) being charitable, I wouldn’t question it if I had no reason too. Restore the shore has collected 100 times more money than what you saw what was purchased in those pictures. I will stop here.   NOTE:  “Restore The Shore” has been fully researched…The “Restore the Shore” item… from SH November 8.


Those New Jersey Housewives are sub-human!

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  1. I follow quite a few celebrities, (mostly comedians from Witstream Aristocrat)s, and I have to say, the best twitter accounts to follow have much less content, but have quality, quality, quality.

    I try to like Jacqueline, as I do see her positive side, her ‘stuck in the middle’ side, her ‘I’ve taken all I can take and now I’m ready to blow up’ side… but this ‘I blather on and on, on twitter for seemingly no reason’ side is just almost, um, multi-personality or something.

    I see no reason to just open my pie hole and tweet my most random thoughts on twitter.

    Maybe my ‘for what it’s worth’ opinion or my ‘let’s pull everyone into a funny conversation’ bartending side, I maybe would post something. For me, I would never put myself up to conversational ridicule by strangers. I just wouldn’t. I require more respect for myself I guess.


    • ITA. I don’t follow Jax or any of the Manzoids, it is not worth my time. Every once in a while I will tweet just for the empowerment, not because I’m expecting anyone to read it. Last week I responded to Ms. SH concerning Camille Grammer, and CG followed me. why? mind you Ms. SH does not follow me, I don’t blame her. LOL And then all of a sudden Anderson Cooper started following me. I know he must have some flunky doing something with these tweets, but why? lol I maybe sent 3 tweets total in a year to him.

      • Anderson is a fan of Camille’s. The once respected journalist took a detour and chose to follow the yellow brick road…to LaLa land! One would think that since his day time rag-mag show was cancelled… he would of gotten the message!?

      • Sparklie: Would be happy to ‘follow’ you! It is difficult to know who’s who on twitter…just let me know your twitter name! As for CG/AndyCoop… yes, their flunkies watch what’s goin’ on with SH on twitter and on this site. Camille sent a tweet saying that SH gets a lot of things right. Of course, Camille deleted that tweet along with the others she sent SH… but it’s in the SH vault! LOL!!! TFC!! SH

    • That is great news. I am wishing him and the fam my best. So difficult to watch your parents age. The roles are often reversed between parent and child when the parent becomes ill. Good for Teresa for making her parents a priority.

            • he is what in his late 60s 70s maybe. point is if you blame the gorgas then you must blame the guidices as well because they are not innocent in this mess either they played a part to,.

            • Tree is good to her daddy. Joey is not. And I would say just the mention of his Marco wifey sends Poppa’s blood presure through the roof.

            • whatever, Tre is maybe good to him but she caused some of this conflict to,she isnt innocent and she is to blame as much as the Gorgas. sorry i refuse to believe he isnt as much to blame.

            • I think the conflict with Mego was there, but then Mego got on the show and she and Joe blew it up for the drama, never worrying about the family. It all looks like Tre vs Mego, but it is really Joe n Mego vs the rest of their family. He spoke about finances and things about their parents that he didn’t need to. Heck, he didn’t even need to be on the show. The Gorgas wanted to come out and be bigtime, never really trying to reconcile with Tre.

            • Well I’m gonna go head on and say that its all Joey and MeGo’s fault…. ever last bit of it. If you don’t believe me ask Poppa Gorga.

            • and You are entitled to believe that, However I think its all of theirs fault This family is tore apart and all the players have a roll in it including Teresa.

            • oh hail no they didn’t. Sometimes it only takes one asshole and his skank to ruin a fambily. Tree didnt do chit but react to the turd her brother expected everyone to eat with a spoon and a smile. He should have never eva eva eva come on the show with his dirty hobag wife.

            • I dunno i wasnt there like you all seem to have been.
              however i know what happens when families are tore apart everyone plays a role no one is innocent.

            • She didnt do anything. And I have seen families tore apart because of ONE asshole. Thats all it takes sometimes. People shouldn’t have to feel compelled to keep bending over backwards for that ONE asshole and his skank just because they are family. That’s logic that asshole WANT you to use so they can continue to be assholes.

            • well we will have to agree to disagree sorry i dont buy the Teresa is a innocent saint who never did anything wrong in this mess she played her part but all Teresa has to do is cock her head and giggle and she fools everyone with her saint act, but i see through it.

            • MeGo andJoGo’s beef with Tree pre season 3 was that she “changed” translation: She didnt stick MeGo in every scene possible to show a HW adjacent. As if Tree had any say in that.(its not like Tree was gonna bump uglies with Kitty Kat in order to get MeGo in there) It wasnt enough that they were there front and center for the housewarming, even after that rude housewarming card. MeGo prolly thought she needed to be there for all the “should I get bubbies?” segments. and shopping trips and well pretty much everything. I still love you too Lisa.

            • I have seen tre repeatedly try to protect her parents from the show drama. she seems to always say “leave mommy and daddy out of it”. I see a lot of love from her towards her parents. I’m sure the love she received as a child has greatly influenced her parenting skills. she adores those girls

            • you’re right made. wasnt part of the initial rift bc papa gorga actually respected joe giudice more than joe g? I think Joe giudice had a better relationship with him and treated him better….was also a harder worker. at least that’s the way I remember it and I’m stickin’ to it

            • Just my little ole point of view , so take it with a grain of salt. Joey is the BOY and the baby and has always been indulged. Teresa has assumed her role as loving daughter and that is not even in dispute. Joey married and instead of “manning up” and following in his father’s footsteps he fell prey to the Marco sisters and their constant flattery. Papa Gorga must be terribly disappointed for reasons unknown to us or he would never have turned away from his son, his heir . Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, blood of my blood means all in Southern families and apparently Italians too. IMO Joey’s risky financial shenanigans are like a gamble that once in awhile pays off but most of the time does not. IMO Papa Gorga is disappointed in the man his son is and it has a bit to dow ith his choice of wives but more to do with how he treats his parents, his sister and his Gorga relatives.

            • Ain’t, agreed 100%. I love the comparison of southern and Italian families. After the fight at the christening when Joe Marco shamelessly yelled in his father’s face, he said something along the lines of “How did you raise me?” and his father replied “To be tough” and when Joe said “I am like you, when will you understand that”, his father shook his head in disagreement. Joey Marco is an embarrassment to his father and this was in effect prior to the bravo cameras rolling on him and his slut- wife. That being said, of course, his son purposely getting on the show to take down his daughter and put their family strife for all to see- didn’t help the situation.

            • If the allegations in that email are true(and most of them have been proven to be true) then JoGo has caused his dad massive amounts of grief and shame. MeGo is just personification of all those moral failures that JoGo has.

            • Exactly. My dear departed Mama always said ” a mans’ choice of wife will either make his fortune or break him”.

            • If I remember from the Christening episode Papa Gorga said something like go cry to your mother. I think JOGO is like many of his generation and was coddled by his family and doesn’t know what it is like to make it on his own. Papa Gorga had a shoe repair shop and supported his family. There is no way he made big money or retired with a surplus of funds. I have a feeling he has trusted his son and has been let down time and time again. I don’t think this has anything to do with who he married but who little Joe is. I think he lets his wife take the heat so he can be the good guy. I hold him more responsible than his wife for their problems. For Goodness sake just because he has a penis doesn’t mean he has lost his brain. If he can’t say no to his wife that’s on him. If he can’t defend or care for his family that’s on him. Lots of families have In laws that don’t get along but they function. Tree and Joe need to learn how to function.

            • I was under the impression that the elder Gorgas were comfortable in their life. Not too extravagant but certainly set in their retirement. My stepmomma’s family has been successful in their shoe stores and repair businesses. Pretty sweet success story complete with early beginnings living in dwellings with dirt floors and all dat jazz. Still I think you are right that Poppa Gorga’s business just left him and his wife with a little bit of cushion to retire with. You are also right Poppa Gorga trusted his son by putting his home up for collateral and his son blew it. But I think its deeper than money. And I know you hate me talking about it so I wont but you know what I am referencing when I say shame.

            • My point was that I think that is easy to Blame MeGo to avoid blaming their son or brother. I think both Papa Gorga and Joe Gudice lost respect for little Joe long before he married. He’s a punk and would rather have the blame fall on his wife then take responsibility for himself.

            • It was MeGo who decided to put all of this on the show. If there were problems to begin with, would you want your children to publicize them in the way they have? And the problems weren’t like they are now. They still spent holidays together. Teresa still had a relationship with her brother even if it was strained. But MeGo wanted to become a pop star so to hell with her husband’s family. She doesn’t care if it kills Papa Gorga.

      • Well I have to agree w MP here, it can be one dirty ASSHOLE that takes down the whole family. The one with the authority or the pure evil to do it. One person can instigate or support the domino effect, and yes there are many times when one person is INNOCENT. I say this from the unfortunate personal experience,and like most social and family difficulties much of it can be attributed to competition and jealousy. Very sad. LisaDragon I see your point, but if you haven’t experienced or observed this scenario I know it can be hard to believe.

  2. Made she is such a fashion icon and so in demand that she has to get a second party to post for her. Yep with everything wrong in this world right now everyone is stressing her uggs.

      • If I were cold, hungry and without power that would definitely be my first thought. Ugg yeah that fits Jax perfectly UGH.

        • What do you mean…jackass is such a super start that even though people don’t have electricity they are finding a way to follow her.

          • How could I forget Bizzy? Thanks for the reminder. Why call friends or fam and let them know you survived Sandy?

            • I can see it now, they were using the few bars of power on their cells to walk around the neighborhood to find signal so they could keep up with miss fashion plate.

        • oh yeah and what is Don’s deal? can you imagine being a fly on the wall of the BLK van as Jax asked Don so tweet that? Why in da heck didnt she just smack her? I think secretly Don gets off on Jax looking like a lunatic. Clearly.
          I meant to use this one for PT but Jax needs this too. If her fambily really loved her they would save her from herself

            • No kidding Ruth. Don Chuckie can continue to shepherd the boys through their extended and very lengthy childhood while monitoring Lauren’s calorie intake . She will be so happy to give up her adult nanny duties with Jax plus separate from the upcoming
              Signature Apparel disaster. Extra bonus is that Don can ignore any extracurricular activities at the Brownstone.

  3. This is none other than JackDaniels with her crazy self. I wish they’d really get her some professional help. She is so desperate for attention. What’s really going on in her household. She should have put all of this stored energy into her daughter and perhaps she would have turned out to be a better person. And the other crooks and the donation money. I hope Govenor Christie investigates this. If this is what they’ve done they need to be UNDER THE JAIL HOUSE. STEALING FROM THE NEEDY IS LIKE STEALING FROM THE CHURCH COLLECTION PLATE. YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY SINK ANY LOWER. YA BUMS.

  4. Dam. I’ll have to come back here tomorrow and read this when I’m sober. My head is spinning. Wait. I am sober. I’m going to open up my La Crema Chardonney now so I can understand where Jackaholic is coming from.

  5. With all due respect to the commenter there was nothing written that has either been said by SH or my fellow posters. What I do find odd is that they had nothing at all to say about Teresa and Joe.
    On another note.I’m assuming that both Joes will benefit financially From Sandy since they are in construction and have housing to offer for those that are homeless.

    • You raise a good point that Tre and Juicy were not mentioned. Perhaps nothing to reveal that we don’t already know from the show? Tre and Juicy have gotten the nekked script following their bankruptcy. There is so much more that I don’t know about the other ‘wives.

      Also, ITA that anyone in rebuilding will profit. My hope is that it’s not a miserly profit but a profit of good will. I think people should be paid for their work and expertise but I also think services should be donated or a bartering system is set up in the absence of cash. I admit I am an Aquarian idealist. ;)

      • Read Ms. SH new post re Jogo’s business rating and possible inability to glean work from Sandy. Contractors unwilling to do work for him and banks unwilling to lend to him. And now selling either home soon is virtually impossible. They’re screwed!

      • I agree with you. Bravo has already aired all of Teresa and Joe’s dirty laundry. Or who knows? Maybe this person likes Teresa and/or is as tired as the four against one as most of us are. I just do not think that Teresa bothers with the blogs as much and she definitely is not a psycho on twitter. I don’t think she gets involved in any back and forths on twitter… not that I’ve seen anyway and if there were twitter wars involving Teresa, we would have read about them… more than likely right here.

        • Excellent points. Teresa has 4 kids, a husband , a house to run plus the care of her parents. She also is a businesswoman with decisions to make , products to market and an expanding brand. She uses social media to market her products and address her fan base. She doesn’t have time for twitter diarrhea and laying on the couch with a glass of wine and a movie. Folks are still attracted to an element of mystery something Jax could use a lesson in.

  6. I disagree. I don’t think it’s Teresa because she wouldn’t type it her self.
    I think it’s Dina. I would bet that was done on an iphone. Just MHO!

    LOL, SH, you’re gonna have to start charging housewives for your services lol.

    Blogger turns, mediator, turns therapist, turns referee lol!

    I took the liberty of looking up imbecile cord:
    1. imbecile cord
    The connection between a parents and a non-achiever. Often not cut until significantly far into the individuals life, many times, never.
    Man, I sure wish Albie’s parents would cut the imbecile cord, it’s sad to see someone of his age having his parents do his laundry.

  7. “Hello! I don’t think the stoopidhousewives site understand how powerful your sites really are. I say this because I am “acquainted” ( I’ll leave it at that ) with past and present Bravo’s NJ housewives. No, I am not apart of Bravo’s housewives franchise either. However, I can tell you that they ALL read both of your sites” CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN WHAT THIS MEANS?? They all read BOTH your SITES”??? What siteS??????????????? There’s more than 1 Stoopidhousewives site?? I’m confused.

  8. Isn’t Bubba’s deposition this week? Like the 13th? I wonder if it will actually come to fruition or they will find other delay tactics.

    • I’m interested in her deposition too. I wonder if the hurricane will delay this. The closest federal court to the Lauritas is in Newark, I think, but I don’t know if the deposition would occur there or in the US Attorney’s office.

      • It will be in the Trustee’s Office for the Bankruptcy Court for th Soutern District of New York. Signatue Apparel was headquartered in NYC.

    • She cannot delay the depostion. It has already been delayed. She would have to be in a hospital. She should never use her children to get out of the depostion. Not showing up would be contempt of court. Time to face the music. Step 2? Criminal charges are going to be made against the 2 Laurita brothers (Joseph and Chris) for the looting and setting up their relatives to loot (Jax, Adeline, Anthony and the deceased Frankie Laurita).

  9. There is not much we can say about this tweet that hasnt already been said. But just to let yall know Lauren is apparently still oblivious.
    Lauren Manzo ‏@Laurenmanzo

    Laying on the couch all day watching movies, making sauce & drinking wine with @CarolineManzo doesn’t get much better

    • Nice to be Lauren. Most folks that have a new business are open seven days a week from sun up to sun down. Wonder if her business is still open. By the way isn’t booze a big no no when you get a lap band.

      • She claims that she wants to open chains of them. Delusional. Oblivious. And I get that her momma is her best friend. Maybe her only friend. I thought it was a little early in the day to be tweeting about wine with momma lapband or not.

        • My guess is mamma and Lauren figured they would trade on the HW coat tails and it would take off and be a huge success. Guess they subscribe to the motto of it’s five o’clock somewhere.

        • I love me some Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson.!! Woo-hoo thanks Made. We have a circle of friends who have their own businesses. 40 hour week would be the height of luxury for them. Saturdays, Sundays, vacation days, sick days? What are those?

          • You’re welcome. Seems to me that the manzo kids have not idea what it takes to be successful. Lauren would do well to mentor under her dad. He can show her a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful business. Hail far Katfsh wanted no part of that level of commitment once he met with them. Big Al needs to cut them all off financially.. for their own good. It would not take too long before they realize that if they want it like that then they are gonna have to plant their own money trees.
            Lauren,Albie, Christopher,

            From the bottom of my heart,

  10. I have a question about this invisible tracker for twitter. How does that work? Lets say someone from Hazard Ky sent her a “mean” tweet. Does it just say that the twit comes from KY? or does it show city? I asked because I am picturing Jax with a big old map of the USA with push pins and post-its noting where previous “mean” tweets coming from so then when someone else from Hazard Ky sends her a “hey how ya doing?” tweet she automatically blocks them based on previous tweets from that area. I know it sounds crazy but this is Jax we are talkin about. I have heard time and again people say she has blocked them for no reason. Anyway I was just wondering how that worked.
    I just posted this inquiry on FRE too. So I prologize for the duplication. I figured between the two sites someone could shed some light on how this works.

      • Thank you twitter fiend. This is very interesting. I wonder how many times she sees a search phrase like “batchit crazy housewife in NJ?” or something close? Also this DOES explain why she would block people for no reason if she deems them coming from the same town as someone she has blocked before. I bet she does keep copious notes of this … just like a lunatic

      • This is interesting! I was reading Jac’s tweets during the roxypoxygirl situation, Jac responded to a tweet and named a hotel in NJ as the location of the tweeter. I thought that was so bizarre (drunken blithering) but I guess it was because of the software she installed?

    • I imagine Chris trying to teach Jax how to use a push pin as well as a map. Chris should know you can’t teach an old trick new tricks!

    • I like Hazard,KY so I’m gonna assume all the tweets from there are mean tweets to Jac. Love the Last Chance/First Chance liquor store at the county line with Breathitt County, a dry county! :)

      • I didn’t know about that. I am sure daddy must have driven past it. Daddy sole shoe repair supplies on the road. Hazard KY was always the trip I used to get to go with him on. All I remember was keeping my eyes peeled for the Duke boys. I didnt know that that wasn’t the same Hazard.

  11. I know Jacqueline and Teresa had a long friendship so to see the constant attacks from Jac to Teresa is disturbing to me. They are extremely hateful and quite frankly somewhat stalking. It’s like what a violent exhusband or boyfriend would do. Really, really disturbing. Who does that after such a long friendship? You just keep quiet.

    • I think its a two way street. Teresa has said some pretty hateful things about her in public forums and who is not to say a little private messsage to a fan to make comments about Jac have occured too.

      • What has Tresa said about Jax in a pubic forum that was “pretty hateful?” Not counting any retaliatory remarks about Jax humble Las Vegas beginnings that Tree only said AFTER one and half seasons FULL of bullcrap from Jax. Tree never started this. If you have evidence otherwise, please share.

          • You know my thoughts on that. Of course it matter who started it. It always matters who started it. Always People that use that logic are the ones that just want to always be startin stuff and not have any consequences.

        • Made, you know for a fact and can prove Jac has a drinking prob and or has a presc for xanax right. Teresa has done interviews and badmouthed them, she did it on the show. She did stories in OK and In Touch doing the same. Its not new news. Rumors have always persisted that she has enticed her fans to make comments on Jac, Car, Mel and Kathys twitter. Its no different than she has publicly stated about them. I was in a bookstore where she was doing a booksigning. The lady who was getting the booked signed was going on and on about the conflicts and Teresa was agreeing with the nasty things the woman was saying. She AGREED. So its my opinion

          • Im still waiting on you to tell me what hateful things Tree said about Jax. The magazines were not “hateful” the quotes came straight out of the others mouths. And I dont blame Tree for agreeing with a fan that Jax and co is out of line.I also AGREE. Most people would. They started it!

            • And that is what I am asking. What has she sown with Jax? Please tell me. No one can EVER point to a clear example of Tree starting crap with Jax. It was always Jax starting the crap. If you know sumpin that I dont please tell me.

            • Totally agree Made. If someone said that Tre started things with Meho and vice versa it is a no brainer. I have yet to see Tre start something with Jax.

            • All those texts were both ways. What about all the texts that Teresa sent Jac. What about the articles she placed in In Touch and OK and dissed on her when they were STILL friends. You don’t lie to your best friend about your personal life unless you have something to hide. She went out and told how many people and forums that Chris Laurita went out on Jacqueline? With who?? He didn’t but her husband has been seen with a woman in a booth holding hand, seen coming out of a hotel room in Atlantic City with another woman. How many times did she want Jac to help her set up Melissa. She wanted everyone to hate Melissa and not film with her on the show. Remember Teresa saying Jac and Caroline were her family? You don’t lie to and about family or friends.

            • What did Tree say in texts? You mean in response to Jax’s antagonizing texts about the TGIfridays thing? What and were and when did Tree say all of this? And what Dis? The magazine articles say NOTHING that JAX and Co hadn’t said themselves(pete meet repeat) And yes ma’am you do lie to a person that says they are a friend when the “friend” is a Linda Tripp on steroids type person. Tree did not want to discuss that stuff on film. Why? Because she learned her lesson from the last time that Jaxass goaded her into discussing the DUI. Jax started all this bull. All of it. None of what you have said changes that. But ,please, if you have specifics, please change my mind.

            • Everyone knew about the DUI, Teresa is on a reality show, it was on TMZ the next day. Just like everyone knew immediately when they filed bankruptcy. Its not a secret. Teresa wasn’t goaded into talking about it, she talked about it on the show. Who cares. Everyone knew. He plead guilty. He did it. Just like the license, he did it. His picture is right there. He sat his butt in the chair and took the photo and signed his brothers name. Teresa and Joe need to stand up and own what they do. Bravo and everyone didnt do it. Teresa ok’d the crap in the cookbook. Its a cookbook, the comments were not cute or funny, the did nothing but cause problems for her. The minute she heard that it was a problem, get on the phone and tell everyone that you screwed up and you are sorry. Dont make a blanket statement saying it was a joke. Own it and shout that you are sorry, she didn’t.

            • Oh yeah she is. She has a husband with an apparent drinking problem. Thank god he didn’t kill someone when driving impaired. She has a husband who has been accused of cheating on her with multiple photos of him with other woman. She has no one who will film with her. Her season 4 party was a few family members and NO friends, oh and the Bravo crew. Her husband is facing felony charges. She and her husband have admitted that he forged papers on a sale of a building belonging to them and a partner and they bilked the partner. They haven’t paid all the creditors from the bankruptcy but can afford huge vacations, gift and shopping sprees while the people they owe money too can’t. How about them being a slumlord, families getting their power, water and gas turned off because they choose to not pay the utilities and opt for a diamond or shopping spree instead. They reap what they sew.

          • Also if memory serves Lauren was the one to bring up Xanex. And Jax herself willingly did a segment about how she relies on Baileys to get through a convo about her grown daughter. Tree never once said Xanex OR alcohol in ANY conversation regarding Jax.
            Jax did all of this to herself.

            • I think that sums it up so well made. I’m really curious why Jax always has a minder but no genuine attempt to intervene with a professional.

            • Good question. I think the only one with any sense whatsoever might be her daddy but he is married to a crackpot too so even if he ever tried to get her help the est of the crazies would veto him. Chris Laurita has always been for whatever benefits him the most at the time. Right now a crazy wife is an occupied wife.

            • LOL! Thanks Made. maybe one crazy at a time is all her daddy can deal with. I understand Ashlee’s obsessive behavior with Danielle so much better now. How many times has daughter witnessed Mommy doing the exact same thing.

            • Knowing what we know how I would say that Jax was sitting right beside Ashlee feeding her stuff to say online during all that.

            • Yes the innocent instigator Made , always. Chris always tries to project Jax as some helpless belle . Clearly she is far from it and was willing to involve her daughter in adult issues to create drama.

            • Yup. When Jac and Chris fussed at Ashley for posting on FB “It was an unbeweavable night” (for pulling out Danielle’s extensions), Ashley said to Jac “You told me to do it and you laughed about it.” I believe Ashley.

            • And now because of her crazy momma Ashlee has a record. So shameful! No wonder I question Jax motives regarding her other child.

            • Again, some have a very sided opinion of Teresa, hey thats what you see. Several see a very different Teresa. One who plays the media to a tee. She has weaved a life of deception and lies, she drags others into her lies and them blames them for the downfalls in her life. She has no family connections, she has single handedly destroyed them. She has few friends, (remember the Season 4 party, no friends just a few family members and Bravo crew) and she has to sell her story to OK and In Touch. Her marriage is crumbling. There are reports of him with other women all over. They are slumlords who has the power turned off on families and don’t pay their bills. They owe the partner 255k plus interest and another judgement for 137k for a lady hurt when the steps collapsed in their apartment building. Her husband has been charged with ID theft and fraud. These are not people I want as friends. These are not people I want in my house. Teresa did this to herself and her family.

            • I have been watching all this nonsense. and I have come to the conclusion in my opinion that we have JAXASS OR CAROWHINE OR ONE OF THEIR STOOLIES here speaking about Teresa. Most of the conversations DO NOT EVEN refer to TERESA yet she is brought into it.

            • Barb I totally agree. It’s amazing, it’s like a damn broken record already. No matter what the post is about it always has to go back to Tre. The fixation is just frustrating and over the top already.

            • Today is a critical day for the Lauritas and rather than post regarding what is obviously a discussion about Jax. we are once again treated to a laundry list of Teresa’s sins.We are even lured into discussions about xanax also irrelevant. It’s almost as if posters believe if they pound away they can change your mind. Obviously not going to happen.

            • Oh Lisa I don’t partake in xanax since I feel absolutely no anxiety. I feel perefectly comfortable to state my opinions without resorting to lying, insulting other posters, pretending that gossip should be fact. But your little friend Lacy could probably use one. maybe it would be kind of you to offer her your xanax. I hope you have a prescription as Lacey some how thinks that is a prerequisite to swallowing one..

      • I’ve never seen that Teresa has provided private messages that were hateful towards Jacqueline to fans. Pure conjecture on your part. A valid conclusion might be that you are trying to discredit Teresa without having any facts to back it up.

        • She did interviews with ok and In Touch. Its public record. There have always been rumors about Teresa messaging her fans to start in on Jac. My opinion. I dont have to prove anything. Does 1 person here have proof that Jac drinks too much or even has a prescript for Xanax?

          • You keep bringing up the drinking and xanex. This conversation is about Jax inability to shut her mouth and getting all butt hurt about it when a “friend” gets mad and strikes back. You can only poke a bear so much before bear gonna wake up and swat your head off. Cant blame the bear.

            • How many comments have said due to the alcohol and xanex? Multiple I am saying Joe Giudice has been seen on camera over and over intoxicated. He plead GUILTY to DUI. Pete has been know to be the same. Teresa is no bear and she was never a friend. She uses people to market herself. She is not a victim. She has lied and decieved all and got caught. Thats why NO ONE will film with her, she isn’t the victim. There is 5 other people on this show, 2 she is related to.and none of them want to even be around her. That speaks volumes.

            • Sorry all those people cant be jealous of Teresa, I know you think she dosnt do anything wrong but in reality if all these people dont like you its not jealousy in all the cases. Teresa is not a angel who acts right all the time.
              Frankly what is there to be jealous of, she is broke, has to work away from her family to make money because her Husband’s business tanked she over spent to the point he couldnt pay the bills . Her husband Cheats and calls her vile names and degrades her on camera. Both of them are liars who lied during their bankruptcy… Yup thats something I WOULD be jealous of.

            • Then why cant they keep Tree’s name out of their mouths? It is jealousy. None of them are in good places financially or with their husbands. Tree has found way out of the financial part at least and really that’s all the rest of em care about anyways. They hate that they dont got it like that.

            • Because they dont like her..I dont like people and it has nothing to do with jealousy it has to do with them and their personality. I wouldnt want to be Tres friend,i wouldnt want her around me and mine it has nothing to do with Being Jealous.
              People dont like people for various reason Jelaousy is only one reason.

            • I understand but Jax HAD been friends with Tree. She had no problem being around her or hers (including the book reading fiasco) until Tree’s fiances started looking up.

            • I am not talking just about Jax, but all the people who dislike Tre they ALL cant be jealous is all I am saying.

            • maybe they are maybe they arnt I just think Teresa is a misrable person who people dont like and it has nothing to do with being jealous.

            • Jax is just looney and fixated on Teresa. IMO some posters feel the need to carry the flag for the wack job. Not sure how Teresa factors into a discussion about tweeting and surfing the blogs. Teresa don’t have time . Not convinced Joe Gudice tweets and examines the blogs to see how the fans are treating him.Also the term Housewife was used so not sure how Pete or Joe factor into this. LOL. Cracks me up. Teresa it always comes down to you so let the haters be your motivators.

            • Lacey, It is very difficult to justify your criticism of Teresa’s spelling and language abilities when you commit the simplest grammar and spelling errors. Sorry but it weakens your argument. Might want to avoid that it future.

            • She is the only one jealous. The green dress said it all. The Giudices are BROKE, they cant afford all the things the Manzos, Wakiles, Lauritas and Gorgas can. She is jealous that Melissa came on the show, that Bravo ask her. She is jealous that Melissa gets 2 minutes on the show and that her brother loves her. Melissa has the marriage that she and Joe never had. He adores his wife. He loves her and shows it on every episode. Look at Joe Giudice. He doesn’t love his wife. He dissed her at the pooltable that night. He has dissed her advances on the show how many times. Its pathetic. She wants the world to think she has the perfect marriage but we all know it isn’t. All she wants is to be loved and have some one care for her. I understand that but you dont have to destroy someone else to make you happy.

            • She is not the one that is out to destroy anyone. She is going on about her business. The rest of them are the conspirators obsessed with Tree. The green dress was awesome. Very very flattering on her. Plus she could sit on the couch like a proper lady in it. Unlike some of the others whose thighs got in the way of a proper ladylike seating position.

            • I liked the green dress as well. It didn’t look like 90’s leftovers, like the sausage casings the other broads wore.

            • The green dress was pretty, i little low cut for my taste I dont wanna see anyones nipple peaks but Tre did look nice in it,

            • The other dresses? Ehh not so much.. Look like recycled Dynasty dresses. Looked a whole lot better on Linda Evans and Joan Collins.
              Teresa does not do jealousy. She feels no need to get her panties in a bunch and go all deck ambush on her friends. Teresa knows the real down and dirty an still hasn’t spilled it …but give her next season. She knows all Jax secrets because the Don told her. She knows all Don’s secrets cuz Jax done spilled it. She knows MeGo and Brother Joeys cuz everybody in TOWN told her. Yes good old Teresa the silly side kick who watched , listened and learned just like on CA . Teresa is a very quick study and the best weapon in her arsenal is that people always underestimate her. People always think they are so much more intelligent. Watch and learn. Take a page from Teresa’s book and watch and learn.

            • Yes she is. She wants to be the most important housewife from NJ but its not happening. All the talk hosts are commenting on how mean she is. No one wants to be around her. Made, at her party, no one but some family showed up and the Bravo crew. Oh and I forgot, Dina, like she is anyones friend. She shows up for the publicity of her own crappy show. Teresa isnt a lady, a lady doesn’t swear on the bible and say they will tell the truth in court and then LIE. A lady would never allow her husband to call her a B and a C and then take diamonds and say, its ok now you have paid me off. I whole heartedly agree the woman is a hard worker, she is supporting her family cause her good for nothing husband is too busy chasing the flavor of the month and not paying off his bills.

            • She IS the most important HW from NJ. That happened. For conformation of that check how many times you have typed her name.
              Which talk host(s)? You talking bout the embarrassing dingleberry hanging of the butt of the Vanderbilt family? No one but his momma cares what he thinks. For conformation of that see his rating.

            • She isn’t anymore important than any of the others. Maybe to some but the majority of fans don’t like her. Maybe here she has a large following but lets be honest, the rest of the sites can’t stand her. Most follow her on twitter to see if she will say something rude about her castmates. They aren’t fans. Cooper, Williams, Hilton and the rest of the talk show hosts have all bailed on her and her behavior. She couldnt win a poll on MSN or on Bravo and their are not rigged, thats another excuse of everyones to blame Bravo and her castmates for everything.

            • Who the heck watched MSN anyways? lol But seriously when I speak of her importance I am mainly speaking of dolla dolla bills. She makes more money than they do. None of them could renegotiate for a Bravo paycheck that matched hers. And that’s just the Bravo check. All the other stuff.. the cookbooks, the speaking engagements, the hair care line… is just gravy. The rubber meets the road in the actual dollar amount that Tree commands from Bravo. The others dont make what she does. She is the highest paid Bravo HW in NJ. Not to shabby for a nitwit huh?

            • Who cares about cookbooks written by someone else with “family recipes”. MSN isnt on tv. Its a browser by Microsoft. Microsoft Network. The did a poll, an she was the most hated. She spends way way more than she could every make from Bravo. She doesnt make much more than the others. Need to check the facts and she sure the heck makes alot less than the other housewife groups. The others aren’t 11 million dollars in debt and probably careless what Bravo pays them. Teresa didnt negotiate anything, I am sure her corporate attorneys did it for her. Heck she cant even spell th word. You said it, she is a nitwit.

            • Oh Lacey, there is a much deeper seeded reason for your hatred of Teresa and her family. You are showing your colors now. I don’t know what family member you are or whose family you belong to but you need help. This is only a discussion group but your hatred has really come through. I have never seen anyone who comments here talk about one person like you do. I wish there were an ignore button now because you are way out of line. This is MOO

            • Because someone doesnt like Teresa, they have to be a family member. Look. I am not related to any of these women. I do not live in NJ and I could care less what anyone thinks around her. I dont see MD behind anyones name and I am sure the hell not going to diagnois any casatmember. I was a huge Teresa fan til the lie in court. Like I said, anyone who lies to a court is a low life to me. Thats my opinion. Don’t like it, please move on to the next. I have the right to not like Teresa, just like many others here. We have the right to say what we want about her just like others post about Jac, Mel, Kathy and Caroline.

            • Jax’ Bravo paycheck is the only source of income they got coming in. BLK aint makin em squat. And even that they have to divide up. Dont kid yourself honey, Jax cares . She cares a lot.

            • Carowhine herself said this season that BLK wasn’t turning a profit yet and the boys were living on their savings. She was very proud of their stick-to-itiveness(sp?). Out of the horse’s mouth. No really.

            • Spooky huh? I don’t even think the lauritas would have the balls to say that the BLK financials needed to be checked.

            • As a group, none of them are deeper in debt than the Giudces. Teresa only has so long to pay back the 11 million and remember, at last count, she was still 11 million in debt. She is paying only on the interest.

            • Hmn, I coulda sworn I read here that the Laurita’s court case is regarding MUCH more, and I’m not sure how anyone could know exactly all Tre is or has paid to date…

            • The Lauritas are in Bankruptcy court just like hundreds of other companies who file bankruptcy every year. There are no criminal charges pending and its not a trial. I believe the Lauritas will walk out with the debts cancelled just like all the other companies and corporations do every day. Obviously from all the creditors who are complaining about not being paid, No one who Teresa owes is getting paid. What about Joe Mastropole? Remember how Teresa stated that he was paid by Joe’s family. Well Mr. Mastropole hasn’t received a dime but everyday he is earning 9% interest on 255k and has since 2010. So obviously Teresa is lying to everyone about what is paid. Maybe the diamonds she took as payment for Joe calling her a C on tv should have went to Mr. Mastropole. The rumor is that Teresa believes that she can file bankruptcy on all the debt if Joe goes to jail but what she doesn’t realize is that also again opens her up to fraud charges for the prior perjury on the 1st bankruptcy.

            • So, the Lauritas are in bankruptcy court just like everyone else. Tre was in bankruptcy court just like everyone else too. But Tre is evil and the Lauritas are fine… It is pot n kettle. You can’t sit and demonize one person for financial problems and justify another (especially when the other defrauded charities and purposely practiced fraudulent business practices).

            • Please. Personal bankruptcy and Corporate Bankruptcy are two different catagories. Corporations file bankruptcy daily. What about Worldcom, Enron, Lehman Brothers who filed for hundreds of millions of dollars. Most even bilked their own employes pention funds. How many charities did they bilk out of money? Last I heard the Lauritias haven’t been charged with a thing. There is discovery in every corporate bankruptcy and every creditor claims the company funnelled money. Its not a new claim. The Lauritas havent been charged with ANYTHING. You have no proof the did anything illegal and as we all know, innocent until PROVEN guilty. Its a bankruptcy not a criminal trial.

            • laceys: The Lauritas are charged in Federal Bankruptcy Court of FRAUD:

              Demand: $2800000000
              Date Filed: 11/03/11 Nature[s] of Suit: 523(a)(4), fraud as fiduciary, embezzlement, larceny
              14 Recovery of money/property – other

              TFC!! SH

            • Right on Ms.SH! I love documentation. It nullifies repetitive dismissals of the severity of the Laurita’s actions. I’m curious as to the minimum and maximum penalties would be if convicted of all charges. Much more severe than in a personal bankruptcy? Again, thanks for the info.

            • I agree SH I just dont think they will be convicted. Its just typical in a corp bankruptcy is all I am saying. Much easier to say than prove.
              I believe that the Lauritas will walk out unscathed. If the accusations are true, put them in jail. But until that bankruptcy closes I am not going to call anyone guilty of anything.

            • Please. People file personal bankruptcy all day long. A personal bankruptcy is a person or family in financial trouble, a business bankruptcy is also common nowadays, but every business is not defrauding charities or moving funds fraudulently. Oh, but Teresa is a horrible person, and Jax is wonderful. A family hit hard by the economy is so much worse than a shady “business’ man. Let’s just gloss over the shady Lauritas, cause Tre is evil….Jax has been trying that for some time now, it isn’t working.

            • I dont like Teresa. I can say anything I want about her behavior, which I think is terrible for a 40 yr old woman. Teresa and her husband are leaving people who rent from them in the cold by not paying their utility bills. They are slum lords. I think thats much worse than a BUSINESS DEAL with the Susan Koman foundation. Have you seen the list of people that Teresa and her husband owe. I could care less about Jacqueline and Chris Laurita but they are innocent until they are found guilty. I am just saying I think they will walk.

            • Are you sure you don’t like Teresa? Really? Lol. I don’t like lots of people, it doesn’t mean everything they do is evil and worse than what anyone else does. And I hope for Jax’s children’s sake she doesn’t go to jail for the fraud.

            • And as for criminal charges on the Lauritas, there being none does not mean there should not be, they just did their depositions..

            • If there is enough to file charges for criminal charges, I am sure they will be charged. What I am saying is don’t hold your breath waiting for that. Do you see anyone in jail from Worldcom, Lehman Brothers or even Delta Airlines? Ofcourse not. Their companies were worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Are you standing on a soapbox screaming they should be prosecuted? What about all the people who owned stock in those companies to just lose it, was that fair? The Laurita’s are little fish in a huge corporate world of bankruptcy. Companies lose millions quickly and proving the moved money is no easy task. If they did the should go to jail but until the court proves it, they are innocent in my book. Unlike some, I am not Judge and Jury.

            • How do you come by such precise insider knowledge? Are you a psychic attorney? Since you can read Tre’s thoughts and foretell her actions can you tell me what she thinks is the best recipe to make for a dinner party for eight?

            • I am not a psychic anything. I dont care what Teresa thinks. I dont care what recipe of her moms she uses for anything, and can she make it or does mom have to cook. I just dont like her. I dont like what she does to people and I dont like the way she treats her family.

            • I’ve read many blogs about how poorly the Gorgas are doing financially. The Lauritas are both facing time in federal prison due to fraud. The Wakiles can’t even pay their gardener. Aren’t the Manzos moving to Hoboken? Is the house on the market or will they have two addresses?

              Teresa is not jealous of these people. She did not want her brother on the show because she wanted to protect information about his financial misdealings and how these affected her parents.

              Joe Giudice is a mensch. He stood up for his wife at the reunion better than any of the momos.

              Joe Gorga may adore his wife but by the look on her face she doesn’t adore him.

              Who did Teresa try to destroy? I’ve only seen her try to protect.

            • Anyone can blog about anyones finances. Because I say the Giudices are bouncing checks,, everyone is to believe that. Are any of them in court getting their houses forclosed on? NO Is any of them in court for bounced checks? No. The Wakiles had a dispute with a gardner who didn’t do his job and won a judgement only for the time he did show up, not for the amount he said he was owed. That tells me someone wasn’t doing their job. Do you see any judgements or forclosure notices on the Manzo’s cause I can’t find any. Maybe with the kids gone they dont want a huge house. Who would. We will all see about the Laurita’s and the bankruptcy. I believe they will walk out holding hands with no charges. Just because Joe Giudice stood up for his wife at the reunion makes him a good man, please this is the man who disses her in public by calling her a c and a b on tv. This is a man who was intoxicated and did a flip infront a houseguests and chipped a tooth. This is a man who got in a vehicle after drinking and drove into a tree. This is a man who bilked his partner out of money by forging his signature. This is a man who will have a trial for forgery soon. What a roll model for his children. Teresa wanted to destroy her brother and his wife. It backfired and she destroyed her relationship with her brother and I don’t think he will every talk to her again. She was jealous of the attention Joe and Melissa were getting. Teresa doesn’t have the man who is madly in love with his wife. Teresa has the husband who sits on his butt as the wife pays the bills.

            • I agree with you that Juicy isn’t a “roll model”. The only “roll model” is Carowhine ‘cuz I see three rolls: blubber, blubber, and blubber.

            • @Hers: I’m not modeling “rolls”. I’ve got a centerfold body. That’s right. When I sit down, I get a fold, right in my center.

            • The only “volumes” I see are the volumes of time Bravo dedicated to the airing of the Giudice’s private business. If the rest of the cast’s private issues and their fallout were shown I’m sure you would be as biased against them as you are against Tre. If Bravo had been present and getting footage when Albert Manzo was being accused of fraud for using the Brownstone as his permanent address you would definitely see him in a definite light. Not being from the east coast I heard only the tiny blurb of info that Caro gave seasons ago. There was no discussion by castmates OR their spouses. It wasn’t brought up and talked about all season long. On the episodes it wasn’t directly mentioned, it wasn’t alluded to either like Tre’s. You were given “volumes” of Tre’s business to form negative opi ions about. I personally find what Juicy and Tre did as wrong.The lie and the hiding of her book advance. That said, a judge dealt with them and they are dealing with the consequences. And you are STILL demonizi g them. Albert, on the other hand, defrauded the state out of benefits he acknowledged he wasn’t entitled to.He didn’t reimburse for the cost of those benefits. Do we know how much it came to? NO.Why? People know exactly how much Tre and Juicy owe- the 11million was referenced on the show. Teresa is the unfortunate victim of bad timing. When her BK was in the mainstream press sshe was on TV. Had the ca.eras bee rolli g earlier perhaps

            • Had the cameras been rolling earlier I wouln’t have considered him a hard working man who worked too much. That was my initial perception of him. I now see him as an underhanded sneak who used friendships with political cronies to ensure himself a position he wasn’t entitled to and benefits that came with it. I see him as getting away with it without even a slap on the wrist. He’s a cheat that had to be threatened BY THE GOVERNOR to resign or face investigation. He resigned, telling me he feared being exposed. I found this out by my own i quiry- NOT FROM BRAVO. So I guess I’m saying that your rants that Tre and Juicy have done a.b.c. and d and therefore deserve your dislike is because her indiscretions have been exposed and shoved down our throats like NONE of the others. It’s discriminatory to showcase her issues while glossing over others. Jax and Chris have been going thru a BK as long ago as Tre. How much Bravo time has been dedicated to that. Where is the footage of castmates discussing it. Where is the footage of them reading media reports on them or wondering what their future holds? The RHONJ audience know little to nothing of the underhanded business of Jax and Albert yet they sure do know Tre and Juicy’s. So when you tell me there are “volumes” of bad deeds on the Giudice I call foul. If a fair and accurate portrayal of ALL the cast’s private business were provided and you STILL disliked Teresa so much more than anyone else fine. But until Bravo rattles the skeletons in ALL the NJ closets a d airs what they find the argument that there is sooooo much evidence to show how bad the Giudices are is faulty and tiresome to me. Rant over thanks for your time.

            • Isn’t it amazing that Richie Wakile was sued by Exxon Mobile after writing a series of checks that bounced sky high? Yeppers , Exxon Mobil won a judgement in the amount of 113,000 dollars.They also no longer provide gasoline for Wakile and sons. I’m curious about the pending lawsuits filed by two women who worked for Richie Wakile.
              Little Joey Gorga has had foreclosure papers filed why isn’t that mentioned on Bravo?
              Or Jax arrest for assaulting her boyfriend in Vegas. That wonderful night in the Vegas slam! Or how about the time Jax punched Don Caro.
              Remember folks..Guidices ? Bad! The rest of the shady RHONKJ? Good! doesn’t matter if they ripped off their ailing parents (i’m looking at you Joey Gorga) or shoplifted 1000 dollars worth of merch or ripped off NJ taxpayers, or were arrested for assault (is it any wonder Jax wasn’t concerned about Ashley’s arrest? it runs in the fam, folks!) or have been sued repeatedly for non-payment of anything from gas to lawn services.
              Wow and a 55 million dollar bankruptcy just screams upstanding… some! LOL!

            • Exactly Ainty! You nailed it. It amazes me that someone can dismiss ALL the horrible things that the rest of the cast has done and consider themselves to have a valid point. I agree that there seems to be a deeper agaenda behind the venom. Everyone IS allowed to have their own opinion, however, when you steer practically every convo back to the person you dislike the most and list the same litany of perceived wrongs no matter what is being discussed, you sound like a tiresome obsessive mule. A discussion of xanax…leads to Tre. Twitter diahrhea… back to Tre. Botox’s mutagenic, race changing properties… back to Tre. It’s disturbing to say the least. I’m with Barb, the blanket of guilt being used to smother Teresa is soooo boring. I’m seeing a long piece of paper that says shopping list with a timeline of every faux pas, slight and misdeed listed taped next to a computer monitor. And a pad of paper next to the bed in case insight occurs in a dream.Or…. the talking points that validate a college paper maybe? Whatever the reason lets move on please.

            • Was Albert Manzo charged with a felony, NO. Please, Bravo doesn’t treat any of them any different. Teresa and Joe chose to film about the bankruptcy and in the attorneys office. They didn’t want it filmed, they would have said NO. I am tired of the excuse that all Teresa’s problems are cause everyone is picking on her. No, she chose to file bankruptcy, she chose to lie about her income and the property they owned. They decided to forgo the bankruptcy and pay the creditors which are still waiting for their money. They constantly dealt with cash which brings up the questions, why cash in large sums unless you don’t want people to know what you make including the IRS. Its not Bravos fault, its Joe and Teresa’s. When Teresa lied in court is when I stopped being a fan. You don’t go in to a US District Court and perjure yourself to hide money and property. I lost all respect for her. She swore on the bible in that court and then lied. To me that is the lowest form of life.

            • I agree with you Laceys what you have said is the truth! Swearing on the bible in court and in front of God…how low can you go.

            • Actually, I’ve been to a BK hearing, and I don’t think the people testifying swore on a Bible. They just swore to tell the truth.

            • It depends in what state your in. Swearing to tell the truth nothing but the truth so help you God, I think it is the same…jmho

            • Very much like standing in a church saying vows in front of God “until death do us part”. We know that at least 50 percent of people don’t let that stop them.

            • Well there are actually worse crimes but I hate to interrupt the histrionics. I have always considered murder much worse than perjury. I consider any kind of child abuse much worse than perjury or rape or sexual abuse. But I’m not blind with hate for Teresa. I consider the lowest form of life to be people like Jerry Sandusky or Ted Bundy but I’m particular like that! I think a few may have lost their sense of perspective.

            • @aintpittypat I have to agree with you about lower than low. Any crime against a child is the worst of the worst. I’m pretty passive, but I think I could pull the switch on someone who hurt a child. Not only a child, but also the handicapped, the infirm, the elderly….anyone who is weak and someone chooses to prey upon them. I can’t tolerate that. I can’t even read about it. I don’t think punishment is harsh enough when it comes to crimes against children.

            • Oh much lower you can rape and sodomize a child.You can beat child to death. Or drag a black man behind a pickup in chains until his skin peels off his body. You can steal an old lady’s social security check or get high while your pregnant. I guess I’m just not as willing to see Teresa as Satan but hey knock yourself out. It’s actually kind of amusing that is the worst thing you can think of.

            • Deb: You are fully aware of the “no attacking commenters rule”… this is the last time a warning is given… to ANYONE. Also, there are no “teams” on SH, even among commenters. If you or anyone else wishes to express their views, you’re free to do so… SH

            • Right. But you didn’t volunteer what color underwares you was wearing. And you were not obligated to answer that if a lawyer didn’t ask it.

            • You said you had to swear to tell the truth. So I used the underwears analogy on you for your situation. You are not lying by not divulging the color of your underwares to the court when you were not SPECIFICALLY(and in the legal world that is all that matters) asked about it.

            • ok so who are we trying to excuse for what if its Teresa future earnings i can guarantee she was asked, i was also if i was expecting a the next 6 months.

        • Jax is plainly crazy as a bed bug. Teresa is busy with her own family and disengaged from the drama and nonsense.

          • Aint, did you see Jax twitter today? “I have a feeling that today is going to be a really great day. Looking forward to it. :0)” Isn’t her deposition today? She also went tweeted about Winnie the Pooh, Her GPS, and that her son spoke two words today. Crazy as a bedbug on roller skates.

            • I was betting she’d have the depo cancelled by claiming she’s sick or something. If the depo is going forward, I’m sure it’s just false bravado on her part.

            • 2 hours ago via Twitter
              Wouldn’t it be funny if the Navigation voice in the car sounded like a New Yorker with an attitude. Make it happen.
              Like · · @JacLaurita on Twitter This one was 2 hours ago and she had one 3 hours ago…What a nutty biach……

            • I don’t follow Jax on twitter but that is some crazy azz crap. Doesn’t surprise me at all. She needs an intervention or a social coach who shows her where her boundaries and how to be appropriate. Jax strikes me as emotionally fragile and as someone who bases her self worth on how others see her. She basks in that reflection. It’s sad that she is in such a privileged bubble and poor coping skills. Things are about to get real for Jax and Chris.

            • I was betting she would be a no- show as well. We shall see. Her husband hasn’t tweeted in the past few days. She is such an immature person to tweet such idiocy while all this is occuring and it keeps getting worse. Yesterday she tweeted that all of her tweets weren’t getting out, so she started test tweeting. No I’m serious.

            • I saw the test tweet and then her laugh. She is an idiot. She is so insecure. Anyone who is so obsessed by twitter does have some sort of mental problem. Bye JAXASS they are coming for you.

            • This is a tester tweet….Hi! Here it is…..

              Date night tonight! Love these moments. He went to the restroom so I’m trying to look occupied.;0) Twitter is very serious business. this was last night the other yesterday during the day. This chick is seriously cray cray……HELP

            • Compared to some of the other stuff i see tweeted jax tweets are nothing. I have seen fake illiness,death threats and stupid celeb stalkers making threats to people not to mention the Stans that post stuff…Jax is tame IMO.

            • OH wow Richmond that is some cra cra of the highest order. paging the men in the little white coats! Stat! How has her depo not started yet?

            • It must have been continued for some reason. I’d like to see her explain how she’s unable to give a depo but can Twitter all day.

            • JAXASS got some great news today Got some great news today from something I’ve been working on for a while. (Tell you later) Today has been AWEsome! Going to eat now! just now I guess they are going to get off…..don’t know….she could be making crap up

            • Lisa – looked like she was tweeting on and off all day, which she couldn’t do if she was in a depo — or again maybe knowing her, she would find a way.

            • @ Barb. Jax probably finished her depo. The Judge probably won’t make a determination until all the depos are in and he has time to make a decision. jax may feel that she aquitted herself well under oath and will not face any charges. Would be interesting to know.

            • I definitely don’t feel bad for anyone of the HW’s facing the music for any wrongdoings. I really do feel badly for their children. Jax, Chris and the rest deserve to go to Jail if they did misappropriate the funds as charged, but I feel bad for their kids. These people should have thought about their actions in relation to their children. Guess the kids will go live with the grandparents or maybe Caro will take care of them if both get locked up. Definitely help her with her empty nest syndrome.

            • Looks like she did take a tweet break long for a very short AM depo. Seems like it should have lasted a lot longer than that.

            • That’s what I’m thinking. I doubted it would go forward. When someone is that unstable and terrified of the depo, I can’t see it going forward. Her lawyer probably said she was sick or something.

            • IMO Jax has serious emotional problems and clearly drinks way more than is healthy for her. She obviously cannot accept that they are facing some really serious fallout from the Signature Apparel bankruptcy and her child’s future is up in the air. It seems that Jax finds solace by focusing on making Teresa some sort of almost mystical villain of epic proportions. Like many Jax needs a whipping boy to lash out and Teresa fits the bill. A sad day of reckoning is on Jax doorstep and she will discover that Teresa is not the bad guy. I hope Jax can dig deep and quit playing games. Twitter, FB all those things are just Jax way of avoiding reality.

            • Agreed. Jax is extremely immature and is facing things that would be difficult for even a mature and intelligent person to deal with. Although she is annoying and I can’t stand to hear her voice, I hope she grows up fast and comes through this with a new perspective and a better grip on herself, for her kids’ sake..

            • I was thinking the same thing!! There must be something very wrong going on. She has been here long enough to know that we dont do that.

            • This is my happy place. I come here knowing all yall will be nice to me or at least ignore me if I say something you don’t agree with. I credit ms sh for that. Unlike RT, TT, Us and many more where strangers attack! Even the blogger themselves attack ruthlessly and say horrid things. You’d think I’d learn my lesson and stay away but sometimes I get curious. Big mistake! Seems most commenters are teenagers or mentally unstable. Did I say I love it here?

            • I was trying to reply to you, made. and I’ve been meaning to ask you if you’ve seen mythunker, tuzentsworth, angry ole man, clicky,and I don’t know how many others I havent seen here in awhile? good eggs all of ‘em.

  12. i am so tired of NJ. I really don’t care about any of them. It’s time to move on and above these morons.

    • I could not agree more! Some days I can’t even read the threads. It all got so dark and so serious. I want out! lol

      • I have to say I agree, SD and Cyn. The NJ threads have gotten too serious for me and are not fun anymore. I’m going to try to limit myself to ATL and BH for now — let’s see if I can, or if my curiosity gets the better of me.

        • I have been holding my tongue. The thread is not only dark but makes it seem as some people are totally obsessed and a bit unhinged.

  13. Teresa makes the show. The other ladies existed last season solely to knock her. They created this through their own jealousy. No one wants to watch Caro grump around and Jax drink like a fish without watching their scenes with Tre. It doesn’t mean she is a saint or the best hw ever, it is just a fact. The entire reunion was about Tre. They created an underdog, and that’s who people cheer for. They are so messed up in their own lives, and their reasons for attacking Tre on this level are so petty and overblown, that it is just all pot and kettle.

  14. @lacey there wasn’t room to make a comment above, but I have a question. And I’d like to soften my comment by saying I’m reading everything here objectively…..yours included. I don’t have much of an opinion and I’m not knowledable about bankruptcy, but somewhere above you said Tre’s paycheck doesn’t pay the bills? Do you have information the rest of us dont? I was under the impression that she was working hard and a plan had been implemented for her to pay back creditors. Would not an arrangement like that be monitored somehow by the court? Like I said, I know nothing but want to try to understand.

    here’s your comment for reference:in response to madepiley
    She makes more than the others and that is all it takes to drive them absolutely batchit.
    Who cares. Does it pay her bills, obviously not.

  15. Deb you really are way out of line and owe Aint an apology. People come on here and have shared certain personal aspects of their lives because of a sense of community that has been forged. What you just did is despicable and totally unnecessary. If she has or hasn’t had any sort of addiction or need for medications you have no right to try to make her seem like some sort of wacko. From the time I have been on her as a reader and a poster, I have never seen Aint act out of sorts that someone should come at her sideways like that. You might want to take a step back because you seem to be losing perspective and should remember the golden rule of not attacking other posters.

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