SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Alexia Echevarria Son Pleads “NOTGuilty”… Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards “KyleInPump’sNewsletter”… Reality College Courses … Tamra Barney

November 9, 2012

Who didn’t see this one comin’??  According to CBSMiami, Alexia Echevarria’s son, Peter Rosello, pled “NOT Guilty” for ALLEGEDLY beating a homeless man and posting the video of it online… ALLEDGEDLY!?

   More photos at Peter’s FacebookPage

From the looks of the video, Rosello attacked a homeless man; took the time to film the ALLEGED attack and then had the burglar balls to post it online!

NOTE:  Wonder if Peter has already been seen by several medical professionals?  The weight of his brother’s accident; his mother devoting all of her attention to his brother (deservedly so…); the chance that he might be caught by his mother’s “reality” cameras as being less than perfect.  These are some of the “issues” which PROBABLY… and IMO…would be brought up as a reason for the ALLEGED assault.  IMO, doubt that Mr. Rosello will see the inside of any jail cell.


Lisa Vanderpump’s latest newsletter is now available… DivineAddiction.  After expressing their heartfelt feelings for everyone on the East Coast who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy (blah, blah, blah…), you will be treated to a photo shoot of Kyle-ee Richards’ clothing pieces being offered at her new store, which is only three doors down from Villa Blanca!

AND… the photo shoot location was an “award winning rooftop!”   Nothing less than “award winning” for Kyle-ee!!

From DivineFashion:

Our photo shoot took place on the rooftop at 1010 Wilshire in Downtown LA.  TENTEN Wilshire is an award winning rooftop, complete with a pool, hot tub, bar area, fire-pits and fitness center.


MORE on the Maloof/Nassif divorce!

Sources tell TMZ:

“…the agreement was reached after both families stepped in to help mediate … with Paul’s brother, Chris Nassif, and Adrienne’s brother, Joe Maloof leading the charge.

Sources close to the former couple tell us the two hammered out a deal that will allow them to each keep the assets they brought into the union … and split everything else they acquired during the marriage right down the middle.

As for custody of the couple’s 3 sons … we’re told Adrienne and Paul agreed to a deal that is “very close to 50/50 custody.”


The AVClub is reporting that a college is offering classes based on life in Orange County… including studying the RHOC.   AND the actual syllabus is offered at TVOverMind.

Readers of SH know this ain’t nothing new… and ain’t no big thang!  WHY?

Because LaSalle University in Philadephia is studying SH!    We told you about this on October 3

The whiteboard used during class at LaSalle…

NOTE:  It seems that wherever SH leads, many will follow!



A “Before and After” … did this woman actually have a plastic surgery procedure??  Looks like she spent some time in a tanning booth!



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71 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Alexia Echevarria Son Pleads “NOTGuilty”… Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards “KyleInPump’sNewsletter”… Reality College Courses … Tamra Barney

  1. Sorry Miss SH, but I could have really done without that last pic, I was eating. Well, I suppose I can save it for motivation, so I don’t go overboard this Christmas and New Years. It really makes me want to jog!! ;)

  2. I know Alexia is soooo proud.


    Oh my…what a self-absorbed, indulged, haughty boy (note I said boy, not young man)…….,shoulda been taken to the woodshed by the cement pond a loooong time ago for his “Come to Jesus” talks…….

    • Peter should have some “come to Jesus” moments in county jail. If he served six months in the county jail, he’d get an education. He’s a pretty boy and would have a lot of friends. Doubt he’d have the urge to be an entitiled smart ass again.

      • I know when my daughter died my son was out of control in many ways. I sent his but to jail and he ended up getting probation and drug testing was part of that. I was trying to save his life and his future. He no longer thought Jail was no big deal. I would have preferred therapy but in WI a parent can’t force a child to go after the age of 13. I think that’s crazy since I’m responsible for his action financially and otherwise until he turns 18. Crazy world these days.

        • Cyn, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I takes a lot of courage to try to get your son help like you did and I know about the frustration with “the system.” My momma has been there. Its a desperate situation. Sometimes they move so slow when time is of the essence. He had just got out of forced failed rehab on Dec 20th and had 2 police encounters(really don’t know what else to call them) before his final one on Christmas night. In that time, we all feared that the call would come at any time with news that he had died. Unless someone has been there they don’t understand how a family can actually be relived when the call is not death but jail.

          • I’m so sorry Cyn. madepiley agree. it’s the knock on the door you never want to get.

            That video makes me sick.

    • Her punk son is the product of his mother, Cocaine Barbie (oops, I meant Cuban Barbie–you know, the one who described the other Cubans living in Hialeah as “low”) and his father who smuggled cocaine and committed sexual battery against a minor. These people are the real creme de la creme of society (maybe PRISON society).

  3. OMG! U have 2 b freaking kidding me??? This idiot videotaped him hitting a homeless man & posted it online…the video has been played 1000′s of times on tons of diff shows etc! How does he or his crazy mom (dad…any1) think he’s NOT GUILTY! He think he’s above the law! Yea, his fine and/or sentence wont be that much but I do hope he has pull a ton of community service in soup kitchens for the homeless or in homeless shelters so maybe he will see the sad part of life.

    • That would be best. For everyone. and extensive counseling. Ms SH makes a great point that he prolly is very messed up over his brother’s accident and is acting out. If I was his momma I would be getting him drug tested because , like i said before, if his lil brother is on any prescription meds then this kid might be stealing them. Pot heads dont beat homeless people.

      • So. That gives the little ass license to attack people? He is 20 years old, not a child. I don’t care if he’s using drugs, it is no excuse. Pampering these types of people doesn’t serve anyone. They just continue down the road of entitlement and remain unaccountable.

        • Oh don’t get me wrong. I agree he needs jail time. But even if he is found guilty his time in county jail will not be very long. It will be just long enough for him to make contact with other like-minded criminals. then if he doenst get extensive help after jail then it will just be winding up for round two. then three… ect. ect. only thid time he will have made new friends in lockup , bad friends, the kind that are like stink on chit and just wont go away.

          • Even if he did 60 days in county jail, it would do him a world of good. He’s a pretty boy from money, he isn’t going to be befriended by real criminals. They hate people like little Pete and will make his life hell. Little Pete would never, ever want to go back to jail.

            • Depends on the jail. Criminals are con artists and users to the core. They WILL make nice nice with the rich kid so they can mooch off him. Especially if his momma is keeping his comensary account fully funded. At one time my momma was sending my brother so many packages that he ended up according to the warden with more stuff that any prisoner in the TDOC at the time ever accumulated. But big boy prison and county lock up are two different things. Not a whole lot of “you got a purdy mouth” goes on in county. At least not around here.

          • I would bet money that they will let him go to rehab and then probation with drug testing being mandatory. The rehab won’t hurt him but won’t work either since it will be a means to getting out of trouble. I’ve been down this road with my own. It’s too bad that he’s over 18 because his parents have little control.

            • You are probably right Cyn. He doesn’t have a record so he will get rehab and a slap on the wrist.

          • He does need follow-up counseling for sure and it should be a condition of his parole. I will admit i was substitute teacher in a class for SED kids, seriously emotionally disturbed,
            The kids I taught did this kind of chit. I learned a lot I didn’t want to know…..There is something in Mr. Rich boy’s background that isn’t very pretty or he would not even consider harming a homeless person. My guess is he is acting out and retaliating for something/someone who harmed him when he was powerless and helpless. I could be wrong, very wrong and I hope I am.

      • IMO people who abuse drugs and are hurting do some crazy stuff however beating a homeless guy is sick ya can’t fix. Like children who torture animals this rich, entitled azzhole is not harming himself or picking fights at a party he is hurting another human being who is for all intents and purposes the least among us. Powerless, completely powerless. Makes a huge difference. Lock him up for 6 months among the hard cores and he will learn a lesson. Maybe…

      • He’s 20 years old, and most of us are pretty “fully cooked” at that age when it comes to basic morals (e.g., not assaulting another person). This punk was messed up long before his brother’s injury, for sure. He’s an entitled brat, and even worse, he’s a Mama’s Boy.

        • This is true. He is the son that Alexis was getting on to for eating his way out of a modeling career on the TV show right? She thought nothing of that. And I think there was also something about her condoning his drinking in her home too. Still nothing excuses what he has done. Even a jacked up upbringing.

          • I had forgot that this song spoke of a “little crash” I did not mean that in anyway toward Alexis other son. The rest of the lyrics apply.

  4. Peter’s cute but he’s too dumb and attacking a homeless man is a dumb thing. He should be scred straight!

  5. Congratulations to not only Ms SH for her blog contribution to the higher education, but also big shout out to Made and Lisa the Dragon for being singled out as education tools as well!!! Would love to hear more of this class…….a lot more interesting than the courses I had to take back when the dino’s were young.

    • Just realized that my niece’s ex boyfriend attends LaSalle. Dont have the guts to ask him if he is in this class. If so then shout out to B.S. Study hard and do great things. :)

      • If they don’t know by your avatar photo….you should play spy and or detective and fish out details about the class and how they study SH blog! Details would be great but details from the inside would be sneaky AWESOME!

        • tee hee. I think he would have already told her by now if he was in the class. But it would be neat to listen in on one of the lectures.

  6. Wait, let me get this straight… so Alexia’s son beats a homeless man, and pleads NOT guilty… EVEN THOUGH THERE’S VIDEO THAT SHOWS THAT HE DID IT??

    Videos are the ULTIMATE evidence, how the hell can he possibly plead not guilty, when there’s clear proof that he did beat this poor man. What a LOSER.

    • Pleading not guilty dosnt mean he is not guilty or anyone thinks he is not guilty. If he pleads guilty he gets setenced and that is that. Even people who are guilty and ther eis pleanty of proof will take their chances at trial.

      • His attorney is going to try to get a deal with the prosecution. Unfortunately, prosecutors have bigger fish to fry and may not want to waste their limited resources on this case. In a perfect world the DA’s office would make him an example and take it trial. Mr. Peter is not a sympathetic defendent. Even a first year assistant DA could get a conviction.

  7. So with an “award winning” pool, hot tub and fitness center available, the photographer chose tom instead position the model by a rust-stained storm drain? Who was behind the camera, Portia?

  8. There is a reason they refer to Alexia Echevarria as “Cocaine Barbie”. Clearly her lifestyle has affected her her son.

  9. Sorry, I can post under other ppl’s comments…..@madepiley-True…ITA..Lea (and hubbie) will def have her hand in it…He wont do anything “hard” or in soup kitchens! @lobstahmsaht-Not all ppl plead not guilty, yes, most do. Anyway, whats his defense in this case? Stupidity? Stoned? Granted, he didnt beat the homeless man but he did humiliate him & hit him a few times (groin, etc). IF he can take something like this offense 2 a jury trial (which wont happen), he may get more than if he went ahead & admitted he did it (like every1 knows) & apologizes to the court (plus he needs 2 apologize to the victim). So sick of these kids who think they are entitled & can get away with everything. Alexia has her hands full with this 1!

  10. Peter will not go to jail because his mom can get him the best lawyer that money can buy. Someone submitted one of Peter’s facebook photos to The photo was of a magazine that had 2 piles of pot and one baggie of coke on it. It’s from Peter’s facebook page (which is not private) and there was even a comment from one of his friends telling him to take that photo off facebook. But he left it up. I’ll grab the link if SH doesn’t mind me posting it.

  11. I see that Adrienne and Paul have come to an agreement. Since Paul is a wife beater per Bernie the Cook and Butler Gosiper how did they agree on almost a 50/50 custody agreement? Bernie should be fired or at least sued by Paul. He did make his look bad!!!

  12. It seems to me that her son’s behavior is so heinous that Alexia should hide her face in shame. If she is so callous as to continue in the public with her magazine and RHOM, then it is up to the public to not support her business or RHOM program. She does hold responsibility for this POS adult son. Where is the outrage? Bravo, are you listening?

    • I agree completely. She should be ashamed to have raised him. I dont wanna hear any excuses for his behavior. We all have crappy things happen in our lives. Its when u start making excuses for this stuff u have problems. I wont support this womans businesses.

      • I’ve heard that before, but where? In re: morality? Shame? Caring for others? Ordinary people need to send a message to Alexia and her disgusting son. Already did not like Alexia but thought she came fro poverty. Am I wrong?

  13. In reference to the son pleading not guilty…the video seems somewhat inconclusive if the plan is to use that for evidence. I couldn’t actually see him make contact. Of course if the man testifies that’s different and believe me when I say I’m convinced he did. ms SH knows a lot more about the law than I do

    • ah Cherry. I was thinking when I first saw it that it was a staged video. Sometimes my mind tries to make excuses for things that my eyes are seeing. Its totally within the realm of possibility that Alexis could buy her sons way out of this by paying the homeless man to say whatever.

  14. Enuf said. Throw the entitled creep in with the GP a couple of weeks and he will come out a “changed man” (sniff, sniff) that should correct his rich-ass, selfish upbringing.

  15. Question….I know when we all first saw Gretchen on OC, she was with Jeff (rest in peace) and now she’s been with Slade (one of the original HWives) do we really think she is a Gold Digger? Gretch is a pretty girl and having lived in Cali, know she could of had her pick of wealthy men and continues to stay with Slade. Just asking? Who of the housewives is the true Gold Digger? Taylor? Kim?

  16. I checked out the clothes by Vyle. $395 for a sequin cowl top! Seriously?!? i have one just like this and it cost around $30.

  17. JoHo was on Jane Velez-Mitchell for PETA.. She mentioned Alexis as a fur lover. JoHo has it out for Alexis, cuz Alexis doesn’t take any crap and says what she thinks about her and karent. JoHo is scared of her and is using PETA as her sounding board to do her dirty work. JoHo, grow some balls, siince roman doesn’t seem to have any.

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