KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle-ee’s BravoBlog… FrontPorcha Swallowed A Battery… and More Blah, Blah, Blah… UPDATE: Kim Richards “BatteryProblems,Too!”


Here we go again!

Sorry I’m late to the blogging party. I was in NYC and just returned last night. I had been dealing with Portia swallowing a battery and spent any free moment I had on the phone with doctors in LA. Thank God she is fine now and it is out of her body!   NOTE:  We all know, Kyle!  The death battery was all you talked about on your NYMediaMafia tour!

Kyle on Anderson… skip the AndyCoop bad driver story…

Kyle on WHHL…

Kyle-ee’s death battery story was repeated AGAIN on the WendyShow… but TWO examples of the TRAUMA Kyle-ee experienced is enough!

A lot has gone on since last season. This season you will be catching up on all of that and more! I am excited and nervous to watch.

Our first episode is really catching up with everyone and introducing Yolanda.  I LOVE Lisa’s new house. So beautiful. Yolanda’s isn’t too shabby either!

Portia was so excited about her birthday party and loved being part of planning it. Although Portia is only fouryears old, at times she seems like 35! She is always doing different accents and Lisa’s is her favorite to imitate.

The Villa Blanca party was beautiful. Some of the girls hadn’t seen each other for a while so there was some tension.  Brandi and I are actually in a much better place then before. When Yolanda said that Brandi said she had slept with everyone in town, I said I wasn’t surprised Brandi SAID that. Not that she DID that. I repeated that twice to make that clear. It seems she didn’t take it like that. That happens a lot around here. Just like Yolanda MAY have taken what Brandi said literally and Brandi says she was joking. Each person will interpret it as they see it. And so begins the rocky roads of Beverly Hills! 

My sister Kim and I love each other but still clash at times. I wasn’t angry that she didn’t want to come to Portia’s party. Just a little hurt. It’s important to me that my family is a part of Portia’s life. My older children  had birthday parties with all their aunt’s and cousin’s surrounding them. Always. Because I had Portia much later than my other children, she doesn’t have young cousins to be with. Kim’s kids do spend a lot of time with Portia. She loves them and thinks of them more like an older sibling or aunt. It’s important to me to maintain those relationships. I figured a couple hours of their day would be nice and they only live five minutes away.

That aside, I love seeing my sister looking healthy, happy, and strong. I am beyond proud of her and pray everyday that she stays this way.

This season is going to be intense at times, but also a lot of fun! I look forward to sharing those times with you!


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NOTE:  These chicks get the upcoming episode well in advance to prepare their BravoBlog…

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76 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle-ee’s BravoBlog… FrontPorcha Swallowed A Battery… and More Blah, Blah, Blah… UPDATE: Kim Richards “BatteryProblems,Too!”

  1. Well , she’s right about people taking things as they choose to seem them. You see that alot on these shows. & of couse in every day life.

  2. Hey Kyle, if you really loved your sister you wouldn’t need to tell us ad nauseum. Quite frankly, you act like at best you despise her but more likely hate her. Maybe you should get a more credible storyline, this one is boring.

  3. This is really petty–but, she wears way too much gloss. She looks like she rubbed a pork chop all over her lips. Plus, I don’t really like her so it’s kinda fun to be petty and immature.

  4. I can not stand her. Just looking at her face pisses me off. That Yolanda thing is one fug duck too. In fact, with the exception of Lisa, these women have scary weird not human faces. Ick to them all. They look like masks. Scary masks.

  5. Miss SH,
    Sorry, I know this post is Kyle’s blog but I can’t find the one and am on break at work! I don’t feel good about this Restore the shore charity. You post many a day which I love but can’t remember certain comments on what page, but I saw a comment somewhere that RTS was started in 2008, someone tried calling and it wasn’t a normal situation.
    You should of been a P.I., I mean as a compliment lol. other than the sweat shirt post, do you know anything else? I don’t feel good about that charity, I feel awful for not.

    • think you’re right about this “charity” – googled “restore the shore” and the web address they give doesn’t look right – seems to be an address called and the phone number listed on that site, if you google that, is 800-555-1212 which has a TON of sketchy complaints listed –

      better off giving to the red cross and taking a tax deduction which will give you more bang for your buck and you’ll know it’s going to the right place!

      • During Hurricane Hugo, The Red Cross kept A LOT of money, that should have gone to those who needed it, desperately. Since then, I haven’t trusted them. They are both sketchy IMHO.

  6. My comments from other post!
    Okay I just found this! Why are they only taking orders until the 18th? Something isn’t right here Miss Sh!
    Man Hands says:
    November 8, 2012 at 2:36 PM
    One more thing, here MIss Sh, it talks about Restore the shore, with the members of MTV Jersey Shore,however, they talk about working with Habitat of Art.

  7. Poor poor Kim and Kyle. I think the fact that their mother was such an epic, loose, evil whore, really effected them. They’re middle aged and still not able to function normally. Sad. Woe to all those Big Kathy’s out there.

  8. Kyle is in Kim’s face way too much and never seems to talk to her as an equal. I said it before and I’ll say it again, that dress on WWC did not fit her at all and had shoulder pads. She never seems to wear clothes that fit or are attractive on her.

    • I know. Look at the fabric on her arms, those seams are being held together by the grace of god. If I had the money I would not want to look like mama elsa but by god I would have skinny arms!

  9. Are we supposed to view Kim’s obvious use of Benzo’s as another addiction or is that considered treatment in Beverly Hills? Here in Australia meds like Xanax and Valium are like leprechauns so seeing someone walking around basically stoned would induce one to call an ambulance or go to rehab, but I understand in the US they are given out like lollies (candy ;). So my question is – is being on Xanax considered sober?

    • Blondesense – It seems that Dr’s prescribe anyone an anti-depressant nowadays, but it is common for alcoholics to use them once they are “sober.” However, Kim just seems really drugged and spacey this season. She seems to slur her words when she speaks. Maybe she is on the wrong meds or the wrong amount?

      • I completely agree with you. Kim seems perpetually high and can’t form a coherent or audible sentence. If she doesn’t want to be around her sister (& the sis’s gal pals), why is Kim on the show? She is always moving from house to house every season, has never entertained anyone at any of her abodes of the week and serves no purpose except as a bad example of a child star grown up wrong.

      • Benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, etc) are not antidepressants. They are sedatives and can be very addicting and destructive. Antidepressants are a very different class of drugs. People don’t generally appear stoned when taking a proper dose of antidepressants.

        IMO, Kim is also probably addicted to both Benzos and ADHD drugs (probably Adderall). Which would explain why she’s alternately dozy and twitchy depending on the day/time of day.

    • I think if you had Kyle as a sister or any family member, one would need high doses of Xanax just to hear her obnoxious voice. She is such a vapid, vacuous yet controlling bitch. Leave Kim alone!! If Kyle can’t function w/o her selfish whore of a mother, get her own damn script for xanax. The best thing Kim could do is move away from Kyle. Far far way and never look back.

      • It’s funny that K & K seem to milk their scenes for all the tears. They “act’ as though they are auditioning for roles in a daytime drama. They each cry or scream at the mere sight of one another. Whatever their real problems are, frankly – I don’t give a damn. I just wish they’d shut up already. They both need a hobby. Kim does absolutely nothing except pack her bags for the next move. How is she supported (is it residuals?). Vyle eats her way through BH. It’s called, “chewing the scenery”.

  10. Yeah , I think Kyle is just the type who needs to take her problems out on others, & her sis is just the closest one to her. Maybe if her own life takes a happier course she’ll get control of it, of all people to mistreat or disrespect, your sister?

  11. Oh for the love of God shut up about the damn battery that Frontporcha swallowed. Nothing happened, geez she is so dramatic. Live my life for a day…I’ll give you something interesting to talk about. LOL

  12. Umm, one thing she needs to keep in mind if she does keep mistreating her sis. The only people who could care less about a phony , is a phony. Anyone telling you they’re your buds despite the fact that you’ve shown your true colors… ask yourself why would they? It’s called pretend. Most of the gals on these shows, if the truth be told don’t straight up care about each other. I do think Jax must have really cared about Teresa (NJ) at one time. But beyond that. What would make one cast member think the others cared, especially if there’s nothing there to care about. ?? The show won’t last forever , just like all the shows she & Kim have been on before. Then where are you going to stand with your own sis?

  13. Kyle NEVER misses an opportunity to remind everyone that Kim has a “drinking problem.” She loves to rub fragile Kim’s addiction in her face. Mean and hateful and always finding something or the other to nag Kim about knowing full well that Kim is not a fighter and always shrivels and folds with confrontations and criticism. If Kyle really loves her sister as she’s always trying to convince us (and herself) she’ll stay away from Kim, leave her alone to try to balance out her troubled life.

    • To truly leave her alone, one of them (or both) should leave the show. Dim-Kim has no reason to be on the show since she doesn’t like to interact with her sister or the friends of the her sister.

  14. Cannot stand Kyle. I’m so glad I’m not watching BH anymore (cuz of unohoo). I’ve had enough of looking at Kyle just on these blogs.

  15. Yes, the way she keeps saying she “loves” her sister over & over , me thinks she doeth protest too much.If Kyle is as troubled as she seems by her sister there must be a reason. A healthy , happy person with any character at all , doesn’t need to keep trying to slam her sister. Especially when she’s entered rehab already & seems like a nicer person to me than Kyle does.

  16. She is such a nightmare of a sister, she brought her sister to the show to use her as a story line for herself. On season one she kept saying their mother DIED worrying about Kim and left her with that huge responsibly. At the end of the season1 she called her alcoholic, she didn’t mind Taylor attacking her sister the whole season long but she got very defensive if Brandi said something about Kim. Not to forget how horrible she talks to Kim all the time. She needs more help than Kim cause although she has a loving husband and beautiful childeren,she don’t know how to enjoy her life, she want everybody else around her to die so she can shine. Jill Zarin of the BH, just love to be friends with the under dogs.

    • Elle, I think you’re on to something. Vyle brought Dim-Kim on to the show to highlight herself. She’s like, “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”

      • If you removed all the footage of Vyle speaking to, about or anything Kim related how much would you see of her? To me, Kim is Vyles dead horse. She’s beaten that superior, forever burdened by a pathetic sister storyline to death. She needs the crutch of being emotionally put upon by someone to be significant. The death battery story is another dead horse that she’s beating on. So little goes on in her own life that she has to repeat every minor happening ad nauseum. Notice that to string it out she said she could bring out the x ray to show Mandy? Who carries around an x ray? I’m willing to bet she has a photo of the “end result” in her purse so if the opportunity arises, in the right audience, she can whip that out too. She’s as addicted to sympathy as Kim was to, well whatever Kim was addicted to.

        • Oh and riddle me this: what do you suppose Vyle considers herself to be most famous for? Her childhood acting, being related to the Hiltons by marriage, or being the put upon sister on HW? Just curious.

    • This is 100% spot on! Vyle is disgusting. Every single talking-head is Vyle jawing on about how Kim is essentially wasted space and Vyle is the savior that brought Kim back to life. Vyle needs Kim to be a train wreck because…surpise! Kim is actually someone that people might want to watch. Kim is quirky. She doesn’t seem like she spends hours on end staring at herself in the mirror as she brushes her hair.

      I bet Vyle talked Kim into the nose job so that Vyle could take care of her and stay relevant. Vyle will be complaining about how Kim’s nose job inconvenienced her and caused their mother to roll in her grave… blah, blah, blah… So tired of Vyle. I really wish Kim would cut off Vyle’s hair and carry it around like a game trophy to remind Vyle that the only reason she has anything is because of Kim. Vyle is an ungrateful spoiled brat.

  17. Vyle claimed that she and Brandi are in a better place. Hmmm. I guess making faces when on the phone with her and mocking and cackling at her at Lisa’s party are better than screaming obscene names at Brandi… Vyle has an odd way of befriending anyone who doesn’t kiss her ring (like SWINE). Vyle is lucky that Lisa overlooked her traitor-like behavior at the reunion. I would have dropped her like a hot rock. Vyle looks like a cross between Crystal Gayle and Morticia Addams. Her “look” is very dated.

    • I’m surprised Lisa forgave her. She is far more evil and dangerous than Adrienne to Lisa.
      I’m not watching the show as long as she & Ducklips are on. Ducklips makes me puke. She was the abusive one to Russell, his kids and spoiled Kennedy. Her book was built on a lie and was so cruel to Russell’s family to make blood money. A whore is a whore is a whore.
      I would like to see Brandi kick her ass.

      • I realize your don’t like Swine but in your anger you just called a five year old ugly!
        There is no negative kid comments here on SH. Feel free to Swine bash all you want.

        • Thanks Cyn. Kennedy is in no way ugly. Most of the paps pictures show her scowling but I really feel like that has more to do with her eyesight than anything. SWINE strikes me as the kind of mommy that refuses to get glasses for her kid but would never skip a botox appointment. I am very near sighted and have been since I was a small child so that why I say I think she is just trying to focus without benefit of glasses.

          • Off subject my son just phoned and he got his first contract to go on tour to photograph the band. He is excited because it’s through the recording company and he gets paid in advance. Tell Gabe your making connections for the future. He’s going to be hitting Milwaukee so I will get to see him in action.

          • Kennedy’s adorable. I don’t blame these celebrity kids for not smiling in these photos. They’re probably scared of the paps. And yes, she could be squinting from nearsightedness or even from the sun.

        • I didn’t read anything about Kennedy being ugly in the previous comment. Bingo32 wrote that Fish Lips “spoiled” Kennedy. That’s not demeaning the child, per se. It’s a character flaw of Fish Lips. I concur. Kennedy will need a lot of help to ground her as the years roll by.

  18. If she loves her sister so much, then why did she steal her house? Kylie is a rotten mean girl, she can say whatever she wants, its all fake.

    • She not only stole the house but it was Kim who took care of her dying mother, not Kyle. Everything the mother had was b/c of Kim’s earnings. Kyle is so jealous of Kim’s success she has to rip her down. And Kyle, everyone knows Kim has a drinking problem. u are a large part of the cause. Leave her alone and Kim, stay the hell away from the whore. She adds nothing to your life and will only keep trying to drag u down to her level.

    • I believe it came from a reporter that interviewed her and obviously didn’t know who she was, and called her “Kyle-ee” instead of “Kyle”. Classic! LOL!

  19. What’s the deal with Kim & Kyle’s mother? Lots of comments here, but I have no background information. Any links for the juicy deets?

  20. i love how kyle went from “i may not be the richest….” to LOOK AT MY NEW MASERATI

    • Yes, she went from fake humble to fake rich in 60 seconds. SWINE will want to hitch rides with Vyle when they go to Rodeo Drive to shop for new glad rags.

  21. Fake humble to fake rich – funny :D You almost want to feel sorry for someone who has so much envy for her sis. I would think it goes back to childhood. But you know the catty name calling is bound to be based on envy. No matter what problems Kim has the way Kyle acts… I would say she’s winning -which sister is worse off – race. Not refering to money, needless to say.

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