VEGAS HIGH ROLLERS: Not Meant To Be Like Housewives… But, VegasHighRollers Will Be WORSE!!

November 7, 2012

EvolutionMedia, the production company that brought you the Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills is producing “Vegas High Rollers.”   High Rollers was meant to be a much different show than the Housewives franchises.

Since putting out the casting call on April 1, Vegas High Rollers has devolved into a bigger mess than any of the Housewives franchises!

From MediaBistro:  “The truth is that it was a different project that they signed on to, and it has gone in a direction they hoped would never happen. They are totally frustrated. The producers who also shoot Real Housewives episodes promised this would be different – about powerful women who have made it on their own.  They know Vegas is a small community where everybody knows everybody involved, not likeReal Housewives in much bigger cities.”

“This was never to be about cat fights and women who live off men, which is what we’d expect to see on Real Housewives. Stupidly, they believed that, but things have gone on with women screaming and arguing that’s horrible. They’ve lost it completely, and the cameras roll on it all. There’s no good feelings between them. They’ve been in tears, crying from the fighting and being beaten down.”

Check out the cast of VegasHighRollers!   VHR will premiere next month on TLC…

6 comments on “VEGAS HIGH ROLLERS: Not Meant To Be Like Housewives… But, VegasHighRollers Will Be WORSE!!

  1. Lord we don’t need any more housewives or housewives like franchise. I think we are at our limit, mind you I only follow RHONJ and RHOA.


  2. I’m so shocked , I’m so… (sorry I was dancing) I hate to keep sayin’ this , but I will :D The drama is cat fights , those are the very reasons people tune into these “reality” shows. I would be surprised if the producers don’t know that. Maybe someone involved with the shows wanted something different but people are people. There will always be people who don’t like each other or want to steal the spotlight from the others on the cast…


  3. I like the idea of another show like these. I know it sounds a little mean. But, I love me some crazy/stressed haters. Nuttin’ funnier. I swear it’s not intended as mean spirited , just the fictional stuff can be boring (not that there isn’t some fiction in these “reality” shows.) But when the friction isn’t fiction it’s like a study in psychology on one hand & funny on the other ;P I really hope that doesn’t make me evil ^ _^


  4. If you think some of the ladies on these shows have debts, can you imagine what will happen on a show based in Vegas? Kathy Griffin, in her act, talks about the playing the slots with her eyes blood shot, drinking a watered down (because the ice has melted) drink… I can just see a show based on that. You know I’m surprised we haven’t seen Bravo send the NJ ladies to Vegas. If memory serves the O.C. ladies have been , but not NJ. Let’s see , Mego could lose money (so she can be the victim, again), the bedeviled Carowine can chase Teresa around demanding an apology (for whatever) and Jax , well we know where Jax can be found. Kathy & Rosie would just tag along behind Caro or Mego holding hands & boring us silly. Hey gotta script ready!! :P


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