RHOBH “REDUB”: From Flipit/Ronnie!!… VIDEO

November 7, 2012   If you haven’t checked out all the Redubs from TVGasm‘s “flipit/Ronnie”… check them out and subscribe to his YouTubeChannel!!  We lovez our Ronnie!!!

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22 comments on “RHOBH “REDUB”: From Flipit/Ronnie!!… VIDEO

      • Check out The Watch What Crappen podcasts on TV Gasm as well. Flipt/Ronnie and two others (can’t remember their names at the moment) give the funniest recaps of all the Housewives shows, weekly.

  1. What does god put in this mans brain to create these masterpieces???????
    He’s gotta be a little off his rocker too, of course I mean that I the best way possible….

    • Those guys being “off their rocker” is what I love about these clips soooo much AND it puts all these HW shows into perspective…all these wenches are nutz and we are all a little off our “rockers” to give a crap so much sometimes ! ;-)
      We all need to just step back sometimes to just laugh and see how ridiculous the “guilty pleasure” of veiwing theses shows is and laughing is a better way to blow off some steam and a lot more healthy for the mind and soul !
      I have been coming home from trips back and forth to one of the affected areas in NJ where I have friends and family and after hours of shoveling and sorting through debri of what is left
      , have felt such an overwhelming sense of sadness because I felt inadequate in what I could do to relieve their misery .One of the things my friend and I always either bitched or laughed about was HW stuff and our love of this site. So thanks Ms SH for posting something funny which I could share with my friend to divert her attention and make her laugh even if it was only for a short time.
      Sorry I have no “photos” of what I have been doing but I am told I look cute in a hardhat and dust mask ! I think that guy needs his eyes examined but hey thanks for the compliment buddy ! :-) To all the NJ peeps on this site , I hope you are safe and getting help and all the others who “get it” when it comes to what needs to be focused on..Made, Ain’t, Ana C., Barb ,Cyn, Ruth and countless others .. and special prayer for A and Bella and to everyone of this little community of Ms SH’s who has helped, THANK YOU !

      • Wow that’s great! Wish you and your friends a speedy recovery and praying that the latest storm doesn’t hinder efforts.

        • Thank you hh for your good wishes. I’m sending out a “virtual hug” to Ms SH for giving me a place to be off topic (lol) and not feel like crying and to all those affected by this , also those that really care how devastating this is to so many and all the posters on this site for giving a damm !

          • kas, I didn’t know you were a Jersey Girl. So sorry all of you in the NE are going though such hell. Thank yous to all of you that are working so hard to help others. All of you are in my thoughts and prayers every day.

  2. “When I pee it burns. It burns!” “I hate slutty American girls. No offense” HAHAHAHAHA

    These clips are genius. I enjoy them more than the show. I have yet to finish the first episode. I have fallen asleep twice while attempting to watch it and usually I have a difficult time sleeping and require meds to do so.

  3. Flipit / Ronnie – you rule and I laugh & then I laugh some more. Bravo needs to develop an annual Awards Show so that Flipit, Ms SH, The Crappens Team, get Mazel’s. Perhaps named “The Mazzie’s” or something to honor our favorite blogger sites / personalities. Thanks SH for the video.

    • how awesome if andy would actually book ms sh and ronnie. I’m thinking nuptials right on the show. I don’t watch wwhl but i’d tune in for either ronnie or ms sh….

      • cherry: I would certainly be up for that and since Ronnie is my soulmate and fiance, I can speak for him, too… we’ll do it!! Just one issue which would have to be resolved: MissAndy blittered me after the “Andy’s Gay Agenda” story. SH is on his hit list!! So, we’d have to trick MissAndy into letting us into the Clubhouse! LOL!!! TFC!! SH

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