November 10, 2012  NOTE:  From a comment posted on FRE today.

Does SH know that ALL the Housewives read SH??  Why YES, yes we do!!

Does SH know that these New Jersey sub-humans read every single WORD on SH?   Yes… yes, we do….

Can YOU guess who these New Jersey Housewife are???

Hello! I don’t think the stoopidhousewives site understand how powerful your sites really are. I say this because I am “acquainted” ( I’ll leave it at that ) with past and present Bravo’s NJ housewives. No, I am not apart of Bravo’s housewives franchise either. However, I can tell you that they ALL read both of your sites, rather they want to admit it (openly) or not. Even with Hurricane Sandy, some check in maybe at night or when they have a minute during the day, while others have their kids or nephews update them via text message.   NOTE:  GEE!  Wonder which Housewife is havin’ their nephews report back to them??

One particular person who is on Bravo’s RHONJ, visits both sites more now than she ever has before. She’s obsessed! She feels relieved when there isn’t any new posts or if they are not about her!   NOTE:  Hmmmm… which New Jersey Housewife was tweeting how lucky they were to have back up generators goin’ for their home… while tweeting suggestions for others on how to survive?  Exercise and wash those body parts!!

The obsessed one is so afraid of one of your sites knowing she does visit, a while back, she went to extremes by purchasing cookie blockers when she noticed stoopidhousewives had a status counter on her site.   NOTE:  SH has been up and runnin’ for quite a long time… wonder how long a “while back” is in BubbaJax’ brain??

All it does is tell you where your traffic comes from, but the compulsive person she is had an expensive invisible status counter installed on her site, she is too dumb to realize it just tells you where your traffic comes from. She even tested the cookie blockers using her site first to see if it worked with her invisible tracker, a pretty penny it was. So for those of you thinking you can go to her site and give her a piece of your mind, I wouldn’t suggest it, who knows what she has installed on it since. Here is something funny about it, she was happy to find out it worked for twitter. She has several accounts, did you ever notice when she tweets something that gets re tweeted a hundred times, she doesn’t tweet for a while? That’s a story for another time!   NOTE:  We’re all aware of BubbaJax’ twitter tricks!

The stoopidhousewives site site previously reported about tweets with the Mathew 6:1-3 verse and a certain (obsessed) person responded. (Of course she did! ) This person thinks everything is about her, everything is not about her, nor was this!   More on that in a minute!

I am sure you noticed this “obsessed housewife” involves herself in any quarrel she can get her grubby self into. She even went as far to defend another “housewife” against a family member about who’s recipe was who’s in her bravo blog. Some of us couldn’t believe she had the audacity to involve herself, when at a time in the past, her own family’s charity was targeted. (Let’s call this person Gabby!) Gabby couldn’t send out one supportive tweet to get these people to back off or just show support, to this day they don’t show support for anything she does.

Quick Note- If you claim to love your sister so much and you know her T.V. show is coming on, wouldn’t you tweet it? Even if you two aren’t talking, because you “miss” that sister so much right? Sadly, this sister just acts like she misses this sister. Nothing in their Bravo contracts tells them they can’t support it. Nope, instead, the evil redheaded sister convinced her brother she should have his wedding on her show, that’s why they only had a month to get it together.  More on that at another time!   NOTE:  That info has been fully researched, nothing new.  However, keep in mind that the final decision regarding including Jamie Laurita’s wedding on the RHONJ lies fully with MissAndy…not DonCaro!

Back in June… da Manzoids said that DonCaro and Dina were talking…

The only tweet Gabby did send out was to say she had no comment and asked what she should say. (Gabby isn’t the red head :) ) You would think since Gabby did respond, she would defend her family regardless if things weren’t so great behind the scenes. She was better off not saying anything at all. All families fight, but when you’re married in to a family that claims to be “thick as thieves” (Especially the family member who says they are thick as thieves!) would of vouched for the charity since Gabby and the other family member along with the kids (who have not detached their selves from the Mother’s “umbilical cord” what I like to call “imbecile cord” look it up in the urban dictionary) knew first hand the amount of blood sweat and tears that goes in to running a LEGIT charity. They are very selective (So they say!) about what they respond too.

                    LOOK!!  BubbaJax will continue… even if Bravo cameras aren’t there!!

However, neither of them are not so selective when their (new) cast mates bicker with their own family; rather it’s behind the scenes, on social media or on camera. Especially Gabby! She will stop at nothing to add her two cents. Gabby knows she is the reason why her husband and two of his siblings don’t speak.   If Gabby keeps this up, she is going to be in for MORE of a rude awakening.

Her own family has had it with her, they are afraid to approach her because she is literally crazy.

Gabby feels she has the right to make every and anything public if her ego gets hurt, but if someone reacts to her attacks, she’s talking about filing slander suits.

             BubbaJax tweet from October 18, 2011… Pot meet Kettle!

However, this “someone” won’t back down like others have, this person knows better and Gabby can threaten slander suits all she wants, she knows they wouldn’t go no where. Especially when you’re the person starting it. Everyone does chuckle at Gabby, she wouldn’t stand a chance in a real court room.

If Gabby had her way, her paid followers would be her jury! Gabby deletes tweets so she can convince these companies she is worthy enough to have on board and get paid, but those of us who know the “Real Gabby”, knows exactly who she is. ( Gabby, this is just the beginning, you were begged to stop and chose not too! You just couldn’t control them fingers of yours hitting them keys spewing venom! Your mental health issues are no excuse, they might fly with the court, but not here they won’t!   NOTE:  If a Mafia Don couldn’t get away with the “I’m ca-ray-zee” defense, it ain’t gonna fly with BubbaJax!

  Some of BubbaJax’s old tweets… more from June 2012!

Don’t think because the season is over and you’re (finally) now saying, “I’ m done” it’s not how it works! You talked allot of trash that had nothing to do with RHNJ! You started this years ago, now it will be finished by someone other than yourself!) We are not not as nice as Danielle and Teresa were when you slaughtered them on social feeds! If Gabby didn’t delete her tweets after her ” Mental break-downs” she would have close to 30,000 tweets! She only deletes them after being convinced by her husband so companies won’t see how viscous she really is! More on Gabby at another time!

Could you please look into the alleged charity; “Restore The Shore” that a cast of Bravo’s RHNJ is the (unofficial) spokesperson for. Off hand, I can tell you they are not new as they are trying to make their selves out to be, they attempted to start-up in 2008 but I don’t think NJ was convinced they were the right people to go with. To our knowledge, they don’t have a tax id number or any paper work authorized to be a charity. I chose those words carefully!

I ask this because they have collected a substantial amount of money this past and not all the funds are going to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. A side from that, there are pictures showing a cast member of Bravo’s RHNJ and her husband with their sweat shirts on, shopping as if they spent their own money on complete strangers and tweeting, “It feels good to give back” Another tweet said; “If you don’t have money, donate your time” Sadly, they were not donating their time or giving back, at least not out of their own pockets!

They were compensated for their time along with gas since it’s scarce in NJ. Not one penny of theirs went to anything, they couldn’t afford to if they wanted too. They think their “appearance” is a donation!

  There’s a $6 shipping fee added on… where does the remaining $21.00 go???

They justify getting paid by saying they are representing the “charity”. NJ is like a small town v/s a small state. Their electric was shut off prior to Hurricane Sandy, after the husband tried, “I’m A Celebrity” card that didn’t work, they worked out payment arrangements and borrowed money from someone to pay it. That’s how you know they aren’t giving out of their own pockets! Don’t be fooled, please let your audience know these two people who are trying to come across charitable have their own motives!   NOTE:  Just waitin’ on da Gorgas to file those bankruptcy papers!

Gabby and her sidekick don’t even know this. They look at them as “nice kids” out there spending their own money and getting the word out to donate and help. I wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true. Even if the devil was (honestly) being charitable, I wouldn’t question it if I had no reason too. Restore the shore has collected 100 times more money than what you saw what was purchased in those pictures. I will stop here.   NOTE:  “Restore The Shore” has been fully researched…The “Restore the Shore” item… from SH November 8.


Those New Jersey Housewives are sub-human!