ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne and Paul Nassif Are OFFICIALLY Divorced…

November 8, 2012 

According to TMZ, Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif are officially divorced:

“… in a joint statement obtained by TMZ, Paul and Adrienne say, “We’re happy to announce we have reached agreement on a settlement,”  adding they are both pleased.

They go on, “There has been so much untrue negative innuendo and destructive rumors beyond our control …”

Adrienne and Paul looking pretty compatible shoe shopping on next week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…


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32 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne and Paul Nassif Are OFFICIALLY Divorced…

  1. It’s very sad that a marriage has ended. I would hope very much that for the sake of their children they keep everything pleasant and as normal as possible. It’s very sad if the rumors and gossip were out of their control and contrived by others. I hope that their relationship is as amicable as possible. Another housewives relationship bites the dust!

    • Yes, I agree. While she is downsizing and moving on… she can donate Bernie-the-Yenta to Sandy Victims Relief Fund. Those folks need food. Bernie can make them burgers covered in gold dust with a side of gossip.

    • I call him Chef Ratatouille because his features are so ratlike, although his personality is a cross between a rat and a snake. He and Adrienne seem to be quite similar; both are mean and petty.

  2. WOW. That was a quickie divorce. I guess in California you can get a drive through express lane divorce.

    • They r not divorced. Takes 6mos minimum. They just settled their differences, so they have to just wait out the clock.
      Just another TMZ misleading headline

    • I think what happened is that Paul was going to come out with dirt also and Adrienne said with a non-disclosure that she will give him some money (no way half, but some money over the prenup) and both agree to play nice. For her to go from nice to hate monger who said that Paul was abusive and couldn’t be trusted around the kids to “nice” again. Says that she is either bi-polar (could be but not) or dirt was about to come out and she agreed to not slander him anymore using bernie and gave him a little money.

  3. I’m thinking maybe this divorce was in the works long before we were informed. Maybe to protect future assets? Idk. It just seems strange that they did this so fast.

  4. Someone on another site pointed out that they look like siblings. I had never noticed it before , but yeah, they sort of do.

  5. she flat out said on the show that she can’t stand spending 5 min, being gushy with him. Her boys are pretty old and she absolutely didn’t want to leave them to go on an overnight to Vegas with him. It seems pretty obvious she left an emotional and sexual vacuum there. I don’t think you can have any kind of a decent relationship with your husband, with refusing him emotionally, and sexually. You can’t do both and be successful at it. She could barely tolerate being around Paul for 5 min (remember hike in HI and when they were packing for Vegas)! Unlike Lisa and Ken..they may or may not have a lot of sex, but you can tell they always enjoy each other’s company. Also, don’t give me the..I don’t like to leave my kids thing…Adrienne leaves her kids all the time for promotional things..she just never wanted to leave them to spend time alone with Paul.

    • Nancyadopt….I think you nailed it re. Adrienne’s reservations about the Vegas trip (“Adrienne leaves her kids all the time for promotional things..she just never wanted to leave them to spend time alone with Paul.”) Seems so obvious now why she was acting that way.

  6. Yes, you do see people that say (after or during the divorce) that they got to where they couldn’t stand the other person. & some say that a major part of the marriage was broken for years before leaving. Remember what Kelsey G. said about his marriage to Camille. Of couse there were things said on both sides (you know how that goes). I used to wonder why so many people stayed so long. But I think alot of people call themselves doing that for the kids. I/m/o not really a great idea. Do you want your kids to grow up believing that this is the way to spend you life? Unhappy? I heard a saying on the radio the other day that I hadn’t heard in a while but it fits these type marriages. “Get busy living or get busy dying.” I would never want my kids thinking unhappy ever after is the way to go. You just lose too much putting your life on hold like that.

  7. Wow, so fast! It took 2 years for my divorce to come through! Mind you my ex-husband was after anything and everything even though he’d not paid a penny and it was all in my name. I just hope all the mud slinging stops now, their kids deserve much better than that.

    • Sorry to read that you got stuck with a loser, just like I did. When the p.o.s. FINALLY landed a decent job and started to earn more than I did, I took the opportunity to unload him. I didn’t ask for alimony and immediately afterward, he lost the job. It was too late to go after me for anymore money. Poetic justice.

  8. I think it’s about could tell she didn’t love him anymore. (sorry paul) because he is so sweet. But we of course don’t know what goes on behind close doors. Now that it’s over they can
    both go on with their own lives and hopefully love. taylor I don’t feel sorry for. How rude of her to act the way she with Taylor. Who cares how many people she has slept with. Klye was wise to stay out of it. Ijust wish Taylor would go up in swirling tornado back to Oklahama. Please Taylor
    bring you’re lips, earrings you wore the night you had to leave the white party. Oh and don’t forget
    that stupid Beverly Hills T-shirt you wore to Portias b-day party. I have no sympathy for you. Beacause you are so shallow and thoughtless. You are a phony. You only care about you stupid zip code? Oh my gosh….do you ever hear yourself? I dislike you even more than Tamara, I think
    Tamara has even more humor in her than you

  9. Sorry I meant to say Brandi and I spelled kyle wrong. Also I think we know I meant human instead
    of humor….But Tamara does have a great sense of humor. I’m just really disappointed in the way
    that Taylor has been acting. (she not being the lady she say’s we all are) Quote from her from camille’s dinner party.

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