TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs Pushin’ Her Podcast… AND… Sex Toys “As Seen On The RHOC”!!!

November 9, 2012

Tamballs Barney has taken a cue from her fellow OC Housewife, Heather Dull-BRO, and is doing podcasts!   The HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs… actually thinks, just like HeatherD, that people want to hear her opinions…

If you’re interested at all in what Tamballs has been talkin’ about, you can listen at TamraTalks!

That’s not all!!   The very entrepreneurial Tamballs has gotten herself some sponsors!  If you click on Tamballs sponsor “X and O“… this is what you’ll see!

AND MORE…  but, this is enough!

Apparently, Tamballs will take ANY sponsors!!

Wonder if MissAndy and Bravo encourages this association with Tamballs sponsors???

(Thanks to SH reader “PGM”!!)

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61 comments on “TAMRA BARNEY: Tamballs Pushin’ Her Podcast… AND… Sex Toys “As Seen On The RHOC”!!!

  1. Eddie BigJaw is marrying one hell of a woman….She’s a class act – I feel sorry for her kids….I’ll bet Simon falls to his knees every night – looks up towards heaven and says thank you God!!!!

  2. Ok so I clicked the XandO link took me straight to a link called a handjob stroker or sumpin like that and I cant help but ask myself have HWs really gotten that lazy? Seriously, dont answer that. But .. bahahahahahahaha.

  3. I would be curious to know of all the wives and their clever ideas, (not counting the toaster oven one) and items; who has had the most success? Without knowing; I would assume Bethanny with her Skinny Girl. Who has sold the most books? Nene seems to be having some success with TV; she has market herself well, same with Bethanny. How much money/profit has Bravo made off the franchises? Again, I have written this before; I bought Bethanny’s book “A place of yes” and her Skinny Girl Margarita. Still waiting for the toaster oven (Wink – Wink)

    • What did you think of A Place of Yes? I thought about buying it but I usually don’t like novels. I more of a biography type gal.

      • Made I bought “A Place Of Yes” for my daughter when she was struggling with our loved one’s issues . We both found parts of it very inspirational. I lost 30 pounds after reading it because BF talks about ownership of your issues and moving forward, empowering oneself to be what you choose to be. I was choosing to be fat and unhealthy after a personal crisis. I can’t explain why the book resonated with me. Maybe it was what I needed to hear at that particular time in my life. I feel ridiculous admitting it but the book helped me. A place of yes is autobiographical but also motivational IMO. It may not move anyone else but it resonated for me.

        • Thanks for sharing! Nothing wrong with a book helping you out. I love self-help books and have never looked at “A Place of Yes”. I will check it out. Kudos to you for finding something that resonated with you and turning a negative into a positive :)

          • Thanks Chem. I’m not certain anyone else would get the same motivation from it and can’t explain why I did!

            • I read NYHW Carole’s book, and am glad I did. It is so interesting that she and Carolyn Kennedy both wkd a big box store as teens, met each other, married cousins, became soooo wealthy, etc. I usually read only Nonfiction, and I’m surprised if it wasn’t for RHONY, I probably wd never have read WHAT REMAINS….vy emotional.

    • I think you are correct in that NeNe and Bethanny are the most successful in their other pursuits. I would think that Kyle is sittin pretty too since she is a partner(?) with the BH franchise. It would be interesting to see a contract. I wonder if Kyle gets a piece of SWINE’s book money? Or if Bravo and Kyle get sumpin for all the free advertising of Lisa’s restaurants? Not to mention the wink wink nod nods that have been thrown her older sisters’ store’s way.

        • ITA with SD. Those three seem to be the most determined, hardworking and are constantly networking and marketing themselves. NeNe definitely took Real Housewives and ran with it. Maybe the key is to be the first one out of the starting gate.

        • Yes! I agree. NeNe, Bethanny and Teresa have the greatest success to date. Some people have “it”–that special something that stands out–and these three have “it”. There is something grand about their personalities and determination. I don’t see much of that in the other HW that pimp out wares. Don’t get me wrong: There are women who are a successes in their pre-HW businesses but very few are successful with HW wares. Each HW cast has an “it” girl. The cast members that try extra hard to be the “it” girls are snooooooooze-fests to watch. I can relate to people who have had traumatic and difficult experiences that choose to not be a victim and rise above all the b.s. while smiling. Ever notice that NeNe and Teresa have large smiles and laugh often? Bethanny doesn’t smile a great deal but she has a wonderful sense of humor. I don’t care for the victim mentality that other HWs have.

          • You forgot RudeMOANer and her 7 businesses and Vicki (who started it all with her successful businesswoman story). Certainly, they rank high in income from their shows.

            • Yeah but I am assuming Bravo doesnt get a piece of those businesses all of them in place before the cameras showed up.

          • Tre is an “it girl”????? I thinks she’s a used-up whore who’ll do anything for a man, and ruin her children’s lives. She’s never had any class, a respect for simplicity, or a formal education.

            • are we watching the same show? teresa is anything but a whore. u must have her sister in law in mind. i doubt she ever slept w/anyone except her husband. she adores her kids.
              although she has a formal education, she does not express it well. i know a lot of very educated people that are rude low-lives.

      • How did Kyle become a partner? With Lisa’s restaurants, she gets the free press and maybe Bravo people get to eat all they want, some kind of trade.

        • I believe Kyle has been a partner since the beginning. You know how she rolls her big sissy was doing reality tv so she made dern good n sure she got in on it also. She prolly still aint over the fact that Kathy out married her.

          • Remember Paris had a reality show with Nicole Richie and I’m sure Kyle was able to benefit from her niece’s experience.

            • That’s right Made. Kyle perhaps probably has some sort of say in how her storyline rolls out . IMO probably handy to have some experience and knowledge of how Hollyweird words.

            • You know I think Kyle resents Kathy WAAAAAAAAY more than she resents Kim. But she knows better than to unleash her anger on Kathy. She has to stifle it so Kim gets the overflow.

            • Quite sure the last thing Kim needs in terms of having a successful recovery is to appear on RHOBH. The constant drama, gossiping, catfights and mudslinging are a risk to sobriety. It isn’t difficult to discern that Kim needs the money since she is always moving. Why would Kyle participate in jeopardizing Kim’s recovery? Much less constantly berate Kim, reference Kim’s problems , her sobriety? I can’t imagine doing this to anyone I love.

            • Oh absolutely. IMO she’s jealous of anyone she perceives to have more than her (anyone with more press, more fame, more $) but she won’t dump on them for it. She takes it out on Kim, her little scape goat (not that Kim is without flaws). Did y’all see the scene when Kyle was like a dog with a bone talking about how kids have sex on their prom night? Kim said she trusted her daughter but Kyle was like a dog with a bone…well, who am I to say, I lied to my mama about the status of my chastity for years :)

            • Basically it’s none of Kyle’s business. She really knows how to push Kim’s buttons. With “One Night In Paris” as a niece I would avoid that subject like the plague. Rumor has it Kathy Hilton’s girls were out and about in nightclubs the minute they hit puberty…

            • ITA Made Kyle resents that Kathy married further up the food chain. Kathy has the vaunted Hilton name and the power and prestige associated with it. Although I do think Paris has tarnished all things Hilton.

      • Don’t mind Nene and Teresa getting success and can actually understand the fascination around them especially that Atl and NJ are the most watched. I just don’t get the fascination with Bethenny.

  4. Also, you know Bravo covets the wives that bring them the most ratings/$$$. I thought I heard/read, Atlanta was the highest rated and Nene is suppose to be good friends with Ander Coop and some of Andies buddies and they all love the Nene. Would love to be the fly on the wall to hear some of these meeting and be able to see financials and contracts.

  5. Tam is the one I dislike the most – of ALL the franchises – she can kick rocks anytime soon – she is beyond Vile – has no morals and will do whatever Andy tells her to do. She is disgusting and a disgrace to women all over – can’t stand her, her lies, her manipulation tactics, or her face! – good grief! I don’t even want to watch when she is on, her voice pierces my ears. I will be excited once Andy tells her her next target is Heather D! #rantover!!! ;)

  6. Are the sex toys Tamra’s answer to the fact that she wore Eddie out so soon? I honestly didn’t see any chemistry between those two. Boring Eddie seems significantly younger than Tamra. He just came along after she dumped dull husband #2, Simon. I doubt the marriage will actually happen. Tamra obviously enjoys the charming time of engagement. I don’t wish them any harm, I just don’t see their mutual attraction.

  7. Tamra is the worst of the fake crying HW’s. I do not believe I have ever seen a tear fall when she has ‘cried.’ I agree with the poster that said she will do anything that is asked of her. The whole friendship with her and Gretchen is such BS. They literally hated eachotheres guts. Tamra knows that Gretchen cheated on poor Jeff with Jay and Gretchen continually bold- faced lied about it. There is no way they could truly move on from that. They knew that the viewers were tired of seeing the same dynamic between Tamballs and Wretched for all those seasons, so they had to become besties. Barf. :)

  8. Just have to say that the Lelo brand is the line that great ob/gyn offices sell!!! They back them up as effective, especially after surgery!!

  9. Pls, Ms SH, DONT insult Honey Boo Boo Child by comparing her & Tamballs ;D Thats an insult to Alaina :)

  10. i cannot even watch the rhoc anymore. they r all annoying and so fake. but tamra is the worst of any housewife. discusting excuse for a woman. she cheapens all of us.

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