CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole on WWHL… “Who Is Jill Zarin”???

November 9, 2012  Bravo… 

Carole Radziwill was a guest in MissAndy’s Bravo Clubhouse last night.  Lord of the Housewives asked Carole a question re JillZ… Carole responded, “Who is Jill Zarin?”  Still trying to determine if this was a set up… time’s up!  It has been determined that the question was a set up!

Carole was then asked about the sincerity of PT Housewife’s apologies during the RHONY reunion show… Carole thought that PT was sincere!



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49 comments on “CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole on WWHL… “Who Is Jill Zarin”???

  1. Let’s keep Real Housewives of New York as relevant as possible. Let’s ask a question about a former fired famewhore to a new famewhore!
    That’ll do the trick Andy!

  2. Andy is just b!tchy enough to say to Carole ‘Ok, now I’m gonna ask you this and you say that’ (giggle, giggle) Crazy head bobbing in the affirmative and then an obligatory ‘Do it!’ (giggle, giggle, giggle)

  3. seeing carole toward the end of the season and on the reunion show completely changes my opinion of her. she had such snarky comments and seemed to be almost the only one who wasn’t willing to say them to anyone’s face. I started off really liking her….not anymore though – although I do think she was good for the show. I will keep my PT comments to myself, lol!!

    • I agree, I didn’t like the fact that she always held herself above the rest of the cast. As if she was saying, “look at me, hehe, I’m in here with all these dumb bitches but I’m not like them I’m better than them.” Once you’re a housewife the stank is on you no matter how above it you try to portray yourself.

    • Yes, if a cast member dislikes another I totally understand that. Who hasn’t met people they dislike. But, if you take the problem to the source you might resolve it, or aleast lay it out on the table. Only someone whose petty & trying to distract from their own problems or flaws would act like that. Funny how watching too many times can totally change your opinion.

      • Totally agree with the Carole observation. I thought her snide remarks on the countess
        over the top.

  4. Really dislike Carole she is the biggest fake and phony and soooo condescending. She came on the show to use viewers to buy her book and grab a nice paycheck. She even stated at the reunion her “best moment” was having her book back on the best seller list. She really is arrogant and self-absorbed. Hope she takes her books and doesn’t come back.

    • She also stated that being a journalist, the show was like a character study for her. Maybe, she plans another book using her RHONY experience as fodder.

    • I, on the other hand, really like her. Her humor is outstanding. Well, we all have our opinions and wouldn’t it be boring if it was just one. Her book was actually quite touching.

  5. Well, that’s fine and dandy that Carole did know or didn’t care about JillZ. I have to admit that before this season of RHONY, I didn’t know who Carole Rad-swill was. She snarked & shrugged her way through the season. I can’t believe she stands behind ADiva as if that behavior was acceptable and normal.

  6. I kind of like Carole. I’ll take the new housewives on the rhonyc over the old cast any day of the week! Ramoanhag is the worst….
    I think she got everything she had coming to her. I could list a dozen different examples of things she intentionally said–that were SO wrong! The worst though, to me, was the scene when a young girl who just graduated from college interviewed with Ramoanhag at her office. I just couldn’t believe the way she humiliated that young girl ..about her clothes & skin! Who does that? That 20 something girl JUST finished college. I can just imagine her debt-for-school, never mind rent in N.Y.C!
    As far as Jill…well, based on what Andy quoted, I think Carole’s comment was Gold! I don’t doubt Mandy had a hand in it, but I don’t know that he’s “quick” enough to have come up with THAT reply either. Carole’s response does sound like a “Carole remark” and I thought it was a good one!

    • Those comments Ramona made to the girl interviewing still bother me too. I hate that Bravo aired it (though it helps to show Romona’s true colors) and humiliated a girl who was just applying for a job, not trying to be a famewhore housewife. I wonder how she’d feel if someone spoke that way to her precious Avery – who I could write quite a few unflattering things about under the guise of “helping” her but that would make me no better than Ramona.

  7. PT Housewife and her excuses of panic disorder and Carole going along with it. My goodness!

    I also have panic disorder and PT made all of us look like crazies! There was no awareness except “If I have panic disorder I can be a complete b*tch and my true friends will understand.” Ummm…no. In the real world, as an adult, you own your stuff and take care of it. Go to a trauma therapist. EMDR, sensory motor therapy and biofeedback are all effective for panic disorder and if I can afford them, PT can as well. PT just loves to be the victim and surround herself with people who are like her father “It’s a disorder. It’s an illness! She can’t help it!”

    • Excellent comment! The weirdest thing about PT’s evolution into victimhood was that in the very beginning of the season, she declared that she could do anything that anyone else could do (in spite of being an amputee). Furthermore, she proclaimed that SHE was completely over her childhood tragedy and would be happy to counsel others with severe issues. When that didn’t get her much applause, she went the crazed, pitiful sufferer route. I’m not sure whether she has problems or not and I no longer care. I hope never, ever to see or hear her again.

      • ITA. If she was truly over her trauma, she wouldn’t be reliving it. I call bullsh*t on something…and it’s sure stinky!

        That hampster wheel thought process is normal of any anxiety disorder but if a person has done cognitive behavioral therapy–which is a staple for anxiety–there are methods to cope to stop the wheel from spinning. Benzo drugs are a last resort but people with panic disorder learn when to take them–that’s part of the therapy process.

        I find it hard to believe that a person in her position hasn’t done at minimum CBT. Any ethical psychiatrist would recommend it, along with other modalities to manage the panic attacks. People can black out and behave badly when the switch is flipped but one always owns his/her actions. You can’t hide behind a disease forever whilst treating people like crap. PT did not receive sympathy from me. I only thought she was the ultimate victim. I don’t know if Bravo saw what a hot mess PT was and decided to run with it and place demands on her filming schedule while she was amped up OR if PT was running with her victim story line OR if she really is just a hot mess and since her daddy lets her get away with it, she has learned its okay. Don’t know and don’t care. :D

        I hope PT goes away.

        • I bet all the ETHICAL phycologists are just glad she’s around. I’m sure business is just booming from all the people that need to seek help after dealing with PT.

  8. If her name was Carole DiFalco, you would never hear about her. But because her name is Carole DiFalco Radziwill, you hear about her. She married well. That’s it.
    LuAnn married better – she has the dough. Ramona works and has the dough. Sonja married better, got the dough and lost it. Heather works and has the dough. PT – well, that remains to be seen.
    Carole married a “poor relation.” Jackie O had the money and didn’t leave anything to sister Lee in her will. Carole probably got life insurance proceeds when her husband died and that’s about it. She is in it for the recognition and the dough. That’s it. Better than the others? Nope. Just high all the time.

      • How many does that make now that have these kinds of problems?? I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone sued for fraud. My dad used to say when you see all these people in these huge houses alot of them are in debt up to their eyeballs, and judging by these shows , a good number of them didn’t get there in an honest way. I guess the hard working business men & women who really earn it, are too busy working to be on the RHW shows :P

    • Carole DiFalco won several Emmys before becoming or even dating Radziwill. She was a very successful name in network news reporting and production. She is also a best selling author without the HWs.

      As for Lee Radziwill being a poor relation, she was married to one of the most well known and successful Broadway and movie producer/directors ever…. Herbert Ross.

      Like Carole or not, her personal accomplishments are real.

    • Noone has the dough on rhonyc. PT is a penniless fraud,lol! Sonja married it and lost it, Ramona busts her but and is merely comfortable, Carole radziwill works and is comfortable with potential of making a killing on upcoming book hub bend left her nothing, Luann was married to a poor aristocrat, she lives off what she makes, and heather works for her $$$ and is married to a nice joe schmoe, if she had some cash shed have a nice place and it would have been on full display on the show. No $$$$ in NYC ,the BH gals andmiami have the cash. The new Yorkers are all wannabes, poor thangs

    • Carole DiFalco was very successful in her own right prior to marrying. Also her MIL is very wealthy and it has nothing to do with Jackie O’s wealth. They were merely sisters. Also Luann is not at all wealthy.

    • Jacqueline did leave Lee’s two children at least $500,000 dollars each. I believe they are mentioned several times in her will but the $500,00 is the only amount I remember clearly. She was very close to Anthony because his first bout with cancer coincided with the lymphoma which eventually killed her. They were seen all over NYC while she was undergoing chemo. Given Anthony’s job and Jacqueline’s will combined with his mother’s tendency to marry very wealthy men I doubt Carole is one of the poorer wives. Although I really dislike her because of the book she wrote included so much about John and Carolyn and that book did not go over well with JFK Jr’s family at all. At least she brushed her hair to go on WWHL.

    • What does having money have to do with anything? Are you saying that Carole (who apparently made her own successful career) isn’t worthy of being showcased? Whether Carole married “well”, she obviously loved her husband very much and missed him greatly. Her “story” was interesting. She just was too muted to give much info and stood back as an observer most of the time.

    • I thought Carole was worth 50 million? I assumed she received a large part of that 50 from Anthony, and earned millions with her novel????

  9. I think Carole is so different from all previous housewives she rubs some people the wrong way. I dig her, 11 year old boy b*tt, big teeth,laid back (ok, stoned) and all.

  10. I simply love the punny names given to some of the housewives. Its ironic how so many of their names lend themselves to very accurate descriptions of their personlities. Like Vyle! Or KomaKathy, or DonCaro. The possibilities are endless. How can you not love the phrase Tre huggers? Classic! But I do agree that some are confusing. I thought the TFC that Ms. SH uses stood for The Fun Continues. I typed it into the search bar and found its true meaning. Haven’t tried typing in PT or Swine or any other nickname though. If they aren’t defined somewhere it might be helpful to have a glossary available for newcomers. Just a thought Ms. SH. I have found, though, that the commenters here are always gracious and answer my questions without seeming put upon. Love this site!

  11. I just checked PTs timeline and sumpin about retweeting a political tweet on accident. Does anyone know what it was?

  12. I am no fan of Jill. However, if Carole is such an amazing journalist, wouldn’t she have researched RHONy thoroughly and thus, know who Jill Zarin was?! Give me a break!

  13. Carole’s full of shit. Case in point, she also stated on WWHL that Diane Sawyer was just tired and not drunk on election night…………lolololol

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