SIN CITY RULES (Formerly Known as “VegasHighRollers”): Premiering December 2012… Amy C. Hanley, MobDaughter and Cast Member… What Happened to @SinCityRules Twitter?

November 9, 2012

The new non-Housewives ‘reality’ show, Sin City Rules, will be making its debut on TLC on December 9, 2012.   The premiere party ala Housewives, will take place at the Venetian Hotel in… where else?… Las Vegas!

If you didn’t know anything about any of these chicks, their mini-bio is on the SH masthead… under “Sin City Rules!”

 Courtesy Amy C. Hanley Facebook page

FrankieTease had a chat with cast member Amy Hanley:

FT: So the new show for TLC is called “Sin City Rules”? 

AH: Yes originally the title was “Vegas High Rollers” and after they did some testing and ran it through, they came back with Sin City Rules. It’s got two meanings. One, Vegas rules – obviously. The second one is we live by our own rules.
FT: Is it a shift for you to in the spotlight and to be the star?
AH: It has been a shift. I’m not a big reality TV watcher, in fact I don’t even have cable TV in my home. When they approached me with the show and everything started to happen, I didn’t really realize all I was getting myself into. I have to say, when it’s all said and done, it’s been a really great experience. I did get to work with a lot of other good women. Obviously with any show when you put six very strong women around you, we’re definitely going to have a little bit of drama.
FT: They just call that good TV.
AH: They call it great TV. We’re scheduled to premier Dec. 9, 2012. They’re using this show to re-brand. Right now TLC is in that mode, you know more family oriented type of approach. They want to get a little bit of a piece of what the mob is. That’s why they hired Evolution who produced Bravo’s Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County. They did the casting for our show, and the production of it. You guys are going to see when it comes out, it’s going to have a lot of feel of the housewives show, but -here’s the great part- all of us women are not dependent upon our husbands.
FT: So that’s why it’s not called Housewives.

AH: That’s exactly why it’s not called Housewives. To be fair the only two who are single on the show are myself and Alicia Jacobs. Alicia is going through a divorce. Lana, Lori, Jenna, and Kimberly are married and they have that extra help in there when it comes to income. But we’ve all made our way in this industry having our own businesses. It definitely makes us a bit more unique than the housewives shows.

NOTE:  If you happened to catch @SinCityRules on twitter last night, you were one of the very few, as the SinCityRules twitter account was up for not even a hot minute…

What the hell happened!?   Here’s what happened… Amy overstepped her boundaries:

SinCityRules is gonna be a major hot mess, goat rodeo, train wreck of a show… the cast members have been going after each other for months.  If you’re looking for info, please use the SH “categories” drop down menu on the right and select “VegasHighRollers”…

This is the latest message from Amy Hanley’s Facebook page… NOTE:  Amy clarified via comments that this following message is to her ex-husband:

NOTE:  SinCityRules is produced by EvolutionMedia… the friendly producers responsible for the RHOC and the RHOBH.  From everything read thus far about SCR, it sounds like Evolution morphed the Real Housewives and Mob Wives into “SinCityRules”…

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26 comments on “SIN CITY RULES (Formerly Known as “VegasHighRollers”): Premiering December 2012… Amy C. Hanley, MobDaughter and Cast Member… What Happened to @SinCityRules Twitter?

  1. Well… Twitter gave back the username @SinCityRules.. Which all of us women will have access too. I just have to go do the verification page. So you’ll see it back up here soon!! Btw that invite you have up hasn’t been approved yet and Alicia and I are discussing other options.. Yes I am a daughter of a mobster. I have lived a private life until now and it’s been different for sure. My recent post is to me soon to be ex husband. He disgusts me!!!!!!

      • Thank you!! I look forward to commenting and engaging as it makes us all family… Also on the promos for the show watch for our first promo to start on TLC this Sunday night during the Breaking Amish finale… I’m not sure the exact time but the I have been guaranteed it starts then! I will be setting the DVR and waiting patiently… Lol.. Which I don’t do so well.. Kinda an instant gratification gal.. I must say get ready for one hell of a roller coaster ride everyone…lol

  2. Amy, I give you mad props for coming on here as youself and posting under your real name. I think you are the first person I know of personally to do that. I WILL be watching your show!!

    • Thank you! I’m super excited too and appreciate the support.. I don’t allow other people to post for me and I say what is on my mind… Welcome to the family of Sin City Rules!! :)

      • Amy: Glad to hear that you’ve already cleared up the potential debate as to whether you’ll be writing your own cast blog! Welcome to our family here at SH!! TFC!!! PS: Would greatly appreciate a “follow” on twitter! SH

        • Will absolutely do SH! However I was informed shortly after my posts today that the network will be handling that particular twitter name butttttttt there may be something else in the works to get another one. I will do the follow and add you to a special list so you get our tweets in one place! Yes I do love to engage and chat as honestly I am no different than anyone else posting on here… You will always get my version, my defense if I have one and if it was just a bad f****** day! Looking forward to it and will for sure do some follows for you all.. Btw my personal twitter is @ahanley34 and as soon as anyone follows on here I will follow back! :)

      • Wow…I’m impressed! I had to do a double- take on this…I thought for sure I missed something. Glad to see you won’t be among “those” threatening lawsuits against SH, or whining behind a “fake” screen name. I don’t know that I would of given this new show a shot, but I like your courage….smart move. Wishing you all the best!

        • Thank you soo much! No I won’t threaten to sue, hide behind phony screen names or just act stupid.. No pun intended… We all worked hard and I want to involve as many as I can so everyone can enjoy the roller coaster that is about to come! Btw I must say thank you to miss Alicia for coming on and commenting as well.. We had a blast n will definitely share when we can!!! :)

  3. Cosign!! Once again, another fabulous job done by SH! The work you put into these posts fascinates me on how you deal so well w some crazies! Kudos!
    Off topic, I was @ a Duane Reade yesterday in NYC dwntn looking for a water and for first time, I saw the BLK bottle! It was $2.39 for the bottle that will cure everything , so tempted but went w Fiji as it was 2 for $3!! I know what I’m getting Fiji VS BLK! I had to read bottle (thanks to u) and found myself giggling.. It basically says its a cure for all w all incredible ingredients??????!!???! Seriously? So I had to ask girl who worked there about it (its 1 of my reg DR so know the girl) just for fun and she laughed!! Told me that many may pick it up & read it BUT NEVER buy it !! Sorry Chris, maybe should of invested in a clear water VS sludge!

  4. I’m excited for the goat rodeo (LOL)! I like the name “Sin City Rules” far better than “Vegas High Rollers”. I need a show to keep me entertained while doing course development for next semester.

    Also, I appreciate that Amy has used her real name in posting here. Huzzah to Amy!

  5. Can’t wait for this show! My favorite city on earth. I’m there at least once and sometimes twice a year! Welcome Amy!

  6. I believe there was 1 HW who posted under her real name-Heather Dubrow…that being said…I believe she only posted to “clear up” how she treated Terry. Anyway, Amy didnt pull a “hit & run” Shes actually talking with us reality fans. TY, Amy! Most of the time, the women from the Real Housewives bunch wont acknowledge their fans very often, they dont reply to questions that much & they rarely follow their fans (on Twitter). Not all HW’s are that way-Ive had 6 diff ones to tweet me back (the Ramonster has twice LOL). Karent has tweeted me back a bunch of times (I dont just mean a RT or a thank u either)…Anyway, its nice to hear from a new reality star & have her act like shes been here all along :) Im a reality show junkie so Im looking forward to SCR!!!! Congrats Amy on the show & I hope you’ll give us some behind the scenes info when u can :)

    • Hi “Neutral”– my friend and castmate, Amy told me to check out today’s “Stoopid Housewives.” I really want to thank you, as well as this really fun website for all of the terrific support!
      Although our show, “Sin City Rules” doesn’t premiere until 12/9 on TLC. .it’s so nice to know we will have some new friends watching with us!
      Btw, I’m a Twitter fanatic, so tweet me, I’ll happily follow back! @AliciaJacobs

  7. TY, Alicia for posting 2 me! I most definitely will follow u on Twitter!! I can wait to also see U on SCR!! TY for also writing on SH & to me! This is a great place & we all have our fav HW’s & the ones that we dont like, but for the most part, we respect each others opinions. Ms SH has a great sense of humor & also tells it like it is-No holds barred, thats why the site is sooo successful! Rarely is there a reality star (and now 2) to comment & plan on joining us :) Ill let ya know who I am on Twitter :) TY again & Im glad your here…cant wait to see the show & all that happens with all the ladies! xoxo

    • NEUTRAL: There have been several HWs who have popped in and left messages. Whether they leave messages really don’t matter… ’cause they ALL read SH! As do the people connected with the HWs. Am glad that Alicia and Amy came by and hope to hear more from them! Am very much looking forward to SCR! TFC!! SH

  8. Ms SH: Yep, You’re exactly right…They all read SH! We def know that lol! I meant rarely is there a reality star (mainly a HW) comment, using her correct name & engage in a conversation with a whole bunch of us…especially, be as nice as Alicia & Amy have been! Guess what, Ms SH??? Thats the 2nd time Ive actually got a TFC LOL! Is my luck changing or are my angels working overtime?

    • @Neutral, Barb and maybeitsyou! Thank you all for being so cool and welcoming us… It’s been a pleasure and we are so looking forward to sharing when we can! Please watch for our first promo to start this Sunday on TLC during the Breaking Amish Season Finale! I’m not sure of the time but it will be great! Super excited! Also to SH thank you as well for being so welcoming… Also to Lucy94, ChemGeek, MesoCrazy, and Mzjulesaz thank you all for the awesome comments and support! I love to blog and vent so you all will get an earful from me.. Well at least a page full!! Have a blast and enjoy the show which premiers 12/09/2012 @ 10pm.. Yay!!!

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